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New Goodybag idea - aimed at deaf people

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by jonreeve on ‎08-10-2011 22:08

Hi, I am deaf and there is a gap in the Goodybag market aimed at deaf people who use their mobile only for texting but also for unlimited internet access - ie, they do not make any calls whatsoever. Is there scope to offer a unlimited texts & internet Goodybag only for say £7.50/£8.00?

Status: Idea Vault Both ideas invovle less/no calling minutes and also the explanation about pricing is relevant to this idea :smileyhappy: 

by jonreeve on ‎08-10-2011 22:55

It's very hard to find a suitable tariff as a deaf person. I cannot use my phone to make and take calls because I cannot hear on it. I want something that still allows me to text and go on the internet though but at a competitive price. I use the £10 Goodybag but my minutes go wasted every month. They never get used. As someone said, Giffgaff could link up with the RNID and call it the RNID Goodybag or something. I think they'd attract a significant customer base of a special group of people.


I accept non-deaf people would be attracted to such a Goodybag as well but as long as Giffgaff feel they can price it suitably under £10, I think it would be very popular.

by arobba on ‎10-10-2011 10:49

@ megadieftw


"profit drivne to the point of inhumanity,"


A bit melodramatic surely, we're only talking about goodybags :smileywink:



Unlimited data for under a tenner isn't feasible but, as someone mentioned, something along the lines of unlimited texts + 500mb-1Gb of data from around £7.50 should be doable.


How about it GG?

by giffgaff Educator on ‎17-10-2011 21:52

Hi Jon :smileyhappy: As you can see, Vincent set that status on 21-04-2010 - so if you need clarification, please ask him :smileyhappy:

by saabir2007 on ‎17-10-2011 22:07

Ok, I'm not deaf, but I never use my minutes, but I use lots of texts/data and I think this plan would be great :smileyhappy: I'd rather save £2.50 since I only use a maximum of 20 minutes per month.

by louc on ‎18-10-2011 12:05

If there is a demand for it and looking at these posts, I would say there is, then as a provider in a VERY competitive market, I feel that Giffgaff should look into this. If a member is registered deaf then surely they must have an ID number with RNID/NDCS (children), perhaps they could team up with those organisations and text their ID to Giffgaff to prove their deaf status. As long as it tallies it confirms their eligibility. It also shows a caring/sharing attitude of the company, which these days is becoming increasingly important - such as reducing carbon emissions, supporting their local communities, etc, in other words ... corporate responsibility. A company can go far by having good CR. So instead of seeing this as a non-starter, grab it with both hands GG and show the world you care.

by trudiw on ‎19-10-2011 18:44

There is a £5 unlimited texts goodybag for anyone who doesn't use calls so there is already an option for a deaf person to use.

 I think the best way to make sure that disabled people aren't disadvantaged is to make products that are suitable for disabled and none disabled people alike.

The goodybag you suggest would suit lot's of people disabled or not but if giffgaff say it isn't profitable or suitable then I don't see there is much we can do about it :smileysad:




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