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This is a very simple idea, which I raise because I have seen it come up a few times, most recently in this post:


Where a member is trying to respond to the agent by emailing them trying to use this sign off (e.g. Agents name @ the giffgaff team) as an email address.

Ok it may not confuse many people, but for those that it does, it leads to a lot of frustration, and something as simple as them typing "at" instead of using the @ symbol would make all the difference.


They could also use "of the giffgaff team" "from the giffgaff team" etc. just not the @ symbol synonymous with an email address.


What do people think?

International pricing texts

Status: New Idea
by littlemisszoe on ‎30-03-2015 14:29



I wasn't sure what to call this, or what to search to see if it's been suggested before.


Basically, when a member wants to find out for example, how much it would cost to text someone in France, they have to check the pircing page.


Why not have a text service that does this?


Like, texting 'France' to 43430 would get a reply with the price for texts, calls, mms and data.


Obviously including all the countires. 


I think this would just make things easier, especially if a member can't access the internet to view the website. 

Change the sign up details in regard to member name when joining giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎29-03-2015 18:57 - edited ‎29-03-2015 19:22

Good afternoon.


When signing up to giffgaff you are faced with choosing a member name 

and as members first signing up we just put a name and many put there actual name ie Joe bloggs and although it says it can't be changed it doesn't tell you that this choice will be visible to all the community.


2015-03-29 17.21.26.jpg


Solution :


Although many have asked for a way to change the member name chosen giffgaff say this is not possible

So my idea is .


Instead of Member name :


It's replaced with Community Username 

And it has a warning saying 

This username will be visible to all the community and cannot be edited or changed after you choose and sign up

Please give thought to you choice before you complete sign up.


This should be an easy way to solve any future problems.


If you agree please support by kudos of the idea 




Number to report a lost phone

Status: New Idea
by csansom on ‎31-03-2015 18:52

One slight drawback with giffgaff is that there's no number to call if your phone is lost or stolen - you have to do it via the web site. Now I appreciate that these days, if you can get to a phone the likelihood is that you'll be able to get to the Internet as well, but there's always the slight possibility that you can't. Other providers, such as O2 - which I was with until I moved to giffgaff 18 months ago, and my wife is still with them - do give you a number to call.


I also realise that this is probably part of giffgaff's effort to keep overheads to a minimum so we can all have a wonderfully cheap service, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there.

Payback Points Saving - New Phone

Status: New Idea
by simpsonnth on ‎31-03-2015 13:00

Hi there,


I thought the other day and don't know if someone may have already mentioned this but using the payback points Giffgaff should add the ability to save the payback points for a new phone or party to a new phone.


O2 used to do this that each month for staying with them you would get some money towards a new phone, and I think that by doing this:


1) You get more people being actively involved in Giffgaff

2) People will be more concerned and get Kudos from people and writing meaningful answers and comments

3) More People would join Giffgaff as this is a major factor for many people i know saving up for a new phone

4) More money for Giffgaff as well.


Let me know what you think!


**Blogging - a Springboard to new ideas** 

New activation video

Status: New Idea
by traelkom on ‎28-03-2015 09:57

When the very first time you activate a giffgaff sim you do not really know how this is going to work.

I suggest to create a video conteining informations about activation, how to get help forums and top up.


This can be very helpful, as last time that a friend of mine activated a sim that I gave to him , he really did not understand how to do it (even though he is up to date with the tecnology), so I helped him via phone call.



Plese support this


Ban/Hide animated avatars!

Status: New Idea
by angelkeira ‎27-03-2015 20:17 - edited ‎27-03-2015 20:29

Animated avatars - they appear to slow my internet down when I'm reading a page, and I'm  sure they probably take more MB do download/stream than standard avatars.

Anyone else think they should not be used on giffgaff forums?

be more clear!

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎24-03-2015 16:44

Just a quick one :smileyhappy:

So when you click onto a banner to order a sim card it says a few things about giffgaff but I've just noticed that it says this :

''Free calls & texts to giffgaff numbers

Keep in touch with your friends for free with unlimited calls & texts to giffgaff numbers.''

But no where on this page does it explain that you have to top up or buy a goodybag every 3 months to get these free allowances which could be very misleading to people that don't already know this!

So I propose that giffgaff include this information on this page even if they just add an asterisk (*) with small print at the bottom of the page explaining about the 3 month top up rule.

This should be there in the interest of fairness and it's very easy and free to implement! 

So if you agree that giffgaff should point this out then click the kudos button to show your support. 

Thanks :smileyhappy:


It will be helpful if the SIM 6months expiry date can be displayed on the My giffgaff page under the mobile number.


If you are on a goody bag, the goody bag expiry is an indicator. But if you are on airtime credits and the expiry depends on your last usage, it becames difficult to recall after weeks/months.

I think there should be an option where we can top up £5 because sometimes we can't afford to top up £10.
There's another reason why we should be able to top up £5, for example if you got £10 airtime balance and you want the £12 goodybag and you can simply top up another £5. And buy it. I know you can top up £10 and do that same but sometimes you don't have that type of money or it looks too much.
So overall I think £5 top up should be available. It will benefit us (giffgaff members) and giffgaff (company) aswell.

Multiple accounts on the same credit card

Status: New Idea
by sshaw on ‎26-03-2015 07:48

I have all four family members on the same credit card with a recurring goody bag.  My credit card number expiry date has changed.  There is no facility to just update this part and the security number so you have to delete the card number and start again.  However, giffgaff only allows you to put the same credit card into 2 accounts per 24 hours.  Can you please update this to allow it to 4 accounts and also add a facility to just update the expiry date?

Automated Message (email) - Dormant Account

Status: New Idea
by mikehenry44 ‎25-03-2015 16:55 - edited ‎26-03-2015 21:10

Received an email today inviting me to complete a survey because I have not used my mobi for 25+ days - no issue with the email (I think it is a good idea, and I like the pro-active approach) but should 'we' (yes, I think of myself as one of the GiffGaff Community) ASSUME my reason for not making calls or texting HAS TO BE ..... 'I have / am leaving GiffGaff and you are sending me a goodbye message ??? or my GiffGaff sim is just a second rate alternative to my primary source of mobile comms ?????


Perhaps the options available could be expanded to include .....


I'm a Light User - That happens sometimes (no calls or texts in the last 25 days)


Absolutely delighted with GiffGaff as my chosen provider, I'm staying put and will keep recommending GiffGaff


Trust somebody can take these suggestions forward for a positive outcome.



The Less Negative Approach to Reposts

Status: New Idea
by enchantedsun ‎29-03-2015 19:12 - edited ‎29-03-2015 19:52

I propose that reposts are merged with original posts rather than that tons of people reply to the repost saying how that person did the wrong thing, after which currently it may or may not get deleted.


Why it is a problem 

Remember when you first came on to a forum with good intentions? Remember how you made mistakes and were floored by others who had to point out how you were wrong?

Other forums have moderators that merge reposts to original posts (with a kind and simple auto message to the reposter explaining what happened). I find this a much kinder and cleaner approach to the problem.

Yes it may require more moderators and more of the moderators' time, but it would make the Ideas forum just that much friendlier. It may not even have to take more of a moderator's time if there is a button in place in the moderator interface that allows a moderator to quickly merge posts.



Not to mention no matter how many times people are told off for reposts they continue to happen anyway. 


Why not clean up the forum, and be nicer?



 I understand that moderators cannot stop people from posting negative comments before they merge the posts. However, currently people are encouraged to tell others off regarding this. I suggest this encouragement to stop and let the merging do the talking, as the current method is negative and seemingly ineffective and likely discourages people from posting ideas again. A simple and kindly worded auto pm explaining the merge would get the point across without public embarrassment and finger pointing.



Old posts get a second chance 

Another plus would be that old posts that may have gotten swallowed up and forgotten, but whose ideas are obviously still very relevant (as otherwise they would not be thought of by others and reposted in the first place) could get bumbed up again if they are of a certain age or older.


Likewise, it might even be fair to merge the number of kudos of the repost with that of the original post. Yes that would mean that there could be more than one kudo from the same person. If there is a system in place (or if it would not be too difficult, or if it would be worth the difficulty, to create such a system) that can determine that and ensure that there is only one kudo per person, then that may be ideal. However, even if they are kudoed by the same people, if enough time has passed and the idea is still important to those people, perhaps they should be allowed to rekudo it. 




All in all merging will bring together a history of the idea which could also be useful to those at giffgaff that ultimately decide whether or not the idea should be implemented.





What are your thoughts?


If you do not like some of these ideas, but do like the over all idea of merging reposts - > then please kudo this idea and add your thoughts to the discussion. :smileyhappy:



Let's work together to get a change implemented, that improves the idea board, and that we are all happy with. :smileyhappy:

Unlimited Minutes Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by beaconman on ‎31-03-2015 11:23

As someone who talks a lot more than I use the internet I would like to see the return of an unlimited minutes goodybag. Both o2 and EE offer 30 day rolling contracts with unlimited minutes and texts with 2Gb mobile data for around the £22 mark. This is tempting me to leave GiffGaff and bow down to these larger providers. This is the last thing that I want to do.


Anyone with me on this?

I propose a much cheaper gigabag with substantially less data than the current ones or potentialy similarly priced gigabags that last for much longer. Possibly 3 or 6 months. The idea is for them to be a solution for independent machine to machine devices.


Some background...

There is this thing being talked about called the 'internet of things', it's proper name is machine to machine, or M2M for short and it's an IP based system for connecting things to the internet or networks. Currently and over the next year there'll be a lot of these things being made, soime by large companies and some by people in garages. This is a video from a current Kickstarter campaign from, some other companies such as GPS chipset manufacturer ublox have products out now too



Things like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino have really taken off in a big way and enabled many people to engage in home made electronics, both hardware and software. M2M is the next logical progression of that and is guaranteed to be a big deal but currently mobile data plan wise there's nothing for customers that don't have a dedicated financial team to organise enterprise contracts. The big three networks already have wholesale enterprise M2M solutions for large scale companies (and lots of info on M2M)


That is the background in a nutshell.


The proposal?

To be the first UK no contract MVNO to offer something for independent and small scale M2M makers and users. There is literally nothing like this currently on the UK market.


Why so little data?

Internet connected M2M devices don't use much data and nor do they necesarrily need a constant connection. They send bytes of data (tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny amounts), it'll just be something like a line of code or a geolocation, quite literally just a few bytes of data. There's no need for a gigabag with 500mb because approximately 499.9999.........mb would be left unused each month. A far smaller gigabag or one that lasts a helluva lot longer would tempt a lot of people...I say a lot but that's relative.


Is it right for giffgaff and why not use PAYG

PAYG is good but has odd pricing and isn't really for that. A product line that is geared specifically towards M"M and the internet of things is both enabling, simple to understand and sends a great brand message that giffgaff are a forward thinking company concerned with morte than mere mobile phones. It says 'this is the future and we want to get in on the ground floor'. (apologies if that sounds hyperbolic, I feel dirty having just written that).


I am by no means an expert in M2M, what the data needs are or what specifically would make an enticing plan but flexible data costs starting RIDICULOUSLY LOW and with as little maintenance as possible sounds good to me.



Honestly? Not gonna be a big seller or make a whole lot of money but it won't lose money. The amount of people doing this on a scale that would need an cheap MVNO are are going to be extremely low buit are only going to grow.



Getting in super early and offering something before there is even a demand for it. Brand wise it's a huge differentiator and opens up giffgaff to hardcore technical enthusiasts. And you can have a page on the website about the internet of things and how giffgaff are an MVNO with ambitions to facilitate that.


Status: New Idea
by dezrad1374 on ‎28-03-2015 07:31

how about being able to add a gigabag to your phone on top of current goodybags as the goodybags are brilliant for phone stuff but not so good for internet and we find ourselves running out of data but still having 463 minutes left which means we lose loads just to top up our internet


Status: New Idea
by toribabes on ‎27-03-2015 11:35

I think instead of waiting until you have 5minutes or 5MB of data left you should be able to renew your goodybag anytime whether its on auto recur or not. Would be alot more helpful.


OR/ Be able to add a gigabag to current goodybags to top up just data as airtime credit doesn't last when using the Internet.




Status: New Idea
by michae_j_blackburn on ‎22-03-2015 13:56

Hi, it would be a really good idea if your mobile number was included on the VAT invoice as well as the invoice nº, date and order number. :smileyhappy:

Giff gaff app call history

Status: New Idea
by j4mrk82 on ‎23-03-2015 12:10
I think a new option should be added 2 giffgaff app so you can access your usage and call history for each month. I know we get some kind of update every few months but it would be nice to check it whenever u want 2 through the my O2 app, like a bar chart of ur usage, numbers dialled, comparison 2 prev 3 months etc. that way it gives them a better idea of choice between goody bags.

Add a Private Messages option button which includes and why..........

Status: New Idea
by khalil337 ‎27-03-2015 15:52 - edited ‎29-03-2015 19:51

So my idea is to remove ignore button and an option button because sometime we press the ignore button accidently without realising then that person  can't message ever again. So if they an and option button and when you click that button  there's another 2 button (ignore and report) you can ignore that person or report them straight away from that message if the message isn't something which is ok. Am sure you all know what I mean. 

If you need any more info comment below 




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