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O2 Status checker - Sticky on Service Updates:Notice board

Status: Implemented
by bertiebat ‎13-10-2011 20:54 - edited ‎18-10-2011 17:00

Very simple idea, but I really think this would be really helpful for newcomers until giffgaff do something more sophisticated  :smileyhappy:



When I first joined my SIM didn't work and I naturally looked at the Service Updates board to see if there were any problems that could explain that.   There were none listed and it took a while of searching in the other forums to find suggestions on using the 02 status checker.  



Create a locked sticky single post thread in the Service Updates board (so that people can't post to it and it is permanently at the top) entitled 'Check for local network issues' and include a message along these lines.


If you are having problems with calls, texts or the Internet that aren't explained by other posts on this board then please first check for local issues in your area by using this tool - (or a version of this giffgaff coverage checker


Please note that agents are unable to help with problems caused by local network issues.  For non network issues maybe see if the community can help by posting your problem here



Helpful/logical place for finding this tool and could stop people raising unnecessary tickets with the agents.  :smileyhappy:

Note this is just a one off thread/post that doesn't give live updates, just the link to the 02 status checker.


Comments welcomed :smileyhappy:

by jonmc95 on ‎13-10-2011 21:05



Yes, right at the bottom of the page where hardly anyone goes ever.

by bertiebat on ‎13-10-2011 21:06

Maybe (never noticed it)  but people sometimes come to the Service board when they have issues with the network and it's a natural place to have this information.

by jps123 on ‎13-10-2011 21:07
Iv just checked its the coverage checker on the links. So yes i agree with this
by as7861 ‎14-10-2011 00:41 - edited ‎14-10-2011 00:45



i have tried this code on my website. 

<IFRAME src="" width="500px" height="225px" name="right" align="center" frameborder="0"> </IFRAME>
<P> <SPAN class="size"><SPAN class="size">© 2010 Danielclo1il </SPAN></SPAN></P>


and it is the cleaned up code :smileywink: but i can not put it into forum for some reason. or i would have. 

by giffgaff Educator on ‎06-05-2012 16:16
Status changed to: Implemented
Syorksdeano now does this every week in our Service Updates forum :smileyhappy: Thanks to the both of you for making this happen for our members!
by jordanblack68 on ‎15-05-2012 15:45
Great idea thanks.

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