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Use "GiffGaff" as the swear word filter instead of **bleep**

Status: Not For Us
by ttricky on ‎15-07-2011 13:36

My first idea suggestion, as a result of a recommendation. It's a silly idea, but simple nonetheless - use the word "GiffGaff" to replace profanity ( The original post ).


"Oh GiffGaff! You GiffGaffing Giff, you totally Gaffed up my car the other day when you Giffing Giffed the side of it with your GiffGaffing piece of Gaff car."


I think you get the picture :smileyhappy: I don't know how the current system works, whether you have different words for each specific swear word, or whether you have one blanket replacement for all words.


Either way, take it as it is - a fun suggestion that I don't think carries much weight but might make certain posts a bit fun to read (asuming, that is, that some members like to swear a lot in this forum - which I'm sure they don't because everyone here is oh-so-nice).

Status: Not For Us
Hi guys, We have decided to change this to 'Not for us' as we feel that changing swear words to 'giffgaff' will confuse members, as it won't be clear that it has changed. Thanks for the suggestion, and keep coming with the great ideas.
by rachael_brighty on ‎15-07-2011 16:59

I think this is an awesome idea :smileyhappy:

by severian on ‎15-07-2011 17:03

Really like this idea, seen it in use on other forums. Can be confusing for newcomers but very funny :-)

by u_ghafoor on ‎15-07-2011 17:11

This would be more funny than the time one of the educators replaced every swear word from an angry customer with the word banana.

by therugbyhonke on ‎17-07-2011 16:37

Love it. I just love it. :smileyvery-happy:

by natstally on ‎07-08-2011 12:49

How about making it more of a picture/smiley type thing as if it were covering the word itself, like on American Idol when the blue oval logo covers the mouth of the person swearing?


It would help eliminate the confusion over it just being the word giffgaff, like with the *giffgaff* but funkier!


If i was at all capable i'd do a mock-up of a picture but unfortunatly i'm not! 

by cgf on ‎09-11-2011 12:29
People can use it to form phrases that paint giffgaff in a bad light. Once it's in google it's there forever. Do you really want this?
by shadowdogg on ‎14-11-2011 00:12

I like this idea :smileyvery-happy:

by sdargue on ‎20-12-2011 21:09

I think it should just turn the word in to stars rather than *bleep* like most other forums. E.g.






by marvel andy0 marvel on ‎21-12-2011 13:21

I agree with the above post - * or !

by he6rt6gr6m on ‎13-05-2012 00:46

This is brilliant. Well played. Actually brought a smile out! :smileyvery-happy:


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