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Order a GoodyBag and apply credit via text

Status: Under Consideration
by aks782 ‎16-04-2010 20:35 - edited ‎21-04-2010 18:45

I think it would be nice if we could order a GoodyBag or apply credit via text


I'll explain scenario, today i wanted the £5/month GoodyBag but really did not want to log on to my laptop [cos its sooo slow], so could have just texted "£5 Goodybag" to a GG phone number, [if your credit card details are saved online] they then in a text back ask me to confirm what i am buying and then apply the respective goodybag/credit to my account. Then if i wanted credit i could have texted "£5 credit".


Just an idea, leave your comments or if you like it Kudos the idea



please note: i added the "apply credit" idea  from the response from 'geekonthepc'. So many thanks to him/her

Status: Under Consideration
This, as well as a few other interactions via text are on the radar of Member Experience for 2014. There needs to be a few more discussions and prioritisation sessions to figure out which projects make the top of the pile, but this Idea is a contender. We'll let you know if it makes the cut in its current form.
by nutellajunkie ‎03-10-2010 08:37 - edited ‎03-10-2010 08:42
by ruqz on ‎09-10-2010 19:05
what number do u send it 2?
by zanityman on ‎11-10-2010 12:42

this looks great - any news?

by hammondsc on ‎11-04-2011 19:33

Implement this idea ! My friends would join if you did !

by liamhill07 on ‎06-06-2011 17:11

Excelent idea come on giffgaff get with it.

by adds8476 on ‎10-08-2011 17:55

Would be good, but would it require you to have already input ur credit card details online, or does it come out of your airtime balance

by adaley on ‎28-10-2011 18:10
This should absolutely be available, almost all other networks offer this and not everyone uses the Internet. I have no idea why giffgaff are ignoring this despite the obvious desire of the community to have this idea implemented. --Adam
by jpcjpc on ‎28-02-2012 20:19
Given the grief people seem to be having at the moment buying bags on the internet is it worth reconsidering this?
by aqibdin on ‎19-03-2012 23:07
Bumping this because as an educator said they are implementing BB, That's done and okay fair enough giffgaff has other issues and ideas at hand but implementing 'Buying a Goodybag via IVR' should not be a No Go Zone. Every person i have reffered to giffgaff has complained about this 1 problem and only this 1 problem, What about those people with the most basic of phone? I don't want to be receiving a call every other day from friends and family telling me their goodybag has expired can i set another up, Not everyone likes and wants to acces the internet! GET THIS DONE OR ON THE TO-DO LIST AT LEAST!
by nt on ‎26-03-2012 20:09

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