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GoodyBags for Eccentrics

Status: New Idea
by fennesz on ‎17-04-2015 11:03

The incremental offerings from GiffGaff are heavily weighted toward internet volume. 

Couldn't we have an option that's weighted the other way? Something like 1000 minutes, and 1 Gig internet, (texts as per the current offerings)? 


I need more telephone minutes. Currently, to get 1000 minutes I have to double my current cost from £10 to £20, and get 4 extra Gigabytes of internet I won't use. I don't get near to using up my current 1 Gig.


Otherwise the GiffGaff setup suits me very well. Ultimately, though, this could turn into a deal breaker.

My idea is to allow free giffgaff to giffgaff calls regardless of if you have topped up your phone with a credit card or if you have topped it up with pre existing credit or previous payback.


I currently purchase my goodybags from my existing credit which is from my payback. However i recently noticed that my free giffgaff to giffgaff has expired presumably because i havent topped up using my own money, even though i purchase a new goodybag with my credit every month . I beleive that this shouldnt happen and free giffgaff to giffgaff should be allowed regardless of what you top up your phone with..


This has put me off using the community and helpng others because my payback is almost irrelivant because the majority of my friends are on giffgaff and instead of receiving this potential unlimited contact with them in having to use up my goodybag allowences.

goodybag for a non smartphone

Status: New Idea
by ali991 on ‎10-04-2015 12:39
There's a lot of people who don't use a smart phone
And I've realised that there's no goodybag for that. If they buy the for example £10 goodybag then the 1GB data will go to waste.
So there should be a goodybag without data just MINUTES AND TEXTS like for £10 1000 mins and unlimited texts

Checkbox when adding gigabag early

Status: New Idea
by acetech on ‎05-04-2015 15:27
This is not so much for me but I feel it would help other, especially newer members or those running out of data while on a goodybag for the first time.

My idea is pretty simple and is to add a checkbox which MUST be ticked before you can start a gigabag early with a clear message it will cancel their goodybag minutes and texts, something like:

Reminder: By purchasing this gigabag your current goodybag will be cancelled, thetefore if you also need calls and texts then purchase a goodybag instead" (with "goodybag" being a link to the goodybags)

Then have a checkbox that says "I understand" which needs to be checked otherwise the gigabag cannot be added.

This would help to prevent threads such as this one (and several others that I have seen in the help & support section):

Please add kudos if you support this idea.

I propose a much cheaper gigabag with substantially less data than the current ones or potentialy similarly priced gigabags that last for much longer. Possibly 3 or 6 months. The idea is for them to be a solution for independent machine to machine devices.


Some background...

There is this thing being talked about called the 'internet of things', it's proper name is machine to machine, or M2M for short and it's an IP based system for connecting things to the internet or networks. Currently and over the next year there'll be a lot of these things being made, soime by large companies and some by people in garages. This is a video from a current Kickstarter campaign from, some other companies such as GPS chipset manufacturer ublox have products out now too



Things like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino have really taken off in a big way and enabled many people to engage in home made electronics, both hardware and software. M2M is the next logical progression of that and is guaranteed to be a big deal but currently mobile data plan wise there's nothing for customers that don't have a dedicated financial team to organise enterprise contracts. The big three networks already have wholesale enterprise M2M solutions for large scale companies (and lots of info on M2M)


That is the background in a nutshell.


The proposal?

To be the first UK no contract MVNO to offer something for independent and small scale M2M makers and users. There is literally nothing like this currently on the UK market.


Why so little data?

Internet connected M2M devices don't use much data and nor do they necesarrily need a constant connection. They send bytes of data (tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny amounts), it'll just be something like a line of code or a geolocation, quite literally just a few bytes of data. There's no need for a gigabag with 500mb because approximately 499.9999.........mb would be left unused each month. A far smaller gigabag or one that lasts a helluva lot longer would tempt a lot of people...I say a lot but that's relative.


Is it right for giffgaff and why not use PAYG

PAYG is good but has odd pricing and isn't really for that. A product line that is geared specifically towards M"M and the internet of things is both enabling, simple to understand and sends a great brand message that giffgaff are a forward thinking company concerned with morte than mere mobile phones. It says 'this is the future and we want to get in on the ground floor'. (apologies if that sounds hyperbolic, I feel dirty having just written that).


I am by no means an expert in M2M, what the data needs are or what specifically would make an enticing plan but flexible data costs starting RIDICULOUSLY LOW and with as little maintenance as possible sounds good to me.



Honestly? Not gonna be a big seller or make a whole lot of money but it won't lose money. The amount of people doing this on a scale that would need an cheap MVNO are are going to be extremely low buit are only going to grow.



Getting in super early and offering something before there is even a demand for it. Brand wise it's a huge differentiator and opens up giffgaff to hardcore technical enthusiasts. And you can have a page on the website about the internet of things and how giffgaff are an MVNO with ambitions to facilitate that.

Just a suggestion, I think that you should be able to customise goodybags or alter the current ones to suit your needs... For example, I make the most of my unlimited texts so therefore I would keep them... But minutes, I use about 20 if not less, minutes out of a whopping 500 minutes, so I think I should be able to reduce the amount of minutes I get & increase the amount of data I get...
Hope this makes sense...

expand gigabag

Status: New Idea
by 1997m on ‎16-03-2015 20:31
I've noticed there's only 2 gigabags available ( £5-500mb and £7.50-1gb)
If you look at the goodybags there's 6 (3G) goodybags and 3 (4G) goodybags
So my idea is
There should be more gigabags avaliable. And change the price for gigabags and make it little bit cheaper so it fits in with the goodybags.

£5 - 1GB
£7.50 - 2GB
£10- 3/5GB
£15 - 6/10GB
My main point is that there's only 2 gigabags and 9 goodybags
So there should be more gigabags avaliable at a low price
Atleast add another 1/2

teen goodie bag

Status: New Idea
by anniepop on ‎12-04-2015 12:34


You should ask all teen to say how much many calls and texts and dataer them make a teen bag

Long serving member discount

Status: New Idea
by jdonnelly15 on ‎20-01-2015 14:34

I think that people who are with giffgaff for extended periods, (e.g, 3+years) should start to see some discounts. For example, for each year you are with gg you will recieve 1% discount. I just think because you see people leaving in forums and it seems only the people that are helping are getting payback, when in fact some people are not technically gifted therefore have not got the capaabilities to help on the community, even though they value gg as much as the VIP's?

Pick and Mix Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by james2mid on ‎09-01-2015 22:47
I think it would be a really good idea for Giffgaff to do a sort of pick and mix Goodybags so you can pick how many minutes, texts, and Internet you need each month.

So for example, I'm on the £15 4G Goodybag which gives me 3GB of 4G data, which is really nice; the only problem with this is that i have 500 minutes and unlimited texts which I never use. In a month, I'll use at most 50 minutes and around 200 texts (I iMessage mostly) which means that quite a lot of that £15 is wasted. As you can probably guess, this Goodybags for me is only because of the large amount of fast internet it allows for.

Obviously it's okay for Giffgaff because they get more money, but it the sake of their customers, implementing something like this would be fantastic and perhaps being in a load of new customers.

Giffgaff simcard size options....

Status: New Idea
by 147brian21573 on ‎22-03-2015 08:54
I don't know if this has been brought up before or whether it's been done but just incase it hasn't.....

For people ordering new simcards to join Giffgaff, instead of being unsure whether your phone takes a standard, micro or nano sim, why not have a drop down menu where the person ordering their sim can select their phones model number and giffgaff automatically detects what simcard is required and sends that out to them so it saves possibly delays for the person joining - they might accidentally choose the wrong size sim thinking that they thought their phone accepted a particular size sim and saves waiting a few more extra days for the right one...

i think it would be good if you could buy your minutes, texts and data individualy as well as goodybag for example i use very few minutes a lot of texts and alot of data so i could buy a few minutes ulimited data and texts kudo if you think its a good idea

top up £5

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by saadiyahk on ‎06-05-2014 14:47
Hi, this is a little idea.
The minimum top up is £10 so maybe giffgaff should let us top up £5. I'm a light user and don't need much of anything. So being able to top up £5 would be nice.
Status: We’re Looking Into It
We're going to look into this Idea and check if the same financial constraints which stopped us from doing this before are still a blocker for this. Thanks for re-raising and the amazing support this Idea has received.

Goodybag purchase SMS

Status: New Idea
by zaacccjohnston17 on ‎02-04-2015 18:57
(I'm not sure if there is a current post like this but if there is I cannot find it)

I think there should be an option to be able to send a text (SMS) to a certain number ( like the Giffgaff minutes & such) to be able to purchase a goodybag rather than signing in through the Giffgaff site.. I know the GG site is Zero-rated allowing access without data - but for instance, in my household there are 5 people on GG & because they're not very good with computers or the Internet, I have to log into their accounts and purchase their goodybags for them.. I've tried showing them several times how to do this but each time they either purchase the wrong item or cannot do it... Therefore I think you should be able to to send an SMS like so to be able to purchase goodybags:


this would make so much sense & would make life a lot easier... And as Giffgaff state, "We're all the boss!" So let's try making this happen!

i think we should receive our voicemails free with or without credit as long as you have topped up in the last 3 months, there is nothing more frustrating than missing a call and you have used up all your mins, i think this could give giffgaff another edge again in the market.

Status: We’re Looking Into It

[10th Feb 2015]: This idea has been set to 'We're Looking Into It'. 


Hi folks,


This is something we'd like to do, so we'll sit down with our technical architects to see what this will take. The good news is that most members get free voicemails calls with their free giffgaff to giffgaff minutes, it's only members who top up infrequently who will be affected. We would like to make it happen though since it's such a well supported idea, so we'll keep you in the know about any progress.


[A previous version of this update said that calls to voicemail were free with giffgaff to giffgaff. This is not the case - apologies for the error.]

Unlimited : Time to go capped ??

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎24-08-2014 01:44 - edited ‎27-08-2014 08:54

Idea.. to remove the unlimited goodybags and replace with capped allowances.
If you agree please support the idea


Original idea posted here for discussion and after great support

After reading many posts on the subject of the unlimited goodybags do you think it may be time to just call it a day ?

Giffgaff seems to be fighting  a losing battle with data chompers and have had to manage the data we have available for the members .

This has had the effect of slowing the available data to the members and after reading many many members complaints about very slow Internet speeds ( assuming it's giffgaffs traffic management) maybe we should just bite the bullet and have realistic capped allowance goodybags.

Yes I understand it's a thorny issue but surely it's better to have say the £10 1g / £12 3g bag and £15 5 gig bag etc with usable data as the new deal well it's just a patch up that won't fix the underlying issues and will come to a head again..
I think let's just remove the unlimited now and we can get on with a realistic capped data allowance that all users can use and not abuse


giffgaff is making an offer of 5GB for £15 which is £3 per GB.


This does not sit well where people are using unlimited at £15 and  then consuming 15 GB  for which they  are only paying £1 per GB.


That makes giffgaff a two teir service as all the low users pay the price of £3 or £4 per GB and so subsidise the heavy users who are only paying £1 per GB.


This is a good reason to get rid of "unlimited" and redistribute the data previously used by the heavy downloaders  to increase the capacity of the lower priced limited goodybags.


Pay for what you use is the only fair way to treat all giffgaf customers.


My worry is that we could lose giffgaff unless we have a realistic profit to product and losing the unlimited seems the best option to me





Group Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by 0450 on ‎23-02-2015 11:35

At home I have to manage four (phone) SIM contracts and a data contract for an iPad. It's a PITA.


It would be so good to be able to buy a monthly Goodybag of minutes and data which could be shared amongst all the various devices.


One billing point. One "account" to administer.


I can see some work for giffgaff as I'd need to be able to see that my daughter singlehandedly has used up 75% of the available group talk minutes for a particular month (as a random example) but I'd hope that the benefit of having all that paying traffic would outweigh such a minor pain.


And if I had a group plan, all future tablets would be cellular enabled ones too.


Go on giffgaff. Group Goodybags. They make sense!

4G trial bag with bigger allowance

Status: Implemented
by bluemoonbaz ‎07-06-2014 10:19 - edited ‎07-06-2014 10:23

Good morning

As I opted for the 4G trial goody bag I feel the 1 g allowance available to test the service is woefully inadequate .

We need around 4g to be able to fully test the service and then report back our finding to giffgaff.

If giffgaff carry on with only 1g trial bags the feedback will be not be a  true test as members cannot fully use the service due  to the  limitations in data available and thus the feeback will be of little use to giffgaff.


I understand giffgaff may have set plans in mind for full rollout but to test the service with only 1g is impossibly hard just doing speed test eats the data so if you agree please support this idea

Status: Implemented

[10th Feb 2015]: This idea has been set to 'Implemented'. 


Hi folks,


We've set this idea to Implemented because between November and January we did offer several 4G goodybags at a lower cost for members to test out the service at the same price as a 3G goodybag. While this wasn't strictly part of the 4G Trial this did also offer us very valuable insight into usage on larger goodybags, so it served a very similar purpose. 


Thanks for supporting the idea. We appreciate it.

There's a huge difference between £15 goodybag and £20 goodybag
£15- 500 mins unlimited texts and 5GB data
£20- 2000 mins unlimited texts and unlimited data
How does that work??????
So my idea is to change that goodybags.
If the £15 goodybag got 1000 mins unlimited texts and 10 gb data then it makes more sense
It would be really great
If there was a option where you can top up or buy goodybag/s using your PayPal account
I don't think it's a great idea (that's my opinion ) however it makes life easier for a lot of people
Do you think they should add an option where you can top up or buy goodybag/s using your PayPal?

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