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Annual members honours award re run

Status: New Idea
by bluemoonbaz on ‎15-04-2014 19:35



The giffgaff new years  honours thread should be an annual event 


but should be expanded into catogories

 so all the fabulous work can be recognised 


these can be chosen by the community for the community


ie  contributor  or members  technical improvement

facebook  twitter off topic

there is many options

but it would be a nice way for giffgaff to say thank you


original idea

Status: Implemented

Hey :smileyhappy: This was implemented along with our GAFFTAs - let's run it again if people enjoyed it?



this was implemented and ran once but this year we only had the gaffta awards

i think we should have it again what do you think ?

its a member run event so if you want it again speak out 



A longer msg reel in 'my giffgaff'

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎13-04-2014 13:12

Just a quick and simple one! 

Currently when on your 'my giffgaff' page along with other stuff you have a message reel there telling you about activations, purchases, sim orders ect....

For some reason this only shows your last 5 messages, with no way to go back and look at older ones, so my suggestion is simply let us scroll back through any msg's we've had on there. 

This will be especially helpful due to GG no longer sending out emails notifying us of orders when we get a banner hit anymore but these msg's are displayed on the msg reel I'm talking about so feel it would be beneficial to be able to see all msg's and not just the last 5.

Well that's it short and sweet but to the point so I hope you agree? If so please show your support and as always your comments or criticism is welcome...... 

Thanks for reading :smileyhappy:


status changes on your ideas pm

Status: Implemented
by bmw4175 on ‎22-03-2014 12:54

Just a very quick but simple one. 

At the moment when you comment on or kudo an idea you get a pm telling you of any changes to the status of the idea or any update, which is great right?

But on your own ideas you do not currently get this notification as I assume cuz it's your idea then you should be keeping an eye in it but when your running quite a few active threads, helping out and getting involved in other threads and have a few ideas running is easy to lose track. 

I know one should subscribe to threads your taking part in but if you've made this mistake you'll know your email inbox becomes chaos! 

So my idea is simple! :smileyhappy:

Can we please get this pm notification to any changes on our own ideas please?

Thanks for reading.....  :smileyhappy:

Status: Implemented
Implemented - We'll start including the Author into the notification system. Thanks for the Idea and the support from our members.

Giffgaff members freebies section

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎11-03-2014 10:42 - edited ‎12-03-2014 17:02


Hi everyone.
Was thinking maybe we should or could have Giffgaff freebies section
Plenty of us get or have unwanted items
Of all descriptions
Or at times we need something.
As we're a awesome community maybe we could help each other out  ?
Maybe even a little donation to our gg charities once you receive your freebie (optional)
Could be a great asset to the community
Anything could be included subject to giffgaffs approval

An old phone or a spare part .
how many times when we upgrade to new phones or tech /games system and all the kits either binned or stuck in the cupboards.
Pass it on and make someone else happy
What do you think ?
We could have local pick ups or posted to be arranged with recipient of the freebie

posted in of topic discussion originally




For clarity added information. 


I understand there are other sites to recycle your unwanted item. But my idea is not to show people were to give the items away but to offer them within our community . Example. I may not be bothered to search out my stuff and use  sites as you mention.. But if see a giffgaff community member who needs an item I may be more inclined to donate it too them.


Provide actual voice mail help.

Status: New Idea
by diwatty on ‎20-03-2014 15:27

So i have been going through the voicemail menu (443) and on the main menu's final option it says "if you need help with voicemail press 1" I pressed one and it ended the call with the saying "Thanks for calling ta ra".


I was expecting help or a direction to the giffgaff commuinty, i take it is not a joke but an error. 


Could we have this fixed or have it direct you to the commuinty if help is required?




"Posted from..." - Bring it back

Status: Under Consideration
by oldyorkie ‎22-02-2014 03:27 - edited ‎22-02-2014 04:31

The observant among us will have noticed that the "Posted from..." that appeared at the bottom of a post made from a mobile device has now disappeared.
The not-so-observant will have missed it :smileytongue:
This is actually quite annoying - and restrictive to the helper - when people had problems before and you could see if the message was posted from an iPhone or an Android etc it was much easier to suggest the solution in some cases. Now we have no idea what device unless they mention in the OP (which they rarely do!)- a real pain :mansad:
And the dreaded multiple c&p settings for every phone under the sun have reappeared as a result :manfrustrated:

As an additional observation, I've also noticed that against my username and avatar on the full site, I had enabled my mobile phone info to be displayed on the forums by going to preferences>personal information >mobile phone and typing in LG Nexus 5 32gb -...

That's also disappeared - despite still being current in my preferences??

My suggestion is simply this :

Bring both back.... Please :smileytongue:

Status: Under Consideration
We are looking into bringing this functionality back in some form, as long as we can guarantee that it is reliable, accurate and helpful to both the member posting and the member answering the question. (See more details in comments.)

keep 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag

Status: Implemented
by bmw4175 on ‎21-02-2014 16:07

Another simple idea I've been thinking about is keeping the 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag. 

At the moment everyone who is on giffgaff before March 31st will get 500 minutes if they ever buy this goodybag just because they joined GG before the promotion ends. 

Common perception of this offer is you need to have brought this goodybag during the promotion period to be eligible for the 500 minute offer, but this is incorrect, you only need to have an active account before the offer ends. 

So that means already over a million giffgaffers have this choice already so think what will happen when people who join after March 31st only get 250 minutes whilst others are getting double them for the same price!  

Now I know it was a special offer but I can just see trouble ahead for giffgaff and all the members that provide there time in the help forum when this offer stops and people want to know why there mate gets twice the amount of minutes for the same price. 

Also I believe the £10 goodybag is pretty much unbeatable in the current payg market so attracts a lot of new customers for giffgaff. 

If it only had 250 mins, well not so attractive!

So over to you?

Status: Implemented
Thanks everyone for this, we've been able to secure 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag permanently. You can read more about it here;

keeping track of your activations

Status: New Idea
by bluemoonbaz on ‎21-03-2014 23:07

At present activations are shown as  below alongside the date the sim was ordered


not the date it was activated




Type* Ordered     _          Name     _    Activated  _   Activation Code

URL21 Mar 2014Not Activatedx
URL21 Mar 2014Not Activatedx



 and once a sims activated


URL13 Mar 2014Priya20 Mar 2014





This means you have to trawl through pages and pages of sim orders to check where the activation is so you can cross reference with your activation count



My idea is nice and simple change the activated and ordered over see below


thus any activations will shown one after the other making it easier to keep track of your activations



Type*         Activated   _   Name    _   Ordered   _ Activation Code

URL21 Mar 2014fred01 jan 2014x
URL10 Mar 2014bill02 oct 2012x
Evening all :smileyhappy:

All the discussion about FB on the contribute forum has crystallised something that has been nagging at me for a while.

One of the most common issues we get on FB is people who have forgotten password details but can't get a reset email (never arrives). A while back I created a "Forum Account" guide and we tend to advise creating one, and using it to contact the agents from.

Of course that only helps the people who find their way into the FB wall. Can't help but think that some people give up and leave.

Wouldn't it make sense to recognise this issue, and to include a new section on the password reset page along the lines of :

"No reset email received? If its not in your junk folder then there may be a problem with the email address held on our system. Please create a Forum Account and contact our agents who will help you to get back up and running"

Could then add a link to a suitable knowledge base article (to replace my humble top tips guide) showing them how to do so, and what information to provide the agents with.

Should head off a lot of queries and make it easier for people to access their accounts / buy goodybags.

What do we think?

Cheers :smileyhappy:

Status: Working On It

Working on It - We will link the Knowledge Base article that guides people through the process should they run into problems. (You can read the article here). We will work with the community to improve the content of this article.

I've been thinking about the free gg-gg allowances that you get when you top up or buy a new goodybag via card.

At the moment you get 3 months free calls, texts and video calls for a minimum of a £10 voucher top up or by buying a £5 goodybag or gigabag via card, great right?

I've got this idea about getting 6 months free gg-gg allowances if you take your payback as credit :


It's been very popular and receives that much support that GG are looking into implementing it so it got me thinking of this idea.

How about the amount of time you get your free allowances be dependant on how much you top up? 

For example :


£10-3 months free gg-gg allowances

£20-4 months   ''         ''              ''

£30-5 months   ''         ''              ''


And so on if you see what I mean? 

Or they could just have a certain amount like if you top up over £50 or even £100 it gets you 6 months or even 12 months.

These figures are just an example to show what i mean for the purpose of the idea. Obviously it would be up to gg to set the rates if they liked the idea.


Benefits for members - more free allowances :smileyhappy:

Benefits for giffgaff - guaranteed income for up to a year if offered like the £100 deal :smileyhappy:


Or if they are going to implement my idea about payback taken as credit maybe, if this is popular, they could include this at the same time. 

Well thanks for reading and now it's over to you to have your say and if you like it then please show your support .

As many of you know, Maestro was removed as a supported payment method for users of giffgaff.


This has created anger, hatred and headaches within the community, and has led to numerous amounts of users leaving giffgaff, requesting PAC codes, firing complaints, arguing and fighting.


giffgaff said they removed it because:


-Only around 1% of all transactions used Maestro

-It wasn't compatible with recurring payments


After consultation with an Educator, it was suggested we find a workaround, the workaround is to allow Maestro to be used for single top-ups, but not allow it for recurring payments, just disable it for recurring. That way people can still use it to add funds to their credit.


Also, you say because only 1% of transactions use it, how many transactions do you have? That 1% is probably pretty huge, and you've basically told us you don't care about that 1%.

Status: Implemented
This has now been implemented. Maestro access is back to normal and can be used to top up your account.

Daily Digest PM and/or email

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell on ‎05-03-2014 13:00

Idea: Have the daily digest sent as a PM aswell as/or instead of an email


I like to get the daily digest so I can see if ive had a good day Kudos wise, however as I get quite a few emails come through in a day from gg mentions, uni and other assorted things, its very easy to miss the daily digest email in my inbox!


So my proposal is that we can chose the option to be sent the digest by and automated PM as well as an e-mail or just the PM if prefered. That way the daily/weekly digest is more easily accessed and noticed by the recipient, rather than it just falling into a pile of unread emails. 


This could be done for both mentions and kudos recieved daily or weekly, and also be used every time you get a best answer, as its difficult to notice when you have recieved one. I believe it has recently proposed that the best answers be included in the daily digest too.


There have been quite a few daily digest suggestions as of late so maybe we could have a review on how the messages can be improved and made easier for members?


Thanks for reading,

Kung Fu Master Alice Powell 


Please leave comments if there is anything you would like to add or suggest 

Hi all. I was just over in the middle tab up there checking out the blog, the new one from  handy giffgaff staffer valerie_86 but I don't really know who Valerie is. I pressume that she's part of the business / finance team because she's posted a few times on things of that nature.


I propose that the generic rank 'handy giffgaff staffer' be a little less used and something more appropriate to the role of the staffer be used to give a better idea of who's posting and what they do at giffgaff. I think that this would make it a little clearer especially in blogs. With staff numbers increasing there's less need for a generic rank these days.


How hard is it to do?

Not very hard I'd have thought



Introduce a new goodybag with higher data allowance which allows you to tether with other devices, as the current one which is the £10 goodybag with 1gb data allowance sometimes runs out to quick when you tether.

Mobile kudos tick

Status: New Idea
by bethanaaay on ‎20-02-2014 12:38
Hi :smileyhappy:

On the full desktop site, when you give a post kudos, the kudos button changes colour and gives a little tick symbol.
This means that people who are colour blind can see if they have given a post kudos or not.

However this is currently not the case on the mobile site. At the moment, it changes from black to grey.

Approximately 8% men and 0.5% women are affected by red-green colour blindness.

My idea is that we add a tick to the kudos button on the mobile site. This would help to make the mobile more accessible, as well making it more obvious to all members where they have awarded kudos.

I would imagine this is relatively easy to implement? But I may be wrong.


giffgaff bag for life drive

Status: Not For Us
by stephenmiller ‎05-01-2014 20:40 - edited ‎05-01-2014 20:47

I live in Wales and we've been subject to the 5p charge for carrier bags for a few years now, I understand that you Englanders are soon to join us in this environmental minefield. I have a suggestion for a campaign for giffgaff to sell bags for life for a couple of reasons.


What is a carrier bag?

It might be a simple question but the answer has hidden answers. The primary purpose is of course to carry things around but when you buy something from Tesco or Asda you're also exclaiming to the world that you shop at Tesco or Asda, kind of pledging alegiance and advertising on their behalf as you go about your Earthly chores. I feel that if we must advertise as part of our daily shopping commute then we might as well advertise something that we want to promote.


The eco drive for reusable and charging for carrier bags has afforded us an excellent opportunity to escape from these clutches and not only do our part for the environment by reducing plastic waste but also, if we so wish, break free of our corporate sponsored walk around town and promote values that we would like to promote ourselves (I urge you to do so even if you don't support this idea incidentally).




I don't have any ideas on the design of the bag itself but I'd think it could be branded giffgaff in some way and emphasise the core values of the company in a nice graphical way.



There is now an online buying portal on te site here that sells phones and there has long been a demand for giffgaff branded merchandise, offering this as a limited run of exclusives seems to me like the best option. I've taken the liberty of seeking out a few bag makers. Most products of this nature are manufactured overseas (China) and of course we'd all like to avoid that and have these made in the UK. BIDBI are based in Sheffield and seem to have a UK based production line but others are of course in existence in the country I'm sure.


The design could be one of those community competition type things or maybe just hire someone or get the in house design guy. Up to whomever :smileyhappy:


Benefits and causes

There is the opportunity to make some sort of charity thing out of this but in my mind at least environmental responsibility is reward enough and there's the branding thing too. Can go under the giffgaff for good banner or something. An expanded info-sheet on the worth of reusing carrier bags and promoting things that you like raises the good cause factor. Alo an opprtunity for some giffgaff advertising in the physical world, something that has so far been extraordinarily challenging.



Money, GB £££. Cost will depend on the amount of bags and I've seen that a limited order of 500 is needed by some manufacturers.  I'd hazard a guess and say that the cost will be less than the typical bag for life at under £3 per unit depending on the quality and materials; so I'd estimate the upfront cost to be in the range of £10,000 which will be recouped with the sale of the bags.


Bonus round

I have a slogan to help advertise these too. "Pledge allegience to the bag" :smileyhappy:

Status: Not For Us
Official Update: After some consideration, Mike and our Marketing believe that because we don't usually sell or give away bags, if we started, we'd actually add to the amount of bags out there, which are more easily accessible at your local supermarket. We do occasionally do tote bags, and there might be a way we can use this as a giffgaff for good project to encourage members to reuse bags, have a think and anyone can submit a proposal to the thread here:

Some of you may have already seen my idea I posted a couple of days ago about changing the dates of the kudo to when it was actually awarded rather than the date the op was made in the daily digest email, but in case you missed it here it is :


Now as a result of that idea thanks to @endorphin I've already added that the actual email is a bit jumbled up and that maybe it'd be better if a blank line or something be inserted inbetween each link. 

Now the way I understand it is your meant to stick to one suggestion per idea so here I am again! 

The problem is there is no way of looking anywhere to see all your 'Best Answers' listed like you can check your kudo, posts, board replies and just about everything else! 

Now I know a work around was made by another member but it was quite technical so for people like myself, who are not that tech savvy, we still can't check unless you want to go through thousands of old posts! The amount of times my b/a count has gone up in my profile but I don't know which post it was awarded is really frustrating! 

So a simple solution to this is in the daily digest emails, as well as telling us about Kudos we've received, that any new 'Best Answers' be included as well! 

Well that's my suggestion so it's over to you folks? :smileyhappy:




email and/or SMS notifications of network outages

Status: New Idea
by giffgaff Educator ‎16-09-2013 13:03 - edited ‎16-09-2013 14:29

Hey folks, the above idea received some interest in our Revived Ideas Thread this week, but the original only has 7 Kudos, so what I'd like to do is assess current demand for us looking into this so I can take the new Kudos result into the meeting.


Simply - letting us worry about what's possible, and what might be spammy.


Would you personally like a text message to inform you when there's a servce issue that affects you?

Status: New Idea

Mixed 50 Sim Boxes

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by hcovell ‎19-01-2014 23:06 - edited ‎20-01-2014 18:17

Good evening everyone, hope you are all well. My idea is about the 50 sims in a box.


At the moment, when you order a box of 50 sims from giffgaff you either choose nano or dual sims for all 50 sims however I find this can be rather impractical when I use a mixture of both each month.

My limit is 80 so I cannot order 1 box of each so therefore must order one box of sims and then stock up on the other type by ordering lots of sims in batches of three which is rather time consuming!

I imagine this is a problem for many recruiters especially if your limit is only 50 as then you cannot get any of the other type.


As a solution, giffgaff could offer half half boxes with both types of sim card in or even a system whereby you could choose how many of each type you would like?

What do you all think?


EDIT: Very good point by @solid247, this idea will also save postage money for giffgaff, as they could send out the mixed boxes instead of having to send out one 50sim box and many batches of 3.

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Official Update: We'll be talking to Naiha about what we can offer members in terms of more flexibility however processing Sim Boxes takes a lot of work at the warehouse, and one new box, let alone a few that members could chose would take work to map and implement when it's believed this Idea only affects a very small amount of members (super recruiters). We do recognise that it's a sensible Idea and will see if we can offer flexibility a different way then through our warehouse.

EU Id to lift age restrictions

Status: Under Consideration
by bloszek on ‎29-12-2013 12:14
Hi All
I think EU ID should be accepted as proof of your age to lift age restrictions.
If you can enter the country, open a UK bank account, vote in local UK and European elections. You can even open your own business but it is not accepted to proof your age. This can be for some Giff Gaff customers frustrating and they can't fully use service they are paying for. I hope you support this idea folks and Giff Gaff will consider EU Id's as a solution. Thanks
Status: Under Consideration
Official Update: This is something we'd be happy to implement and it will go into our prioritisation meetings. We'll let you know any information about when we're able to start working on it. Thank you for keeping us 'run by you'.

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