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I've just joined Giffgaff.

I have absolutely no signal when at home. We live in a fairly narrow valley and so expected this - none of the networks have a signal here. If we go up either side of the valley by a few hundred metres we get a signal.


On our EE account we have a "signal box" which provides us with a local 3G signal via our broadband.


Has giffgaff negotiated anything similar yet? I know O2 have a similar device - their "boost box".

Giffgaff seen to be lagging behind with this now as this technology (femtocell) is now widely used by EE, O2 and Vodafone for their domestic (not just business) customers.


I'm sure many giffgaff customers would benefit and would be prepared to purchase such a device if it were available.


Thanks for reading!



Wouldn't it be easier for giffgaff and better for the users if giffgaff automatically generated a PDF and emailed it to you when you report your phone and your sim as lost and stolen. Would presumably save the agents time. Should be simple for them to set up. The person would then just need to forward it to their insurer. As long as it has a clear line at the start "we noticed you reported your phone/sim as lost/stolen so thought we would forward you this letter just in case you need it to forward to your insurer" then it would be clear to anyone who didn't want it or didn't know about it.

Pick and Mix

Status: New Idea
by edwardlittle on ‎16-04-2015 11:41
Why not have pick and mix goodybags? At the moment you have to choose a goodybag that most closely matches your requirements but may not match them completely. So I suggest that all the various items are priced individually, allowing members to choose what they want and get charged accordingly. So, for example, you could choose 500 minutes with 2 Gb of data or 200 minutes and 2 Gb of data, with each being at a set price. No mobile phone company does this so GiffGaff could lead the way!

GoodyBags for Eccentrics

Status: New Idea
by fennesz on ‎17-04-2015 11:03

The incremental offerings from GiffGaff are heavily weighted toward internet volume. 

Couldn't we have an option that's weighted the other way? Something like 1000 minutes, and 1 Gig internet, (texts as per the current offerings)? 


I need more telephone minutes. Currently, to get 1000 minutes I have to double my current cost from £10 to £20, and get 4 extra Gigabytes of internet I won't use. I don't get near to using up my current 1 Gig.


Otherwise the GiffGaff setup suits me very well. Ultimately, though, this could turn into a deal breaker.

giffgaff should edit their goodybags in order to match the offer that the 3 network offer. I believe that the 15 pounds goodybag is not good value money as unlimited all you can eat data is NOT offered. Instead of unlimited texts unlimited Internet should be offered because majority of people have whatsapp and use it to communicate with their friends and family therefore it makessense to have unlimited internet rather than unlimited texts. People use whatsapp which requires mobile internet more than texting. The 20 pounds goodybag should be scrapped and replaced with a £17.50 or £18.00 goodybag as 20 pounds is too much to pay in these times of financial hardship. 


I love giffgaff do not like people leaving giffgaff for networks like 3 because they offer a better deal in terms of value for money. 




Bring back "Settings" to 2020 with caveats

Status: New Idea
by 1hale ‎14-04-2015 10:53 - edited ‎14-04-2015 11:12

Wassup 😜 When giffgaff first started they fell in line with O2 and automatically sent you the giffgaff data settings for free via over the air text message.

You could also text the word "settings" without quotes (") for free to 2020 which would send you the settings also.

Then within the last year that service was dropped and removed stating that most manufacturers were adding the giffgaff settings into their devices from new.

So now texting settings to 2020 returns:

We're really sorry but you need to change your settings manually. To find out how go to . Charges may apply if you visit via your mobile.

Well recently I managed to acquire some older GPRS enabled phones that used WAP (they had settings for both GPRS and Dial-up).

Tried to set up data on them without success as the data settings menus are complicated and hard to understand.

Then I inserted an old O2 sim card to the phones and O2 automatically sent me the data settings that worked.

I could also still text "settings" to 2020 without problems and received the settings.

However when trying 😣 to edit these settings it was still hard to do and didn't work.

So giffgaff should bring back the:

Text "settings" to 2020 service albeit for pre "smart" phone phones that connect via GPRS instead of 3/4G

This way giffgaff can attract more customers using older phones.

Examples of phones that use GPRS:

Nokia 3510i
Sony Ericsson Walkman Range (W200, W300, W950)
Motorola V100
Motorola Razor V3
Samsung U600
Alcatel OT-708

Update the top 10 'ignored by gg' ideas

Status: New Idea
by cim on ‎09-04-2015 17:19

A simple idea:


gg should attend to "The top 10 ideas most supported but ignored by giffgaff " ie those which have yet to receive any status update whatsoever from gg.


Asking for ideas and then ignoring them completely often for many months is not showing sufficient respect to the community's efforts in my 'umble opinion.


With an average of around 200 kudos per ignored idea they all deserve to be acknowledged and have status updated with a well-considered comment.


I believe this is the current top 10 top ideas at time of writing which gg have never seen fit to comment on :


  1. Unlimited-Time-to-go-capped
  2. Regular-Network-Performance-Reports-from-giffgaff
  3. European-Goodybag
  4. EU-Roaming-Goodybag
  5. Phone-Number-Pricing-Tool
  6. No-expiry-date-on-gigabags
  7. A-new-and-different-pricing-strategy-to-consider
  8. Personalised-Goodbags
  9. New-user-registration-page-username-ambiguity
  10. Unlimited-Goodybag-Tethering-Option

Cap posting of new ideas to one per week per member maximum!

Status: New Idea
by prawlin ‎03-04-2015 13:13 - edited ‎03-04-2015 18:36
Self explanatory title.

Methinks this idea requires very urgent rapid implementation. It would stop any unfair repetitive spamming of the ideas board that sometimes occurs.

When a person issues multiple rapid fire ideas (most of which are hastily drafted, poorly written and not researched or considered), it very unfairly pushes other members ideas further down and off the front page prematurely. This prevents the other members ideas from getting a fair exposure time for garnering their needed support kudos.

This ideas board should not be used like some casual chat room affair, sending in every other thought that comes to mind. It is a place to publish carefully considered and developed ideas/suggestions. The true Eureka thoughts. They should have been written carefully, and researched adequately. Truly great ideas don't spring to mind everyday. So one a week limit would be just fine for everyone who comes up with realistic and original proposals IMO.

Please kudos the Orange arrow upper left if you agree


font sizes

Status: New Idea
by pinto6 on ‎14-04-2015 23:24
Just a small suggestion ,when using the mobile version of giffgaff ,some people ( me ) find that the text is realy small,especially the date when your goodybag runs out..maybe a little larger would help a few more people,not just me?

Hi guys,


This is a very simple idea, yet I believe that it would help those who post frequently in the Help and Support section a great deal. The current icons on the forums only display if there is a hot topic, if there are new replies or if you have replied to the topic, however I think there should be an icon to display that the OP has replied, so we can see if they need any more help, etc.


While we can just simply go back and check the thread, it's not possible to keep track of each and every single topic that the helpers post in, so adding this new little icon could help the OP and the helpers benefit, as we can keep track of whether or not the OP has replied.


In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, it's the little forum icons:


This is a topic with new unread messages - Topic with new content

This is a popular topic that you have replied to with new unread messages - Hot topic with new content (you have replied)

This is a read-only topic - Locked topic


I would suggest adding a little green plus (+) in the top right of the icon, or something noticeable to indicate that the OP has responded, and when we view the topic, the little green plus would disappear, as if marking the reply/topic as read, as it usually would.


If there's any updates or changes you would like to suggest, feel free to do so and I may add them.


Like I said, it's a small change but it could help get people more of the help that they need, which may otherwise go unnoticed.


Thanks a bunch,


My idea is to allow free giffgaff to giffgaff calls regardless of if you have topped up your phone with a credit card or if you have topped it up with pre existing credit or previous payback.


I currently purchase my goodybags from my existing credit which is from my payback. However i recently noticed that my free giffgaff to giffgaff has expired presumably because i havent topped up using my own money, even though i purchase a new goodybag with my credit every month . I beleive that this shouldnt happen and free giffgaff to giffgaff should be allowed regardless of what you top up your phone with..


This has put me off using the community and helpng others because my payback is almost irrelivant because the majority of my friends are on giffgaff and instead of receiving this potential unlimited contact with them in having to use up my goodybag allowences.

Hi all,

Just thought to point out that majority of networks sims can be activated without using computer, simply need to insert the SIM card into mobile phone and topup account. The giffgaff need to change process of activation of SIMs, as some users in my town don't have a computer or never mind banks accounts or debit cards and everything is complicate!

Hi ,
Iv noticed often when we dont select an answer as the best answer/ select an answer that resolves our question , we are alerted via email to do so. It not always possible to select an answer as often/sometimes none of the suggestions anser or solve the proble. Despite that we are constantly alerted to pick the best answer in order for it to become problem solved. 

I therefore suggest that we have a "problem not solved " button or a "query ended" button. My reason for the latter button is because often the problem just resolves itself and at the same time none of the suggestions that have been posted help. By clicking the "query ended "button , it shows that an anser is no longer required as well as showing that the correct answer was not given
What do you all think?

'Add a new HokeyCokey+ bag with included airtime credit'

Status: New Idea
by mawdge ‎12-04-2015 11:30 - edited ‎12-04-2015 14:32

you should be able to buy credit in a goodybag even if its just £1 depending in what goodybag you buy, maybe something like the £5 goodybag with £1 credit will cost £6 or £5 goodybag with £2 credit would be £7 but the credit wont expire when your goodybag does just so maybe that £1 can keep you going if you cant top up straight away when your goodybag runs out some people cant aford to buy a goodybag as well as £10 air time

Change the sign up details in regard to member name when joining giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎29-03-2015 18:57 - edited ‎29-03-2015 19:22

Good afternoon.


When signing up to giffgaff you are faced with choosing a member name 

and as members first signing up we just put a name and many put there actual name ie Joe bloggs and although it says it can't be changed it doesn't tell you that this choice will be visible to all the community.


2015-03-29 17.21.26.jpg


Solution :


Although many have asked for a way to change the member name chosen giffgaff say this is not possible

So my idea is .


Instead of Member name :


It's replaced with Community Username 

And it has a warning saying 

This username will be visible to all the community and cannot be edited or changed after you choose and sign up

Please give thought to you choice before you complete sign up.


This should be an easy way to solve any future problems.


If you agree please support by kudos of the idea 




Hi with three offering feel at home in 26 countries do giff gaff plan to introduce something like this too? This would save members money when overseas as they would use their texts and data as normal which would come out of their allowance what do u think?

pause on goodybags

Status: New Idea
by kerensac on ‎03-04-2015 21:54

would it be possible to pause a goodybag if you go abroad on holiday for 2 weeks you cant use any of your goodybag while your away so would it be possible to pause the goodybag for a time limit of 2 weeks or whatever you pick till you come back even if you only have so many times your able to use it, seems a waste if you pay for a months goodybag and only get to use it for half the time

online account statements

Status: New Idea
by chris2293 on ‎06-04-2015 16:16

online account statements


this would benefit alot of us ,we would like to know who we talk to the most, what we use our services on. phone calls, texts, and internet


just a simple statement at the end of each month telling us who we have text,called and what we've used our internet on


because it will all be online it shouldn't cost a thing as theres no paper so its no extra cost.


i have at times looked at my balance on my account and have had missing minutes and texts any i would like to find out where they have gone, ive had people text and call me who i dont even know. people who i dont speak to. this statement would be also good for parents to keep an eye on their childrens usage. what do you guys think post your comments below suggest more ideas. Other networks offer this service 

I think there should be an option where we can top up £5 because sometimes we can't afford to top up £10.
There's another reason why we should be able to top up £5, for example if you got £10 airtime balance and you want the £12 goodybag and you can simply top up another £5. And buy it. I know you can top up £10 and do that same but sometimes you don't have that type of money or it looks too much.
So overall I think £5 top up should be available. It will benefit us (giffgaff members) and giffgaff (company) aswell.

goodybag for a non smartphone

Status: New Idea
by ali991 on ‎10-04-2015 12:39
There's a lot of people who don't use a smart phone
And I've realised that there's no goodybag for that. If they buy the for example £10 goodybag then the 1GB data will go to waste.
So there should be a goodybag without data just MINUTES AND TEXTS like for £10 1000 mins and unlimited texts

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