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PayPal payment option

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by atkinsonkieron on ‎19-02-2012 09:41
Giffgaff should have a Paypal payment option when purchasing a goodybag or a top up they could also advertise this, this would help because people feel reassured when that see a PayPal badge
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by usmanozzy786 on ‎19-02-2012 09:44

It would be easier to just get topupo £10 voucher from shops / supermarket near you because this idea will probably cost them alot to implement this idea

by tonyh938v on ‎19-02-2012 15:42

Most people have a card linkeded to their paypal account, so I do not see what benefit having the paypal option would have.


I know if I buy with my debit or credit card the details are not passed outside of europe, if you pay with paypal your payments may well be processed in the US.

by bertiebat on ‎19-02-2012 16:31
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by harris_data on ‎20-02-2012 04:13

If using paypal then who will pay the not insignificant costs? maybe you can only top up using paypal and the costs are deducted from your payment?


Thus add £10 via paypal only adds - £9.46 to your credit.


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