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Mobile Friendly Web (WAP) page for Topups

Status: Implemented
by gawright on ‎30-06-2010 18:01

As the topup line only accepts vouchers and many people would prefer to topup directly by credit/debit card, can we have a mobile browser friendly version of the topup page? This would allow topups when not near a computer and without having to find somewhere that sells vouchers.

I've read that a fully fledged WAP version of the site is being considered, but a simple version of just the top up page would be a really good start. It is possible to access the current giffgaff web pages on modern mobile browser, but it's fiddly having to zoom the appropriate bits of the page. The current site doesn't work on older smartphone browsers such as those on Windows Mobile 5.


If it could be free to access the topup page (even after 1st October) that would be even better.




Status: Implemented
We now have a mobile friendly free to access page in place (though not WAP) specifically for topping up.
by vincent on ‎03-08-2010 11:30
Status changed to: Working On It
We are looking into providing this by opening up our API's and are always on the lookout for more ways in which to do this. Currently our next option is to do this via IVR. Which means you can call an automated service which helps you through the steps.
by eldini on ‎27-12-2010 23:26

I really hope this is implemented, it's really inconvenient to top up and buy goody bags at present.


If i run out of credit whilst i'm miles from civilisation then i have no way to replenish my credit (i'm uncomfortable with using auto top-ups)


It's one of the main reasons i havent recommended giff gaff to more people.


Though, many people would be uncomfortable using a WAP site to top up...


Ideally we could either top up or buy goody bags via SMS, or via an IVR

by vincent on ‎12-07-2011 13:06
Status changed to: Implemented
We now have a mobile friendly free to access page in place (though not WAP) specifically for topping up.

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