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Micro gaff App

Status: Not For Us
by iphone_user ‎22-10-2011 19:47 - edited ‎01-11-2011 18:30

There should be  a Micro gaff App because lots of people use mobile devices to use microgaff me included to send them out and on my iphone and ipod the site is NOT mobile friendly.


Kudos i you like


Status /see under/ : under consideration  If there is a high demand it may be consider but a mobile verison is coming later this year/ early next year

Status: Not For Us
Hi guys, with the start of doing official microsims, there doesn't seem to be much of a need for this, but thank you for your idea and we look forward to your future ones!
by iphone_user on ‎22-10-2011 19:50
@cbh1948 thats another way dosent matter both would be good


by cbh1948 on ‎22-10-2011 19:55
Why don't you submit your idea to the my giffgaff app developer? Perhaps he will incorporate it in v2? You can contact him in the more section of the app.

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