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Night Moderation – A solution?

Status: Under Consideration
by jamesd2010 ‎12-09-2011 21:45 - edited ‎05-03-2014 23:58

Hi all,


There have been recent complaints about the lack of moderation overnight on the forum, and while I don’t agree that employing someone overnight just to remove details etc., I feel this idea would work, and would be a lot cheaper too.


The proposal:


When a post gets over  101 reports in a certain period of time, the reported post  automatically gets moved within the hours of 11pm and 8am for review, this could be moved to a ‘quarantine’ board where the post is no longer public, but is flagged to the educators2 when this happens a notification is sent to the original poster that the post will be reviewed at 8am in the morning, and depending on the nature of the post, will either return, or be removed.  



What will this solve?


  • Abuse on the forum overnight (spam, racist content, or whatever users may post)
  • Quick removal of posts with personal details for them to be edited in the morning
  • Shows care, stopping members from moaning about not enough measures taken
  • Gives users peace of mind – knowing their content has been removed and will be looked at.
  • Saves educators such as Hazel22 (and the rest of the team) from getting up at 3am to remove it.
  • Prevents serious spam attacks to the forum
  • Arguments from who should be allowed to edit posts and move posts.

How will this work?


When several users report a post as inappropriate at the times of 11pm until 8am via the ‘report inappropriate content’ link (see above for image) the post is moved automatically and a notification is sent

Abuse – This could easily be abused, but from my understanding the system reports one report per user? So the abuse isn’t there, because only one report from one user will count, not ten reports from one user.


Sounds too complex?


Yes, but from my understanding the basic functionality is there, when you get a new rank, you get an email, Lithium (forum software) triggers this, it’s automated. So the same feature could be applied here. The report inappropriate content links are there, the hidden moderation panel is there where the posts can be submitted for review, it just requires lithium to embed the automation part where posts can be moved automatically.


Thank you for reading this idea, I hope together we can all make this community stronger!



1 – I have chosen ten reports as I find that there are often much more users on at this time, but this could be monitored, and be changed so it could be more or less.

2-  I think this exists already, as in the reports process posts are moved to this area for no one else to see.


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by jsmyth2112 on ‎12-09-2011 21:47

Good idea, good presentation, I like it :smileyhappy:

by trudiw on ‎12-09-2011 21:47
Excellent idea would solve the problem and not cause arguments :smileyhappy:
by djbonner07 on ‎12-09-2011 21:47

Nice one james cheers

by iphone_user on ‎12-09-2011 21:48
Sounds good
by waynelisa on ‎12-09-2011 21:48
Good idea 
by jamesd2010 on ‎12-09-2011 21:48

3 minutes in and i already have great support, thank you all!

by djbonner07 on ‎12-09-2011 21:49

Very Welcome Mate

by giffgaff Educator on ‎09-01-2014 10:22
Status changed to: Under Consideration
by wjack2010 on ‎18-02-2014 23:42

I support this, would really help :smileywink:

by alecalexandrou on ‎03-03-2014 21:15

No, not really.

People can abuse this, and report posts just to hide them from view solely because they disagree with the content.

The report button for spam and inappropriate postings works quite well.


If anything, there should be more educators around to deal with these.


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