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by david72817281 on ‎14-09-2011 20:24

Ocassionally we could forget our username so we should be able to sign in also with an email or a username

by giffgaff_1 on ‎14-09-2011 20:28
Well with 8 numbers i'd probably forget it so i'd write it down
by david72817281 on ‎14-09-2011 20:32

i have never forgot mu username and plus firefox offers to remember it but its just an idea

by davegp11 on ‎14-09-2011 20:47

You can use the same email for more than one account and you might possibly have the same password on 2 accounts so I don't see how we can sign in with an email instead of a forum user name.

by zarano1 on ‎14-09-2011 22:04

i do understand as i had forgotton mine and made a new one, but you do get an email from the giff gaff stating your username and password. the best i can advice is to save that email so you can look back!.

by as7861 on ‎14-09-2011 22:05
by stellacrawford on ‎23-04-2013 11:07

I joined giff gaff on saturday how long does it take for my vodafone number to be transferred?

by jjjhussain on ‎09-01-2014 15:48

cant seem to find activatiion code


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