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I have taken to answering questions on the Help forum and find myself compiling quite in depth responses to a number of questions. 


Happy with the answer I have typed I click 'POST' to find that the question has already been allocated a BEST ANSWER (which is good for the person with the query; myself, I maybe would have moved onto another post rather than continue with my response to a question that is already resolved).


As any messages being typed autosave every minute or so whilst you are typing a response, my idea is that it also lets you know if the question you are responding to has been allocated a BEST ANSWER already. 


This would benefit all users of the forum and also benefit giffgaff as it would require less storage space on the forum for postings that were surplus to requirements as the answer has already been found.  Obviously, if somebody still wants to post the message they have generated they can do so, as the information they provide may be useful to others.


IF you think this idea would be good, then let your feeling known by voting for it.


Remember We're all the Boss so have your say!


We have KB Gardeners ... Why not have Idea Gardeners too?

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell ‎22-04-2014 15:50 - edited ‎22-04-2014 16:43

At the minute there are certain members who can publish in the Knowledge Bank, also know as KB Gardeners ...


My suggestion is that we have "Idea Forum Gardeners/helpers" too. 


The ideas forum is @hazel22 's brain child and its pretty much up to her to sort through all the ideas published and move them to the designated location ... "implemented" "working on it" "not for us" "ideas vault" ... So why can't there be members who can help tidy up the Idea forum and move ideas with less than 20 Kudos support after a month into the Ideas Vault?


It would help out Hazel and help tidy up the forum. as at this moment in time there is: 445 new ideas which is 23 pages of ideas to sort through. Many of those could be out dated and need to be moved to the Ideas Vault. 


So my proposal is:

To either introduce (more) Idea Forum Gardeners or Helpers


and/or ... follow the same principle that is being used for the KB editor quiz. Where we (once we've done the quiz) can make edits to KB articles that are then set for review by the KB Gardeners. So in this case we could flag up ideas that need to be moved in the vault and then all it would need was authorising/checking by an educator ... I think this could save the educators, particularly Hazel a lot of work and make the forum tidier.


As always please comment if you wish to add something constructive and/or kudos if you wish to show your support,


Thanks for reading,



Edit: Its been pointed out to me that there is already 6 (5 active) members who are Idea Gardeners, So is the best thing to do, review whether 6 is enough? Should there be a few more who can help keep on top of the ideas?


Or could we consider going down the route of the Silver Quiz for KB editing, and Have an "Idea Helper" Quiz 

How about a goody bag with 1000 minutes unlimited texts and 1GB data.  At the monment if you only need 1GB data you are limited to 500 mins. It would probably cost a bit more but still be competitive.


Add coverage rating to Giffgaff app?

Status: New Idea
by mobilemonkey on ‎21-04-2014 20:03
We all know that giffgaff is increasingly popular but it does rely on the O2 network which is in some places less than ideal. O2 say that they are spending £1.5m a day improving the network but I suggest that the official giffgaff app should include a way of allowing giffgaffers to rate the quality of the network coverage where they are which can then give O2 with feedback on where their users need improvements. That way at least O2 can spend their money in the right places.

Regarding voting for Ideas

Status: New Idea
by enchantedsun ‎21-04-2014 16:06 - edited ‎22-04-2014 17:07

Currently Ideas are voted for using the kudo system where you can only grant so many kudos per day, and only one kudo per idea (ever). This is helpful in determining how popular an idea is. There is something, however, I think would be useful to add to this system.


My suggestion is that we add an option for members to be able to select one idea from the Ideas Board per day and vote it as what they believe to be the "Best Idea of the Day". Each day you can thus choose only one idea that you find to be the most important idea currently on the Ideas Board, and thus the idea you want implemented most. This would give statistics on what Giffgaffers not only find a good idea, but where their priorities lie.


Once an idea has its status changed (to for example "Not for Us" or "Looking into it", etc) there will no longer be the option to vote for it for "Best Idea of the Day".


Unlike with kudos, I believe you should be able to vote for the same Idea as being the "Best Idea of the Day" on multiple days. For example: if on Monday you find one idea the best and vote for it as "Best Idea of the Day", and then on Tuesday you still consider it to be the best idea currently on the board -> you can vote for it on Tuesday again. However, if on Wednesday you find that there is an idea you like even more, then you vote for that idea instead.


In summary:

One vote, per day, for any Idea with the status "New Idea" that you as a member believe to be that day's best and most important Idea (the idea you want implemented the most). This is to be on a seperate counter from the current kudos counter.






As @simonefaye78 pointed out: like with kudos, no voting for your own Idea!

 @alicepowell had the other good point: you must give kudos to an idea before you can vote for it as being "best idea of the day"! This idea is meant to support the kudo system and improve upon it, not replace it!





Along with "Hot Ideas", "Top Ideas" & "New Ideas" a new tab could be given to the Ideas Board giving the idea with the most votes that day for "Best Idea of the Day". 


Under one's Giffgaff profile's statistics the number of one's ideas that were voted for as "Best Idea of the Day" can be displayed (similar to "Best Answer").



all of Ireland

Status: New Idea
by crizzyb356 on ‎22-04-2014 01:21
I live in Northern Ireland and I travel to Ireland quite a lot. I think it would be an awesome idea if giffgaff, for customers in Northern Ireland could get additional coverage or something similar, when we cross the border. I only live roughly 10 minutes away from the border, and when I go into Ireland, I get charged extra for being 5 miles away from where I live. please offer us irelanders something :smileyhappy:

Change the format of the Unreported Service Issue thread

Status: New Idea
by essie112mm ‎21-04-2014 21:15 - edited ‎22-04-2014 08:12

Replacement of the Unreported Service Issue Thread

Problem : the Unreported Service thread is intended to be used only when a member notices a recurring possible service issue on the Help and Support forum. The requirement is that five links with the issue should be posted for an Educator to investigate and then, if necessary, act upon. Educators are subscribed to the thread so help should always be at hand. However, this thread is now used as a general dumping ground for isolated issues, complaints and general questions. To all intents and purposes it doesn’t work.

Idea : my idea is simply to change the thread so that if someone feels they have reason to alert an Educator to a potential service issue they would have to complete a form not dissimilar to an agent form. As illustrated below, the member would be required to select a category and then supply the links to threads reporting a problem. This would prevent the thread from being cluttered in the way it is now and make it easier for members to check to see if there are any reports of potential problems.


 Below is a suggestion of how I envisage the form might look in the thread.

As always, feedback and support is welcome


*Edited to address the points @gordie10 has raised.  Yes, I would envisage that after the form has been sent a

post would appear as normal to show that a potential problem has been flagged up and any reply from an Educator would appear for members to read. Without that there would be no point as no one would know if anyone had spotted or raised an issue, or the outcome of reporting it. The form would be the only way to post in the thread.

Overall, I think the thread should end up looking similar to the current version ; the main difference being there would no longer be individual service issue reports and  complaints burying everything, thus making it easier to read. 

Report a service issue.JPG



Status: New Idea
by jalh on ‎21-04-2014 11:00
I think it would be awesome to have 5 pounds top up as sometimes, but not frequently, I need to text somebody in Spain and the minimum top up is 10 pounds.
I think it woukd be great!! :smileyhappy:

Goodybag must be reviewed

Status: New Idea
by bsadeq1 on ‎21-04-2014 12:44

I believe that  some goodybags minuets and data really need to be reviewed because the giffgaffer pays £10 to get 500 mins and 1 GB of data, when he get only 250 mins with £12 goodybag and unlimited internet so he pay £2  extra to get unlimited internet but he lose 250 mins it must be at least 500 mins for both goodybads £10 and £12 and then the giffgafer can choose what best for him fairly some other mobile provider offers better deals we are with the best UK best pay as you go mobile provider so we want to be better than others.....!


the other point is the £15 goodybag should be 800 mins at least  how come the giffgaffer pays £15 pounds and get same minutes as £10 goodybag minutes but he just get unlimited internet witch witch he can have it for extra £2  with £12 Goodybag


Putting Payback towards your local Mast

Status: New Idea
by william444555 on ‎20-04-2014 14:40 - last edited on ‎20-04-2014 19:41 by giffgaff Educator

I think that there should be another option under payback where in your loacl area you could put some money towards a new mast so if you live in a bog city that only has 3g then you could add to the fund and when there is enough then giffgaff could pay this to o2 and they will put up a better mast with better signal and speed.

i live in an area where there is only 2g and its a preaty big area so if everyone puts towards some money then we could get a faster mast that has better range. also under this you should be able to see how much you have raised and how much there is left to go and lets say the percentage of what you have contributed.

you could also pay via paypal or any other credit card services.


if you agree in this idea please kudo it and share to you freinds thanks!!!


Loyalty idea

Status: New Idea
by lesterely on ‎17-04-2014 23:41


Best mobile phone network voted by Which. Yes.

Here is another idea to keep you ahead of the competition.

As long as a goodybag is auto renewed each month any unused minutes, data and text will be transferred onto the next months balance until goodybag is cancelled.

Think of all those extra minutes etc building up. No one would ever cancel.

Regard Lester an old fart.


I am happy and amazed to see so many ideas posted in which it is suggested that for one reason or another Giffgaff/Giffgaff community should be planting trees.


My suggestion is a simple one: why not offer a new Payback option that is towards a Giffgaff fund specifically for tree planting?


Warning text when SMS limit is low

Status: New Idea
by ski_31 on ‎16-04-2014 16:43

Hi all :smileyvery-happy:


I did some searching to see if this idea has been submitted before and I couldn't find anything. Please forgive me if my searching wasn't thorough enough and there has been this idea before.


The idea



All of giffgaff's goodybags are fantastic and all of them offer unlimited texts apart from the Hokey Cokey goodybag. People have submitted ideas for warning texts from 43431 when minutes and data allowance is low, but I believe that no-one has submitted an idea for a warning text to people on the Hokey Cokey goodybag when they have a few texts left. My opinion on a few is 50. I was texting a friend and then I received a text. I finished my conversation with my friend and then checked the text:


"A quick heads up: Just so you know, you now have 0 texts left in your goodybag which expires on xx/04/14. Your balance is ****. Cheers, giffgaff"


All of those other texts that I sent to my friend came out of the little credit I had left and I wanted to keep some credit for an emergency. I actually went to the trouble of checking the meaning of 'heads up':

"an advance warning of something"


So it wasn't really a heads up because I received the text when I had used all of my texts.




This shouldn't cost much to implement and surely this wouldn't be hard to implement?



Here are some benefits of this idea being implemented:

  • People will know that they have a low amount of SMSs in advance and will have time to maybe inform their friends and family that they will soon not be able to reply to texts via SMS
  • It will avoid people unawaringly use their credit to send texts.

Hope you like this idea and if you do please kudos and comment to support. I know that a lot of you don't use Hokey Cokey goodybags (I don't use it all the time) but this is all about making giffgaff a better network in every way and although this may be unecessary for you it will be necessary for others. The reason as to why this goodybag came out of giffgaff labs as an implemented product and it wasn't removed when there were some major goodybag changes last year (unlike the other £5 goodybag) is because it is significantly popular.



Sami :smileyhappy:

Something that I've always thought should be possible, a person who has several accounts, has bought a goodybag for an account they no longer use.
Obviously once a goodybag has been applied to an account, it can't be removed.

But what if the person involved, asks an agent, and agrees to have the account deactivated,
And the goodybag applied to the correct account.
The number can then be recirculated. The customers account will be deactivated so they don't make the same mistake again

Email when a sims ordered of your url link

Status: New Idea
by bluemoonbaz ‎12-04-2014 22:57 - edited ‎12-04-2014 23:02

Good evening
Email when a sims ordered of your url link

This hasn't worked for a long time on my account

Can we please have this back as its a very useful tool to gauge where sim orders are coming from and help members target the best place give out their sim card allocation and not waste them
Facebook , twitter ,websites

It's a real shame as I said earlier it was very useful and a bit of encouragement when you saw the email in your inbox

If you agree please kudos the post to give support



More publicity about changes

Status: New Idea
by daniel_causebrook ‎18-04-2014 12:48 - edited ‎18-04-2014 13:16

As we DON'T all know, new internet settings have been introduced and texting "SETTINGS" to 2020 will now no longer work, as revealed in this post:

The Demise of 2020 and a New Pop Quiz

However, barely anyone knows about this and therefore people are still offering outdated advice that is more confusing to new members.  This is hindered by the 'Phone Settings' KB articles still containing the old settings.


So, my idea is that there should be emails or Private Messages sent out to *EDIT* [everyone] if a change such as this happens.  People need to know about these changes as soon as possible to keep giffgaff running smoothly and to help helpers give the best, most up-to date advice.


This idea should be simple and easy to imlement, as Private Messages are already sent out to people about certain changes.


There could also be an easy way for educators to flag a set of KB articles that need updating, to get the community working on it as soon as possible - such as the 'Phone Settings' articles.


If you have any suggestions or comments please comment below,



Plant a tree

Status: New Idea
by whathellx on ‎18-04-2014 00:36

How about giffgaff planting a tree everytime a member has activated more than 5 recruits :smileyhappy:




My giffgaff - My notifications

Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney on ‎22-04-2014 17:03
why not get notifications on your notification bar when you get a PM or somthing

Automatic Hyper Links in PMs

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell ‎15-04-2014 09:58 - edited ‎15-04-2014 10:25

Morning everyone :smileyhappy:


Over the past few weeks Ive heard/read a few people commenting on the fact that copy and pasing a link into a Personal Message(PM) breaks the Link so you (as the reader) then have to copy and paste it into the URL bar to open us the link. 


This is very irratating as a mobile user as highlighting things isn't always the easest of tasks! Ok yes, it doesn't take long to do this but is an unneeded inconvenience. There is a way to get around this, which are steps the sender must take, as demonstated in the below image, however I think this should be done automatically like it is in a normal reply on the message boards



hyper links.JPG


The other important thing to note is that on some mobile phones you can only use basic text so have no access the the link function button, so the ability to send correct and fully working links should be make automatic so its not just limited to full site users and selected phones.


As always your feeback is appreciated and please support this idea with a Kudos if you agree




Edit to my profile page. Add my ideas section.

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell ‎14-04-2014 13:54 - edited ‎14-04-2014 14:05

Hi Everyone,


As some of you may have notice this thread was posted recently


My idea links on from this one, to not only having a my ideas tab, but to also have a "My Published Ideas" section on your profile page:


profile page.JPG

profile page1.JPG

profile page2.JPG

profile page3.JPG

profile page4.JPG

profile page5.JPG


I think that there should be a list that shows all your published ideas underneath your kudos posts,


profile page6.jpg


That way those who have published an idea can easily find their ideas without having to search through the forum.


You could also have for each idea, it's status clearly shown so that the user knows if it is set as "new idea" "under consideration" etc. and its current kudos figure and how many new or unread meassges, this means they dont have to keep opening up the idea to check for updates. Its all clearly laid out on their profile page! 


As always feedback is appreciated ... please Kudos if you agree and would like to support this idea.


Thank You,





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