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giffgaff Roadmap

Status: Under Consideration
by tortoiseshell on ‎12-06-2011 08:21

All the time we tell people on here that, for example, BBS is coming soon, auto-renewing goodybags are coming soon, etc. etc., whereas we often have only very vague ideas from giffgaff's blog as to when it will really happen.


giffgaff also have a tendency to for projects to get delayed :smileyvery-happy:


My idea is to have a giffgaff Roadmap on here somewhere. This would give details of all the updates that giffgaff have already announced (so no competition worries) together with the planned timescale to imlementation.


It should be updated each month as naturally priorities will change, projects will slip, and new projects will be added.


If I know giffgaff, I'll bet this roadmap already exists internally - all I'm asking for is the detail on projects that have already been announced is published on the forum.

Status: Under Consideration

Hey Folks, this is still on future review - We want to be more and more transparent about what we're working on, and this will come more with the release notes and Idea Progress reports. We could never be 100% about our roadmap because of commercial sensitivity - sometimes some things have to be a surprise!


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