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Private Message Notification Counter in Site Menu Bar

Status: New Idea
by liverpoolsno9 ‎28-08-2014 20:14 - edited ‎28-08-2014 21:50



I quite often miss private messages while friends are online, either because I dont notice they are there, or haven't received an email in time. I propose we add a notification counter on the top toolbar of the site (see picture) that shows the amount of PMs you have, and that goes to your private message box when clicked. Thank you for the consideration.


I know theres a notification in my settings, but it doesn't catch the eye, and plus located at the top you can see if you have a PM and how many regardless of where you are on the site. This is for the desktop version of the site, since the mobile app has a similar function already in place.


queued goodybags to start at midnight

Status: New Idea
by simonefaye78 on ‎26-08-2014 23:46
I don't know about you but if I pay for a full months usage, I expect to get a full months usage. However, when you queue a goodybag this doesn't happen.

Goodybags are supposed to last from the day of purchase to midnight on the day of expiry. However, if you queue a goodybag, the queued bag can start any time between 10pm and midnight on the day of expiry, meaning you can lose up to 2hours of goodybag allowance, from both the expiring bag and the queued bag.

For example, if I have 30 minutes left in my current bag and make a call at 21.45 that lasts for 25 minutes, I would expect to have all 25 minutes to come from my current bag. Unfortunately, if my queued bag starts at 22.00 I will use 10 minutes from the new bag. This means I'm now effectively 10minutes down on my new bag.

My idea is simply to have queued goodybags start at midnight so you don't accidentally eat into next months allowances

WiFi on the Underground: a possibility?

Status: New Idea
by rhelan on ‎29-08-2014 00:51

Hi all,


It has come to my attention, now that Three has joined the list of other mobile networks which can access Virgin Media's WiFi on the London Underground, including o2. With this in mind, would it be possible to add giffgaff to the list? I'm running out of reasons not to switch to Three these days.




approved helpers quiz about the idea board

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎28-08-2014 05:28

Those of you that follow the ideas board will know that I've popped up a couple of ideas about how to tidy up the whole ideas forum but I really think this one will do it! 

Right we all know the boards are a wash with duplicated ideas which causes most of the decent ideas to get pushed into what I've started calling the abyss of the board! Us seasoned members know to do a search before posting any new idea but a lot of newcomers don't know and also don't know just how many ideas there are floating around hence they just come on and post there idea. 

So I've been giving this some thought and came up with how about giffgaff make a new approved helpers quiz but one you have to pass before you can post your idea?  This would only need to be done once say the first time you try to post an idea you could be forwarded to the said quiz.  

Ideally it'd be about educating members about how to search, if the idea already exists then you give your kudos and support to that one rather than posting a duplicate ect. 

You've got to agree our once great idea forum is in a sorry state with so many duplicate ideas and @hazel22  did try getting this under control with the reporting and merging of duplicates but this is something that is no longer been done so surely educating people is the way forward!

Anyway it's stupid o clock and I really need to be getting some sleep! Lol

So feel free to comment or if you've got any ideas on how to make this work then let's hear them.


Thanks for reading my idea and if you want to show your support don't forget to click on the kudo button.




Who rated this post...

Status: New Idea
by deanljbirch on ‎27-08-2014 20:29

I personally believe that users shouldn't be able to view who has rated their post.


By seeing who rated their posts users could retaliate to low ratings by giving the same score to users who have given really good answers but out of spite.


This has happened to me on more than one occasion.


remove @mention limits

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 ‎28-08-2014 04:40 - edited ‎28-08-2014 19:44

Hi folks Just a quick simple one :smileyhappy:


Everybody that is a regular to the community knows what  @ mention is but I bet not many of you know that in any one post you can only do a maximum of ten. I myself did not know this but earlier I had to write a post that I needed  to mention 15 people  so I did it all pressed 'post' and then got the message about not been able to post my msg as I'd exceeded the limit of 10 mentions so I had to do 2 posts just to get them all in.  But this kind of messed up the point of my post

So as I said it's a very simple idea but can we get the limit removed so if we need to mention more than 10 people then we can do it all in the same post? 


Well thats all folks so I welcome your comments and don't forget to click the kudo button to show your support if you like my idea. 




Usage Summary

Status: New Idea
by enchantedsun on ‎25-08-2014 23:14

You might have noticed that at the bottom of gg e-mails there is a message which states "To help you pick the goodybag that suits you best, we've jotted down your recent usage below. You will also be able to see this information at any time by logging into 'My giffgaff' and clicking the personalised link from your newsfeed."


You can get there in My giffgaff by clicking on the "here" link at the bottom shown below:


Screenshot from 2014-08-22 21:53:57.png



What you get when you click it looks something like this:


Screenshot from 2014-08-23 21:33:14.png



The issue with this:


Giffgaff points out that this is there so we can make a better more informed decision as to what Goodybag is right for us. However, the Usage Summary consists also of non-goodybagable Mins and Texts such as international calls and texts. Mixing Goodybagable statistics with Non-Goodybagable statistics does not allow us to make a very informed decision as to what Goodybag to use at all!


Perhaps this is another good reason to support getting Call and Text History available to logged in giffgaffers, or perhaps showing total "normal" Mins and Text and then the total non-goodybagable Calls and Texts separately within the Usage Summary would be a good in-between step.


Either which way this needs to be changed if we are to be able to use the Usage Summary as intended.


Kudos please if you agree :smileyhappy:

Love to hear your comments! ^^



Credit for the images goes to @trevor476 .


Unlimited : Time to go capped ??

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎24-08-2014 01:44 - edited ‎27-08-2014 08:54

Idea.. to remove the unlimited goodybags and replace with capped allowances.
If you agree please support the idea


Original idea posted here for discussion and after great support

After reading many posts on the subject of the unlimited goodybags do you think it may be time to just call it a day ?

Giffgaff seems to be fighting  a losing battle with data chompers and have had to manage the data we have available for the members .

This has had the effect of slowing the available data to the members and after reading many many members complaints about very slow Internet speeds ( assuming it's giffgaffs traffic management) maybe we should just bite the bullet and have realistic capped allowance goodybags.

Yes I understand it's a thorny issue but surely it's better to have say the £10 1g / £12 3g bag and £15 5 gig bag etc with usable data as the new deal well it's just a patch up that won't fix the underlying issues and will come to a head again..
I think let's just remove the unlimited now and we can get on with a realistic capped data allowance that all users can use and not abuse


giffgaff is making an offer of 5GB for £15 which is £3 per GB.


This does not sit well where people are using unlimited at £15 and  then consuming 15 GB  for which they  are only paying £1 per GB.


That makes giffgaff a two teir service as all the low users pay the price of £3 or £4 per GB and so subsidise the heavy users who are only paying £1 per GB.


This is a good reason to get rid of "unlimited" and redistribute the data previously used by the heavy downloaders  to increase the capacity of the lower priced limited goodybags.


Pay for what you use is the only fair way to treat all giffgaf customers.


My worry is that we could lose giffgaff unless we have a realistic profit to product and losing the unlimited seems the best option to me






Mobile Site: Ideas Board, Blog

Status: New Idea
by x22 ‎25-08-2014 12:22 - edited ‎26-08-2014 16:24

If you have used the giffgaff community on the desktop site you know how visible the ideas board and blog are. But on the mobile site it's less visible
You have to open a drop down to find the boards.

I think these boards should be more visible so more people know about them.


Feedback is appreciated
And kudos of you support the idea



It could look like

Idea- Mobile Site.png


**Further Update**

Then instead of the dropdown at the top it could simply sy KB and be a link to the knowledge base

original-1.pngAfter the recent consultation over goodybags the new ones are above.
I think although I'm happy with the new £15 unlimited data goodybag it should be open to everyone not just existing members as this will deter new members joining and separate members which is not what giffgaff are about

No segregation of the membership


If you agree please support this idea



 Link to statement


Phone buy back scheme? or recycling?

Status: New Idea
by baileys_queen on ‎25-08-2014 08:12

o2 buy back mobiles this would be a great thing for giffgaff. Now that they sell them.


Many people like to buy a new mobile when suits and often left with a fully working mobile that we have to try and sell or recycle ourselves.


why not offer the choice of buying it back for recycling and the money could be credited as payback or as a lump sum towards a new phone or even to be paid out on receipt of the phone.


you could even go a step further and have a link to a sponser or someone thatll buy back if its something that giffgaff dont want to promote




Helping others on forums

Status: New Idea
by cps15966 on ‎22-08-2014 09:26

Hi again


Those of us that help people on the forums will know we more than frequently that the information about qhich phone people are using is rarely on the initial post from the user wanting the help.

I would guess at probably 75% of posts requiring help for their phone are from newbies who dont really know the site that well and have recently registered.


So here is my idea, make it so that the phone make and model is part of the activation process.

Please see below




Then this would appear on your dashboard page (see next picture) but for existing users already registered, it would appear there too. This could then show an option on your dashboard page to update it so for users already registered, they would just add the information. Also, if you upgraded your phone or changed it, it would be easy to change on your dashboard.




So.... When someone posts a message then in the forums, it would then automatically appear in the message being posted, again see below




I think this would help gg and the people that help when someone has a problem, plus it could then in the future, perhaps be tied into the help categories by giffgaff's search engines etc recognising this information from a customers account and login details and better direct them to the information they are looking for.


What do you all think? It's always been a problem and I myself as have a lot of you, had to request this information from posters when you have been tryiing to help them. By starting this at registration, the information is there immediately. I would like to hear peoples thoughts on it, i think it would be a real benefit


Thanks and have a great day gaffers




The 1 day Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by areloz on ‎28-08-2014 20:50

After reading the Travelodge idea and the question about adding credit, how about considering the person who really only needs a day of calls, sms, internet coverage but does not want the hassle of adding credit. 


Why not have a 1 day (24hrs) use goodybag, costs £5 and is available at good newsagents, airports, hotels nationwide.  It is totally UNLIMITED FOR 1 DAY.


Perfect for short term visitors to the UK on 1 day business trips, who are in London for the day, or visitors passing through.


As soon as you start using it, you have 24hrs before the contract essentially expires.

You could then have the option of accessing the giffgaff site to register and pay for another 1 day goodybag for £5 or choose any of the regular goodybags.


They key is availability - saturate the travel market, and offer the retailer some small incentive for selling these cards.e


Giffgaff will be up against Lycamobile, Lebara etc but these companies tend to go for the overseas calling market - visitors calling back home.


Just a thought from someone who would seriously consider buying such a package.




I have been a gg member for about 4 years now. I have not had cause to contact an agent for over two years but I now find that the system has changed. I now find it very difficut to find the ask an agent link - I spent ages looking all over the site - eventually found a link posted by someone else and followed that - but I do feel that it should be much easier to find. When I eventually got to it I was then stumped by choices which did not match my query and required fields which were not relevent - so in the end I made up something just to get to the next stage. 

I understand that using drop down boxes and required fields might save time - but surely there must be a "none of the above" option. The agents are obviously used to this as they have answered my queries fully and promptly - but I do hate filling in rubbish just because the computer says I have to.

Hi all,


Using you get to work ourt which goodybag is best for you based on your predicted usage.


However, it only looks at goodybags!


how much data do I need


So my idea is ...


Add a section underneath the goodybags, to show "best suited gigagbags" so that those only after data can go straight to the correct gigabag.


Thanks, AMP


Please kudos to show support

As we can all see, a lot of people are unhappy about the current situation with data on goodybags being reduced, in particular the £12 goodybag losing unlimited data, and in all liklihood, feel that 3GB is not good enough.


I'm sure that the most unhappy people are similar to myself, people who prioritise data over minutes and texts.

For this reason, I suggest an alternative £12 goodybag, with reduced minutes from "Option 1" (which increased minutes to 500)


I propose a £12 goodybag option where:

Data: Unlimited Data remains (At the very least gives a 5GB allowance)

Texts: Unlimited

Minutes: 200/300


giffgaff needs to realise that not all customers require excessive minutes and as this referendum is showing, prefer data instead.


Please Kudos this idea if you prioritise data over minutes :smileyhappy:


Firefox OS phone

Status: New Idea
by catofstripes on ‎27-08-2014 09:27

Please can we have a Firefox OS phone in the shop? There aren't many models available at all and in the UK just one via E-bay but they're cheap and look functional and I'd probably buy one. It's nice to have the option here and I'm sure GiffGaff could get a good deal for us, maybe a choice of phones.


Firefox OS device page at Mozilla


Where's option 4 - No Change.

Status: New Idea
by charlie_shaw on ‎13-08-2014 03:54

Effectivley we are being asked to vote on 3 options neither of us want,


We re-occur the £12 Goody bag every month. Its irrevant that we don't use less than 3GB of data.


We signed up to GiffGaff, in order to be able to use unlimited data, if we required it, and in the knowelge it would be available if we needed it.


Now to get the same you are proposing £20, which is £8 per month extra, or £16 a month extra with my wifes goodybag.


I don't think so. If these changes go ahead, with an undemocratic vote, ie no option 4 ( No change), then my wife and I will be forced, YES forced to leave, and probably move to all you can eat on 3.


We signed up, believing in how GiffGaff's business model runs. Now it appears you are becomming as bad as the big boys, and going to ride rough shod over your members.


I suggest including option 4 NO CHANGE, and see how many members vote for that option.


I suspect you, will not take notice, and if that's the case my wife and I will be off to the other operator.




Make giffgaff community zero rated for all members

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell ‎12-08-2014 16:53 - edited ‎12-08-2014 17:07

Its just come to my attention that is only zero rated for some members, but not all.


As you can imagine, I wasnt to impressed to find this out!


If you DO NOT have credit on your account, your browsing on is FREE


If you DO have credit (or an active goodybag), you are charged to access either in credit or from your data allowance.


Why are some members given this charge when others are not?




So my idea is simple ... make zero rated for everyone, not just a select few.


Thanks for reading, and as ever please show support with a "kudo"

How about a completely new and different pricing strategy? Here's my proposal - it's a very rough idea, so bear with me: 


Pick 'n' Mix: 


Choose the amount of minutes you want. eg.: 

250 minutes 

500 minutes 

750 minutes 

1000 minutes 


 - or whatever might be appropriate amounts 


Then choose the amount of texts you want, eg.: 

200 texts 

400 texts 

600 texts 

800 texts 

1000 texts 


- or whatever might me appropriate 


Then finally choose how much data you need, eg.: 







- or what ever. 


Each "portion" is priced individually. If you choose to have two "portions" (minutes+texts, minutes+data, texts+data) you get a small discount; if you choose to have all three (minutes+texts+data), you get a slightly bigger discount. 


Just a thought. 




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