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Seasonal Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by pbaumann on ‎21-11-2014 17:53
I think that Holiday Goodybags would be great as everyone uses more free data and calls at Summer, Christmas and New Years.

tailored goodybags

Status: New Idea
by presty101 on ‎21-11-2014 08:09
Could giffgaff please think about the option of members being able to tailor goody bags for people like me who only use 50 mins of a 500 min unlimited net goody bag

Say when a user has the option to top up via a goody bag set a price for unlimited texts and Internet the have the option to add for example

Unlimited net and txts would be set at £12
The have the option to add
50 mins for £2
100 mins for £2.50
200 mins for £3
300 mins for £3.50

I do use unlimited data and txts but not allot of minutes

Please think and vote on my idea this could bring more customers in if you could tailor bags as allot of people still pay for things they don't use via contracts and other networks
You guys set out to be different but are slowly becoming mainstream as you say let the members run the network"so to speak"

I would like it if you sold an internet dongle to connect via a data gigabag sim so that we can use our laptops in non wifi zones. I know little about these I'm afraid, so would probably just buy the one that GG sold! Maybe a 3G and a 4G model?


text goody bag top up

Status: New Idea
by lkenny82 on ‎20-11-2014 22:57
Hi, wouldn't it be a great idea to text your top up. My grand parents dont use computers and dont have WiFi. They cant text and use a mobile but 'don't do internet'. They would have to buy a top up and were unable to buy a goody bag as they don't know much about email or the web. They would really benefit from the ease of a text and as Giffgaff such a great offer you could attract the older generation without the fear of technology and the world wide web in there way, not everybody has WiFi at home alot of people are without we take it for granted but it would make the network alot more accessible to others.
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match Vodafone Euro Traveller

Status: New Idea
by avish on ‎19-11-2014 12:03
Vodafone EuroTraveller
Take your UK minutes, texts and data abroad for just £3 extra a day.

We have all been stung when abroad and in need of map data, phone calls and texts. This then leaves a bitter taste. This Vodafone offer is spot on and had me thinking of moving for my holiday costs alone.

Hi everyone

Would you agree we need some videos to help Giffgaff Community issues. Do we have a single platform i.e. a youtube channel or other social media websites etc to share most common issues in Giffgaff community like Tips & Guides or Help & Support. I have checked the giffgaff channel on youtube not much there.

Can we make a thread and add members videos that were made to help the community so they can be collected under a single channel,
Eg a video made by a member like this Shouldn't this be added to Giffgaff youtube channel. Please add links here if you have more related videos

This would help Giffgaff in Market appeal too as to me this video helped a lot. Hope this Idea is taken overboard by GifGaff.:smileyhappy:


User made giffgaff advert

Status: New Idea
by stephenmiller on ‎08-11-2014 21:01

There have been a couple of attempts at making giffgaf videos, all revolving around talking heads reading a script spliced together. I have a different concept.


One reccuring theme of giffgaff is that members come from all walks of life; places like the top of Scotland to the most densely populated cities. From industrial, scientific, artistic and all other sorts of backgrounds and I finally figured out a way to showcase that diversity in an appealing and interesting way, through user submitted time lapse videos.


For the uninitiated here is a time lapse.


A Love Letter to Moab - Timelapse from Ron Risman on Vimeo.


The concept goes like this. Over a period of time encourage members to shoot time lapse video of anything that they want. Could be their home life, a cityscape, scenic / sky.or crowds moving through a city centre. This will be the basis of showing the lives, locations and experiences of the diverse userbase. Each scene may be accompanied by a caption showing the user and event or location + any specific details.


Time lapse can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it and the staff should have a try beforehand and share best practices as well as make resources (like ways to get HD video to giffgaff) available as well as some tutorials and app suggestions. Mobile phone cameras make it easy to record any kind of media so that's a no-brainer.


The cost will be in time predominately as staff should ideally evaluate time lapse solutions and apps that deliver the best results. Getting video to giffgaff can be done in a number of ways, there's Dropbox and but just a postal address to send a DVD to can be a lot less hassle.


The benefit and end result will be a unique snapshot of both UK life and the diverse giffgaff userbase; utilising the crowd and the widespread availability of technology to share the workload and making an unpredictable and unexpected viewing experience. Or at least I think so :smileyhappy:


Goodybag Renewal Text - Make it interesting!

Status: New Idea
by cab on ‎04-11-2014 17:43

The monthly 'your goodybag will expire on...' text is a really very dull creature. Its like its generated by a machine or something...


Now I'm not asking for an Oscar Wilde level of wit here, but wouldn't we all be more likely to read that text if it also contained a short quote or witticism? Am I asking too much if I suggest that amusing me might make me a better customer?


And if we can't have that, how about the goodybag renewal text containing some USEFUL information? Like, perhaps, giving me my average useage over the last three months (i.e. 'on average you have used xxx minutes, yyy texts and zzz data - we calculate this is the best goodybag for you' or 'you should switch to the £n goodybag!'?


giffgaff to sell dual sim phones

Status: New Idea
by 1hale on ‎04-11-2014 11:11
What with the surge in customer complaints about data speeds and the like why don't giffgaff import and sell dual we phones?

Not just for data problems but also for when going abroad frequently you can then keep your giffgaff sim for calls from UK and use slot two with a foreign sim for data and cheap calls.

Also if you do have a contract sim and a giffgaff sim bingo in same phone.

If you have a work phone and a personal phone bingo both in one phone.

If you frequently travel to parts of UK without giffgaff coverage have a second sim with coverage in same phone.

Well what you think?

So it has been annouced the new iPads which have come from the valley which have cellular capabilites will have a new sim which is pre-installed allowing you:

" The flexibility to choose from a variety of short and long term cellular data plans from select carriers, right from your iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3."


Now currently in the UK, EE is the only partner Apple has which is working with it so far. 


And now that giffgaff is recoginised i think its time giffgaff starts talking to Apple to bring these devices to the best mobile network in the UK.


That brings me on to my next point WIFI calling, Would it be possible for giffgaff to work with Apple to bring this to our network? WIFI calling only currently works on (you guessed it) EE. If we could get this working on our network this would be a huge leap forward in the Apple world and could make us a game changer in the UK Mobile Carrier market for Apple Devices. 


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Why not give a pass to cinema would make people join giffgaff just for that.

Phone points for payback this Xmas to buy phones

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎25-10-2014 21:59 - edited ‎27-10-2014 16:39

Phone points 


I think we should be able to use payback to buy phones this Xmas
It will be great for giffgaff and the members
It's a win win .


Yes you can use paypal but once people have the money in there bank it can be used up by bills and other needs 


We could possibly have an Phone exchange points against phones at a better deal for using your payback points and so not only do we as members but giffgaff get a better deal


giffgaff pay us payback points that we in turn use to buy a phone off giffgaff


So then either you add the extra with cash or buy the phone outright.


So say the phone  £200 


We could have points value price (maybe better offer as using payback)


You deduct the payback phone points


And the add the £££ to buy or take out the p2p ratesetter loan offer for the balance of the phone cost

* new payback phone points

* better price for using points

* use points to part pay or outright for phone purchase

* Ability to use points and the take a ratesetter loan for the balance



 If you consider this a good option and would like to support the idea give this idea kudos


 thank you






Share sims by balloon

Status: New Idea
by neilwin on ‎21-10-2014 02:05

I've thought of a novel way to spread Giffgaff... When GG send you out new sims to share they can also send some Giffagff balloons. You pop the sim card into an envelope and attach it to the balloon (once you've filled it with helium). A note in the envelope says something along the lines of,

"This is part of a social experiment. Please register your details on and let us know where you are and how you got this balloon and who the users name is. As thanks for doing this, register the attached sim card and recieve £5 worth of airtime credit!".

And then you release the balloon from your house. We will see how far the balloons got and maybe a prize could be offered to the user who gets the furthest away from home. 

Ok so I've had an idea for an advertising campaign that could either be used on television or the Internet. The slogan would be "it's time to be different " and the adverts would consist of someone or something doing something to break the mould. For example, I thought their could be one advert with a family on holiday somewhere abroad and the parents and eldest child all order something English like fish and chips. The youngest child maybe about 6 or 7 years old would then order the most exotic sounding thing on the menu as the rest of the family looked over mouths open in shock the "it's time to be different" slogan would appear on screen along with the GG logo and website. Another advert idea for the campaign I had would be a farmer struggling to train his sheep dog getting frustrated and annoyed calling the dog stupid as the dog just can't get its head around rounding up sheep. The farmer would then give up and walk away shaking his head at which point the dog would jump the fence into the next field and begin rounding up the cows. Then again the GG logo and website would appear on screen with the "it's time to be different " slogan. Obviously their is almost endless potential for scenarios for this campaign those were just examples of the kind of vibe I had in my head. I think this campaign could work as because it doesn't give much information about what it's actually advertising it will peak people's interest and intriguge them to have a look. It also portrays the fun atmosphere of GG. Thank you for your time let me know what you think

Hi all,


Giffgaff are being very coy about when 4G will be rolled out exactly. This is frustrating for anyone not in the 4G trial but whose goodybag expires at the beginning of November, and might wonder whether to get a 3G goodybag or hold out for a 4G one. 


So it would be really great if Giffgaff could offer a free 4G upgrade to anyone with a 3G goodybag, during the initial month of permenant 4G rollout.  This is a short term idea but I think worthwhile - it will give people greater certainty to people, especially given the lack of answers we are getting on when exactly 4G wil happen.  


Please kudos if you agree. This would need to happen relatively quickly if it's going to work. Thanks for reading :smileyhappy:

When applying to become a giffgaffer it needs to be made obvious when trying to reward the person who introduced you.
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Status: New Idea
by clod22 on ‎13-10-2014 21:19
I think we should be abe to add more minutes or internet if we run out before our date to top up as I usually run out but like the goodybag I choose just need some more minutes obviously pay for them but without buying a full new goodybag

Postage to overseas

Status: New Idea
by william_li on ‎12-10-2014 01:39
If tourists can order giffgaff sims overseas, it must help to giffgaff revenue.
Someone may concern postage fee.
Let the receiver pay the fee!!


Status: New Idea
by faris_hussain on ‎09-10-2014 21:15

Ok, we all know that Giffgaff and most of it's features and offers are to an extent 'unique' to this brand. Well, then as providers, and seeing as we have an influence, lets customise the 'net work run by US'. 


In terms of Goodybags, I think we'll all agree we need MORE data, so my idea is


£5 for 50 minutes, 200 texts, 500mb data

£7 for 100 minutes, 500 texts, 1GB data

£10 for 200 minutes, Unlimited texts, 3GB data

£12 for 500 minutes, Unlimited texts, 5GB Data

£15 for unlimited minutes, texts AND Data.


PLUS we should ask for cashback OR roll on for unused data, minutes and texts, so that if we dont use up all that we paid for that month, we can use it next month.



Also, I have improvements for the DATA ONLY options -

£5 for 5GB, £10 for 10GB, £15 for Unlimited Data. Again I think this would be great, especially for those who tether, or are unable to access wifi regularly.


Perhaps Giffgaff could introduce Minute only plans, for those who prioritise minutes over data and texts. Or maybe, they could create a Customisable package, where we would use sliders to select how many minutes, texts and data we need.  


Come on guys, lets get these ideas noticed! Thanks for reading, Happy giffgaffing! :smileyvery-happy:


top up £5

Status: New Idea
by micamica123 on ‎09-10-2014 19:58
It would be really good
If we could top up £5 rather £10
If it gets changed to £5 am sure more people will top up

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