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Selling Accessories

Status: New Idea
by smileygal on ‎25-07-2014 13:47

I was wondering if it would be great for business if giffgaff started to sell accessories for phones and tablets such as extra batteries, cases and covers, screen-protectors, chargers etc...


Apologies if this has been suggested but it didn't come up when I checked. 


Delete comment button

Status: New Idea
by l_mustin on ‎24-07-2014 15:49

A very simple suggestion.


My Internet connection times out constantly which is a pain when it comes to using the Community. Repeatedly I end up at the Authentication failed screen so I have to either re-submit or retype, when the original comment may or may not have been posted, often leaving a duplicate.

The current 'Options' menu shows only the Edit Reply button, meaning that the duplicate can't be deleted. This is a nuisance, especially with a retype that has minor changes.

My suggestion is for a Delete Reply button along with the Edit one. I don't know if there is a way of deleting posts (I can't find one), but even so this would make it far easier, and should be easy to implement.


Pay As You Go ----- Data cost

Status: New Idea
by mick_1965 on ‎24-07-2014 16:04


Mobile Internet is charged at no more than 20p a day (up to 20MB). If you go over 20MB, you'll be charged extra at 20p/MB.

 20 pence per MB is simply far too much.

This need to be reduced to be inline with the rest of giffgaffs Data over usage charges ie 2p per MB




Parent accounts

Status: New Idea
by baileys_queen on ‎25-07-2014 12:22

Would like to know if others think it would be a great idea for parents of children of under 16 kids to have all their accounts linked to their main one (which can of course be changed if the parents user name changes) so that parents can look after and manage all the accounts in one place?


Now of course that most young teens have mobile phones these days and its us parents that top them up!


When activating it should ask a date of birth like the xbox and the ps3 does and then pre-determine if it should be a childs account or not. And linking to a parents account. 


If its a child account it could then instantly bar them from posting on the forum etc (which they are not suposed to do anyway)


They can still log in using their username of course, so they can check balance etc. Just means that the parents can gain access to all under one roof ifykwim.


it would be good cause its real tricky if you have lots of accounts remembering all the passwords etc and logging in and out of every one to manage them.



Since at least August 2006,[1] the Ofcom General Conditions require the call prices for 084, 087 and 070 numbers to be given equal prominence in terms of location and format to those for 01, 02, 03 and standard 07 mobile numbers:


3. Customer information and advice: published price lists and websites

3.1 The Originating Communications Provider that is responsible for the retail billing of NTS Calls, 0870 calls and calls to Personal Numbers to the end-user shall publish the usage charges required to be published under General Condition 10.2(d)(ii) for NTS Calls, 0870 calls and calls to Personal Numbers on its website and in published price lists in a way that gives those charges the same prominence in terms of location and format given to charges for geographic calls, calls to mobiles and call packages, including bundles.



At present, the 084, 087 and 070 call prices are hidden in an "other UK numbers" drop-down needing an additional click to access them.


It's probably no coincidence that some of the most common questions in the help forum are:


"How much does it cost to call 0844 / 0845 / 0870 numbers?"


"I bought a Goodybag. Why can't I call 084 and/or 087 numbers?"



Please move the call prices for 084, 087 and 070 numbers up to the top table thereby joining those for calls to 01, 02, 03 and standard 07 mobile numbers.



Proactive gg

Status: New Idea
by cps15966 on ‎22-07-2014 09:08

Hello there.


I don't know the internal workings of gg, but for a while now i have wondered whether gg focus on the right things internally, however in fairness, more recent months have shown that things are being done and openly advertised to it's community and customers.


Just an idea and this may be already done, but how about either monthly or quarterly, the posts are analysed and categorised to give focus on where gg should be looking to better things etc.


I looked into a recent section of posts (about 8 hours worth) and this is what i found.... Hpefully it shows something or gives someone some ideas, but to me this is the logical way forward in bettering the customer experience and resolve the more common problems, maybe in clearer guideance that would change monthly/quarterly depending on what issues there are in that period. Perhaps even when people are posting, just like they have to choose now say 'help & support' or 'tips & advice' and then a sub category?? Anyhow, this was my findings broadly......






Thepie chart shows the most common categories broken down and the idea would be that these are the ones to focus on.


We've all had it I'm sure, data is down, but you don't know if it's your phone, your magnetic charge, or it is actually a network error.


Being able to text "STATUS" to a hotcode would reply with a text similar to :


SMS: Duh!

DATA: Yeah, it's down dude!


If there was no error on the reply, the abilty to log a simple ticket, so at least agents will be made aware, i.e. follow up the status message with : DATA DOWN BS13 3AZ.. This isn't a perfect solution, but when you're stuck without data, you need some way of telling your mobile provider that something is broken.


Re: Carry over remaining minutes

Status: New Idea
by zborgy on ‎18-07-2014 15:43

Obviously been discussed elewhere! but what abt doing what "Tesco's" do where your remaining minutes get carried over to the next few months! Imagine the customers GiffGaff would get from this feature!


Just a


Use your phone abroad at no extra cost.

Status: New Idea
by hallaway on ‎14-07-2014 10:27

Three offers sim-only deals that are free to use abroad, including the USA.  I think giffgaff should offer a Roam-Free package!

With Three's "Feel At Home" package, you can use your allowance to call and text the UK and use your data without paying a penny more. There's no extra cost for calls back home, no extra cost for texts back home, no extra cost for data.  More info:


Why can't giffgaff offer a similar package?  It's a great deal!


Changes to £7.50 Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by clarophonistcj on ‎23-07-2014 21:14
My suggestion is a slight increase in data on the £7.50 Goodybag. I have an iPhone and use about 350MB a month so I'm on the £10 deal but only use 100 mins or so, thus feeling My suggestion is a slight increase in data on the £7.50 Goodybag. I have an iPhone and use about 350MB a month so I'm on the £10.00 deal but only use 100 mins or so, thus feeling like it's a bit of a waste...

I bid for a £7.50 Goodybag with 500MB instead of just 250MB. Anyone else on board?like it's a bit of a waste...

"You cannot have two active SIMs"

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by figment_uk ‎04-07-2014 13:37 - edited ‎05-07-2014 20:40

Considering that many people now have multiple devices and therefore need multiple SIM cards, I feel that the SIM activation pages are very unhelpful and need to be more user friendly and intuitive, thereby improving the member experience.


As it stands right now, a member with an existing SIM entering an activation code whilst logged/logging into their account is greeted by the SIM Replacement (SIM swap) page, with the very unhelpful statement:


"You cannot have two active SIMs. Activating a new SIM will deactivate your current SIM." 


The member then has the option of continuing with a SIM swap, or backing out of the process. This results in members doing SIM swaps when they really wanted to change their number or register a second SIM, or backing out and not knowing where to go from here. This does nothing for the overall member experience, and causes members to become confused or frustrated by the whole process, and possibly them spending ages searching the knowledgebase or asking in the community.


The idea

I feel that this process could be much improved with a little modification to the current process flow, so that when an existing member enters the activation code from a new SIM they are presented with a series of option buttons or links, each taking or guiding them towards the correct path


For example


 I want to: Action
Move my number to a new SIM  Starts SIM swap procedure
Activate a replacement SIM  Explanation before starting SIM activation
Activate an extra SIM for another phone/device  Instructions to activate SIM on a new account
Change my number whilst keeping the same account  Instructions to change number via agents
Have an additional SIM on the same number  Explain this is not possible and give alternatives




  • Better overall member experience
  • Reduction in erroneous SIM activations, therefore reduction in cancellation requests
  • Reduction in Help & Support and agent questions relating to SIM activations


If you would like to see this idea implemented, please support it by clicking the Untitled-1.png button at the top-left of the idea

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Simple Idea for great benefit, this is brilliantly laid out - thanks Figment and everyone who supported it. This idea has preliminary gone pass our Head of Member Experience and our Member Experience change champion. Next steps is to be scoped as a project and prioritised. Thanks again. Nice One.

Online Monthly Usage report/statistic

Status: New Idea
by victoruk on ‎21-07-2014 11:29



It would be good to be able to see your the usage statistics from itemised calls, texts and data for past months.

If you can display a usage graph too then seeing both the stats and graph would make it easier to decide whether to change goody bags to save money.






Recently giffgaff have introduced listing 'Unresolved Help Requests'  when accessing the help forum.  This is a really useful feature and should improve members being able to find their own Help question and also remind them to mark a 'Best Answer'.  :smileyhappy:


Help   Support   The giffgaff community.jpeg




However there are some threads that are simply not appropriate to set a 'Best Answer' because either none was given (remains unsolved) or the type of thread isn't one that needs a best answer.




After further discussion on how to easily resolve this (and get rid of the threads showing) I came up with the idea of using tags on the thread's opening post which could then be expanded into a more automated solution (see here on the original contribute thread ).


  1. 'unsolved' and 'Unsolved' - this would mean the thread is still unresolved and this could prompt further responses from members that are particularly interested and have the knowledge to help solve more difficult problems by searching for that tag.   The use of the tag would exclude the thread from appearing in the 'Unresolved Help Requests'.
  2. 'No BA needed' simply to exclude it from appearing (this is the one I would use for the 'Urban Myths' thread for example).

Change the emails (sent out to members reminding them to set a best answer) to include details on the new option of setting the tag to 'unsolved' if they can't find an appropriate best answer to set/need further help.  Also please include a valid link to the thread as I think this is an issue atm.


So this should be a fairly simple solution to implement and a needed one I feel.


As always comments and support welcomed :smileyhappy:


Purchasing Goodybags via Text Messages

Status: New Idea
by languid on ‎12-07-2014 21:02

I have an idea as to how goodybags could be purchased in a new way.


Basically, giffgaff would setup their own "top up" number, with which people could send text messages to purchase particular goodybags using their mobile phone credit.


For example: sending a text to 101010 (or something) with the message: "GB10" would refer to the £10 goodybag. £10 would be deducted from the user's balance and the new goodybag would be applied.


The system could be further developed by having automatic responses and if: "HELP" is sent to 101010, all the codes for the goodybags are sent, clearly explaining which code corresponds to which goodybag.


It would just give one more way of making topping up easier -- effectively removing the whole dependency for the internet medium, if it cannot be reached at some point for some reason.


The same principle could also be applied to gigabags and anything else that is released in the future!

This has probably been suggested many times before, but why dont giffgaff allow an existing goodybag to be cancelled before it has run its course ? This question comes up every day many times on the forums. Surely it would make sense to allow someone to cancel something they had paid for and then buy a different product, instead of being stuck in a 'contract' for up to a month? The end product would be that giffgaff would make extra revenue and customers would have more control.
What do others think?

Charge to keep goody bag when roaming.

Status: New Idea
by andy_waters on ‎20-07-2014 13:58

To elaborate on a post about using goody bags in the EU when the new laws come in, i think that the use of goodybags should be allowed in the EU for free, and when travelling further afield (for example USA, Brazil, AUS etc.). you can keep your goodybag for a set charge per day or per week. For example to keep your goody bag abroad £1/day and £5/week. I think this would be welcomed greatly by the community esplecially by people, such as myself, who travel quite often.


Thanks very much, hope this is considered.




Lost signal

Status: New Idea
by lesterely on ‎21-07-2014 19:40

A constant bugbear we all experience. LOST SIGNAL

I understand giffgaff piggyback on the O2 network.

Would it be possible to negotiate with other provider to use their networks when a signal is lost?

I know there would be a cost implication.

However it could be an opt in option.

How good would that be guys



iPhone 5c Colours

Status: New Idea
by finaltrinity on ‎09-07-2014 18:50

Howdy gaffers,


Now giffgaff stock the iPhone 5c, its super easy to get a hold of the iphone. However when I was looking at the website, browsing for a new phone something stood out to me.


iphone colours - apple


Above are the colours that Apple sell, the colours are taken directly from the apple website.


iphone colours - gg


And here are the colours that giffgaff advertise. There are two blaring differences. 


  • The Pink
  • and The Blue

Now the pink isn't an issue as its more that Apple aren't showing the correct shade, even if giffgaff's is a little on the bring side.


My issue is with the Blue:


iphone blue comparison


There is quite a contrast in the colours, and even more so if you look at the actual colour of the blue iPhone 5c


iphone blue


So my proposal, rather than having the current shade of blue in the small coloured box, change this:


iphone colours gg.png


To this:


new iphone colours gg.png


So that the correct shade of blue is advertised. As at the time being it looks like the phone should be purple. So you can imagine my disappointment when I realised it wasn't in fact a nice purple shade, but in fact bright blue.


A simple change is all that is required but it would ,make things much clearer.


Thanks, please support with a kudos if you think the change is necessary.



International Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by doctor_blue on ‎18-07-2014 12:52

I think that it would be a good idea if giffgaff introduced goodybags specifically for international calls+texts, so if you're one of those people who regularly has to phone people abroad (for example, if you have family or friends in another country you want to stay in touch with or you travel a lot for your job) then you can still buy a goodybag without having to purchase extra airtime credit.


Since you can only have one goodybag active at any one time, then I think it would be a great idea if these special goodybags had minutes and texts you could use for UK and abroad. For example, a £10 version of this goodybag could include 250 UK minutes, 250 international minutes and 500MB of roaming so you don't build up charges for roaming very quickly.


Mobile site topup page improvement

Status: New Idea
by seer philiplittle40 on ‎13-07-2014 19:11




Got someone complaining on FB and I think they have a point. They wanted a goodybag bag + blackberry add-on and clicked on Blackberry plans link.





However the link takes you to a single page with everything on it, starting with the normal goodybags.





You have to scroll down past these to get to the blackberry plans. Understandable that someone could get confused and buy a £10 goodybag by mistake, instead of a £10 Blackberry plan.


Ideally the links should go to separate pages, but at least should go straight to the relevant section and not just the top of the page. Misleading and confusing where it doesn't need to be.


So the idea is to change the mobile topup links so that they take you straight through to the section that you need. At the moment, with the way its (not) working, there's no point to the 3 different links as they all go to the same place. 


Cheers folks :smileyhappy: