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Good Morning,
My idea is to have the option available to select &purchase a goodybag on the 43430 top up online.

This idea become apparent to me when my Mum did not have any internet data & could not purchase her own goddybag. Besides internet access is not always accessible.

Being able to FREEZE airtime credit

Status: New Idea
by member444 on ‎26-07-2014 14:16

Being able to FREEZE airtime credit


Really convenient because saving up airtime credit to purchase next goodybag sometimes (for me, ALL the time) proves difficult after your goodybag expires (and it is not on the recurring option through bank account) and you accidentally use it up by making calls, texting or using mobile data. Also 


  1. People who want to use £5, £7.50 or £12 goodybag need to buy £10 or £15 voucher. Usually from this you may want to save up that airtime credit in order to use it to pay for the next goodybag purchase. This is especially useful to the younger (or any!) GiffGaff members since their parents may not give them extra money for top-up if the extra money from their airtime credit is used up by accident.
  2. Stops people from using up their emergency or saved up airtime credit accidentally right after their goodybag expires (because I'm sure this happens a lot)
  3. This option would give many GiffGaff members (especially the younger ones!) more choice, flexibility and freedom so that they can get the best out of GiffGaff

Just have a 'FREEZE airtime credit' tick box option on the My GiffGaff page (which can be unticked anytime!).


THANK YOU! :smileyhappy:


Charge to keep goody bag when roaming.

Status: New Idea
by andy_waters on ‎20-07-2014 13:58

To elaborate on a post about using goody bags in the EU when the new laws come in, i think that the use of goodybags should be allowed in the EU for free, and when travelling further afield (for example USA, Brazil, AUS etc.). you can keep your goodybag for a set charge per day or per week. For example to keep your goody bag abroad £1/day and £5/week. I think this would be welcomed greatly by the community esplecially by people, such as myself, who travel quite often.


Thanks very much, hope this is considered.




boost bag

Status: New Idea
by saadiyahk on ‎24-07-2014 20:50
If you just need that boost of texts of minutes or data but for just a little while. Maybe a week or just a weekend.
So for example can buy a unlimited texts for a weekend or 500 maybe for a decent price. That only lasts a week or a few days.

top up £5

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by saadiyahk on ‎06-05-2014 14:47
Hi, this is a little idea.
The minimum top up is £10 so maybe giffgaff should let us top up £5. I'm a light user and don't need much of anything. So being able to top up £5 would be nice.
Status: We’re Looking Into It
We're going to look into this Idea and check if the same financial constraints which stopped us from doing this before are still a blocker for this. Thanks for re-raising and the amazing support this Idea has received.

4G trial bag with bigger allowance

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by bluemoonbaz ‎07-06-2014 10:19 - edited ‎07-06-2014 10:23

Good morning

As I opted for the 4G trial goody bag I feel the 1 g allowance available to test the service is woefully inadequate .

We need around 4g to be able to fully test the service and then report back our finding to giffgaff.

If giffgaff carry on with only 1g trial bags the feedback will be not be a  true test as members cannot fully use the service due  to the  limitations in data available and thus the feeback will be of little use to giffgaff.


I understand giffgaff may have set plans in mind for full rollout but to test the service with only 1g is impossibly hard just doing speed test eats the data so if you agree please support this idea

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Originally we went for the £10 to mimic the 3G goodybag, so members wouldn't be paying any more for the trial (and what could be a bad experience as it's in beta) and the £12 goodybag is unlimited. However we're compelled by the high support of this Idea to look again into early releasing the £12/2GB and will keep you updated on the conversations around this.

remove goodybag

Status: New Idea
by khalil337 on ‎02-07-2014 20:40
Goodybag lasts for 30 days. If people runs out goodybag mins or something else then they have to use airtime to use the service. So I was wondering if giffgaff makes a option where you can remove goodybag and buy a new one anytime we want. This will makes life easier for people and save costs.

own goodybag

Status: New Idea
by mizan337 on ‎05-07-2014 16:27
It will be great if we can chose how many mins text and internet we want and the price is fixed by giffgaff. So if someone prefers more mins and less text and internet then they chose that if someone wants less mins more internet then they can do that aswell.
Who agress with me
This will be really great if we can chose our own goodybag

star the 2gb 4G goodybag early

Status: New Idea
by suksmo on ‎13-07-2014 14:28
it's clear that Giffgaff will release a new 2gb goodybag at the end of the 4G trial as it's been public ally mentioned. Why not get more trial data and keep more people in 4G by releasing this bag as a trial now?

MMS Charges

Status: New Idea
by sibet on ‎06-07-2014 00:10

What about instead of making us pay 16p each for MMS messages ,why not have the choice to lose a set amount of goodybag allowance ?

Say for every MMS sent = 16p worth of the monthly allowances? Either 16p worth of call allowance = 2.5 minutes, or 16p worth of data = 16mb .Maybe not text message allowance as most of the goodybags have unlimited .


4G at no extra cost

Status: Under Consideration
by erikslom on ‎13-10-2013 13:04

Hello all,


As many of us are excited as 4G is finally rolling out in the uk. Has it not occured to you that it could cost extra, much like EE are charging loads more for the service.


Well as giffgaff is know as the 'affordable'  network I belive that it should be implemented free or at very very little extra cost.


The network 3 (THREE) are not charging user anymore so it would be just like connecting to 3g everyday. This is a massive selling point and my friend has moved to three due to this news, so to stop users from moving we shouls annoce that there would be no major price differance if any on the new 4G network.


Thanks, please support me with a kudo if you feel its a good idea (only if you want to, Im not asking you to, but feel free to do so)  

Status: Under Consideration
The consultation is currently up here with our Day 1 offer, please do give us your feedback here:

Share data goodbags over many numbers

Status: New Idea
by dgbdgb3 on ‎09-07-2014 10:53

Like many of us I have a number of numbers...


one for my mobile

one for my ipad

one for my chromebook


I never know which device I need to use - what I'd love to have is a Goodybag that can be used across all three numbers.   At the moment I have to buy three different Goodybags.   It's not convenient.  







International Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by pibalflo on ‎10-07-2014 20:43

Nowadays a lot of people travels it doesn't matter if it is just for fun or looking for a job. There are too many people in the UK studying or working abroad and It can be interesting to have the option of a goodybag for international calls and text messages. I know that we have skype and internet but at least inside the EU i think it is something needed.


Any way the internet unlimited is something to start with and is the cheapest I have founded.:smileywink:


Goodybag clarification

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎02-07-2014 17:24 - edited ‎21-07-2014 01:41

Some of the most common questions in the help forum are:

"I bought a Goodybag. Why is my call credit balance depleting?"


"I bought a Goodybag. Why can't I call 084 and/or 087 numbers?"

On the goodybags page please add this clarification:


Goodybags include "UK minutes" for the following calls:

  • 01 and 02 numbers (not including Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man)
  • 03 numbers
  • standard mobile numbers beginning 071075 and 077079 (not including Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man)
  • voicemail on 443 (each call takes one minute from the allowance)

All other calls require separate airtime credit.


Charges for 084, 087, 09 premium rate, 070 personal numbers and other non-inclusive calls are listed here.

Charges for international calls (including Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man) are listed here.



4G goodybag should be

Status: New Idea
by 33410 on ‎03-07-2014 01:35
Am trying to give giffgaff an idea about the 4g goodybag.
£15(maybe less or more) one should be 4/6GB INTERNET, unlimited TEXT and 800 mins
£20/(maybe less or more) one should be 7/10GB, unlimited text and 1200/2000 mins

Expand gigabag

Status: New Idea
by khalil337 on ‎01-07-2014 23:42
The minimum gigabag is 500MB and maximum is 3GB
I think giffgaff should offer a little bit more on gigabag. There should be a 5GB for heavy users. And they should be able to purchase this once is every 2 month. So it doesn't slow down giffgaff bandwidth speed.
I think this will be really helpful if this idea gets counted

A suggestion for those who do not use their mobiles to ring people- Deaf people especially or even people who use work mobiles/ home landline phones.


I think it would be a good idea to offer another goodybag that does not include minutes. I am profoundly Deaf. I have 250 UK minutes which I will never use. It seems a waste. Maybe instead of £12 for 250 UK minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data we could have say a reduced rate to exclude minutes but still keep the unlimited data and texts which is extremely neccessary for me. 


Or maybe as giffgaff is 'The mobile network run by you'- we could do a goodybag swap. Say another member runs out of minutes and I've got 250 spare but I've run out of data (just an example- not going to happen with unlimited data I know!) then we could swap. May be difficult but its an idea for the future


Problem: Last month I got a new TomTom, its brilliant and has a tethering option to enhance its features for traffic and mobile speed cameras, all of which I have tried through my work phone.  It uses a very modest 10mb a month or there abouts so the data quantity is not really a issue but the fact that I dont have tethering at all is!  Problem is as I'm an unlimited data customer with GiffGaff I cant use it with my personal phone out of work hours.  iFail.


Most people now seem to be in the 1gb+ usage wherever a smartphone is a part of life.  Last month is less than normal usage for me and I used around 1.5Gb, a little youtubing on the loo, a little audiobook downloading on the train, emails, FB, and a few app downloads and before you know it your over your 1Gb allowance.  Not usually a problem for me as I am on the unlimited tarriff.  However this month I thought I would like to use the tethering option so I upgraded iOS7 (over Wifi), jailbroken, tetherme installed and the tarriff changed to a tarriff with tethering.  Then giffgaff kindly email my usage and I see that 1Gb isnt going to cut it so Im back on unlimited again with no option of me using my TomTom or any other tethering for that matter.  


So what do I do???


If I was to tether I have to go £10 1Gb limit which I will certainly go over and be left with no data well before the end of the month, and if I was to go £12 unlimited or higher I cant tether.


So what do I do???  It looks like my option is to move networks, not what I want.


Suggestion:  A new goodybag package including tethering with a data allowance of 2-4Gb should me made, preferrably towards the hgher end of the data allowance suggested.  This would allow moderate access to tethering which shouldnt be unreasonably expensive but will give a more sensible ceiling amount of data for the modern smartphone user.  It should be priced between £10 and £15 and should offer similar value to the first unlimited data package but exchange the unlimited element with a finite amount of data with tethering which should balance out any risk for GiffGaff


Alternatively, the 1gb thresholds on the tarrifs including finite data allowance should be increased to a more usable amount considering the trend of smartphones/OSs which naturally use larger amounts of data.



How this helps: People who are trapped in a data corner who want or require tethering will be able to remain on GiffGaff and will not be forced to compare the market for tarriffs (possibly dearer) just to allow them to have it all.  This will presumably attract more new customers too, attracting customers from older smartphone tarriffs away from the big networks and increasing the customer base at GiffGaff.  As networks like o2, virgin and no doubt others are coming into GiffGaffs market and trying to draw away customers in the "value network" sector it will defend GiffGaffs position with greater appeal to a modern smartphone user (>63% of the market from the statistics I have seen).  


In general its better to be at the front of the market innovating and driving forward, not the copycat firm at the back of the market just reacting to other companies marketing movements.  This is a forward thinking manouver, placing GiffGaff where the market will go inevitably in the near future and securing that position early and the market share that goes with it.


But most imporantly of all.... it will make me happy and as a valued customer, promoter of GiffGaff and general good guy I think that carries some weight.  :smileywink:

Status: Under Consideration
This idea has been set to Under Consideration, as it's something we want to do but can't start working on just yet. We've created a request to find out how many members want this across the base and what they would be happy to pay for extra data. Thanks for posting and for your support.
I think it would be better and much easier if you could buy a goodybad like you can buy tariffs on o2 and freebeez on Vodafone. By dialling the top up number, you should be able to have the choice.of buying a goodybag with your airtime credit. This would be a great idea and I think it should be considered as it would be more accessible for other user.

New idea

Status: New Idea
by mizan337 on ‎20-07-2014 02:14
How about giffgaff offers this. FAMILY ACCOUNT
Where you can have 2-3 sims and 2-3 sim uses the same goody bag. The cost of the goody bag (giffgaff can set that) this way it will allow family to use more giffgaff
More use means more profit for giffgaff

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