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Sim Packaging / advertising

Status: New Idea
by talisker35 ‎26-02-2015 13:39 - edited ‎27-02-2015 14:24

Hi all,


Its fairly basic, but im sure you will get the idea without me explaining it.


The idea:

New packaging for sim cards as well as providing a means to advertise giffgaff sims & tariffs. This will also provide some basic information for any new members on useful information as well as provide a means for members to advertise / recruit members to giffgaff (simply add a few tabs to the packaging to make it into a desktop display stand)


Hope you like it.


New Packaging ver2.jpg


New Packaging 2.jpgAdvertising.jpg

(example desktop display stand)


Edited 27/02/15 to include further updates (all prices subject to change message & giffgaff run on the o2 network)

As non internet phones do not incur data charges is it not possible to devise tariffs for their phone minutes and texts cheaper than the airtime tariffs?

Birthday gifts

Status: New Idea
by usman_mahmood99 on ‎24-02-2015 17:26
When it is someone's birthday and they have been with giffgaff for a certain amount of time, they should be able to receive and incentive such as airtime credit or a birthday goodybag cointaining unlimited everything
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Take down Christmas decorations

Status: New Idea
by snaffalot on ‎19-02-2015 12:16

You can still see Christmas hats on icons on the dropdown menus when on the 'My giffgaff' and the Help pages of the website.  Is it time to take them down?  Or do you have to leave them up since it is after 12th night :smileywink:

4g goody bags

Status: New Idea
by thomaswoodvale on ‎07-02-2015 00:45
I know this may seem stupid but I think the 4g is expensive and this is why I'm on 3G with giffgaff never had no problems but couldn't afford to pay for the more expensive package for data I also think it would attract more to switch as its not the best 4g offers I can get on other providers
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Giffgaff for Whiff-Whaff!

Status: New Idea
by cathalmc ‎03-02-2015 15:46 - edited ‎03-02-2015 15:53


According to Boris, ping-pong was once named whiff-whaff and was first invented and played in England.


I suggest then that giffgaff could sponser the English ping-pong team, or run an ad campaign backing Whiff-Whaff.


Giffgaff for Whiff-Whaff!

Free *thing* of the week

Status: New Idea
by stephenmiller on ‎02-02-2015 23:48

A promotion where giffgaff give away free stuff to members! Like Orange Wednesdays but with phone stuff like paid apps, ebooks, music or something of that flavour.


Games like the Brilliant Vector (link) are pretty cheap as it is at 69p so if a deal can be worked out with the developer to offer it somehow, could be that giffgaff pay the developer full price or, say, 50%. 69p x 1,000 = £690, which is a pretty small investment but more success = more expense so there's that.


Other options are that there's free stuff out there so a curated selection works too. For instance Cory Doctorow publishes all of his books under a creative commons license so they're free and no matter how good they are they're not widely known Promote one of his books (like this one) and give a download link and give him a kickback because you're feeling nice. Most game developers would be happy to offer a discount because all of their downloads are managed through something like the Play Store so for them it's a week of guaranteed income from giffgaff for no work at all.


It's sort of like an Orange Wednesdays klind of deal, although giffgaff don't have much leverage to broker a deal with Cineworld they can do something with mobile developers, indie publishers and musicians



Dependent on content, some creative commons content would be free but it's good form to give the creator a bit  of money. Apps could range from the hundreds to the thousands but it's not necessary to have a consistent price; you have a huge week with something like Pocket Casts then for the next month you cheap out with audiobooks and ebooks from Noisetrade . It could come out of the marketing budget unless they've already spent their years budget on TV adverts.



A giffgaff USP focused on mobile and giving value and perks to members. Could in time become a selling point in its own right. Nice spot on the homepage with This Weeks Free Thing!, having something free on your homepage is always good. Gives people an excuse to tweet about giffgaff if they can tweet about the free stuff you can get on it.



Could end up just being a money sink so wrth running a trial first. The more popular it is the more it could potentially cost and I don't have a plan on how this is going to generate any income in anything but the long term if it becomes established.

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personalised greetings

Status: New Idea
by jamese641 on ‎01-02-2015 12:18
I know it's been suggested before but I think it should be given another chance.

Giffgaff top up cards

Status: New Idea
by andrearourke69 on ‎25-01-2015 01:52
why can we not have a giffgaff top up card along with our ordered sims or have the ability to register an O2 top up card to top up our accounts?<br>Not everyone likes to use cards, but the only current way to top up via cash is to faff about with a voucher, baring in mind that O2 vouchers only come in £10, £15, £20, £25. No good if your goodybag is £12 Or £18

Long serving member discount

Status: New Idea
by jdonnelly15 on ‎20-01-2015 14:34

I think that people who are with giffgaff for extended periods, (e.g, 3+years) should start to see some discounts. For example, for each year you are with gg you will recieve 1% discount. I just think because you see people leaving in forums and it seems only the people that are helping are getting payback, when in fact some people are not technically gifted therefore have not got the capaabilities to help on the community, even though they value gg as much as the VIP's?

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4G Gigabags

Status: New Idea
by muzs1 on ‎13-01-2015 23:36
We need gigabags with more data and 4G.
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giffgaff should market Northern Ireland more, it is getting more and more popular over here and that is only via word of mouth, if there was a store or maybe a marketing team set up over in the centre of Belfast it would get a lot more people using the network.

giffgaff ....

Status: New Idea
by jamese641 on ‎10-01-2015 19:55
Should sponsor 'The Returned' when channel 4 show it this year! :-)

Pick and Mix Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by james2mid on ‎09-01-2015 22:47
I think it would be a really good idea for Giffgaff to do a sort of pick and mix Goodybags so you can pick how many minutes, texts, and Internet you need each month.

So for example, I'm on the £15 4G Goodybag which gives me 3GB of 4G data, which is really nice; the only problem with this is that i have 500 minutes and unlimited texts which I never use. In a month, I'll use at most 50 minutes and around 200 texts (I iMessage mostly) which means that quite a lot of that £15 is wasted. As you can probably guess, this Goodybags for me is only because of the large amount of fast internet it allows for.

Obviously it's okay for Giffgaff because they get more money, but it the sake of their customers, implementing something like this would be fantastic and perhaps being in a load of new customers.


Status: New Idea
by atheodorou on ‎30-12-2014 13:44

I'm currently paying £15 a month for 5GB of (4G) data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. The biggest problem for me (and many others) is that I use more data than I do calls. I use at most, 200 minutes of calls a month. I'd much rather sacrifice 800 minutes for unlimited internet and a cheaper tarriff. The old £12 3G tarriff was 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data. Bring it back!!! even if it was £13 a month I'd much rather have that tarriff and have unlimited internet and lower calling minutes than a mountain of calling minutes which I'll never use and a constantly exceeded data allowance.

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I'm starting out recruiting people to Giffgaff, and I like to have leaflets to give them. Unfortunately, there's only one leaflet currently, showing only the £12 Goodybag. It's a great deal, but it's not for everyone. I'd like a leaflet that points out some of the other Goodybags on offer, ideally the £10, £12, £15, and £18 ones, which I think will be the most popular and attractive. The flyer could be an A4 sheet containing all this information easily and clearly. I'd also be interested in using the back of the same sheet, perhaps with information on how to switch to Giffgaff, how to transfer your number, and an explanation and link to the support forums community.

GiffGaff Store

Status: New Idea
by barryt12 on ‎23-12-2014 10:09
Do you think it would be something that would actually come in to action at some point? It would be good seeing stores around I think it would also be helpful for those who want to pickup a sim straight away and be able to find out information there and then. Has this been discussed before? It would be a great implementation

new Giffgaff online shop

Status: New Idea
by amylathan69 on ‎21-12-2014 06:00
Hello everyone :smileyhappy:
I know Giffgaff tried to sell Giffgaff items in the past but it didn't take off but with the advent of giffgafff phone sales maybe it's time for a new giffgaff store.
We can locate the phone we now sell in the store and and further items
Phones cases
Screen protectors
And other giffgaff branded promotional items such as;

As we all ready have a market now with phone sales this is a perfect time to try again.

If you think this a reasonable item please offer your support.
Via kudos.

New giffgaff online store

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎16-12-2014 23:46 - edited ‎16-12-2014 23:54

Hi all I know we tried to sell giffgaff items in the past but it didn't take off but with the advent of giffgafff phone sales maybe it's time for a new giffgaff store .

We can locate the phone we now sell in the store  and and further items

Phones cases

Screen protectors

And other giffgaff branded promotional items

As we all ready have a market now with phone sales this is a perfect time to try again

If you think this a reasonable item please offer your support
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Please implement one account per member rather than per SIM so those members with multiple SIMs (probably a fair proportion) only have to login once to manage all their SIMs...this would especially appeal to business users.

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