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Technical support in other languages

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by ingerox on ‎01-09-2011 13:33

As I have seen in almost all the companies, they make a great mistake, if you're not english, or you don't speak properly english, you have really big troubles to find a solution to your problems. So, why cannot make a subforum to help people from other languages? I mean, one subdivision where if you are french, the french forum mates can help you, if you're spanish, the same, etc..


For a big company who has customer service by phone, this could be so expensive, but in a forum, it could cheap and usefull. In my way of thinking.


I'm new here, and I've checked the forum looking for one post similar, but I didn't find one with this idea. At least, with spanish... hehehe.



by jdrob123 on ‎01-09-2011 13:40

giffgaff is a UK network and therefore the majority of people will understand enough english to get a solution to their problem.

by ouaisne on ‎01-09-2011 13:42

This has been mentioned before as well - did you search? I have a feeling someone actually replied in Spanish!

by ingerox on ‎01-09-2011 14:16

Yes, I've checked it before and there is one person in spanish talking about a forum in spanish to talk about giff gaff and another one talking about the idea (sorry, this one I founded today after reading your comments), but it was refused, so I'll try again. Anyway, you will be surprised how many people can join giff gaff if you speak to them in their mother language. I just suggering this because I trully think that giff gaff is currently the best company, and I would like that people from other countries don't find the language as a barrier to cross.


I know that we are in UK and you will be surprised how many people don't speak enough english, at least, here in London.


Anyway, if it's considered as something spoken and rejected, you can delete the post, I think it's ok :smileyhappy:

by idrisdragon on ‎01-09-2011 19:57

If you have foreign language forums you need foreign language staff too so they can make sure nothing bad is posted.

by as7861 on ‎23-09-2011 18:04

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