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Share sims by balloon

Status: New Idea
by neilwin on ‎21-10-2014 02:05

I've thought of a novel way to spread Giffgaff... When GG send you out new sims to share they can also send some Giffagff balloons. You pop the sim card into an envelope and attach it to the balloon (once you've filled it with helium). A note in the envelope says something along the lines of,

"This is part of a social experiment. Please register your details on and let us know where you are and how you got this balloon and who the users name is. As thanks for doing this, register the attached sim card and recieve £5 worth of airtime credit!".

And then you release the balloon from your house. We will see how far the balloons got and maybe a prize could be offered to the user who gets the furthest away from home. 

Ok so I've had an idea for an advertising campaign that could either be used on television or the Internet. The slogan would be "it's time to be different " and the adverts would consist of someone or something doing something to break the mould. For example, I thought their could be one advert with a family on holiday somewhere abroad and the parents and eldest child all order something English like fish and chips. The youngest child maybe about 6 or 7 years old would then order the most exotic sounding thing on the menu as the rest of the family looked over mouths open in shock the "it's time to be different" slogan would appear on screen along with the GG logo and website. Another advert idea for the campaign I had would be a farmer struggling to train his sheep dog getting frustrated and annoyed calling the dog stupid as the dog just can't get its head around rounding up sheep. The farmer would then give up and walk away shaking his head at which point the dog would jump the fence into the next field and begin rounding up the cows. Then again the GG logo and website would appear on screen with the "it's time to be different " slogan. Obviously their is almost endless potential for scenarios for this campaign those were just examples of the kind of vibe I had in my head. I think this campaign could work as because it doesn't give much information about what it's actually advertising it will peak people's interest and intriguge them to have a look. It also portrays the fun atmosphere of GG. Thank you for your time let me know what you think

Hi all,


Giffgaff are being very coy about when 4G will be rolled out exactly. This is frustrating for anyone not in the 4G trial but whose goodybag expires at the beginning of November, and might wonder whether to get a 3G goodybag or hold out for a 4G one. 


So it would be really great if Giffgaff could offer a free 4G upgrade to anyone with a 3G goodybag, during the initial month of permenant 4G rollout.  This is a short term idea but I think worthwhile - it will give people greater certainty to people, especially given the lack of answers we are getting on when exactly 4G wil happen.  


Please kudos if you agree. This would need to happen relatively quickly if it's going to work. Thanks for reading :smileyhappy:

When applying to become a giffgaffer it needs to be made obvious when trying to reward the person who introduced you.
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Status: New Idea
by clod22 on ‎13-10-2014 21:19
I think we should be abe to add more minutes or internet if we run out before our date to top up as I usually run out but like the goodybag I choose just need some more minutes obviously pay for them but without buying a full new goodybag

Postage to overseas

Status: New Idea
by william_li on ‎12-10-2014 01:39
If tourists can order giffgaff sims overseas, it must help to giffgaff revenue.
Someone may concern postage fee.
Let the receiver pay the fee!!


Status: New Idea
by faris_hussain on ‎09-10-2014 21:15

Ok, we all know that Giffgaff and most of it's features and offers are to an extent 'unique' to this brand. Well, then as providers, and seeing as we have an influence, lets customise the 'net work run by US'. 


In terms of Goodybags, I think we'll all agree we need MORE data, so my idea is


£5 for 50 minutes, 200 texts, 500mb data

£7 for 100 minutes, 500 texts, 1GB data

£10 for 200 minutes, Unlimited texts, 3GB data

£12 for 500 minutes, Unlimited texts, 5GB Data

£15 for unlimited minutes, texts AND Data.


PLUS we should ask for cashback OR roll on for unused data, minutes and texts, so that if we dont use up all that we paid for that month, we can use it next month.



Also, I have improvements for the DATA ONLY options -

£5 for 5GB, £10 for 10GB, £15 for Unlimited Data. Again I think this would be great, especially for those who tether, or are unable to access wifi regularly.


Perhaps Giffgaff could introduce Minute only plans, for those who prioritise minutes over data and texts. Or maybe, they could create a Customisable package, where we would use sliders to select how many minutes, texts and data we need.  


Come on guys, lets get these ideas noticed! Thanks for reading, Happy giffgaffing! :smileyvery-happy:


top up £5

Status: New Idea
by micamica123 on ‎09-10-2014 19:58
It would be really good
If we could top up £5 rather £10
If it gets changed to £5 am sure more people will top up



i have had a look in the FAQ section and also a quick search of the site and cant find any obvious published guide on buying, and returning phones.


for example:


offers no details on what garentee comes with the phone, or what to do if its faulty or distance selling laws


if you click on 'get your phone the giff gaff way' it takes you here:


again nothing about what support you will get


if you click on ask a agent there is no option about new phones that i can see again this might be a issue with a faulty phone or late delivery


it would be good if the website could be updated to include clear links to this infomation



"Is GiffGaff Cheaper? Button

Status: New Idea
by fmountford on ‎29-09-2014 13:55

I have just been looking at the article below and loved it particuarly at the table outlining the fact that buying outright is cheaper, its an excersise i do before making a phone purchase.


I thought it would be great for GG to produce a calculator, so that cusotmers can key in their current or top 3 packages they are researching such as initial phone cost, Mins, Texts and Data and automatically calculates the tarrif cost and 12 & 24 month total cost, it can then automatically include the equvalent purchase of a giffgaff phone and goodybag.


A link or button called "Is GiffGaff Cheaper?" or similar could be included on every phone detail page or a simple static table with 3-4 illustrations


We kind of do this for the PAYG side of things with comparisons to the other major networks but maybe also be put on the goodybag pages too.


Customer Service.

Status: New Idea
by seantad1999 on ‎26-09-2014 17:45
giffgaff should have a customer service that we can ring if were having problems. It would benefit me and maybe others because when I contact an agent, I can't always understand text writing. It would be great idea if giffgaff were able to do this. Thanks :smileyhappy:

Option to have an business line

Status: New Idea
by coleslaw123 on ‎25-09-2014 04:26
At present there are no business line options for existing customer. I currently need a business telephone line and need to go to another provider for this service something which I would prefer not to do.
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Offer the Sharp Aquos Crystal for sale

Status: New Idea
by mburv on ‎22-09-2014 21:41

I was just thinking, i'd love to purchase one through giffgaff and i'm sure others would too!


The handset has a premium edge to edge look but a down to earth cost. I think it would be perfect for the budget concious giffgaffers out there, and people who just want something different.


Sharp haven't announced plans to release it outside of Japan or the US yet, but maybe giffgaff could strike up a relationship with Sharp in order to bring the phone over to the UK. Possibly it could even become a giffgaff exclusive!


Aquos Crystal on the official Sharp US website:


Birthday special

Status: New Idea
by william_li on ‎19-09-2014 19:24
If giffgaff offer something special eg free mobile data a day, a birthday card on user's birthday or giffgaff birthday, would it make customers feel warm?
They may feel giffgaff do care them or think giffgaff gives them surprises.

Student discount

Status: New Idea
by tomgrant95 on ‎19-09-2014 18:47
not sure how viable this is but a lot of people I know on GiffGaff are students, and the brand seems to be marketed towards the younger, more tech savvy market, and while it seems to be popular enough, a student discount would definitely drum up more business

Community Resources

Status: New Idea
by deanljbirch on ‎08-09-2014 13:35

Although giffgaff provide us with a selection of banners to use within the community, however, these are really generic. There's also a seperate page to access useful documents (Spread giffgaff).


As a website and graphic designer I have to create a variety of banners for clients. Quite recenctly I've started designing some for the giffgaff community (see here) and will continue to do so to assist my fellow users.


It would be ideal if giffgaff could create a section on the community to allow users to add they're designs for others to use. It would also be ideal if giffgaff could produce/provide some resources such as logos and psd files.


Hope i can gain some backing,

Deano :smileyhappy:


Why not check out my other ideas?

Thanks for having the time to check out my idea,

Deano :smileyhappy:

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Open GiffGaff, Power of Community

Status: New Idea
by milestone1 on ‎07-09-2014 14:39
Can giffgaff tell us directly how much each "unit" as in call minute, text and data costs them.
We know they are charged for traffic, line rental etc and then there's upkeep costs and also people have to be paid.
We all know that people need to make a living, there's no shame in that, we are happy to pay those people through our contribution.
So, how about we use the power and skill of this community to advance this network and service provision as a whole.
We already get money off for contributing here....
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For new customers

Status: New Idea
by ccm121 on ‎31-08-2014 18:29
Send out a goodbag with their sim to welcome them to giffgaff, have car stuff or whatever, then you will be able to advertise through your customers as well as reward them for joining and being with giffgaff :smileyhappy:
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Have work goodybag(s)

Status: New Idea
by ccm121 on ‎31-08-2014 17:48
Goodybags should be all about the people whether it be for work or personal use, the work side doesn't require data, just minutes and maybe texts dependant on what they do so the idea is why not give the countries workforce a chance at trying something new, a goodybag selection designed for them.

Mobile data

Status: New Idea
by ccm121 on ‎31-08-2014 17:44
I see people in the forums asking about how to teather and use their personal hotspot so why not join the mobile data side of things, start it off at 3gb, 5gb, 9gb a month and see how it goes as a trial basis, give the people what they would like, because it saves their phone data and gives them the opportunity to use their data on the go or for their devices in the home.

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