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by raji2 on ‎23-03-2012 19:10
How about giffgaff impliment such a system, that enables each and every individual to assess himself/herself to see how well they are doing contributing in the giffgaff community..
At the moment we find out at the end of the month which band we achieved, but better than that is a system which tracks your progress and you can see how well you are doing..
Its an idea i'd like to propose so that every giffgaffer can benefit and could be a means of encouragement in one aspect.. :smileyvery-happy:
by kausar on ‎23-03-2012 19:21
Good thinking, but yet again there can be disadvantages..
by pw1987 on ‎23-03-2012 19:22

Wouldn't this just lead to lots of people spamming to forums to get upto a certain level then just leaving it until the next month? I think it's better if people can't game the system as easy.

by wcssj on ‎23-03-2012 19:25
by mbthapa25 on ‎23-03-2012 19:25

good idea, but very difficult to implement, as the whole system is relative..


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