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A while ago I purchased a mobile phone from giffgaff - it was a gift for a relative and they were very happy with it.  My problem is that every time I log into my account and visit My Dashboard, I have a large section on the dashboard all about the phone I have purchased a number of months ago (see below)


gg image.jpg


I think this inclusion of purchase on the dashboard is useful for the first month, but seems to be there ALL THE TIME!!  Cannot remove it. 


My suggestion is that any phone purchases should be shown on the dashboard for possibly 1 month, then removed from the dashboard - any further assistance I would need with the phone I could find in my purchase history anyway.


Not really a major issue, but would imagine dragging this information from the giffgaff servers onto My Dashboard uses up memory/power that could be utilised elsewhere = every time I go to my dashboard, it is there to remind me that I bought a phone, let me know about stuff that is not relevant as it has been delivered, am happy with phone and is working well sop no need to return it.


Comments for and against please





free voicemail with or without credit

Status: New Idea
by lawarcbur79 on ‎31-07-2014 11:14

i think we should receive our voicemails free with or without credit as long as you have topped up in the last 3 months, there is nothing more frustrating than missing a call and you have used up all your mins, i think this could give giffgaff another edge again in the market.


Call me back messages

Status: New Idea
by itsraeesahxo on ‎01-08-2014 19:43
A few months ago I switched to giffgaff which is by far the best network I've been with, I love how we're able to make suggestions and discuss the network. However, sometimes I receive a missed call and find myself not able to call back due to lack of credit. To be honest, whenever I didn't have credit I had to switch to my old SIM, running on T-Mobile in order to get the caller to call me back which is a hassle since I'd have to keep switching numbers and such. Therefore I think it would be a good service to have on here too, it was only 5 call me back messages which I don't think is too much to ask for and usually used for family emergencies and such. Or even just an extra £ to use or something per month when credit's been run out.

Tethering at 3g Speeds for Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by clarepaula on ‎01-08-2014 12:37

I think that if you buy a goodybag say with unlimited internet, then you should be able to use it on any device or tethered.


After all my modern phone can use as much data as my laptop.


Though make it 3g only, good enough for most people, pay extra for 4g.


No more blocked sim, or annoyance that comes from wrongly barred and maybe loosing customers.



View and send texts via

Status: New Idea
by andyxhill on ‎29-07-2014 21:59

WOuld be raelly handy of your phone/sim goes astray.Would still be chargeable or part of goodybag usage


Time voice-mail was recorded

Status: New Idea
by tstarfall on ‎27-07-2014 07:39



My phone only tells me when a voicemail alert came into my phone - not when the message was actually recorded by the caller.  This information appears to be missing when in voicemail iteslef too.  If there s a delay in getting the alert from the network (out of network range, phone off, network down etc.), there is no way of telling what time the caller actually called me.


Can this information be implemented either in the alert message (ideally), or atleast as part of the imformation you are told when you call the voicemail number.



Why not allow settings so you can see the actual PM text in your email notifying of a PM?

I think 4g data should be added automatically on the most expensive goodybags,as an added incentive

Increase Data Allowance On £7.50 Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by sp010 on ‎29-07-2014 21:04

In order for the £7.50 goodybag to remain competitive, I suggest the data allowance should increase from 250MB to 750MB.


Currently there is a large gap between £7.50 and £10 goodbags; for just £2.50 you get 300 extra minutes and 750MB extra data.


With competitiors (unsure whether it's permitted to mention them by name or specific tariff) you can find greater data allowances for less than £7.50 both on pay monthly and PAYG plans.



Status: New Idea
by hafizahbegum on ‎30-07-2014 21:55

I think giffgaff should create goodybags just for unlimited things for example

a goodybag just for unlimited texts.. for those who text but do not do any thing else, like me (I miss the £5 goodybag as that was unlimited texts which is only what i use)

similarly a goodgy bag just for unlimited calls and unlimited data.


In addition to this they could introduce a way to combine which ever two or three goodybags so you can mix and match your self.


Vat receipts available online

Status: New Idea
by jimmyhb on ‎28-07-2014 17:18

It would help everyone, members and agents, if you could 'tick a box' and download a vat receipt from the member's accounts page. Every month I have to go through several pages to find the receipt number then ask the agent for a vat receipt.


Normally I get the vat receipt within a couple of days but for some reason it took several attempts and in the end I had to get it sent to an alternative email address .....a fault with the email address and not the agents.


Roaming Text Change

Status: New Idea
by deffers90 ‎26-07-2014 15:27 - edited ‎26-07-2014 15:31



Having recently seen a couple of threads in the help section where people have been caught put when they've arrived abroad, not realising that their goodybag only covers them in the UK.<b


Currently the text you receive when roaming reads as follows:


"Hi, calls to UK/EU cost 18ppm to make and 4ppm to receive. Send a text for 5p. Data is 19p/MB. Prices include VAT. More info In emergencies call 112



"To avoid instances mentioned above I suggest adding an extra line along the lines of "Don't forget, goodybags are for UK use only, so make sure you've got plenty of airtime credit"


This would, hopefully, then reduce confusion and thus threads in the help section from people wondering why they cannot call and/or text when abroad even though their goodybag is live.


Comments and suggestions are welcome. If you support this idea please click on the kudos button


name the goody bags

Status: New Idea
by lawarcbur79 on ‎30-07-2014 12:44

why not name the goodybags, heres my idea for names:


£5  hockey cockey (thats what it is called anyway)

£7.50 tango

£10 bhangra

£12 calypso

£15 disco

£20 salsa


all the above is names of dances so there is a link to why there called that, just think it could add a bit of fun and might be easier for some to have a name for there goodybag other than the price because it stands out a bit.

also to buy goodybags with your airtime credit texting the name of the goodybag you want then it's deducted from your airtime credit, this could also simplyfy things, cause it can be a bit of a hassle buying a goodybag with certain phones in certain places.



Giffgaff Charity Text Number

Status: New Idea
by cdgill241183 on ‎31-07-2014 11:05
I don't know if this has been suggested before. Seeing as you don't get the option to split your payback why don't giffgaff create a text donation service for people who take there payback as credit and when you text the number it costs you £5 which goes to charity. I would certainly text a couple of times and use the rest as credit

Preordering goody bags

Status: New Idea
by lubarratt on ‎27-07-2014 14:08
Why can't we preorder a goodybag? This would be really useful, especially when travelling abroad. It would be great to be able to preorder a goodybag to start on the day you return to the uk, rather than having to think about it when you get back. It would be easy to implement, just add a starting date option on the goodybag order page.

Number blocking

Status: New Idea
by ajw84 on ‎26-07-2014 07:22
Make an option where you can block numbers on your giffgaff account profile options.

Pay As You Go ----- Data cost

Status: New Idea
by mick_1965 on ‎24-07-2014 16:04


Mobile Internet is charged at no more than 20p a day (up to 20MB). If you go over 20MB, you'll be charged extra at 20p/MB.

 20 pence per MB is simply far too much.

This need to be reduced to be inline with the rest of giffgaffs Data over usage charges ie 2p per MB




Tethering on Unlimited Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by sheepyaidan on ‎26-07-2014 19:11
Evening all,

My idea is what the network '3' already do.

If you have unlimited data they give 2 gigs of data for tethering. Therefore everyone will be allowed to tether.

Anybody agree?

Good Morning,
My idea is to have the option available to select &purchase a goodybag on the 43430 top up online.

This idea become apparent to me when my Mum did not have any internet data & could not purchase her own goddybag. Besides internet access is not always accessible.

Buy phone using giffgaff balance

Status: New Idea
by screetonmatthew ‎01-08-2014 16:26 - edited ‎01-08-2014 16:32

Add the ability to buy a pay as you go phone using your existing air time balance.


This would be a very easy feature to implement.


It would allow people who have supported the community and built up an excess balance to be able to buy a new phone.





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