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International calling flat rates

Status: New Idea
by adrianam49 on ‎30-09-2014 20:15



I think it would be a great idea to have international flat rate options/extra international goodybags, including to call land lines and or mobile phones. 


What do you guys think?


call catcher

Status: New Idea
by chrisyd508 on ‎30-09-2014 09:15
I know 02 in all do this it would be a good idea if you could get a text with the number that you last missed example when ur or the phone or ur phone off cause not every body uses voice mail and you don't know if they have called u or not

Since the £10 Goodybag was changed the £7.50 doesn’t seem the value it was and the £5 looks even worse so I bring this suggestion.


£5.00 Goodybag

  •                                  80 UK minutes
  •                                  Unlimited UK texts
  •                                  40 MB Internet
  •                                  Free to giffgaff numbers

£7.50 Goodybag

  •                                  250 UK minutes
  •                                  Unlimited UK texts
  •                                  500 MB Internet
  •                                  Free to giffgaff numbers


Now the £10 plus tariffs offer over double the £7.50 so I think this is perfectly reasonable as most will opt for an extra £2.50 for double minutes/data.


Currenty Goodybags


top up

Status: New Idea
by aronrose on ‎29-09-2014 20:33

I think giffgaff should make it that you  can buy a goodybag with your airtime credit

on the same number that you top up with a voucher.   ( like other networks do )


The reasons are: 1. its easier than logging on

                            2. some people dont have internet phones so its a massive pain to log on

                                 especially when you are on the go.


  It should be something like:    press 1 for £5 goody bag  press 2 for £10 goodybag e.t.c.



       so if you want giffgaff to do this please KUDOS this post




blocking numbers

Status: New Idea
by jakesanderson22 on ‎29-09-2014 16:39

giffgaff should put a thing on the webpage that people can use to block number in there account so the number cant contact them back again 

Hi fellow giffgaffers


My idea is simple. There are many people who have difficulty with internet settings. My idea would be to implement a link with very detailed step by step instructions how to configure apn and mms settings with pictures and videos if its possible.


The reason for this is because ever year there are many new models of phones which come out. Each phone has its own operating system and finding where and how to insert settings can be a headache to understand.


My idea would only consist of phones which giffgaff sells in their store, but unlike generic settings they should be detailed and for their particular model phone. It should be easy to find and easy to link to.




Currently this is what you see when choosing phones to purchase:


current phones.jpg


Changed to :


phones changed.jpg


It will have detailed step by step points with pictures showing what to do for each different new model which giffgaff sells.




Any improvements would be welcome. Please support this idea.


Data use from credit blocking

Status: New Idea
by busman1 on ‎29-09-2014 10:47

Could we have a way of stopping credit being used for data, so that only data can be used on goodybag 😄

Considering that this still equates to a hefty £20/gig, isn't it time to update your pricing to a flat 2p/meg on P&G?

This would avoid the bad surprises that many newbies have, when they first join and misunderstand your "20p per day" line, only to find their airtime balance eroded by background data activity.


I don't know whether the initial purchase process has changed, any, since I first joined but I remember that it was confusing and that, at first, I did not realise I had not purchased a goodybag, so it would help if something was done to make sure new subscribers clearly understand the implications of running on P&G, as opposed to purchasing a goodybag.



A service has recently been launched to allow deaf and hard of hearing to make phone calls from a smartphone. However the prefixes needed: 18000, 18001 and 18002 are not supported by GiffGaff. why not support them? Would be great to finally be able to do something as simple as call a taxi while out or even contact emergency services if need be. Further information on this service can be found at:
Other networks support it so why not GiffGaff?

picture messages with goodybag

Status: New Idea
by chrisyd508 on ‎28-09-2014 22:53
It would be a good idea if you could get picture messages with one of the goodybags like lets say the 15 pound one you get 15 picture messages and the 20 with the 20 pound one

Purchase bags (goody/giga) and credit via 43430

Status: New Idea
by 1hale ‎27-09-2014 18:27 - edited ‎27-09-2014 18:58

I know this idea been posted before HOWEVER this idea spelled out how to make it work.

You dial 43430

You press:

1 - For credit
2 - For goodybag
3 - For gigabag

Then you press:

1 - To pay by airtime credit (or redeem a voucher if just buying credit)

2 - To pay by a credit/debit card (only if you previously purchased the bag online)

Then you get asked to press:

1 - For "Yes I have a Blackberry"
2 - For "No I do not have a blackberry"

Then you press (option depends on which bag you are buying²):

1 - For "£5 Hokey Cokey"/"£5 gigabag"
2 - For "£7.50 goodybag"/"£7.50 gigabag"
3 - For "£10 goodybag"
4 - For "£12 goodybag"
5 - For "£15 goodybag"
6 - For "£18 goodybag"

Then if you are paying by card you are then asked to enter the 3 digit security code of the stored credit/debit card.

Bingo you then receive a text message confirming purchase of said bag.

² = If answered yes to owning a Blackberry then bags would be correct price for goodybag + BB add on.

When a gigabag runs out of data you get 50MB of free data before you get charged 2p/MB.  This is how it is described on the More details page for the £5 gigabag:-  


"What happens if I exceed 500MB?
If you've used up your 500 MB before your gigabag expires, we will notify you and give you a 50 MB buffer for free. Once you run out of your buffer allowance, you will be charged at 2p/MB for the life of your gigabag. "


The 3GB £12.50 gigabag was replaced with the 3GB £12 goodybag, but this does not have the buffer.  Therefore if you use exactly the same amount of data it costs you £13 instead of £12.50.  This was supposed to be a better deal, but it isn't if you are a dongle user who has no use for the 500 minutes.


I suggest that the 50MB buffer is applied to all goodybags (why make it complicated by discriminating).


This would also have the advantage of effectively giving 20MB + 50MB to the £5 goodybag, which would be a more realistic amount of data for £5.  Many people will still not use it due to having no internet on their phones, so it will cost giffgaff almost nothing to offer it.


If we can't have this 50MB buffer, there should be an option to stop the data as soon as it drops below 5MB (or zero) so that airtime credit is not wasted.  This would need to be a system option since a smartphone will have no way to easily access the without also using other data.


Please give kudos if you want the 50MB free buffer on all goodybags.



Actively offer replacement product for withdrawn £12.50 gigabag

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎24-09-2014 14:19 - edited ‎25-09-2014 22:30

giffgaff recently amended the various goodybag, goodybag with BIS and gigabag product offerings.


The £12.50 (3GB) gigabag has been withdrawn.


Upon arriving at the gigabags page with the intention of buying the old £12.50 gigabag again and seeing only the £7.50 (500MB) and £10.00 (1GB) options listed, my first thought would be to leave giffgaff and swap to another network.


In order to retain customers, this page should have a short piece of text explaining the £12.50 (3GB) gigabag has been withdrawn and direct members to look at the £12 goodybag product. This has the same amount of data for 50p per month less cost.


This is basic marketing practice. It's easier to retain existing customers than to find new ones.



Edit: As suggested below, it could also mention the 5GB for £15 goodybag there as well.



Idea Issue Tracker




"Is GiffGaff Cheaper? Button

Status: New Idea
by fmountford on ‎29-09-2014 13:55

I have just been looking at the article below and loved it particuarly at the table outlining the fact that buying outright is cheaper, its an excersise i do before making a phone purchase.


I thought it would be great for GG to produce a calculator, so that cusotmers can key in their current or top 3 packages they are researching such as initial phone cost, Mins, Texts and Data and automatically calculates the tarrif cost and 12 & 24 month total cost, it can then automatically include the equvalent purchase of a giffgaff phone and goodybag.


A link or button called "Is GiffGaff Cheaper?" or similar could be included on every phone detail page or a simple static table with 3-4 illustrations


We kind of do this for the PAYG side of things with comparisons to the other major networks but maybe also be put on the goodybag pages too.

OK, using giffgaff is actually a bit of a pain if you are travelling abroad for any length of time (particularly outside of Europe).


The issue is that, even if you have a current goody bag, the call costs come from the top up 'fund' on your account. Overseas charges are high (especially outside of Europe) so if you use your phone even moderately you may need to make multiple top ups.


This is where the problem kicks in.


1. The first few top ups seem to work


2. After that, giffgaff apply a restriction to your account as a 'fraud prevention' measure


3. Further top ups are unsuccesful with a "bank declined" message being shown


4. The message also suggests you try alternative cards to pay for the top up but, because it is a giffgaff block on your account, all alternative cards are rejected with the same "bank declined" message.


5. This is very unhelpful as it may cause you to contact your bank (as I did) and ask them why they are declining the transactions only to find that no transactions are being passed on to the bank!


6. The restiriction seems impossible to lift; if you contact the agents (as I did) you are told to "get a friend to buy a voucher and send you the code", which is a laughably inadequate response.


7. The restiriction may continue after you return to the UK, which means that you cannot text back to people overseas for several days until giffgaff get around to resetting your account.



All in all, this is pretty unsatisfactory.


A simple solution would be to copy the sort of approach taken by many companies when in similar positions; merely ping an email to the email address linked to the account asking the user to log in and confirm the tranactions are legit. Or even modify the message to tell the user to contact giffgaff and confirm the top up attempts are bona fide transactions.


That way the restriction could be lifted and the user could happily make calls / send texts while abroad.


Addressing this will greatly improve the experience of giffgaff users when abroad as it will let them do things such as check calls / messages on their usual number and avoid them having to purchase a local PAYG SIM in the country they are visiting.


£10 googybag

Status: New Idea
by malcolmhillier on ‎30-09-2014 11:22
Not sure if this has been mentioned. But every month i require a top up. i look for the one that suits me. I find that 500 calls is too much and i am wasting my time with the £12 top up as i don't need as much data or texts. Why not have an in between top up: So you can add on extra texts or extra minutes and or data. For example, i could add pick the £10 top-up but take off 250 minutes to 250 but add an extra 1 gb data or as much as i wanted for a set amount more. Say £1 per GB, I am not 100% sure of the prices so just an estimate really. But i would like a goodybag that will give me 250 texts a month, 2gb data, and 250 calls unlimited to giffgaff. OR Allow what is left over to be carried over to the following month. Will solve a lot of problems with tariffs.

text credit

Status: New Idea
by chrisyd508 on ‎27-09-2014 12:58
It would be a good idea if you could send ur friends credit through texts like say a pound or two followed by a three digit pin for security reasons so no one can just steal your credit when they want to i think this would be a good idea for family and friends when ever they are in a emergency or something like that

Minimum £5 top up

Status: New Idea
by commotion on ‎21-09-2014 11:04
I think a £5 minimum top up would be perfect for those who need a small airtime credit top up.<br><br>Those on recurring goodybags don't usually need large airtime credits sitting on their account balance.<br><br>Also members only need a small top up to purchase a new goodybag, I think a ten pounds minimum top up is too high.<br><br>I don't think it would be expensive to implement or administer.<br><br>It would also encourage more small top ups. It would also appeal to many users.

Offline SIM activation

Status: New Idea
by 1hale on ‎27-09-2014 18:07
How about activation via 43430?

Say I order a SIM or use one of my MGM SIM cards.

I buy a voucher for £10 or more.

I then dial 43430 from that inactive SIM and top up/credit it to my SIM.

Then using the details of the SIM you would send us out a text with our phone number and a link to finalize the activation.

The finalize would be to:

Provide the sim code,
Username and address.

Although the SIM would still work without that.

HOWEVER to make it advantageous for us to finalize online the £5 bonus credit would only be applied if we DO finalize online


Status: New Idea
by philbond ‎22-09-2014 11:01 - edited ‎29-09-2014 17:20


 I propose 2 changes to this programme to further motivate those who help to grow giffgaff.


Change parameters for month 2 and 3 topups.


Currently this is the method -  A Recruit’s month 2 top-up must be made between 30-60 days after their initial activation. A Recruit’s month 3 top-up must be made 60-90 days after their initial activation.


I propose that 2 topups within 90 days of activation should count, regardless of timing as the net result for giffgaff is the same but Super Recruiters are being unfairly penalised if their recruits top up earlier than 30 days after activation or twice between 30 and 60 days.


Include queued goodybags in rewards.


Queued goodybags are currently not rewarded, as they can be cancelled.  However, if they were simply only rewarded once they become live then this would solve the problem. 


Once again, it seems that Super Recruiters are being penalised if their recruit is too quick off the mark!  This scenario is very likely to happen.  If someone activates their card by topping up and buying a goodybag and then, a day or two before their goodybag ends, they buy (queue) their next one.  Firstly, this will happen before the 30 day limit (as above) and secondly, as it is queued, we don't get paid.  It seems that unless someone recurs their goodybag or waits until it runs out before buying again, bonuses would not be earned!  Is this fair?