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New £5 Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by theste123 on ‎27-08-2014 23:40



It would be great if the data was just a little bit higher on the £5 goodybag. The 20MB that is offer on the goodybag is very low and even for every light users of mobile data, you can very easy burn right through that. I think the texts and minutes are just find, but I think the data needs to be 50mb or 100mb for this day and age.


What do you guy/gals think ??


Family Goodybags.

Status: New Idea
by trainedspider on ‎26-08-2014 15:33
Could Giffgaff add a family goody bag which allows multiple SIM cards and multiple credit and/or debit cards to be added to one account.
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Xperia T3

Status: New Idea
by pbaumann on ‎26-08-2014 00:28
Being able to buy The Sony Xperia T3 on giffgaff.
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Status: New Idea
by alexmm on ‎22-08-2014 15:54

I guess in 2014 we all are cursed by our dependency on WhatsApp, skype, emails, etc.


Don't you think it would be a great idea if giffgaff joined what major phone netwoks already do and offered roaming data bundles?


We do need affordable data fees when going abroad!


Top up £5 rather than £10

Status: New Idea
by cyclejackson on ‎19-08-2014 15:45
Minimum top up should be £5 not £10
Giffgaff needs to change that

£7.50 goodybag edit

Status: New Idea
by theditchman on ‎07-08-2014 16:13
I think it would be good if the £7.50 goodybag had more data in it. I use quite a bit of data but not too much, but 250 is not enough. Maybe put the mins down to 150 and keep the texts the same but for the 50 less mins, put in another 200 MB of data. I know giffgaff have been having problems with data usage but the more people they bring in, the more money they can spend on making the network able to handle more data. --Theditchman

Top up £5

Status: New Idea
by 78697 on ‎07-08-2014 04:50
We should be able to purchase £5 airtime credit rather than £10 (minimum).


Me as the voice-over guy on Voicemail :)

Status: New Idea
by flaxvert on ‎06-08-2014 13:03

It has been suggested in this thread Click Here About getting a member to be the voice of giffgaff on the voice mail and other menus side of things on this inetwork run by us.  I did the voice over in the video as well as many other vids already. We are not too sure if this is definitely possible or not but I've been asked by a couple of peeps to drum up support :smileyhappy: Please let me know your thoughts and kudos if you think it would be a 'marvellous'  idea! Cheers,




 (From the link)


When logging in to top up, I go to the 'my giffgaff' page. I want to simply buy a goodybag, not top up with credit. It isn't completely obvious as a newcomer how I would do that, at least since the website revamp. The tab that says 'top up' takes you to the relevant page but there should be a separate tab on this page that says 'purchase goodybag (via credit/debit card/converting balance)' or something similar.

This is a very small and fussy sounding idea but it is part of a communications problem that giffgaff have never really fully cracked, namely the relationship between credit and goodybags. From the forum it is clear many people still seem to think for example that topping up the necessary amount will give you the benefits of a certain priced goodybag without actually converting the credit, or that by selecting a goodybag you keep the credit for additional payg credit.

name the goody bags

Status: New Idea
by lawarcbur79 on ‎30-07-2014 12:44

why not name the goodybags, heres my idea for names:


£5  hockey cockey (thats what it is called anyway)

£7.50 tango

£10 bhangra

£12 calypso

£15 disco

£20 salsa


all the above is names of dances so there is a link to why there called that, just think it could add a bit of fun and might be easier for some to have a name for there goodybag other than the price because it stands out a bit.

also to buy goodybags with your airtime credit texting the name of the goodybag you want then it's deducted from your airtime credit, this could also simplyfy things, cause it can be a bit of a hassle buying a goodybag with certain phones in certain places.


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Although people like the quirkiness of giffgaff a more professional name could be put in place perhaps to build the network up into a supposedly global rock. Giffgaff has the potential to be on the same level and top networks and could run itself and become independent. A change of name may spark this?
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Hi giffgaff, just an idea for you, when the new term is about to begin at all the UK universities why not organise an advertising and marketing / recruiting drive. Using agents to recruit teams of paid giffgaffers to be at the freshers week to promote all the benefits of being a giffgaffer. This could be rolled out UK wide for maximum advertising and marketing / recruiting. I have put together a full advertising and marketing / recruiting idea from start to finish with all the finer details covered. If there is any interest from either giffgaff or agents then get in touch. I'm positive that you would like too hear the full details. Jason_Kemp.

Charge to keep goody bag when roaming.

Status: New Idea
by andy_waters on ‎20-07-2014 13:58

To elaborate on a post about using goody bags in the EU when the new laws come in, i think that the use of goodybags should be allowed in the EU for free, and when travelling further afield (for example USA, Brazil, AUS etc.). you can keep your goodybag for a set charge per day or per week. For example to keep your goody bag abroad £1/day and £5/week. I think this would be welcomed greatly by the community esplecially by people, such as myself, who travel quite often.


Thanks very much, hope this is considered.



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Shop Sims/Packets

Status: New Idea
by littleswany on ‎18-07-2014 16:27



So my idea is that giffgaff provide sim packages for members or giffgaff to give to shops to either sell or give away alongside posters advertizing the prices and goodybags. If the members gave the sims to the shop it would enable the members to get more payback and to get more people to join giffgaff.

I have seen other networks using this just to sell sims and it would make getting hold of a giffgaff sim a lot easier if you loose your sim and have to get a replacement.


I hope you like the idea!!


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online giffgaffers

Status: New Idea
by sahib12 on ‎18-07-2014 15:40
How about giffgaffers to be the agents that help with things like blocked internet access and so on. Smiley face if you like. :-)
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Status: New Idea
by sahib12 on ‎18-07-2014 15:24
I've got an idea that giffgaff should use a signal booster and use it on o2 masts. It would say“ giffgaff by Telefonica ". If giffgaff manages to boost their 3g signal, it would be a lot more good for people with 2g signals. I know it costs too much but its a good thing for internet access.
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"Woohoo that text/call was free" - or somthing different - YOUR choice

Status: New Idea
by timwilliams25 ‎15-07-2014 06:16 - edited ‎15-07-2014 06:17

It's great that giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts are free (subject to having topped up within a 3 month period) and personally, I like the notification saying the text is free (I know many do not like the notification).


My idea if that there are variations on the notification you get from giffgaff saying the text or call was free.  This would allow members to select from a variety of text message notifications to suit their own personalty/circumstances.  As we're all the BOSS, it could be good to give a little more control on the notifications you receive.


I would suggest that giffgaff could come up with possibly 5-10 notification message options for members to choose from and members could alter these by the normal method of changing their preferences


The standard default option could remain as "Woohoo that call/text was free"


It could also be good if members could input their own message - this could be a good way of getting others to join giffgaff as they could get a silly message they have typed in, appearing each time they send a text or call someone else on giffgaff. 


It would be important that if people wrote their own notification that they are made to tick/check a box saying they take responsibility for any issues that arise from any offensive comments they may add to the notification and the notification is self generated and not the view or opinion of giffgaff etc etc


IF people would like to comment on my idea that would be great to gauge interest and support and if you think it is good, then please do click the KUDOS button.


IF you have suggestions of what the notification could be, please include in your reply posting.  Any changes to the notifications could be implemented after a survey of members as to their preferred range of notification message.



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Status: New Idea
by technokiller on ‎13-07-2014 09:37
I think we all should be able to pay with PayPal it would be much easier, simple and safe, what do you think?

International Calls

Status: New Idea
by lapourides on ‎08-07-2014 12:44
I thought this would be a good idea as i've heard EE will be introducing this in August.
For £5 extra per month they will give you unlimited minutes to all EU destinations, mobiles and landlines included.

If this isnt possible for giffgaff they could possibly add a £5 extra bundle and have the minutes to come out of your goodybag allowance perhaps.

O2 Offer silly packages such as 180 mins etc but if you were to offer something as i said above you would be well ahead in the game :smileywink:

Third Party Questionnaires For Payback

Status: New Idea
by bhenson on ‎08-07-2014 10:19

Giffgaff already award payback for completion of quizzes aimed at building your knowledge of giffgaff why not expand this concept to include third parties?


Giffgaff would simply need a dedicated forum for questionnaires from third parties (e.g. external companies, wanting information from what is quite a broad demographic of GG users).  Giffgaff are paid to list/administrate the questionnaires by the external companies and then members are rewarded for completing the questionnaires, with payback. 


Like I said, the technology and 'know-how' already exists for this - the GG quizzes system is already able to attribute payback, know that someone has successfully completed the quiz etc.


This would be non-intrusive (no pop-ups, you only answer the questionnaire if you want to) and it's win-win for all parties:


Third party - gets reliable data that is consensually provided

Giffgaff - receives income from third parties for hosting questionnaires

Members - receive payback for completing optional questionnaires


Giffgaff strikes me as a company that listens to its customers - so why not give us a bigger platform to shout from? :smileylol:


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