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Put a limit on the "unlimited" data

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by thewordsmith on ‎31-12-2011 00:30

Giffgaff do not have a fair-usage-policy on their "unlimited data", as many of you will know, and have been known to boast that with giffgaff unlimited really means unlimited.

Having recently learned that it doesn't, my suggestion is that giffgaff stops claiming that it does, and put a number to the data usage limit.


I'll provide more details in the comments.


The Wordsmith

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This has been suggested a few times recently and duplicate to this idea

by thewordsmith on ‎02-01-2012 02:31

jamiliu wrote:
Whats the point of that, this is a good side to giff gaff, this is why i joined because it beats all ALL of the other networks, its cheaper and truly unlimited

Yes, it was one of the more attractive things about the network for me too, but what I'm saying is that the data is NOT truly unlimited, and people (such as myself) are being penalised for using too much data, when it has never been made clear how much data is too much. What I am saying is that if there is a limit (and clearly there is) we should know what it is.


The Wordsmith


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