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How can I change my recurring goodybag?

If your usage changed recently, you may wish to modify your recurring goodybag to reflect this change.


Thankfully you can change or cancel your next goodybag up until 9pm on the day that your live goodybag expires, here is the method to do it:




How to change your recurring goodybag

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 1. Log into your giffgaff account and on the right-hand side under 'My account' you will see your current and recurring goodybags:





2. To change your recurring goodybag, go to the "My payment details" page


3. Locate the "Recur your goodybag" section at the bottom and click on "Change" to display your current recurence settings.





4. To modify the goodybag to recur, click on "Change", to load the selection window.



5. Click on the select.jpg button for the goodybag you want to recur after your live goodybag.



6. The "Recur your goodybag" section is reloaded with your new selection, verify it is correct and click on "Save recurring settings"






That's it you have changed your recurring goodybag.



How to cancel your recurring goodybag

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The steps 1 to 3 are similar to the previous section.


4. Untick the "Recur your selected goodybag" box and click on "Save reccuring settings"


5. Go back to "My giffgaff", you'll see that your recurring goodybag as been replaced by the following message.




That's it, your recurring goodybag has been canceled. You'll be able to select a new recurring goodybag by hitting the "recur" link.



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How can I change my recurring goodybag?

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