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What is the voicemail number? What are the different settings?


In this article you will find everything about giffgaff voicemail and how to use it:





Setting up your voicemail

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When you join giffgaff, your voicemail is automatically switched on. You can access your giffgaff voicemail by dialling 443 from your giffgaff mobile or on an iPhone with the giffgaff carrier file by pressing the voicemail button on the phone application. As well as checking messages, you can:


    1. Leave a personalised message - this is the message your callers will hear when you're not able to take their call;
    2. Set up a PIN - this protects your voicemail. You'll need to know your PIN to access your voicemail from another phone, and when you're overseas using a non 'CAMEL' network (Customised Application for Mobile network Enhanced Logic - this just means support of enhanced services like voicemail)




Voicemail commands

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When you're listening to a message, you can:

    • Press 1 to replay the message.
    • Press 2 to save the message.
    • Press 3 to delete the message.
    • Press 8 to hear the message details (number, date and time of call)




Switching your voicemail on/off

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Your voicemail is automatically 'switched on' when you join giffgaff.

To change your voicemail settings, you need to use a few 'USSD codes'/ Shortcodes, which are short codes / numbers that you simply dial on your mobile and hit the SEND key (they don't cost anything to use).

    • Switch on: Short code is '1616' - Alternatively dial *004# then press the SEND key 
    • Switch off: Short code is '1626' - Alternatively dial #004# then press the SEND key


If you're not certain of the status, dial *#004# then press the SEND key to check


Switching voicemail off disables it - which means it changes the way the network deals with call diverts. When you switch voicemail off, it stops all calls going to your voicemail - this covers all call situations which are normally diverted to voicemail (i.e. when you don't answer a call, when you have your phone switched off, and when you're are on another call).



If you're using the code *004# and it says 'command error'

1) If switching on, try to switch it off with #004# and then back on again with *004#


2) If the above didn't work, then try *61*443# or *61*443*11*30# for no reply after 30 seconds

You could also try:


    • *62*443# unavailable/no signal
    • *67*443# busy
    • *21*443# diverts calls immediately to voicemail (#21# to cancel)




Diverting your voicemail

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If your voicemail is currently diverted to another number, you should first divert to giffgaff voicemail by dialling *004*443# then press the SEND key and you can then STOP or RE-ENABLE voicemail using the codes above.





Voicemail pricing

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While in the UK:

You're charged differently for calls to voicemail depending on if your calls come from airtime credit or from a goodybag allowance.


    • Not on a goodybag: 8p per call from airtime credit
    • On an included minutes goodybag: Your bundled minutes will reduce by 1 minute. If you've run out of minutes, you'll be charged 8p per call from your top-up balance


When not in the UK:

When you're out of the UK, instead of the UK per call rate, you will be charged according to the roaming rate for a call.


For international roaming prices check the Offer > Pricing page




Going overseas

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You may want to disable your voicemail so callers can't leave a message - remember to switch it back on when you get back.


Some people prefer to divert all calls to voicemail - remember to set up your voicemail PIN before you leave, that way when you dial your mobile number you won't have to waste credit listening to set up instructions as you will be charged per minute while roaming.


To access your voicemail when abroad -


    1. dial your mobile phone number
    2. you hear your usual greeting
    3. press the star (*) key on your phone keypad
    4. you will be asked to enter your pin followed by the hash (#) key
    5. you will hear the familiar voicemail welcome message


While you're overseas, it doesn't cost anything when someone leaves a voicemail message. It'll only cost if you retrieve it while you're away. Instead of the 'per call' rate you would pay in the UK, you'll be charged the roaming at a "per minute" rate. For international roaming prices check Our Offer > International rates & roaming page.


Check here for more advice on what to do before you leave the country.




Change your voicemail PIN

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Just dial 443 from your giffgaff handset and press *, followed by keys 4 - 4 - 1. You'll be prompted to enter your old PIN and then you can enter your new one.


If you haven't set up a PIN previously, when you first call 443 you'll be asked to enter a PIN number.


This means that if you ever need to access your voicemail from another handset you'll be able to enter this PIN and your voicemail will be protected from other people accessing it.



Forgotten your voicemail PIN

If you've forgotton your PIN then you can have it reset by texting the word RESET (case sensitive) to 802443. This won't work if you have your PIN Protection switched on.


If you have any problems then you can always ask an agent



Changing the voicemail number from 111 to 443

Due to government regulatory changes, we changed the voicemail to '443' which spells GIF on your handset.


If you have an older giffgaff SIM, prior to the change the number was 111, which is what will be stored in the SIM settings. If you want to know a bit more background, check out the Voicemail number change blog.





Checking your voicemail from a landline or another mobile

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Once you've set up your PIN it is easy to check your voicemail from any other phone.


Dial your mobile, wait for it to go to answer phone and hit the star key, a prompt will ask you to enter your pin code that you set up previously, followed by the hash (#) key.




The small print

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    • Your voicemail messages are deleted after 30 days
    • Your personalised greeting and other settings are reset if your voicemail is not checked at least once every 60 days



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Your voicemail

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