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Status: Not For Us
by oslingsby virtuoso ‎15-02-2012 07:06 - edited ‎15-02-2012 07:08


Hi everyone, if your a regular poster here you will know about one our of every 15 questions (rough guess) is "setup Tethering" or "I'v been banned" or some other question relating to tethering using goodybags.


While we all know this isnt allowed unless your on a gigabag giffgaff is already starting to get some bad press about being banned with unlimited isnt unlimited simply because they haven't read the terms and conditions or the goodybag information etc.


So my solution.


Internet via giffgaff goes through a APN (Access Point Name) =


So if we can get giffgaff to create a second APN maybe something like = tethering


We can charge access via this new APN at standard rates regardless if the user has a goodybag or not,

allowing for tethering use while having a active goodybag hence not limiting the customer to one service at a time or forcing them to use another device.


I think this should definately be technically possible and should solve the 'Not allowed" constantly being conveyed to goodybag customers.


Kudos the Idea if you like it and giffgaff may look at it :smileytongue:

Status: Not For Us
Hey folks, after being requested to review this Idea, I had a chat with our Business Intelligence team who agree we can't offer this Idea exactly how it's described, here's the skinny, "This would require changes to both our billing platforms and our tethering platform. As these two are separate it would be a very complex task to set this up. This the same reason why we can't currently offer 1 GB tetherable on unlimited or similar. This might also cause a lot of confusion when for instance unlimited goodybag members start burning through their credit because they've forgotten to switch APNs." Kind regards, Hazel.

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