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Free Samaritans Calls

Status: New Idea
by willumhardy on ‎20-04-2014 19:17



I think that calls to the Samaritans should either be free, or covered as part of my minutes plans. This sort of gesture could save lives, my own included.



my idea about payback

Status: New Idea
by 786asim786 on ‎15-04-2014 14:55

i was thinking instead off giff gaff paying you back with credit bonuses why wouldnt we be able to have like a fund acount were you can save up and maybe iff you have enough buy a phone with the payback wouldnt this be great also it would make users want to use the comunity more trying to earn back more payback points and also the user would be able to have a new phone compliments from giff gaff 

post your replies what do you think ??


Guide to Spread giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by derrylynne on ‎14-04-2014 14:53

I have tried to spread the word about giffgaff using both Social Media and my own busy blog site. However. What I want to get across is the £10 Goodybag. It's a good deal. And I am sure many would be tempted by the offer of no contract, 500 minutes to landlines and mobiles, unlimited texts, and 1gb of data for £10. Can we have posters to put on our webpages and blogs, and links to put that message across on our social media?

Retired people like me (along with many others on a fixed budget) want good value for their money.


A lot of us also have large extended families, who we want to keep in touch with, but the younger ones all lead such busy lives that sometimes it's not easy to find time to talk everyday.


When everyone in the group has giffgaff a quickly sent text message - at any time of the day - lets the recipient know they're being thought of, or passes on an update, until we can talk again... and all for free!

You can't get any cheaper than that!


If there is to be another campaign targeted at a specific group I would suggest this one would benefit all of us. 


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We have no shortage of talent.


What would advertise any company better than people watching the advert knowing it was entirely people using that company who appeared in the advert & not some paid puppet actors brought in for the shoot?

A new phone is now available.

Called "The Brick" it costs around £30 and is completely sim free.

It looks and feels like the old "brick" phones of the 80's but with modern features:

MP3 player,
SD card slot,

BUT no internet.

Specs include:

14 hours talk time and a whopping 1 month standby.

A cool feature of this phone is that without a sim card inserted you can use it as a Bluetooth hands free headset for any Bluetooth enabled device such as a smart phone.

To see more look

I feel this phone "should" be offered for sale in the giffgaff phone shop.

What do you think?

Kudos this idea if you agree and/or comment below.

Tariff - price plan

Status: New Idea
by j4mrk82 on ‎31-03-2014 15:32
Keeping calls free between giffgaff to giffgaff and also lowering the standard price of calling and texting to other networks e.g 3 network offering 3p per min and 2p text.
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Wearables not for sale

Status: New Idea
by alienator on ‎28-03-2014 12:31

Wearable tech is the future of mobile so I think it's about time GiffGaff seriously considered stocking this kind of kit. For instance, I want an S5, prefereably from GG but I also do a lot of running so want the Gear 2 aswell but if I want a package i'll have to go elsewhere at the moment :smileysad:

Also it won't be long before Google Glass is on the market - I just think it would be great if GG could become the onestop shop for all things mobile, not just phones.

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Payback Points for Community Ranks

Status: New Idea
by sadiqali96 ‎26-03-2014 14:32 - edited ‎26-03-2014 14:33

Hi there,

Hope this reaches you all in the best of satisfaction.


As community members must be aware, there is a rank system used by the giffgaff Community in which relays the how much you contribute. Each time your rank gets higher the more you contribute to the giffgaff community,


However, Taking into consideration the Band numbers and points received for contributing towards the community, I was thinking that  giffgaff should also include a reward system for community ranks,so whenever you are moved up a rank, you should be rewarded an extra 100 points for your contributions. In other words 100 points for each rank.



With regards


Imagine your current bag ends at the start of April, & the new 4G ones come out a day after. Its a month to wait before you can get a 4G one.

Even now its likely to be someone buying a goodybag will miss out on about the first two weeks of 4G.


The £15 bag has unlimited data, but would swap to the 2 gig of 4G


The tenner bag seems to be the same for both already anyway, but would avoid a wait.


I have not gone into detail, as its an idea to be discussed, so get discussing!


extend the ovivo offer to all networks

Status: New Idea
by mobilemax on ‎20-03-2014 18:19
ok ovivo mobile has gone bust and like many companies shut up shop and went into administration. so is life i say.

i don't understand why only introduce a new offer to grab only there customers to gg? why can't they extend the offer for a number of weeks offering if you transfer your number in from any network not just ovivo they get the same offer.

I've been thinking about the free gg-gg allowances that you get when you top up or buy a new goodybag via card.

At the moment you get 3 months free calls, texts and video calls for a minimum of a £10 voucher top up or by buying a £5 goodybag or gigabag via card, great right?

I've got this idea about getting 6 months free gg-gg allowances if you take your payback as credit :


It's been very popular and receives that much support that GG are looking into implementing it so it got me thinking of this idea.

How about the amount of time you get your free allowances be dependant on how much you top up? 

For example :


£10-3 months free gg-gg allowances

£20-4 months   ''         ''              ''

£30-5 months   ''         ''              ''


And so on if you see what I mean? 

Or they could just have a certain amount like if you top up over £50 or even £100 it gets you 6 months or even 12 months.

These figures are just an example to show what i mean for the purpose of the idea. Obviously it would be up to gg to set the rates if they liked the idea.


Benefits for members - more free allowances :smileyhappy:

Benefits for giffgaff - guaranteed income for up to a year if offered like the £100 deal :smileyhappy:


Or if they are going to implement my idea about payback taken as credit maybe, if this is popular, they could include this at the same time. 

Well thanks for reading and now it's over to you to have your say and if you like it then please show your support .

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giffgaff PLC

Status: New Idea
by diwatty on ‎11-03-2014 17:15

Times are changing.giffgaff has been running since late 2009 and has grown quite significantly. 


Now I think it would be a good move for giffgaff to become a PLC.


Think of the advantages: 

  • Members could buy a stake in GG
  • It would create money for giffgaff
  • It would put giffgaff on the map
  • Turn giffgaff into the "real deal" in investors eyes. 
  • Would increase the reputation of the company as a player and not just a MNVO

It would be a great way for giffgaff to head.



What do you think?




Payback through Facebook

Status: New Idea
by jeffreyg on ‎10-03-2014 13:58
This may be ambitious but you know we get payback through helping people in forums, why not extend it to Facebook.

Better Packaging making free £5 clear

Status: New Idea
by lee1871 on ‎08-03-2014 18:03 - last edited on ‎10-03-2014 12:01 by giffgaff Educator

Hi all recently I have been leaving sim cards in my local phone shop and barbers etc with a good response but the people who are seeing them don't know there getting £5 free credit when there activated what will entice people to taking 1. I think if giffgaff could put on the packaging a message saying 5£ free credit w ould get a lot more activations as people never turn down free money especially now. If anybody has anymore ideas how to recruit people please post and let me know thanks


Give the goodybags with 4G internet a different name

Status: New Idea
by bethanaaay ‎06-03-2014 12:17 - edited ‎07-03-2014 09:39

Hi everyone :smileyhappy:


Today, the 4G goodybags were announced in this blog post:


This idea is not about changes to the goodybags, but actually how they'll be marketed.


Giffgaff have created 4 goodybags that include 4G internet. These are priced at £10, £10, £12 and £15. These fall in line with the current 3G goodybags also priced at £10, £12 and £15.

However, they have different contents. For example, the 3G £10 goodybag curretly has 500 mins, unlimited texts and 1GB data. But the 4G £10 goodybag for non-existing members will have 250 mins, unlimited texts and 500MB data.

My thought was that this could soon become very confusing. As pointed out by @essie112mm the BB Add-On/Blackberry Plan situation has all become a bit complex recently, and it would be ideal to avoid the same problem again.


Idea: To market the 4G goodybags with a different name. We would have goodybags, gigabags and '4Gbags' (or something similar).


Cost: Not a lot, just a bit of thinking about it really :smileyhappy:


How it would help: It would mean that giffgaff newbies who don't regularly use the website don't get confused. Threads on Help & Support will be clearer making it easier to help those who need it without having to ask more questions.


Thanks :smileyhappy:



Name suggestions:

'Goodyb4gs' or 'Chattyb4gs' by @stevepritchard 

'Superbag' by @mattsmith100 

'Smartbag' by @essie112mm 

'4Gigabag' or '4Goodybag' by @bonzo123 

'Speedybags' by @root2 

Should sell dongles and mifi for people that like to travel places (3G 4G dongles) and people like prefer wireless internet instead of (DSL OR CABLE)
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giffgaff App Notifications

Status: New Idea
by sarahbanahnah on ‎02-03-2014 17:00

As you all may know, giffgaff has finally released their own App. I was wondering if they could make it better by allowing users to set instant notifications for various things, e.g. when someone replies to their subscribed threads, the member gets a Kudo, one of their answers is set the best answer or even when their balance is about to run out?

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superhelper programme

Status: Idea Vault
by aaabzx3 on ‎27-02-2014 00:44
why dont giffgaff make a superhelper programme so those who fulfill a certain criteria will be superhelper members and get more payback, like the super recruiter programme
Status: Idea Vault
Status: Idea Vault: This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.
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giffgaff made Mobile Phones

Status: Idea Vault
by sarahbanahnah on ‎26-02-2014 16:24

Hey Guys,


I was wondering if giffgaff could actually start making their own branded phones. I think that this would be a great idea and it would be a new start to 2014 for giffgaff?

Status: Idea Vault
Status: Idea Vault: This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.

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