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Guide to goodybags, BlackBerry plans and gigabags


What are the goodybags, BlackBerry plans and gigabags?


This guide will explain how call, text and data goodybags and gigabags work, the benefits of them and how to get your hands on one.





What is a goodybag?

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A goodybag is a bundle which contains a quota of UK minutes, texts and data. This bundle is available for use for one month and can only be used whilst you are in the UK. If you use all your bundle's minutes, texts or data before your bundle expires, you will be able to keep on using your giffgaff number, but you will be charged from airtime credit at the standard PAYG rate.


See details of the available goodybags here


Goodybags include "UK minutes" for the following calls:




What is a BlackBerry plan?

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A BlackBerry plan is the same as a goodybag with the addition of BlackBerry BIS, which you need if you have a BlackBerry device and wish to use BlackBerry services including push email, BBM and the browser supplied with your device. You do not need a BlackBerry plan if your device is running BB OS10 or later, as these services are included automatically.


See details of the available BlackBerry plans here




What is a gigabag?

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Our gigabag plans are for the members who use a tablet or dongle, or who only require a data package on their phone, and are happy to pay standard PAYG rate for their calls and texts.You will need to add airtime credit to your account in addition to purchasing a gigabag if you wish to make calls and texts from your phone.


See details of the available gigabags here


All of our gigabags come with a 50MB buffer.




How can I buy a goodybag?

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It's very easy to buy a goodybag, BlackBerry plan or gigabag, just follow these steps:


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the top-up section
  3. Click 'Select' on 'goodybags', 'BlackBerry plans' or 'Tablets and iPads' as applicable
  4. Click 'Select' on the goodybag, you want to add to your account
  5. If you wish to add more airtime credit at the same time, click 'Select' against the amount you wish to add (see note below). If you do not require more airtime credit now, review your basket and click on "Continue"
  6. You are invited to recur your goodybag, see the 'How can I recur my goodybag?' section for more information. If you added airtime credit in the previous step, you also have the option to turn on auto top-up. Review your basket again, then click 'Continue'
  7. (a) If you wish to pay for your purchase using existing airtime credit, click the 'Exhange airtime credit' button at the top of the page - this will confirm your order. (See note below)
    (b) If you wish to pay using a debit or credit card, complete your card details.
  8. Click on "Confirm order"

The items you've purchased will be immediately added to your giffgaff account and will be visible on the right hand side. Your goodybag, BlackBerry plan or gigabag will be 'active' if you do not already have an active one, otherwise it will be 'queued' to start on expiry of your existing one.

Your goodybag allowance does not show in your balance / airtime credit. You can check details of your current goodybag via 'My giffgaff' or by calling *100*7# from your giffgaff mobile. This will provide details of how many minutes are remaining, and when your current goodybag expires.



  • If you usually use recurring goodybags, you must turn them off before buying a goodybag from credit
  • You cannot buy a goodybag if you already have the maximum of one live, and one queued, goodybag.
  • The option to exchange airtime credit for a goodybag will not appear under the following circumstances, as these options require payment via debit or credit card:
    • you do not have enough airtime credit to pay for the goodybag you've selected; or
    • you add additional credit, to your basket; or
    • you set your goodybag to recur; or
    • you set credit to auto top-up;



Can I recur my goodybag?

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As a goodybag / gigabag lasts only a month, we advise you to recur it so you don't have to come back every month to renew it manually.


This guide explains the different methods used to recur a goodybag, especially if you want to recur a different goodybag from next month.


Please note that you need an active goodybag to start a recurrence, and that the recurrence settings cannot be changed after 9pm on the day the active goodybag expires.




Can I queue my goodybag?

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If you don't want to recur your goodybag / gigabag, another handy solution is to queue another goodybag which will start automatically when your active goodybag expires.


You can use this guide to learn how to queue a goodybag. The principle is very simple, you just need to buy another goodybag of your choice before your active goodybag expires. You can have one active goodybag and one queued goodybag, It is not possible to queue more than one goodybag at a time


Due to technical reasons we can not accept requests for a queued goodybag between 9pm and midnight on the expiry date of an existing goodybag.


Please note that your balance or bank account (depending on the payment method used) is debited when you buy the queued goodybag, not when it activates.




Which calls are not included?

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Calls to the following premium UK prefixes are NOT included in goodybags:


  • 055, 056, 070, 076
  • 0843, 0844, 0845
  • 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873
  • 090, 091, 098
  • 118 directory enquiries.

The following services are NOT included in goodybags:


  • Video calls
  • MMS (picture messaging)
  • Premium text messages and shortcodes
  • Police non-emergency number on 101
  • Speaking clock on 123
  • Texts to 070 and 076 numbers
  • Calls and texts to non-mobile 07 numbers (see list below)
  • Calls and texts to Channel Islands and Isle of Man numbers (see list below)
  • Calls and texts to non-UK numbers
  • Roaming charges while in Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Roaming charges while abroad.


Picture messages, calls to non-standard and premium telephone numbers and other services not included in the goodybag allowance will be debited from your airtime credit. See the UK pricing page for a breakdown of the different call costs.


Calls and texts to foreign numbers are not included in your goodybag, and are debited from your airtime credit. The detail of the rate for each location can be found on the international pricing page.


Your goodybag cannot be used when you are abroad. All your calls, texts or data usage that would normally fall under your goodybag allowance will be debited from your airtime credit and roaming rates apply.



Calls and texts to Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man landline and mobile numbers are not included in goodybags. These places use the following prefixes:


01481 01534 01624           07418 07452 07457
07509 07524 07624 07700 07781 07797 07829 07839 07911 07924 07937

(Note: parts of some of the above ranges are treated as non-mobile 07 numbers, see list below.)


The non-mobile 07 numbers starting with the following digits are not included in the goodybag allowance and are charged at 20p per minute for calls and 20p per text (Note: this may not be a complete list as new numbers are added from time to time).


074060 074061 074062 074063 074064 074065 074066 074067 074068 074069
074171 074172 074176 074177 074179 074181 074182 074185 074186 074188
074390 074391 074409 074410 074411 074412 074415 074417 074418 074419
074515 074516 074517 074572 074574 074577 074578 074579 074580 074581
074582 074583 074584 074588 074653 074655 075203 075204 075205 075207
075208 075209 075370 075373 075375 075376 075377 075590 075591 075592
075593 075595 075597 075598 075599 075710 075718 075890 075891 075892
075893 075898 075899 077000 077001 077442 077443 077444 077445 077446
077447 077448 077449 077530 077552 077553 077554 077555 078220 078221
078222 078224 078225 078226 078227 078229 078644 078722 078727 078730
078744 078745 078922 078925 078930 078931 078933 078938 078939 079110
079112 079118 079245 079780 079781 079782 079783 079784 079785 079786
079787 079789                




What does unlimited mean?

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"Unlimited" means that we do not cap your usage, provided it is for normal personal, mobile usage and that there are no breaches of our Terms and Conditions (e.g. tethering).


You can have a look at this article which explains in detail what is considered to be illegimate use and what we do when we identify activity of this sort.




The small print

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You can only have one active goodybag, BlackBerry plan or gigabag ('goodybag') at any one time. If you use all your allowance before your goodybag expires, you can't have a new one starting straight away - but you can queue one to start as soon as the current one expires (it lasts for one month, even if you use up any of the allowances). In the meantime you can continue using your device by adding/using airtime credit at standard PAYG rates (data is charged at the special reduced rate of 2p per megabyte until your goodybag expiry date. If a new goodybag does not start immediately on expiry of the live one, data charges will revert to the standard PAYG rate.)


An active goodybag cannot be cancelled or refunded. See this guide if you wish to cancel a queued goodybag.


The use of goodybags with unlimited internet is not authorised in a dongle or tablet. Members wishing to use a giffgaff SIM card in their tablet or dongle can use a gigabag, which has been designed for this particular usage.




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Guide to goodybags, BlackBerry plans and gigabags

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