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New giffgaff online store

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎16-12-2014 23:46 - edited ‎16-12-2014 23:54

Hi all I know we tried to sell giffgaff items in the past but it didn't take off but with the advent of giffgafff phone sales maybe it's time for a new giffgaff store .

We can locate the phone we now sell in the store  and and further items

Phones cases

Screen protectors

And other giffgaff branded promotional items

As we all ready have a market now with phone sales this is a perfect time to try again

If you think this a reasonable item please offer your support
Via kudos


Add a link to the Mobile giffgaff Signup page

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎16-12-2014 02:37 - edited ‎16-12-2014 13:51

my Idea is to add a link to the Mobile Signup page.


So if your on mobile you may notice theres no way to sign up, only able to login if you already have a account or you have to go to the desktop site where it wont work so well on your screen.


Heres where is becomes a problem:


Its Christmas, you get a brand new Smartphone (Yay) and you turn it on set up your Wifi and your Gmail account ect, and then you pop in your new giffgaff sim card, now heres the problem, your not sure how to set it up or what to do, so you go to the giffgaff community to ask, ahh hang on a minute wheres the signup button? if i click login does that give me the option? Nope. now where do i get help?


Whats the solution?


Lets add a to the moblie signup page, this will make it easier for users to join.


Now this only needs the signup button to be placed alongside login on the navbar and on the login page, since a mobile login page does exist just you can only access it manualy, so this is a easy job for giffgaff to fix







Transfer unused balances

Status: New Idea
by gillyst on ‎17-12-2014 09:16
I have two GiffGaff accounts. One for my iPhone one for my iPad. I put airtime credit on my iPad before going on holiday so I can access internet but control my spend.
Now I'm replacing my 3G / wifi iPad to a wifi only model. I'm losing £22 in credit simply because I can't transfer it to my iPhone account, there have been a couple of suggestions how I prevent losing the money but they're not practical for me.
I can't be the only giffgaffer in this position it makes sense to be able to transfer funds between your accounts

Receiving Information Messages

Status: New Idea
by hjs12 on ‎16-12-2014 01:02

Please bear with me:-


 A child has a Giff Gaff sim paid for by us & receives a text to inform them that the recurring Goodybag is about to "recur" but because the date on the payment card had expired it did not happen. The text was shown to another adult who did not understand & said it's a recurring Goodybag so don't worry! It consequentailly ran out & caused major problems & the phone now no longer has unlimited data as the old Goodybag is no longer available! Disappointing!


The Card & the e-mail address are mine so can ALL messages sent to the phone also be sent out to the stored e-mail address too so this problem can be overcome. Perhaps it could be an option box within the  "My Account" Tab that indicates whether you want ALL messages be sent to your phone only or to both phone & e-mail.


Thank you in advance for reading this message. x



Abolish the <5min/MB limit for early Goodybag purchase

Status: New Idea
by prawlin ‎04-12-2014 08:49 - edited ‎07-12-2014 01:55
With reservations, I welcome the recently introduced early Goodybag purchase facility.

BUT! Why on earth should I be FORCED to wait until either the minutes or the data is almost totally used up. If I choose to purchase a new GB early and accept total forfeit of the existing one, then surely I should be allowed to do this at any time I choose! It's entirely my loss, if I decide to discard my existing bag in favour of an early new one surely?

For instance, supposing I'm usually a very low usage user and am just a week into a Hokey Cokey (£5) bag. Then something totally unforeseen suddenly changes in my personal circumstances. I realise I'm gonna need lots more minutes, texts and/or data. I want to now start a new £18 bag so that I can ensure I have lots more allowance available for the next month.

I'm going to be very busy and don't want the hassle of having to watch my remaining usage like a hawk until it finally lets me buy my desired bigger bag. Heck I could use up that last 5 minutes in just a single long call! I want to buy a big bag immediately so I can then relax and continue with peace of mind that a big bag gives me. I understand that all remaining service on my existing bag will be totally forfeited, as the system clearly warns me about this in no uncertain terms at the point of purchase.

My proposal here is to completely remove the remaining usage thresholds for early Goodybag re-purchase. I am intelligent enough to decide if I want to upgrade or renew my existing Goodybag at any time I so choose, with immediate effect.

If you agree please kudos this proposal in the upper left corner.

Thank you.

Phone Number Pricing Tool

Status: New Idea
by bertiebat ‎05-12-2014 20:46 - edited ‎09-12-2014 20:48

I think it's time for giffgaff to provide a more helpful method of checking what charges will be made for ALL types of phone calls and texts by creating a number checker tool.


This could be available both on the website and the giffgaff app.




The pricing pages contain a lot of information on checking the first few characters of the number to see what type of number is being dialed and sometimes even tables of exceptions and differing rates on the prices and what pricing models will be used.  


They are not the easiest pages to navigate and I'd prefer that a standardised output giving all the current information for ALL types of numbers be developed.   

For instance most people have the idea that all numbers begining with 07 are ALL standard UK mobile numbers but in fact it depends on the next 1 or 5 chars as to whether they are special numbers charged at non inclusive higher credit only rates.   Eg. Numbers beginning with 070 are personal numbers charged at 50p and a range of other 07.... are non mobiles which are charged at 20p for calls and 8p per text.


There are even some '01' prefixed numbers which aren't part of the normal landlines number but are Channel Islands or IOM numbers which are charged at international prices.




This type of analysis is much better suited to be done by a computer rather than a human eye so I propose an automated tool to do this job instead.  :smileyhappy:


This tool could be added to the existing giffgaff app as well as available on the website.


For a full analysis please refer to my thread in contribute.




blank price tool 118118.png


blank price tool nm07.png

Once this tool has been set up for online use in including availability on the giffgaff app it might also be nice to have a non data option (for those without internet access) by providing this by text.


Simply text PRICE followed by the number to 43430 and giffgaff could use this tool to return a suitably formatted text by providing the same information as the online form.   Obviously this is for a later date once the online version has been sorted, but no harm in also mentioning it in this idea as a future expansion.


A further expansion could be to select the country calling from (by default this would be the UK).


So far I can't find a reason why this couldn't be developed (just a case of rationalising the existing numbers into their component parts and creating a table linking to using the existing expansion tables where needed).





Simple to use tool for those that need costing information without having to analyse the complicated pricing structures.


Much more professional looking than the existing pages.


Simpler to update (no website maintenance required when pricing is updated).


Helpful tool for those helping on the forum and agents to ensure that they are giving accurate help on pricing issues.


So if you would like to see this happen then please add your vote using the kudos button. :smileyhappy:



European Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by crypticmiss on ‎02-12-2014 16:18
As I travel a lot, sometimes for long periods in Europe, it is prohibitively expensive to even receive calls on Giffgaff let alone make them. Is it possible to have a goody bag for use in Europe. I currently put my Giffgaff on hold and buy a sim in the relevant country, but this means people in the UK cannot get hold of me on my different number. I think Giffgaff is great value and this would be a great help for anyone holidaying in Europe. Thanks. Please give kudos if you think this is a good idea.
Ok so this should be an easy one to implement and quite worthwhile too. Today I helped a new GG user register and activate the new SIM card. From memory, on the very first page it asks for the name, with a pretty stern warning to think carefully as this cannot be changed in the future!

Even though I'm a seasoned giffgaffer, it was not immediately obvious to either of us whether it was expecting the inputting of the users real name, or a made up username.

So as it could not be changed later, we decided to play safe and enter her real full name. Only then did it become fairly clear that it must be the latter required as it threw an error due to us entering forename and family name separated by a space. Spaces are not allowed in that entry, so it would not accept the input.

So we changed the entry to a single word username, which was accepted. As we progressed through the subsequent pages it then did ask for real name and address etc. So it all becomes clear, though somewhat after the event.

My idea is to simply add some more guidance text to that pretty bare first page of registration to take away the doubt. It should explain precisely what it is expecting ie a one piece made up user id/login name and password. It should also advise that this username will be subsequently publicly visible on any future community discussion posts etc. it could also advise that real full name etc. will be entered on subsequent pages of the process but that will not be published anywhere.

It just needs a bit more detailed help text on that early sim activation/registration page so that the GG user experience at this very early stage is improved. There should be no need to find out by trial and error just what input it requires.

Hope that's clear, it's tricky to explain here but I think anyone who has gone through that process recently will know what I'm alluding to.

Please kudos top left if you agree with this simple idea proposal.

Thank you.

I get frustrated when my Giffgaff data allowance is almost gone yet I still have most of my minutes left which are only going to disappear at the end of the month.


I suggest a goody bag similar to the £10 3g bag. Instead of 1gb and 500mins you get 2000 giffgaff credits where 1mb costs 1 credit and 1 minute costs 2 credits.


Usage example

1000mb (1000 credits) + 500mins (1000 credits) = 2000 credits


2000mb (2000 credits) + 0mins (0 credits) = 2000 credits


0mb (0 credits) + 1000mins (2000 credits) = 2000 credits


Texts could remain the same as the £10 bag - unlimited.



Create a new goodybag

Status: New Idea
by wappymare on ‎14-12-2014 10:33
Could we have a goodybag with lots of data but very little mins.
I currently buy the £10 goodybag purely for the data but hardly use any mins. For example I regularly use less than 30 mins each month. So how about an £8 goodybag with 1gb data and 30 mins? Would that be possible. Or like another member said, how about cash back for unused mins? X

My Ideas displayed on My Profile

Status: New Idea
by navvy on ‎12-12-2014 12:03

I've just had a struggle to find an old idea that I posted earlier in the year.  I couldn't remember the title, and a search for all Ideas from my username didn't seem to work until I included a word that might have been used.  Wouldn't it be easier if MyProfile had a section for all Ideas that I had started?


I just thought that it might be good idea to offer a cashback system for when you don't use a considerable amount of your texts, minutes or data from your goodybag. It could work off percentages so that you could get a bit of money back if you used less than say 25% of your contract materials.


If this idea has already been posted, sorry I didn't find it.


If not, who's with me?






Payback can be saved up to buy a phone

Status: New Idea
by misba_786 on ‎10-12-2014 00:46

Another additional option for payback which would be "saving for phone" so that giffgaff users who have earnt payback could save it to buy a phone from the site. This would be a good way for giffgaff to sell more phones and encourage more members to buy it from this site. Some people may say they can already do this by taking the payback as cash, but having this additional option would mean giffgaff would have less money to process on payback times and also would allow users to save up towards their phones.

From previous post, I noticed the first issue on conference calling was raised in 2010 and since then till now, there has not been any breakthrough on adding conference calling to the Network.


Please has anyone any update on Conference Calls addition to the Giffgaff Network? Other Networks have even the smaller networks like Lyca and Lebera. 


I believe many others would agree with me that conference calls be added to the Networks at least. A modification/condition could be attached like conference calls only to ones "National Region Numbers"


 If you agree show support below with the word "AGREE" :smileyvery-happy:


If you agree show support below with the word 'AGREE" :smileyvery-happy:

Personalised goodybags

Status: New Idea
by jodielilian on ‎08-12-2014 13:51
I think alot of people are complaining about how much you have to pay for unlimited data now. I know I personally joimed giffgaff because of how cheap it was compared to most networks. But now the prices are going up and up and its not far from being the same price as other networks now. So my question is, what are giffgaff now offering to make people want to be on this network?

I think that what people want the most is to be able to have what they want and not pay for what they dont want. So, goodybags that are customisable! There should be prices such as... I dunno... £5 for 500 mins and £10 for 1000 mins. Something along those lines. And then, say, £3 for 500 texts and £6 for unlimited texts. And £5 for 5mb of data and £10 for unlimited. Something like that where we can choose what we want. Personally I dont use mins so I wouldnt bug any. I would just by texts and data.


Status: New Idea
by sholi on ‎30-11-2014 18:01

As you know, when you started on giffgaff you almost certainly asked questions in the cummunity and you got an answer almost instantly in most cases

Now, giffgaff offer payback to members who spend time helping answer questions in the cummunity, up to £30! now thats great

But helping out in the cummunity ive realised that there are some cummunity members which spend literarily hours of there time almost every night helping out

I contacted one of these  members and asked him if he only got £30 a month or he got extra for helping out more than other people?

He answered: no i dont but i like helping in the cummunity

I propose that giffgaff should single out these cummunity members and give them extra payback for the work they do!

If you think this is a good idea or have been helped by these people then kodo the idea


Giffgaff Wi-Fi

Status: New Idea
by dylanhere ‎12-12-2014 21:36 - edited ‎12-12-2014 21:37

Wouldn't it be great if all of us giffgaffers got free Wi-Fi? If, whenever we were in a busy street, we could browse the internet, check our emails, watch YouTube videos, all without using any of our mobile data? O2 has free Wi-Fi, and it's available to anyone, regardless of whether you're an O2 customer or not. Brilliant, except there's just one problem, coverage. O2's free Wi-Fi is only available in there shops, there aren't many Wi-Fi hotspots from O2 because of this.


BT have a lot of Wi-Fi hotspots, the coverage is much better than O2. A quick example of this: I was in a shopping centre a few days ago, there's an O2 shop inside it, and the shopping centre advertises "Free BT Wi-Fi". I was able to get a signal for the BT Wi-Fi throughout the shopping centre, but lost the O2 Wi-Fi signal only metres away from their shop.


BT Wi-Fi is free... if you're a BT Broadband customer. I am not, nor do I have any desire in switching to them, but would love to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi. If I wanted to use their Wi-Fi without subscribing to BT Broadband, I would have to pay £4.00 an hour... yes I know. BT Wi-Fi has great coverage, you can pickup a signal from almost anywhere in popular locations and busy streets.


Please giffgaff, form a partnership with BT/Fon and allow us to connect to these free Wi-Fi hotspots. They're one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the world, and being able to use the internet when you're out and about, and not using mobile data, would be wonderful. I am aware that it's not provided by giffgaff, but O2 Wi-Fi is good, it's just that the coverage is just poor.


Update the list of "non-mobile" prefixes

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎09-12-2014 11:55 - edited ‎12-12-2014 15:50

The current version of the "non-mobile numbers" list (dated 26 November 2013) can be found here.


It is now over a year old and I suspect that it is at least partly out of date.


074060, 074061, 074062, 074063, 074064, 074065, 074066, 074067, 074068, 074069, 074171, 074172, 074176, 074177, 074179, 074181, 074182, 074185, 074186, 074188, 074390, 074391, 074409, 074410, 074411, 074412, 074415, 074417, 074418, 074419, 074515, 074516, 074517, 074572, 074574, 074577, 074578, 074579, 074580, 074581, 074582, 074583, 074584, 074588, 074653, 074655, 075203, 075204, 075205, 075207, 075208, 075209, 075370, 075373, 075375, 075376, 075377, 075590, 075591, 075592, 075593, 075595, 075597, 075598, 075599, 075710, 075718, 075890, 075891, 075892, 075893, 075898, 075899, 077000, 077001, 077442, 077443, 077444, 077445, 077446, 077447, 077448, 077449, 077530, 077552, 077553, 077554, 077555, 078220, 078221, 078222, 078224, 078225, 078226, 078227, 078229, 078644, 078722, 078727, 078730, 078744, 078745, 078922, 078925, 078930, 078931, 078933, 078938, 078939, 079110, 079112, 079118, 079245, 079780, 079781, 079782, 079783, 079784, 079785, 079786, 079787, 079789.



Please investigate whether the above list is up to date. I found a slightly longer list (with 5 extra entries) elsewhere:


074060, 074061, 074062, 074063, 074064, 074065, 074066, 074067, 074068, 074069, 074171, 074172, 074176, 074177, 074179, 074181, 074182, 074185, 074186, 074188, 074390, 074391, 074409, 074410, 074411, 074412, 074414, 074415, 074417, 074418, 074419, 074515, 074516, 074517, 074572, 074574, 074577, 074578, 074579, 074580, 074581, 074582, 074583, 074584, 074588, 074653, 074655, 075200, 075201, 075203, 075204, 075205, 075207, 075208, 075209, 075370, 075373, 075375, 075376, 075377, 075378, 075379, 075590, 075591, 075592, 075593, 075595, 075597, 075598, 075599, 075710, 075718, 075890, 075891, 075892, 075893, 075898, 075899, 077000, 077001, 077442, 077443, 077444, 077445, 077446, 077447, 077448, 077449, 077530, 077552, 077553, 077554, 077555, 078220, 078221, 078222, 078224, 078225, 078226, 078227, 078229, 078644, 078722, 078727, 078730, 078744, 078745, 078922, 078925, 078930, 078931, 078933, 078938, 078939, 079110, 079112, 079118, 079245, 079780, 079781, 079782, 079783, 079784, 079785, 079786, 079787, 079789.



While calls to these numbers are known to cost 20p per minute, there is some confusion surrounding the cost of text messages sent to these numbers. Please clarify whether this is 20p (as stated on the price list page) or 8p as mentioned in various forum threads.


For clarity, please also arrange the list of prefixes into a three column layout like that used in the premium rate numbers price list.


Finally, amend the version number to "1.2" and update the publication date.



Idea Issue Tracker




Family Account

Status: New Idea
by milescs on ‎25-11-2014 22:52

Currently I pay for four goodybags, one for me and three (soon to be four if I have my way) for my immediate family - mostly my children. At the moment I have a clutch of passwords to remember, but wouldn't it be nice if i could group all my family's accounts - witth their consent, of course, under one login. Of course, the login would show only goodybag payment details for the family accounts, all else would be hidden from me - though for the 'main account holder' (the card-holder) all the normal details would be shown. This would mean that whenever I changed my card, which I do quite often, I would only have to change the payment details in one place for four accounts. It's a brilliant idea, and easy to implement, no?


A penny of airtime credit per 10 unused minutes

Status: New Idea
by mdanyal ‎22-11-2014 15:38 - edited ‎22-11-2014 15:55

Right so i was looking at giffgaff's uk rates and found that:


Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines (starting 01, 02, 03): 10p per minute


Many of us purchase goodybags and sometimes end up not even using half of our minutes which just end up going to waste. I was thinking why not give customers a penny back as airtime credit for every 10 minutes that they didn't use in that month? It would obviously not apply to the unlimted minute goodybags but it would make giffgaff a much more intresting and unique network. Whos with me? Anyone else like this idea?


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