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Internet Switch

Status: Not For Us
by ewill on ‎07-11-2010 00:47
After the 1st December I think there may be some problems. Unortunately new smart phones, especially the iPhone, use data without even asking the user or having an option to disable it. What this means is that iPhone users will be paying for Internet try don't want.<br><br>The easiest solution could be a switch in the dashboard, like the text confirmation &amp; balance switch, and would simply place an Internet bar, or disable it. I doubt it would be a source of Frustating questions in the forum - simply set it automatically off and only users who know why they're doing will fond themselves with it set up. Ideally, Id prefer to have a free Internet allowance each month for light users, say 50-100mb, but i think that you should choose one of these two to implement, so that users aren't left paying money for things they don't necessarily want after 1/12<br><br>btw, changing the apn wouldn't work - besides being a hassle, there is still gsm and GPRS networks which continue to work with incorrect settings, and contacting the giffgaff staff is unreasonable, too much load and difficult to switch from time to time
Status: Not For Us
This is a little outdated with previous events since Dec 2010.