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Remove my duplicate idea

Status: Idea Vault
by ruballard on ‎14-04-2012 23:05 - last edited on ‎04-08-2012 16:58 by giffgaff Educator

Allow original poster to remove idea when it is determined to be a duplicate. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

Status: Idea Vault

Sorry but this is a variant on this idea

This is not suitable for giffgaff as we'd like to keep track of all ideas and comments. If we give people the ability to delete their own topics and ideas, it would mean the comments on these disappear as well. Hence you give people the ability to moderate what others are saying. You can edit your own posts however, which should sort out most of your issues.

by mikehall94 on ‎14-04-2012 23:19

You couldn't make it up! :smileyvery-happy:

by ruballard on ‎14-04-2012 23:20
The original post linked is a little different. If an idea is a duplicate then gg should not need to retain it. Allowing members to remove their post when they agree it is a duplicate should help everyone.
by ruballard ‎14-04-2012 23:23 - edited ‎14-04-2012 23:24
This would also allow the original idea to receive all the kudos and not the duplicate.
by mgb2 on ‎14-04-2012 23:23

the point about retaining & recording is valid... what if i called you a ****ing ****, ****ing **** cos i didn't like it?

every post gets recorded.


sometimes they will be removed from public view for something like the above, but the record remains.

by mikehall94 on ‎14-04-2012 23:23

I agree, if it's been marked as a duplicate, it's obviously been seen by someone high up in the community or an educator, so shouldn't be anything awful. The option to remove a post when it has been marked as a duplicate would clean up the ideas section and kudos for duplicates would be removed (which is somehting some members are trying to do anyway).



by ruballard ‎14-04-2012 23:25 - edited ‎14-04-2012 23:27
Records of abusive comments should indeed be retained. But do duplicate ideas need to be available for all?
by mgb2 on ‎14-04-2012 23:27

you can't go removing the ideas tho... it throws all the statistics about number of posts out... also lots of comment can earn kudos too... (regardless of the status of the idea).

by mikehall94 on ‎14-04-2012 23:28

Maybe the "Delete idea post" button could actually mean "Remove this idea from public view"? This way, we'd consider the post removed, but it would still be on record. Simples.

by mgb2 ‎14-04-2012 23:29 - edited ‎14-04-2012 23:31

I was campainging for the 'idea graveyard' recently so that people could see frequent duplicates & the kudos would get moved to the original idea.....


related discussion here

by ruballard on ‎14-04-2012 23:32
Ideas are usually marked as duplicates fairly quickly. So a poster could remove their idea from public view before a trail of comments is created.

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