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SIM gg contacts - include *100*7#

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by bertiebat ‎29-02-2012 16:19 - edited ‎04-03-2012 19:52

Simple idea but can giffgaff make a change to the contacts that are pre-loaded on the SIM and include the goodybag balance short code  *100*7# .  For new customers it would also highlight this useful facility exists 


Current contacts

gg get balance - *100# 

gg top-up        - 43430

gg voicemail    - 443

giffgaff calling   - +447709195773


I propose that the 'giffgaff calling' contact is simply removed (it's never used to my knowledge and when dialled it comes up with a 'this number is not recognised' message).   I just think it's misleading and confusing to have it as a contact.

This then leaves a vacant slot for the goodybag balance to be included.


Proposed contacts:

gg credit bal    - *100# 

gg gdybag bal - *100*7# (or goodybag bal but that might be too long)

gg top-up        - 43430

gg voicemail    - 443


Further Proposals to contacts:

Edited: Andy0 has commented that it would be useful to allow the pre-loaded contacts in future SIMs to be amendable which would then allow further useful contacts to be included (the user can then remove or change the ones they don't want if required).  This would allow the inclusion of gg to gg expiry   - *100*1#  and maybe *100*5# codes and any further one that may be created in the future. :smileyhappy:

So simple idea and I'm really surprised this hasn't been suggested before. :smileyhappy:

Status: We’re Looking Into It
[INTERNAL] Thanks for the great idea Bertie, I just need to chase within the company now if this is happening and I'll get back to you! Thanks again.

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