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Reinstate O2 shops lifting giffgaff adult restrictions

Status: Not For Us
by rochessel on ‎26-02-2012 14:49
Not everyone feels comfortable typing in their passport details or driving licence over the net or to giffgaff.<br><br>Popping into your local O2 shop may have been the safer option.<br>I have also noticed many people seem to be struggling when they do actually try to type in their details that the system is just not accepting it!<br>And getting an agent to help is not always that easy! So having the option to stroll in your local O2 shop was a good option for many.<br><br>Please consider reinstating this :smileywink:
Status: Not For Us
Unfortunately we can't - we're two separate entities and we don't have the capability to ask this of a different company, Thanks for contributing to the Ideas Board :smileyhappy: I look forward to seeing your future ideas!
by jamesd2010 on ‎26-02-2012 15:49



See above - The system upgrade was to eliminate 'money going elsewhere. Take O2 Priority Moments for example, O2 would 'waste' money of marketing if all giffgaff users used the service, so they upgraded that and all marketing campaigns and systems to prevent other MVNO networks off o2 to use the system.

by rochessel on ‎26-02-2012 15:51
I see what you mean James so really gg need to stick their hands in their pockets to give O2 a little money for this deal to be reinstated :smileywink: It's not about a favor but a buisness deal! Which will inevitably benefit both networks
by jamesd2010 on ‎26-02-2012 15:53



Yup - Well said! :smileyhappy:

by rochessel on ‎26-02-2012 15:55
Thank you :smileywink:
by jamesd2010 on ‎26-02-2012 15:56



You're welcome Rochessel, very welcome :smileyhappy:.

by mgb2 on ‎26-02-2012 16:12

you could be more cycnical and say that giffgaff don't get the support needed cos in the long term O2 actually are just running giffgaff as a tax right-off & experiment... when (hopefully not) it fails due to issues like this O2 can claim they tried the whole 'social' experiment & it failed...

sure the sums involved aren't as high as Voda's tax deal with hmrc but... fairly easy way to 'lose' say £50m or £80m over the 5 year deal...

by rochessel on ‎26-02-2012 16:19
No one likes to lose money at the end of the day. And this is a buisness deal not a favor!
by allan1954 enigma on ‎26-02-2012 16:44
but when o2 sorted adult content lock it was because we were telling them lies saying on o 2 not gg.i tried once in the o2 shop said i was on gg can you remove the lock the answer no go to gg.
by tim74 on ‎27-02-2012 14:02

if they reinstated the giffgaff numbers into the o2 system it would probably restart things like priority moments costing them money again.

by marvel andy0 marvel on ‎27-02-2012 14:13

I don't see how anyone can demand O2 restart something it may have removed after discovery it was inadvertently providing it. It makes some products and facilities available to customers of any network, but isn't obliged to do so.


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