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by tomluscombe on ‎16-07-2011 22:21

GiffGaff is on the forefront of a Revolution in how modern Communication Business is done.. GiffGaff also promotes the freedom to use your mobile for what you want. But by blocking tethering (which is now included by O2 as standard across All simplicity and standard tarrifs) goes against everything they stand for. 


If you agree with me, comment. This is the point of GiffGaff.


I know there is lots of Messages relating to this, but nothings been done. 



Were not really getting Unlimited internet, untill this is achived.


If it costs more, we will pay for it ... Just give us the choice. 







by chubuking on ‎16-07-2011 22:27
Mate giffgaff would face a financial crisis if tethering was available because of the unlimited data goodybag. Rules are there for a reason and I can't see giffgaff being lenient any time soon (unless the data only goodybag comes out)
by tomluscombe on ‎16-07-2011 22:30

Valid Point, however data is allready unlimited, so how is using a "Tablet and a Phone" at different times different. some people don't care anyway, they Jail Break there kit and use there phone as a router and rise the network anyway. 


Why not make it an option and then atleast people who need it can use.


Make Bridges not Barriers.

by brulaw on ‎16-07-2011 22:30

I agree with the above posts ,  tethering would probably be a thorn in GiffGaffs side ,and  there are people around who would abuse it . 

by andreww on ‎16-07-2011 22:31
by drlatheef on ‎16-07-2011 22:32
Giffgaff have banned the use of tethering to avoid abuse of it. The reason why O2 offer tethering across their tarriff ranges is because their internte isn't truly unlimited. It is capped at some point but the reason why giffgaff don't offer tethering is because they offer unlimited Internet across their ranges.
by tomluscombe on ‎16-07-2011 22:35

Wow So Much for "giffgaff is designed to be the first mobile network "run by you"


Cut some slack, Lots of new people here including me. So whats the Point of Logging my post as "duplicate"


 At least allow people to see it first.

by booyar on ‎16-07-2011 22:36
Would much prefer a £5 data only deal that I can shove in other devices But when you say it in caps!!
by tomluscombe on ‎16-07-2011 23:00

But it want them to be overwhelmed .. 


This is a small point , but everyone who i know on giffgaff is annoyed that this is only Network not to offer tethering.. Look at 3.. Growing massivly due to there culture based around internet.


In the Next decade, minutes and texts will be irrelivant.


The internet is the future and thus, should be open.


This is not a Duplicate.... This is trying to get an actual answer.


If people just shut up, **bleep**e all will happen. When have we ever had the oppurtunity to talk directly to the people running the system?... This is the point of GiffGaff.. If a points been raised time and time again or to quote "It has been mentioned many, many times." They it must have some steam.


Stop finding reasons to squash this and just think, yeah why not this guy believes in something. Lets see where this goes. People don't fight through the fronts to go, oh everyone says this war is **bleep**e, lets go home. They carry on. 


Maybe i have a different view on this MobileCompany Experiement but i dont think some people should quash ideas based on the fact that they have seen it before.


Few.. Im out of steam. And my fingers are sore. Viva La Revilution. (Maybe a little extreme, but i hope u get my point)




by mary_r_t on ‎16-07-2011 23:06

If you have concerns over the duplicate status then the correct procedure is to contact david_m or vincent. As andreww has explained a few of us help tidy up the forums by marking things we perceive as duplicates as such. We do this to help out but the final decision is from the staff members if there is a debate about whether something should be a duplicate or not.


Giffgaff are planning to introduce a sim only data goodybag soon, and we are yet to see what terms and conditions may be attached to such a goodybag.

by andreww on ‎16-07-2011 23:07
It's not being squashed. You can post every day on this subject and it is no problem to me if you do. You can PM the giffgaff staff too. I'm all for freedom of speech. But, objectively, is this a new idea that has never been posted before? No. In that case it will get marked as a duplicate :smileywink:

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