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Guide to goodybags and gigabags


What are the goodybags and gigabags?


How goodybags and gigabags work, the benefits of them and how to get your hands on one.






What is a goodybag?

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A goodybag is a bundle which contains a quota of UK minutes, texts and data. Goodybags last for one month and can only be used whilst you are in the UK.


The list of 3G goodybags available for purchase can be found on this page.

The list of 4G goodybags available for purchase can be found on this page.


Your goodybag allowance does not show in your airtime balance. You can check details of your current goodybag allowance via 'My giffgaff' or by calling *100*7# from your giffgaff mobile.


If you use all your bundle's minutes, texts or data before your bundle expires, you will then be charged out of your balance at the standard PAYG rate. You can also decide to purchase another goodybag early, before your current goodybag expires.




What is a gigabag?

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Our gigabag plans are for the members who use a tablet or dongle, or who only require a data package on their phone, and are happy to pay standard PAYG rate for their calls and texts.


The list of 3G gigabags available for purchase can be found on this page.


All of our gigabags come with a 50MB buffer.


If you purchase a gigabag and wish to make calls or texts from your phone, you will also need to add airtime credit to your account.




How can I buy them?

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It's very easy to buy a goodybag or a gigabag, just follow these steps:


  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the top-up section
  3. Click "Select" on "goodybags", "4G goodybags", or "Tablets and iPads" as applicable
  4. Click 'Select' on the applicable purchase that you want to add to your account
  5. If you wish to add more airtime credit at the same time, click 'Select' against the amount you wish to add (see note below). If you do not require more airtime credit now, review your basket and click on "I only need a goodybag"
  6. You are invited to recur your goodybag, see the 'Guide to recurring goodybags' for more information. If you added airtime credit in the previous step, you also have the option to turn on auto top-up. Review your basket again, then click "Continue"
  7. (a) If you wish to pay for your purchase using existing airtime credit, click the 'Exchange airtime credit' button at the top of the page - this will confirm your order. (See note below)
    (b) If you wish to pay using a debit or credit card, complete your card details.
  8. Click on "Confirm order".

The items you've purchased will be immediately added to your giffgaff account and will be visible on the right hand side.




  • If you usually use recurring goodybags, you must turn them off before buying a goodybag from credit
  • The option to exchange airtime credit for a goodybag will not appear under the following circumstances, as these options require payment via debit or credit card:
    • you do not have enough airtime credit to pay for the goodybag you've selected; or
    • you add additional credit, to your basket; or
    • you set your goodybag to recur





How can I buy a goodybag early?

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If you run out of minutes or data in your current goodybag, you can purchase a new goodybag early. There are different ways to buy a goodybag early, depending on the result you want to achieve:


  • You want your goodybag to be renewed automatically every month: you will need a recurring goodybag.
  • You want to anticipate the purchase of your next goodybag so it starts when your current goodybag expires: you will need a queued goodybag.
  • you don't have any data or minute left in your current goodybag and you want to buy a new one right now: you can buy a goodybag early.


The third option, starting a new goodybag early, is only available when you have less than 5 minutes or 5MB left in your current goodybag, and at any time up to 9.00 p.m. on the expiry date of the current goodybag.


To purchase a goodybag early:


  • Log in and go to My giffgaff
  • If you have less than 5 minutes or 5MB left in your goodybag, a message will appear under "My goodybags"
    • If you are recurring your goodybag, you can decide to recur your next goodybag right now,
    • If you have a queued goodybag, you can decide to start your queued goodybag right now,
    • If you have no recurring or queued goodybag, you can select a new goodybag to start right now.
  • When you purchase a goodybag early, it erases your current goodybag and you will lose any remaining allowance, so we ask you to confirm you are really sure you want to start a new goodybag right now.
  • When you select a new goodybag or recur your goodybag early, the payment for the new goodybag is taken at this point, and a payment confirmation page is displayed.
  • Your new goodybag is active and is visible in My giffgaff.





Which calls are included?

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Goodybags include "UK minutes" for the following calls:






Which calls are not included?

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Calls and texts to the following premium UK prefixes are NOT included in goodybags:


  • 055, 056, 076 numbers
  • 070 personal numbers
  • 084, 087, 090, 091, 098 service charge numbers
  • 118 directory enquiries.


The following services are NOT included in goodybags:


  • Video calls
  • MMS (picture messaging)
  • Premium text messages and shortcodes
  • Police non-emergency number on 101
  • Speaking clock on 123
  • Calls and texts to non-mobile 07 numbers (see list below)
  • Calls and texts to Channel Islands and Isle of Man numbers (see list below)
  • Calls and texts to non-UK numbers
  • Roaming charges while in Channel Islands or Isle of Man
  • Roaming charges while abroad.


Picture messages, calls to non-standard and premium telephone numbers and other services not included in the goodybag allowance will be debited from your airtime credit. See the UK pricing page for a breakdown of the different call costs.


Calls and texts to foreign numbers are not included in your goodybag, and are debited from your airtime credit. The detail of the rate for each location can be found on the international pricing page.


Your goodybag cannot be used when you are abroad. All your calls, texts or data usage that would normally fall under your goodybag allowance will be debited from your airtime credit and roaming rates apply.



Calls and texts to Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man landline and mobile numbers are not included in goodybags. These places use the following prefixes:


landlines: 01481, 01534, 01624

mobiles: 07418, 07452, 07457, 07509, 07524, 07624, 07700, 07781, 07797, 07829, 07839, 07911, 07924, 07937

(Note: parts of some of the above ranges are treated as non-mobile 07 numbers, see list below.)



The non-mobile 07 numbers starting with the following digits are not included in the goodybag allowance and are charged at 20p per minute for calls and 20p per text (Note: this may not be a complete list as new numbers are added from time to time).

074060, 074061, 074062, 074063, 074064, 074065, 074066, 074067, 074068, 074069, 074171, 074172, 074176, 074177, 074179, 074181, 074182, 074185, 074186, 074188, 074390, 074391, 074409, 074410, 074411, 074412, 074414, 074415, 074417, 074418, 074419, 074515, 074516, 074517, 074572, 074574, 074577, 074578, 074579, 074580, 074581, 074582, 074583, 074584, 074588, 074653, 074655, 075200, 075201, 075203, 075204, 075205, 075207, 075208, 075209, 075370, 075373, 075375, 075376, 075377, 075378, 075379, 075590, 075591, 075592, 075593, 075595, 075597, 075598, 075599, 075710, 075718, 075890, 075891, 075892, 075893, 075898, 075899, 077000, 077001, 077442, 077443, 077444, 077445, 077446, 077447, 077448, 077449, 077530, 077552, 077553, 077554, 077555, 078220, 078221, 078222, 078224, 078225, 078226, 078227, 078229, 078644, 078722, 078727, 078730, 078744, 078745, 078922, 078925, 078930, 078931, 078933, 078938, 078939, 079110, 079112, 079118, 079245, 079780, 079781, 079782, 079783, 079784, 079785, 079786, 079787, 079789.





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Guide to goodybags and gigabags

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