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a status system

Status: New Idea
by jamese641 on ‎31-01-2015 10:56
Could we have a short code like *100*7# that just says if there is currently any SERIOUS issues. How many people were caught out by the login problems today and last night? If there was a way to let people know more people would understand.

Mifi Dongle Sale

Status: New Idea
by voyager7 on ‎31-01-2015 11:50


If Giffgaff are now able to supply smart phones, why not also supply Mifi Dongles to use on the Giffgaff network without having to go through the unlocking palarva.  At least one would be sold!!!!!


unsolved button

Status: New Idea
by sophie26413 on ‎30-01-2015 02:29
Hello all. I have been on the giffgaff community for just over a week, and im loving it! I love to help other people. I think the best answer button is a great idea, it not only tells the community that a post is resolved, but it also helps others learn the answers to questions, in order for them to help others.
Ok so what's the problem? Well, in my opinion, there should be an 'unsolved' button. I think this because not all questions on here recieve a correct answer, so how can we mark a best answer if there really isn't one??? I was thinking, if there was a 'unsolved' button then people in the community who know the answers to more complex and difficult questions can see it is unsolved and try to answer it in order to recieve the best answer once it is answered correctly. We all hate them notifications on the top of our account saying 'unresolved post' and those messages reminding us to pick a best answer.

What do you all think?

A VERY basic How to guide

Status: New Idea
by lesleyannmorgan on ‎29-01-2015 12:18



I'm new to giffgaff and often find it difficult to find the information I am looking for.


I recently ordered a new sim as I didn't know that I could pop out the middle of my old full sized sim.  I also asked a question of an educator when I gather I should have used the forum but when I'd tried to use the forum I ended up going from post ot post but could not workout How to ask a question.


I am not very technology minded and really would find a VERY BASIC how to guide useful, perhaps this could be made possible for us older technophobes please.


Thank you,



Update information on the *100*7# short code

Status: New Idea
by scrappydez ‎28-01-2015 21:17 - edited ‎30-01-2015 21:13

Currently while dialling *100*7# from your phone this message is displayed.



The picture above is from my iPhone  


I would like the *100*7# short code message updated to show more relevant information.


As the short code is a request to the network would it not be possible to show the following within one message?


  • The current active goodybag with remaining minutes.
  • The current text allowance and/or remaining texts.
  • The current data allowance and/or remaining data.


For example I get the 'Offer' £15 3G goodybag which I propose is re-worded to

  • 'You've got 493 minutes left in the 'Offer' £15 3G goodybag, you have unlimited data and texts until 26/02/15, lovely jubbly'

The above message has a character count of approximately 117


If you dial *100*1# which is the expiry of free giffgaff to giffgaff calls short code then this message returns a character count of approx 152.

The USSD menu character limit is approximately 182.

I'd even be willing to see the 'lovely jubbly' comment removed to accommodate another 13 spaces.


Currently there is a short code for the remaining text balance on giffgaff which is *100*5#

With this in mind I would like to see a revised message of

  • 'You've got 493 minutes left in the 'Offer' £15 3G goodybag until 26/02/15, lovely jubbly'


If the short code can't be edited in such a way, would it not be possible to create a new short code?

I'm also aware that it may not be viable to create a new short code for the remaining data balance.

This idea from October 2012 suggests that the creation of a new short code is very possible and it's status has been changed to Under Consideration.


If you like the idea or have suggestion on improvement then leave a message and I'll happily update my idea to reflect yours.

Remove the "I know where you live rank "

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎22-01-2015 18:06 - edited ‎23-01-2015 02:20

Hi everyone after an idea i had about changing some on the odd named ranks and after  a full discussion about this the members came up with 4/5 that would be better off changing but we agreed it would be better to do one rank at a time ,

Discussion thread link

Credit to  @mathew40 for contribution and bringing up his issue with the rank



So i have started with this rank " I know where you live "

One of our members @mathew40  experienced this

 He recieved a private message from a worried member,who wanted to know why he  posted," I know where you live " at the bottom of my post,and as this member was not aware of giffgaff's ranks he was really pretty worried

So i think this rank should be replaced with something more suitable as although the majority of members understand the ranks are a bit of fun it could be worrying to others this could be done by giffgaff pretty easily i would think


if you agree please support this idea


Voicemail without change

Status: New Idea
by padtheman on ‎29-01-2015 11:51

Hi All

I don't often use my voicemail and I find if I leave it too long I am prompted to reset everything.  To avoid this I have got into the habit of checking my voicemail about every 6 weeks even when I know there is no message.  This is inconvenient and costs me money for no gain.

even doing this I have just found that all my settings have gone again.

Why does voicemail default back to initial settings if not used.  Why can't user settings be retained indefinitely?

Seems simple to me.....


Pad Theman

Hi all,


I've Identified that a number of people who are not good with technology can't acess the internet to purchase a goodbag (The older generation mainly). however they can top up their phones by topup vochure over the phone fine.


I think it would be a good idea to have a service where if they have topup credit available on their account before their goodbags run out the night before, the next day the credit should be automatically deducted from their selected goodbag choice.


This way the people who struggle with modern technology do not have to rely on others to topup their phones for them or stop new comers joining because of this issue.


We currently have a service for automatic topup by debit card, however some people prefer to topup by the old method of topup vochure, we need to cater to this to make giffgaff strive and grow as a company that values most customers to their needs.


Many thanks


Create a new board for speculation about Three's buy out of O2

Status: New Idea
by blackfive460 ‎25-01-2015 15:12 - edited ‎26-01-2015 09:42

As per the subject.


All this wild speculation seems pretty pointless so wouldn't it be nice if we could tidy it all away somewhere especially when it'll probably be at least a year or so before anything changes?




Alternatively, as suggested by @bluemoonbaz, add a stickied thread in Contribute for speculation/discussion on this subject.


Avoiding Confusion - Fix the My giffgaff Apps confusing message!

Status: New Idea
by adrius42data ‎28-01-2015 10:43 - edited ‎30-01-2015 17:02

Having read the various posts on the subject of new Giff Gaffers being scared into thinking that the free Giff Gaff to Giff Gaff calls are being removed on such and such date. Yes I was one of those scared Giff Gaffers!


It is my understanding that the ongoing auto credit card purchase of goody bags resets the free giffgaff to giffgaff calls.

Along with a number of other qualifying events: effectivley elucidated to me by meteor-strike (kudos given):

You can reset the 3 months of free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts by:


  • Redeeming a voucher of £10 or more; or
  • Buying airtime balance of £10 or more with a debit / credit card - including auto-top up; or
  • Buying a goodybag / gigabag of £5 or more with a debit / credit card - including recurring and queued goodybags (note the reset occurs when the goodybag/gigabag becomes active); or
  • Taking payback of £10 or more as airtime credit (reset occurs on the date in June or December the credit arrives on your account); or
  • Receiving £10 or more credit from another giffgaff member  (i.e. by altruistic topup)
  • Renewing a recurring goodybag early.


The bottom of my screen currently reads===>


My Balance


()  Auto top-up enabled

Free giffgaff to giff gaff calls expire on : 22 Apr 2015



====== Suggestion Change the screen to read the following when Auto top-up and Recurring Goody bag are enabled

My Ballance


()  Auto top-up enabled () Recurring Goodybag enabled

Free giffgaff to giff gaff calls will continue if new credit is added to the account by 22 April 2015


I believe this will add new information, and stop scaring the bejaysus out of new Giff Gaffers when they first instal My giffgaff App!  As I truly did believe the feature was coming to a final END in April.


With my better understanding of the mechanism (Thanks again Meteor_Strike I had not managed to track down all these causes despute more than an hour of Community Scanning) I think this message bext covers the situation.

Giffgaff Merchandise

Status: New Idea
by chillpill90 on ‎29-01-2015 13:49

I think that giffgaff is missing a trick, I know it is the network run by members for members and do alot of sponsoring on channel4 and now E4.  But I think that they should have items for sale with the giffgaff brand or logo on e.g. phone cases/t-shirts because then if we are wearing or using these items it will get peoples attention and potentially could help get people to join this great network. Alternatively if that is not a good idea you could do some merchandise for certain events. Merchandise that could be done:


Wall calenders

Phone cases

Wall planners


On the wall planners or calenders you could have on them dates like giffgaffs birthday, like other brands eg vodafone, EE they have some merchandise and I feel that this would really help the network get out there.

The new FEEL AT HOME package from 3 offers no extra cost roaming, including data, why can't giffgaff do this please? t

I love giffgaff but as a father and someoe who works away from home every week, it's costing me a fortune 

to stay in touch with my family on giffgaff let alone using any other features like satnav or data.


Would be good to get this deal on giffgaff



Do you ever try to get hold of someone but their phone keeps going straight to voicemail, and then you get charged for a whole minute?



I propose that calls that are under five seconds in duration should not charge you for a whole minute.



Please give me Kudos if you agree that this should be implemented.

Long serving member discount

Status: New Idea
by jdonnelly15 on ‎20-01-2015 14:34

I think that people who are with giffgaff for extended periods, (e.g, 3+years) should start to see some discounts. For example, for each year you are with gg you will recieve 1% discount. I just think because you see people leaving in forums and it seems only the people that are helping are getting payback, when in fact some people are not technically gifted therefore have not got the capaabilities to help on the community, even though they value gg as much as the VIP's?

I propose that Giff Gaff send out an SMS notifying users if an auto renewal of a goodybag fails. They send an email, so why shouldn't they send an SMS too? I had an auto renewal fail (for no apparent reason becaise I was able to manually renew my goodybag using the same card) and I only realised because a text I sent cost me credit (I have reports enabled). If Giff Gaff can't guarentee seamless auto functionality, at least let us know if a payment fails to go through so that we can address the issue. 

Be able to simply login to your mygiffgaff account and call and text friends using your goodybag allowance. This means you can contact others without the need of having your phone with you.

20p per megabite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Status: New Idea
by sholi on ‎28-01-2015 07:49


if you use internet on payg rates it is 20p a day for your your first 20mb, then 20p a mb?

this is a high rate, so what happens if someone needs emergency web and uses 1gb, thats a bill of £200!

My idea is theyshould lower the price.


If you think i am right please kudo this idea

P.S. you can get 3gb for £12 in  a goodybag, on payg rates £600 for 3gb

Unlimited Goodybag, Tethering Option

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎10-01-2015 15:41 - edited ‎11-01-2015 19:00

Currently when someone trys the tether on a unlimited goodybag they are blocked for 30 minutes, this is the right thing to do as they could abuse the data, however it creates a issue, anyone who buys a unlimited goodybag thinking that they can tether is now stuck, we can only advise them to get a limited goodybag next month that alows tethering.


So anyway the member has been presented with a 30 minute block, this causes them to kick off on the help board as they have not seen that it says you can not tether.


My Idea:


Add a option to the goodybag, to go limited for the rest of the month and allow tethering.


The unlimited goodybag is going back up to its £20 price point soon so i think a fair amount of data would be 8GB, all the members usage up to this point would be deducted from that amount, so if they have used 4GB of there unlimited so far they would have 4GB left that they can then tether.


The option to go limited can be shown on there dashboard with a counter of how much data they would have left if they chose it, and can also be on the 30 minute block page, if seleted it would instanly unblock internet access.


Please vote for this idea by clicking Kudos.






Sometimes difficult questions are posted on Help and Support which don't get many replies.

Once they have scrolled off the uppermost page of the Help and Support board, they tend to be lost, even if there are few replies.  Once off the first page, the chance of further replies is greatly reduced.

Would it be possible to have a means of displaying Help and Support posts that have only had a few replies (say three or less), so members can check if they can help older posts that may not have received a satisfactory resolution?



Text alert for data usage warning

Status: New Idea
by essie112mm ‎17-01-2015 18:12 - edited ‎18-01-2015 08:33

My idea is simple and easily implemented. I think that it would be helpful if members were sent a data usage warning by text message. This could supplement the existing policy of sending an email. 


At the moment any member who tethers or contravenes the data management policy is sent an email warning about their activity. However, after joining giffgaff members often change their email address or have multiple addresses and either forget which one they registered with giffgaff or fail to update their account details. This means that there are many examples when warnings are sent out by email and never seen, with the result that in the case of tethering an internet ban is handed out or for data usage the member is no longer allowed to buy unlimited data goodybags.


In an ideal world members should be responsible for ensuring that they can and do read email from giffgaff. But the reality is that often doesn't happen and there is a lot of frustration and anger vented on the Help forum when those affected discover that they have been punished for a pattern of behaviour without knowing why. Had they known in advance there's no doubt many would desist from tethering or adhere to the data management policy. Sometimes the abuse happens for the most innocent of reasons, such as when a member is temporarily without WiFi after moving house. 


If members receive a text message and an email about data abuse then all angles will be covered and hopefully the angry threads should be fewer in number and over-stretched agents have fewer forms to read and reply to.


The content of the text could, for example, read as follows, "You have been sent an email to >**email_removed** advising you of data activity which contravenes the terms and conditions of your unlimited data goodybag. This could affect your entitlement in the future to use the internet with giffgaff."



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