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What is SIM Swap ?

SIM Swap allows you to transfer your giffgaff number to a brand new SIM card (including existing goodybags and credits)





How does SIM Swap work?

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SIM Swap is the process of replacing your existing SIM with a new SIM. Before you start, you need another SIM which has never been activated; for the best results use an unactivated SIM which is less than 6 months old. If you don't have an unactivated SIM at hand, you can order a new SIM of any size here.


To perform a SIM Swap:


  1. Back-up any contacts and texts which are saved on your current SIM to your phone memory, as these data cannot be transferred through SIM Swap.
  2. Log in to your giffgaff account, and click "Activate SIM" .
  3. Enter the Activation code of the New SIM card.

    This is where SIM Swap starts. It will confirm that you want to swap SIMs. (You need to double check the serial numbers, just in case.)

  4. After choosing "Yes" each time you are asked, your old SIM will be deactivated, and you will lose signal.
  5. Put the new SIM in your phone and in around 10 minutes the new SIM will become active. 

    The best approach is to leave the phone turned off with the new SIM in for 10 minutes, then turn it on and off periodically until you get signal.

  6. You have completed SIM Swap! Enjoy.



Feeling that a video might be needed, member flaxvert prepared this amazing tutorial:





Can I use SIM Swap to replace my lost / stolen SIM?

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When you lose your SIM card, you'll want to find the quickest solution to have your number back and SIM Swap looks like the best road. It is advisable only if you meet the two following conditions:


  1. You don't need to bar your phone
  2. You already have an unactivated giffgaff SIM handy

If you don't match these two conditions, you should order a replacement SIM through the Lost & Stolen procedure As soon as you have ordered a replacement SIM, you will not be able to perform a SIM Swap.


If you try to perform a SIM Swap before receiving the replacement SIM it will fail, but your replacement sim will be unaffected and you will still be able to activate the replacement sim when it arrives.



Additional information

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  • You can only do a SIM Swap between 4:30am and 9:30pm.
  • Once started, SIM Swap is non-reversible (your old SIM will be rendered useless).
  • If you are unable to see the first 6 numbers of the SIM serial number on a nano SIM - it will always be 894411 & must be entered along with the visible numbers on your SIM. 
  • SIM activation code of existing SIM on your account can be found by entering the SIM serial number into the SIM Checker tool.
  • SIMs used in SIM swaps do not qualify and will not generate any bonuses or payback points even when originally linked to an affiliate SIM order.



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What is SIM Swap ?

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