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I don't know if this has been already suggested - but i couldn't find any..


a lot of customers here on community forums are complaining about £10 or £15 top-ups not lasting even a day due to use of data..


Now i know; these people should know better but not everyone is up to date with tech..


How about giffgaff send text message to people who use say more than 50MB of data on credit at payg rates.. notifying them it just cost them £10 to use 50MB data however on goodybags this can be much cheaper..


of course giffgaff want to make more money off its customers..


however i think that looking after the best interests of its customers will give a good message about itself to customers.. makes giffgaff a very responsible brand.. one people want to associate themselves with and also like to spread good word around..


What do you fellow giffgaffers think??


Email alerts for phones back in stock.

Status: New Idea
by redemtion on ‎22-10-2014 05:14
I have seen as i'm sure many of you have in the Help & Support section an increasing number of posts asking when a certain phone will be back in stock, none of us can give anyone a certain time or date because unfortunately we don't have that information for other members of the community who are wanting to buy a phone and finding that it is out stock, who then end up frustrated when they're having to check every day for when it's back in. Having had a look i can't see any form of option for people who want to be alerted when a phone is back in stock so that is what i propose, this is a common option on most websites when stock of a certain item is not available and i am quite surprised that GiffGaff don't already have this, it's such a simple little thing that would help people out a lot and save them time. I know a few people will have emails from GiffGaff turned off so might be an idea also to just have a little warning telling them to turn them on if they want to receive an email when the phone is back in stock.


Roll over of unused minutes and data

Status: New Idea
by maggie333 on ‎20-10-2014 16:12

I would like GiffGaff to consider any unused minutes and data to be carried onto the next month (obviously you would need to top up without a break to benefit from this). Last month I didn't use my data allowance, and this month I am almost through the 1GB.

I am guessing that the increase of these types of help requests are originating from the pages. Most of these types of messages seem to be along the lines of "Can you tell me when XXX will be available to order" which does not really seem to be appropriate for the Help & Support forum (Or rather, it's taking up a lot of space in that forum).


Could I suggest that we have a special sub-forum in Help & Support or a completely new forum for these handset related questions which would leave the Help & Support forum to be for it's main use of helping people get their handset or phone service working again.


Just an idea - feel free to shout down in flames (I'll just make a voodoo doll of you all and stick pins in it when you do :smileywink: )

As I vary what Goodybag I buy, I always have credit. What I find annoying is that without any warning, money comes off of this credit. I had a nuisance call the other day and decided to send them a text, after I had sent the text it deducted 8p off my credit. I have also made 0800 calls inbetween Goodybags and been charged. Although it seems like a small thing, when you go under a £1.00 you cannot make it up with a voucher, and you end up losing out.


bigger data less minutes/texts

Status: New Idea
by sahar11 ‎19-10-2014 12:26 - edited ‎19-10-2014 12:27

since you have changed the £12.50 giagbag, slashed the 50p and even added 500 minutes unlimited texts on top of the 3GB data, now there are many people who dont have home broadband like me and rely on gigabags, personally i`d love if gg make a new gigabag or goodybag with bigger data allowance, e.g: for £10 4GB data.


What do you think my friends :smileyhappy: hope to get some support here :smileyhappy:

It would be easier to buy a goodybag when you top up your phone, when using a top up voucher, through the top up phone option. instead it has to be done online.


Ask an agent - SAVE the text/info if I type something wrong. Please.

Status: New Idea
by radable ‎21-10-2014 01:02 - edited ‎22-10-2014 14:13

The title is self-explanatory. When something goes wrong with the infamous form - please save my text. Don't waste my time. Don't make me furious.

My patience fizzed out last night when I spent time carefuly filling in all boxes (most of which were irrelevant to my query), then clicked...

...only to be presented with this useless result:


 problems creating your incident.gif


"There were problems"

What problems?

What should I do?

Should I try again?

Should I try something different?

 And all my input text erased. Why?


Mind boggles. Enough has been written here about Ask an Agent form, to the point it really seems giffgaff doesn't want us to contact agents that much. Please prove it  wrong. (Oh, maybe they are on PAYG contract, who knows. That would be an irony indeed...)


So, just make the form remember the user's input. It's not difficult*. I could probably code it in 30mins.

And if the form gives me a hint what to do next, double points!


(Yes, the form already has JavaScript checks in place, for correct dates etc.... great, but this all goes literary out "of the window" with the above message.)


* EDIT: I noticed the idea about Changing the iPhone5C colour-selection button to the correct hue of the actual handset. Idea having been accepted. it's turned out it's not an easy thing to do. Change a colour of a button. Oh dear. Is there hope?

PS: I do realize we don't want members to inundate
Agents with all sorts of requests. Common sense.
But this troublesome form of ours is a single point of contact for some major account issues. And there are better ways of making this work. I am only happy to help in fact.
We won't let you sleep on your Which laurels, giffgaff. We are the boss :smileywink:


Introduce Trio (3 in 1) Sims

Status: New Idea
by xollobru ‎12-10-2014 00:56 - edited ‎12-10-2014 01:08

I received a replacement sim from 3 in the post today as my new phone uses a different size to my old one and the new sim is what they call a Trio Sim in that it is a standard/micro/nano all in one!


No more need to perform a sim swap if and when someone changes mobiles and they take different sizes obviously assuming that they remember to keep the spare bits but they do clip back together for safe keeping.


Just a thought in that any extra costs in sourcing and supplying these new style sims will hopefully help reduce the need for and cost of sim swaps.


Kudos this idea if you think that giffgaff should look at supplying these sims, thank you!


Edited to add: Obviously this would also help if someone doesn't know which size sim to order or makes a mistake when ordering










Volunteering for GG

Status: New Idea
by gimspang on ‎20-10-2014 13:19
This is a network run by and for the community, but we also need trained personnel. We could have volunteers working a few hours a week with some basic training on very specific tasks, to ease paid employees workload, gain experience, improve CV, keep active and get an even better network, without GG taking on too much risk.

I have a nanoSIM in an iPad.


This is my first month, so I bought a £5 gigabag (500MB data)

  • because I had no idea how much data I use, and when WiFi is available I use that. WiFi usually gives a much quicker download speed than 3G, GPRS etc. 
  • As we now have the option to buy a new bundle as soon as the current (active) one is depleted if wanted.
  • I am entitled to free giffgaff-giffgaff calls/texts but cannot use either as the iPad is data-only and doesn't make calls.

As I have just over a week to go before my gigabag expires, I decided to check my recommended plan.


Initially, I was on the goodybag page when I clicked on the link. There is a choice of options to estimate possible usage, where you indicate your typical type of usage:

  • Social usage (facebook/twitter/etcetera)
  • emails
  • Apps
  • video
  • music

At an estimate of 175MB, it recommended the £7.50, £10 or £12 goodybags for me.


Starting from the link on the gigabag page brought me to the same page, and although I indicated slightly different usage, it still estimated my usage as 375MB but offered me the £10, £12 or £15 goodybags. ALL assumed I would need a call & text usage. NONE recommended the gigabags (£5 - 500MB; £7.50 - 1GB).


As I am a DATA-ONLY user, NONE of these goodybags are appropriate for me with an estimate of under 500MB usage in a month, but nowhere is there a suggestion of a data-only plan recommended.


  • My idea is this - put a link to estimate usage for tablet or dongle or iPad plan. 
  • Then, recommend a gigabag appropriate for usage
  • IF usage is estimated as over 500MB, then include £7.50 -1GB gigabag; or £12 or £15 limited data goodybag

This would help new members better understand what is available for them; former users of the £12.50 gigabag would immediately see that the £12 goodybag (3GB) and £15 goodybag (5GB) were also available to use, and fewer members would get so frustrated by the change in gigabags that they think of leaving.



I just thought that it might be good idea to offer a cashback system for when you don't use a considerable amount of your texts, minutes or data from your goodybag. It could work off percentages so that you could get a bit of money back if you used less than say 25% of your contract materials.


If this idea has already been posted, sorry I didn't find it.


If not, who's with me?






Short code

Status: New Idea
by tearza on ‎21-10-2014 17:00

It would be great if there were a short code for data usage on giga bags!


Tell me what you think

Hi all,


Giffgaff are being very coy about when 4G will be rolled out exactly. This is frustrating for anyone not in the 4G trial but whose goodybag expires at the beginning of November, and might wonder whether to get a 3G goodybag or hold out for a 4G one. 


So it would be really great if Giffgaff could offer a free 4G upgrade to anyone with a 3G goodybag, during the initial month of permenant 4G rollout.  This is a short term idea but I think worthwhile - it will give people greater certainty to people, especially given the lack of answers we are getting on when exactly 4G wil happen.  


Please kudos if you agree. This would need to happen relatively quickly if it's going to work. Thanks for reading :smileyhappy:

Ok so I've had an idea for an advertising campaign that could either be used on television or the Internet. The slogan would be "it's time to be different " and the adverts would consist of someone or something doing something to break the mould. For example, I thought their could be one advert with a family on holiday somewhere abroad and the parents and eldest child all order something English like fish and chips. The youngest child maybe about 6 or 7 years old would then order the most exotic sounding thing on the menu as the rest of the family looked over mouths open in shock the "it's time to be different" slogan would appear on screen along with the GG logo and website. Another advert idea for the campaign I had would be a farmer struggling to train his sheep dog getting frustrated and annoyed calling the dog stupid as the dog just can't get its head around rounding up sheep. The farmer would then give up and walk away shaking his head at which point the dog would jump the fence into the next field and begin rounding up the cows. Then again the GG logo and website would appear on screen with the "it's time to be different " slogan. Obviously their is almost endless potential for scenarios for this campaign those were just examples of the kind of vibe I had in my head. I think this campaign could work as because it doesn't give much information about what it's actually advertising it will peak people's interest and intriguge them to have a look. It also portrays the fun atmosphere of GG. Thank you for your time let me know what you think


Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney ‎19-10-2014 16:42 - edited ‎19-10-2014 16:51
I think that giffgaff should start doing stickers to put in car window. That comes with your owe order url on so you can get £5 per SIM.As @bloodvile said.


Just a quick and simple one. 


So on the £10 goodybag you get :

500 minutes

Unlimited texts

1 gig of data


On the £12 goodybag you get :

500 minutes

Unlimited texts

3 gig of data


On the £15 goodybag you get :

500 minutes 

Unlimited texts 

5 gig of data 


My point is from the £10 to the £12 goodybag you pay an extra £2 for the extra 2 gig of data but then when you go up to the £15 goodybag your paying an extra £3 for the same extra 2 gig of data! Nothing else changes as your getting the same amount of minutes and texts so my suggestion is, to keep things fair, seen as we're paying that extra £1 for nothing then why not give us 6 gig of data instead of the 5 gig?

Either that or knock the £15 goodybag down to £14,

which doesn't sound right to me. 


Anyway I hope I've made this clear so people can see what I'm getting at?

Feel free to add your comments and suggestions and if you want to show your support then please click on the orange kudo button. 


Thanks for reading my idea  :smileyhappy:



I wonder if GiffGaff would consider transferring amounts that are unused from Goody Bags, to the Charity Fund? 


Create a Help and Support Archive for out of date information

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎17-10-2014 12:40 - edited ‎18-10-2014 22:45

Large numbers of people continue to repost out of date information in Help and Support, presumably after making a search.


Search results continue to return ever larger amounts of out of date information with no warning of its currency or usefulness.


A previous idea to set the default time limit for search results to either six months or one year was overwhelmingly rejected by the community.


Perhaps a Help and Support Archive should be created and threads with out of date information moved into it?


Candidate threads already include those which:

  • list old call prices which changed in 2011 or 2012
  • tell people to send a message to 2020 to get internet settings
  • list old APN data
  • claim that calls to CI and IoM are inclusive
  • tell members to contact an agent for a VAT receipt
  • mention that goodybags cannot be renewed early
  • mention prefixes such as 081 and 089 which no longer exist.

On 26 June 2015 the call price for all calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers will change. At a stroke, that will render obsolete many thousands of threads mentioning the old call prices.



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