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Top-up flexibility

Status: Idea Vault
by ruballard on ‎26-02-2012 14:26

Hello All,


I was thinking that it would be useful to have more flexibility with top-ups. For example my account was in credit by £4.98 so it would have been good to top-up by £10.02. This would give a nice round number of £15 for goody bags.



Status: Idea Vault

Sorry but this idea has been suggested and rejected

We like to keep things simple, the vast majority of people would like to simply choose an pre set amount, rather make a choice on exactly how much they'd top up. Whilst this would appeal to a minority, it would inconvenience the majority.

by bertiebat on ‎26-02-2012 21:58

giffgaff ignore duplicate ideas completely so kudosing this idea will have no impact.  If anyone does want to kudos the idea (even though it has been rejected then please kudos the ORIGINAL idea). :smileyhappy:


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