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payback points for taking quizzes

Status: New Idea
by ali991 on ‎28-02-2015 01:44
I don't think it's a good idea that giffgaff is changing that when you complete a quiz upto the pass standard then you get 100 payback points. NO ONE WILL BE INTERESTED IN TAKING THE QUIZZES ANYMORE. What's the point of having a quiz then?
So my idea is to keep the payback points rather than 100 points GIVE LIKE 50 POINTS PER QUIZZES and as they move on increase the points so it will grab the members attention and would make them do the quiz and hopefully they will learn something which they can share with the community
So overall
Start from like 25 payback points for bronze quizzes
50/75 for silver 100/150 for gold 200/300 diamond and it goes on
I think It will benefit the members and the whole community aswell
What do you think?

Ultra low user minutes users.

Status: New Idea
by doomsday55 on ‎28-02-2015 11:07

If you are an ultra low user like me 50 to 60 mins a month, why not let the minutes roll over if you are below a certain level

Let Members Remove Queued Goodybags Themselves

Status: New Idea
by datamuncher ‎28-02-2015 20:49 - edited ‎28-02-2015 21:30

Hello :smileyhappy:


Have you ever bought a goodybag to have it queue then change your mind later on? I know I have, loads of times.


I find it really inconvenient that I have to contact an agent, wait for them to remove the goodybag and then I can queue the goodybag I really want.


My question is, why do we need the agent to do this for us?


Members should have the freedom to add and remove queued goodybags themselves and there shouldn't be a need for agent intervention just to have one cancelled. I can think of no good reason that an agent has to do this, I can't think of any way this would allow people to fiddle with their allowances. 


This would require a change in the way goodybags are processed but I believe it could be done. Remember all the times when we asked for the ability to repurchase goodybags early only to be told "It's too much of a change to the existing system" Well, well, how times have changed :smileyvery-happy:


I'd really love to hear what you guys think, yay or nay?


This idea has already been posted by another clever giffgaffer. Please support their idea here:

Sim Packaging / advertising

Status: New Idea
by talisker35 ‎26-02-2015 13:39 - edited ‎28-02-2015 15:12

Hi all,


Its fairly basic, so im sure you will get the idea without me explaining it.


The idea:

New packaging for sim cards as well as providing a means to advertise giffgaff sims & tariffs. This will provide some basic information for any new members as well as provide a means for members to advertise / recruit members to giffgaff (simply add a few tabs to the packaging to make it into a desktop display stand)


Hope you like it.


New Packaging ver3.jpg


New Packaging 2.jpg

Advertising rev2.jpg

(example desktop display stand)



27/02/15 to include further updates (all prices subject to change message & giffgaff run on the o2 network)

28/02/15 to include E4 sponsorship logo & text as suggested.

My suggestion relates to those who buy a voucher as they do not want to part with banking details...


I have been around the houses with ISP's and internet dongles and can say that whilst giffgaff keep on blowing its own fanfare trumpets without a challenge, they will always claim that we are in control and it is a network run by its members.


Well here is, in internet terms, here's a glove slap. Prove it then by making the following adjustments.


Top up by internet, user uses internet to redeem a voucher number, selects the goody bag they want.


The member may have air time credit and can select a larger goodybag than they have credit for, as long as they have enough combined credit and redemption value, they can have the selected goodybag option which auto queues if a goodybag already exist but auto activates if no goodybag is active. Any top ups that are less than the redemption value, the difference is credited to air time.


By Top up number on mobile, the last time I use the phone top up to redeem a voucher, that's all I could to with the near to nil options available.


When this option is chosen, the user calls the mobile top up number, the Voice menu selection offers voucher redemption along with other useful options, simply telling people that they can have notification messages is not useful to someone who is blind or partially sighted (like my half my family including my son)


Once topped up, the user is offered a selection of choice on what that top up is for, they can select a goodybag option based on the credit they have on their air time account, or pick from a menu list.


User can also activate a queued goodybag.


Use mobile phone SMS, addition of a similar SMS process like sending an SMS of a voucher number to a number that then confirms the value of the top up on the account, then a selection of goodybag.


for example:

VO 1234987656785432

sent to the top up number. System responds with something like

Topped up, Airtime credit  £20


Then member sends a further message...

GB £15

sent to same top up number, where more than one package of the same value exists, the system responds with a choices menu where the user responds with the corresponding number selecting that option.


System responds with something like

Goodybag £15, 500 minutes, Unlimited texts, 5GB data,

Airtime credit £5,

Goodybag queued.


So when the member runs out of data or minutes, all they have to do is send a one word SMS to the top number of...



Also, the ability to top up another giffgaff phone would be a nice option, member sends SMS something like VO 1234987656785432 topup>**phone_number_removed** GB £5 all in one line SMS and that number is topped up with a £5 goodybag, any remaining Air time credited to the members account. The action is confirmed in a SMS stating what happened to the top up, who got what, etc.



Voucher top up, Airtime £20

top up £5 to mobile>**phone_number_removed**, £5 goodybag active

Credit £15 to airtime on>**phone_number_removed**.


For those who use the internet, like I do, I find it annoying that when my data has expired, I can not access, I was that annoyed the last time this happened that I made a youtube video, its in the cutting room waiting for giffgaff to ignore this issue.


All the other mobile internet providers, Orange, Vodaphone, 3 and T-Mobile all have web domains that provide interfaces that are readily avaible when your data allowance runs out. So why can't Giff Gaff? and before anyone jumps the gun here, remember its a giffgaff sim card, I have video of this and really, no you can not access or any of its member services to access help and activate or top up goody bags...


You will find that people need to do something with their phone and they may not have computer access or a smart phone, so that user should be able to access giffgaff in more than just one way, If a member can access their account via more methods, etc, then you will have a happy customer and no agents are harassed in the top up process. Giffgaff also need to consider those users who may have visual impairments, introduction of a swipe card would help, one could easily be built in to a SIm card pack where half the card snaps off to make a bar code readable / rfid enabled card that you can swipe the barcode at the supermarket and payment options for the amount are dealt with by the supermarket and that members phone is automatically ready to go with airtime to select a goody bag, again by SMS or phone call to top up number to complete the process.

I think that as you get a sim card with the phone unless you are an existing member then the affiliate payback scheme does NOT apply.

However why not ask people if they were referred to giffgaff and from whom and then order a sim card linked to that member with the phone so the customer can still benefit from the bonus £5 top up.

And us referrers can still earn our £5 payback.

So you currently order a phone from giffgaff as a new customer and receive a sim card that when activated provided NO bonus credit.

HOWEVER if my idea was implemented Joe Bloggs could go to order a phone and would be asked:

"Were you referred to this page by an existing member?"

He replies yes and then inputs 1hale.

Then giffgaff as usual supply the phone with the sim BUT this time the activation code would tell the system to award Joe Bloggs with £5 bonus credit AND award me 500 payback points.

What do you think???


Status: New Idea
by lambson on ‎26-02-2015 09:18

Recently my wife had her email hacked and this led to countless problems. The one I'm interested in here is how difficult it was to get into her giffgaff account after it happened. She managed to forget all her passwords as she had a system that she thought saved them for her. Anyway, the real problem came when we wanted to contact an agent as nothing in the dropdown lists applied and our efforts were met with "ERRORS ON FORM" messages. We did eventually get to an agent and everything was sorted, (Thankyou community)  MY idea is for us all to have a back up email account on the system to alleviate this problem in the future.

Revise Gigabag pricing

Status: New Idea
by kath72 on ‎24-02-2015 14:59

I know the goddybags have all been revised in the (fairly) recent past But...

It is possible to buy a gigabag of 1GB for £7.50

However for £15 you can get 5gb of perfectly tetherable data with calls and texts as well

The gigabags don't look very attractive when that comparison is made

bigger data goodybag tht is tetherable

Status: New Idea
by ggsunset on ‎26-02-2015 21:16
So its £20 per month (18offer prctically gone) for
2000 uk min
unlimited texts
unlimited data
- but tethering is not allowed

There is £15 a month for
500 uk minutes
Unlim texts
5gb data
-and you can tether

This one not big enough, the £20 is not tetherable

Should be option available for say 10gb TETHERABLE DATA with 1500 mins and unlimited texts for the £20 per month.

Ability to cancel goodybags

Status: New Idea
by littlemisszoe on ‎19-02-2015 15:41



I've noticed a few people posting about buying the wrong goodybag/gigabag recently and giffgaff won't refund them.


I think that giffgaff should offer a refund if the goodybag/gigabag has not been used, and is less than 24 hours old.

So, if someone accidently purchased the wrong one, they can email an agent straight away and receive a refund if they haven't used the goodybag. 


Status: New Idea
by cathybryan on ‎25-02-2015 11:07
O2 offer an app called TuGo. It means you can use any wifi and and any device (eg iPad) to receive and make calls. Since we use the O2 network, would it be possible to offer that. (It's not a brilliant app but very useful, especially abroad)

Group Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by 0450 on ‎23-02-2015 11:35

At home I have to manage four (phone) SIM contracts and a data contract for an iPad. It's a PITA.


It would be so good to be able to buy a monthly Goodybag of minutes and data which could be shared amongst all the various devices.


One billing point. One "account" to administer.


I can see some work for giffgaff as I'd need to be able to see that my daughter singlehandedly has used up 75% of the available group talk minutes for a particular month (as a random example) but I'd hope that the benefit of having all that paying traffic would outweigh such a minor pain.


And if I had a group plan, all future tablets would be cellular enabled ones too.


Go on giffgaff. Group Goodybags. They make sense!

The only aspect of giffgaff's pricing that I don't like is that charge for PAYG mobile internet. Mobile Internet is charged at no more than 20p a day (up to 20MB), which is fair enough. But we go over 20MB, we are charged extra at 20p/MB. That is 20 times more expensive than the first 20MB which seems excessive. 


I would like to see the charge reduced to 1p/MB or as close to that rate as is viable. 






Add National Flags to Avatars

Status: New Idea
by cathalmc on ‎26-02-2015 01:13

I see going through the avatars that for some reason you can get the Canadian and American flag but no others.


Surely, the flags of the UK - Union Jack and flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Isle of Man should be added?


And perhaps a few more like the Irish flag, EU flag, India, Pakistan etc.

"Your Monthly Recruiter Reward Statement" --> Super Recruiter Programm

Status: New Idea
by cadufo86 ‎22-02-2015 11:34 - edited ‎22-02-2015 12:09

I really think that the current statement about the rewards from 2nd and 3rd top-up's that we get every month, should also appear in PDF in "my recruit" section on the website. 


Nowadays giffgaff only sends us every month an email but I strongly believe that  the best for us it would be to include another sub-sections inside "my recruit" section that valuable information. It will allow us quickly to have a broad view about how we do on this Programm as well as to track our perfoming over the months.


What do you think?

App for free

Status: New Idea
by j4mrk82 on ‎19-02-2015 12:47
I think giffgaff should allow its users to access the giffgaff app for free, eg if they have no data remaining they should be able to access it, as all we can do on it is top up check allowance etc

Thread limit

Status: New Idea
by auntied on ‎08-02-2015 11:35 we all know we only get 50 kudos to use in any one 24 hour period, and once they're used you have to wait for them to kick back in again!


Well my idea is along the same lines, but with thread making! We see it time and time again, someone flooding the S:GD board with up to 10 threads in the space of 10 minutes, but never returning to answer questions that members may have asked.


And lately it's gotten worse! It's prolific amongst certain members, maybe they think the more threads they make the more payback they'll receive! But as we all know, it's quality NOT quantity that counts!


So how about a thread limit? Maybe only being able to make 3 threads in any one hour period and with at least a mandatory 10 minutes between each thread made?


And i think that is still being generous!


I know there's a similar idea on here somewhere, but that one would've still been open to abuse with regards the amount of thread making!


Hope this all makes sense! :smileyhappy:

At the moment to find the giffgaff coverage checker you either have to click "Our offer" Then "4G has arrived" or help then coverage checker.


However I think most people when looking to join won't click on 4G has arrived or go through Help to try find the coverage checker.

Personally I believe a link to the coverage checker should be included in the "Our offer" tab, where new prospective members will natuarlly head when looking at joining giffgaff.

Also I believe a link should be included on the sim order pages so people can check the coverage they expect to recieve before ordering the sim.


Any comments?

A novel yet potentially useful feature could be the ability to gain access to voicemail directly from the giffgaff interweb site.

Such a addition would be advantageous for those times when your mobile has gone flat, mind you I do not know how extensive the required implementation development would be.

Bigger selection of Goody Bags

Status: New Idea
by brianhumphreys on ‎22-02-2015 10:09

I think there should be a bigger selection in Goody Bags


I use a lot of minutes but dont really use my MB for internet


I currently use around 600 minutes per month, but only have the option to purchase either 500 minutes or 2,000 minutes


I am constantly renewing my googy bags every 3 weeks and as such my date for goodybag renewal keeps changing


Surely there should be some option to purchase 1,000 minutes


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