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My idea is simple but would help a lot of new giffgaffers out. There is always a ton of questions about apn settings in the help and support forum and people don't know where to get them from.


My idea is to have a notification pop up when you first insert a giffgaff sim. (this wouldn't be needed on ios anymore as giffgaff is now a recognised carrier), it would look the same as when you check your balance using the giffgaff shortcode and would say something like:

To get your mobile internet working, you will need to input some settings. You can find them here: 


Then the user could click the link and easily set them up without the frustration of wondering why their mobile internet isn't working.







How to get other people involved!

Status: New Idea
by jon_birkbeck on ‎18-09-2014 13:16

I've been with giffgaff for only a few months, and have already saved a good hundred pounds or more through g to g calls. Quite simply, giffgaff is awesome, and 99% of people who use it would agree with me, so why don't others?


When I mention giffgaff to people, advertising it for my own credits and their own benefit, usually I get

"Oh I've heard it's tacky," or "I have my own contract," and similar answers. 


We need to do something that gets people hooked, and I really think emphasising the free g to g calls and texts can do that. When I get the summary emails saying just how much I've saved by joining giffgaff I drawl and jump for joy. 


So! We need a way for the rest of the world to find out just how much we're saving. I'm not very technologically minded, so I don't propose how to do that, but I know it's totally within giff's ability, so let's do it. 


Example: "So-and-so 1 has saved £X this month, and so-and-so 2 has saved £X this month. Everyone in giffgaff together has saved £XXXXXXXX this month. Join so-and-so 1 and 2, and save money with us!" (Then a little bit about goodybags and how to join, etc, and all may be well!)


The bit in red is my main point, really. We should advertise how much everyone together is saving. That might hit home how brilliant giffgaff is.




International roaming bundles

Status: New Idea
by peteconstantinides on ‎18-09-2014 11:27
EE and many other mobile networks offer roaming bundles when abroad, with a set price charged per day which includes texts calls and data. Giffgaff don't offer this meaning when I'm abroad I spend a significantly higher price than my friends,colleagues,family etc who are on rival networks. As a frequent traveller,this is a big problem for me,and it would be great if Giffgaff could offer something similar or I may have to change networks. Do you guys agree?

Direct Debit goodybags

Status: New Idea
by andyxhill on ‎18-09-2014 20:17

Payment would need to be 3 days before expiry but would be much easier and safer


phone recycling

Status: New Idea
by seantad1999 on ‎18-09-2014 16:35
I really need to get rid of my old mobile. So I thought if giffgaff would set up a phone recycling page where we could send our mobiles so giffgaff this would be great! Thanks :smileyhappy:
Seems a lot of new members lose credit and then can't buy a goodybag when they first join .. When you activate the simcard with the obligatory £10 it goes on your account

Members think they have bought the goodybag and later find out when the lose service that they only had credit.

Also the so called 1p glitch that takes small amounts of credit stopping you buying a goodybag after activation because you have data turned on.

Also blackberry members who buy a goodybag and then realise they needed the blackberry plan and cannot add the bbplan to there new goody bag


My idea :

So I think the activation credit should go on your account but cannot be usable until you have been allocated your new number and then you get a pm and on your dashboard saying .

Thank you for joining giffgaff here's your new giffgaff number .

Please now choose your giffgaff tariff.

Payg credit and a full explanation 

Goodybag and a full explanation


BlackBerry plan with a full explanation

This will stop any losses or confusion when joining up and no more disgruntled new members

and that means more customers stay with us and pass on how great giffgaff is to potential new members .

Good news and reviews travel fast .. but bad ones travel FASTER

idea originally posted in contribute for discussion


queued goodybags.

Status: New Idea
by seantad1999 on ‎17-09-2014 17:58
Instead of getting an agent to cancel queued goodybags, we should have the option to cancel them ourselves. This would save us a lot of time. And a lot more easy for agents so they could work with other problems. Thanks :smileyhappy:

add ons

Status: New Idea
by bigfra43 on ‎18-09-2014 12:12
How about letting those than run out before goodybag expires buy an "add on" ie extra minutes, texts or data. Say 5 pounds gets 1or 2gb of data or texts or calls but can only be purchased if you have a live goodbag.this would encourage people to let their goodybag stretch out but if they run out can purchase these add ons in an emergency!

At the moment, a casual browser would visit the Ideas page and potentially only see the Hot Ideas section.  That's all well and good, but these ideas are already well established ideas that have received exposure.


By changing the landing page to New Ideas, you keep the new ideas exposed for longer, to a wider range of visitors.  This list could be all ideas posted in the last 12 or 24 hours, or the most recent 25 ideas - whatever works best.


At the moment, new ideas are only really evident to users who actively seek them.


It would also increase the likelihood of ideas being seen, discussed and reviewed.  Site users could always click on the 'Hot Ideas' tab if they want to look at more established (and probably dated) ideas. 


Fairer photo submission T&Cs

Status: New Idea
by ataraxia on ‎14-09-2014 22:33

I was just about to enter the Photography Challenge until I read this in the T&Cs:


6. We own the copyright on all entries submitted, and by entering into the competition you agree that we can use, display, publish, transmit, copy and otherwise exploit your submissions for any purposes we feel appropriate.


That clause seems unfair and unnecessary. Instagram aside (don't get me started on that), social networks and photography competitions often operate on a nonexclusive rights/licensing model. That would seem to cover what giffgaff needs i.e. ability to share across message boards, newsletters, social media etc - but without taking the copyright from the person that created the artwork.

I think that giffgaff sell a real good range of mobile phones at competitive prices, but sometimes it is useful to have a cheap (almost throwaway handset) for holidays, nights outs, festivals etc - a VERY cheap phone in the region of £10-£20.


I would like to see giffgaff trial the option of selling a very small selection of £10-£20 basic phones as often they can be bought from shops but need to add top-ups to them and if already got a giffgaff sim, then the top up is of little use.


Please give my idea some consideration and let me know your thoughts.



Today alot of people have been having issues activating sim cards. Giffgaff are fully aware of this issue as it has been posted in the unreported service thread many times.


My idea is to have a little box at the top of the activation page warning users that other users are currently having issues activating at the moment.


By doing this it would achive:


  1. Members not feeling anoyed by thinking they are doing something wrong
  2. Stop repeted posts rop being posted in the "Help and support catogary of the website"

My idea is for the message box to look like this:




KUDOS if you support this idea and want new members to understand it's not there fault that activation isnt working.


Hi everyone, I propose a new easy idea that effortlessly improve the way a fellow giffgaffer moves around the site. When you subscribe to a topic you don't want to go into to your profile then click on subscriptions do you? So this will improve conveiniance for everyone.

The idea: A new Subscriptions button located under community that will instantly take you to your subscriptions page. Here is a picture to show you what I mean:


Easy subscriptions link.png

So as you can see this is a very easy fix to a very annoying problem.

Please take your time to Kudo This idea, Thanks.


Missed call message

Status: New Idea
by methusan on ‎09-09-2014 23:54

If a person calls your phone while it is turned off, then you will not get a notification on your phone when you turn it on telling you that someone has called. Giffgaff should create a system where if a caller reaches your voicemail (but doesn't leave a voice message) , then Giffgaff will send a message notifying you that the person had called. Companies such as o2 have already implemented the idea and i feel as if its useful!

Dear Giffgaff Community,


My idea is a customer friendly, leave it a year before shutting down a sim card, with an email and letter sent one month before this is going to take place, this is to sell the network to people who have emergency sims but also to in some cases the less tech savvy, I set both on my parents up on Asda sim cards years ago and they never really got the hang of it, i had to encourage them to keep charging the mobiles up and making a chargeable call every 3 months from one phone to the other to stop the sim cards from being shut down, i really feel with less techsavy or elderly or both, and perhaps parents of teenagers as well this would really help to make using and maintaining mobile technology easier, in the end Asda changed from using vodafone to EE, my mam was trying to get the phone to work and she had to call them to find that out!, they would have to get new sim cards get the credit transfered across from their old ones etc, its a nightmare for my mam, and an irritation for me.


This network, already showing good things freephone numbers, calls between giffgaff and updating social medial via text messaging for free this is all good, lets see something which will make others see how customer friendly things could be.

There already exists a method to top up someone else's account here:


But you need their phone number to do so.


There's a chap in hospital at the moment having trouble topping up so I was thinking of starting up a 'whip round' thread and bunging £5 credit on his account but I'm pretty sure he won't want to publish his mobile phone number on the forums.


A nice button 'Top up another giffgaffer' would be cool.


I'm pretty sure that if he logged in and saw a nice lump of credit on his account it would cheer him up.





Status: New Idea
by samuelsparrow on ‎05-09-2014 16:51
It would be great to 'Gift' a goodybag to friends and family.

We could call it a 'GIFT BAG'

What do you think?

Low Minute, Low Text & High Data

Status: New Idea
by russq on ‎12-09-2014 10:54

I and many others use low minutes, low text but high(ish) data.


From £7.50 goodbag that I currently buy, I use less that 50 minutes and less than 100 text but always use my allowance of 250mb and could use well over 500mb.


Therefore my solution would be alternative low mins & text but data heavy googybags -

- £5.00 goodybag with - 30 mins, 75 text & 500MB

- £7.50 goodybag with - 100 mins, 200 text & 750 MB 


or any economically viable number of mins & text but with the higher data.







Be able to top up for £5

Status: New Idea
by methusan on ‎14-09-2014 11:05

I currently have £5 as credit and i always buy the £10 goodybag. So i always have £5 remaining and am unable to use it. So having the ability to top up £5 is useful when you have credit still on your account.


Cash For Your Old Phone

Status: New Idea
by methusan on ‎13-09-2014 15:04

GIffgaff gives cash for your old phone, where you can use the cash to either trade in or just keep the cash for yourself. 


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