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an idea about the 'ideas forum'

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎08-03-2014 00:48

I have been thinking about this for a while and if, like myself, your a regular to the ideas board then you have to agree that it's in a bit of a mess! 

There's been a couple of threads in 'contribute' about how to sort it out, one created by myself and we've recently had where anyone can report duplicated ideas which is good but it's still a mess. 

There are many ideas that have the status 'were looking into it' or 'working on it' ect and the last update is like 2 years old!  I've found some even older than this! 

The problem is the ideas are coming in faster than ever and there's that many 'new ideas' that have reached the required 20 Kudos but there labels are not changed and they're months old and there pushed back by all these new ideas.  You must see what I mean? 

I've got ideas that are months old with over 50 and 100 Kudos on that are still set as new idea which is frustrating as ideally you would like the idea to go into the meeting while it's 'trending' on the board, in an ideal world. 

So if you agree with me so far then the question is what do we do to sort it out? 

This is why I've posted this idea. I'm gonna add here what I things I think could help but everyone else is invited to do the same and support the idea so ultimately we get our ideas board running smoothly again. 

Right and I know this probably won't be popular but for the time being stop any new ideas been posted which would allow time for all the current ideas and there status to be worked through and sorted appropriately. 

I think in the time new ideas were suspended GG need to use a dedicated team who work on just this forum to do all the work to sort it out. There could be eds or even members given special permissions just to do the task. 

I think the way new ideas are rated needs to be changed. At the moment it only takes one other member to Kudos your idea for it to officially go live. 

I suggest a more rigorous system for new ideas to go through before there submitted to root out duplicates at source and also stop people posting loads of ideas-one liners that nobody really looks at but they bump all the trending ideas that people have put time and effort into nowhere unless you really know how to look! This can be really annoying! 

While I know there are guides out there as to how ideas work but there's nothing that gives you specific advice telling you to do your home work, layout of the idea, what happens after you post your idea like how it 

needs to reach 20 kudo in 3 months to get into the meeting, something that explained what all the status mean ect.  

But put this all together into some kind of guide a member was prompted to read before posting there idea.

Well that's me for now so I hope you will get behind this one and help make the ideas forum a much smoother, better place to use! 

The op will be edited accordingly due to any suggestions that come up so keep an eye out for changes. :smileywink:

Well over to you guys? 



This is a pretty unique idea.


Have you ever seen those premium rate phone numbers, those subscription based text services? Some of them don't make their charges clear, and the ones who do charge over-the-odds.


Many people around the country enter into these premium rate services unknowingly, or don't know how often they would get charged, then get scared when theys ee a £10+ phone bill, extra, each week.


What I suggest is that, when phoning a premium rate number, you first get asked whether you are completely sure, giffgaff could easily do this by diverting calls to an automated system beforehand, if they get confirmation, it forwards the call back to the premium rate line, otherwise it ends the call.


If it is a text based service, when you text it, giffgaff texts you back first and requests confirmation, if you reply back with YES, it will proceed sending the original text, otherwise it will cancel the sending of the text.


Maybe also an online panel in My giffgaff where you can manage known subscriptions too.

Status: Not For Us
Not for Us - We don't feel like giffgaff should step in to stop people from doing something they are signing up to do. However, this does raise a point that more education and information is never a bad thing: we will work on improving our Knowledge Base articles on these numbers and providing our members with the information to make the right decision for them.

Subscribe to replies from the OP

Status: Under Consideration
by bethanaaay ‎16-01-2014 12:49 - edited ‎16-01-2014 13:56

Hi :smileyhappy:


*I originally posted in Contribute here:

I've had a hard time describing what I'm talking about, so please bare with me :smileyvery-happy: *



At the moment, you can either subscribe to indiviual threads, or in your settings you can tick an option to 'Subscribe to all threads you post in'.

This can be really useful, as you receive an email to notify you that someone has posted on that thread.



However, when you help out a lot on the Help forum, and you subscribe to several threads, your email inbox is soon full of emails - and the majority of these are about posts similar to your own, when people are trying to help the OP. 

For example, if I have suggested that the OP should enter some settings, I don't then need 12 emails to alert me other members are also suggesting that the OP should enter settings.


My ideaAn option to subscribe only to replies from the OP on a thread

The only responses I really need to see are from the OP, whether they are answering a question by us, updating the situation, or letting us know that their problem is resolved.


This way, you would only receive an email when the OP posts on the thread, and not everyone else.

Instead of receiving 12 emails about entering settings, you might receive 1 email an hour later saying that the OP has replied to tell you that it has or hasn't worked.

Then you can go back to the thread and reply to them. I think this would be more efficient as there is less chance of the OP's reply being lost amongst everyone else's - and the OP's is probably the most important.



I'm not sure of the technical or cost implications of this idea, or even if it is physically possible, but I thought it would make using the community a lot easier :smileyhappy:



Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully it was vaguely understandable :smileyvery-happy:



EDIT: Will23 commented on my post in Contribute here:

His suggestion was that there could be a workaround if we could find a member who could/is prepared to work it out. It's all explained in his post. Unfortunately, I'm not capable :smileyvery-happy: Take a look at his post for more info by clicking on that link.

Status: Under Consideration
Hey everyone, This is now "under consideration". We'd like to do it, but we have a lot of other things on to deal with first, so we can't quite yet. Keep giving it support, and if we get a lot more kudos we might be able to step it up a little. All the best, Will

No Disconnected Mobiles During December & January

Status: Implemented
by talisker35 ‎24-11-2013 22:44 - edited ‎25-11-2013 17:46

Hi everyone,


I do hope you will all support this:smileyhappy:


Under Section 12.1 of the giffgaff terms and conditions, Your SIM card will be disconnected if your account has been completely inactive for a period of six months (


I propose that during December & January NO sim card will be disconnected, we currently live in a country with an ever increasing ageing population, lets try and do our very best for our most vulnerable members of our community by showing them we care. Some elderly members may only receive 1-2 calls a year from loved ones abroad so may not top up or use there hansets very often so this will allow us to show everyone we have a heart. "a giffgaff heart"


Secondly as the colder weather gets worse each year we would be supporting our elderly & disabled members to have that extra lifeline to there families should they have any emergencies (that arent 999 ones of course).


This im sure could be implimented very easily by giffgaff and in time to really make a difference this christmas.


Please support this and show that we do care.









Status: Implemented
This has now been implemented. Due to some technical reasons around the number recycling this will run from now until Jan. 15th. Please do call your elderly family and friends more often than once or twice a year or just go visit them instead. :smileyhappy:

A change to the daily digest email

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 ‎01-03-2014 18:23 - edited ‎01-03-2014 19:22

Ok another simple one.  Currently when we receive our daily digest email it looks something like this :


Hello bmw4175,

You have 4 new subscriptions & activity updates in the The giffgaff community Community.

Kudos: (4)

_michaelamarie_ gave you kudos in Submit: Great giffgaff Ideas on 01-12-2013 17:02

payback taken as credit idea


paulofalus gave you kudos in Submit: Great giffgaff Ideas on 21-02-2014 16:07

keep 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag


retire6 gave you kudos in Submit: Great giffgaff Ideas on 21-02-2014 16:07

keep 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag


gordie10 gave you kudos in Welcome & Join on 10-02-2014 00:00

Re: My review of the Ideas board



So it tells us of the Kudos we've received in the last 24 hours but at the moment it only tells you the date of the original post your getting the Kudos for.

Well obviously we made the post so we know the date plus there's

a link in the email if we wanted to check.

So I think it would be a lot more beneficial if it told us the time and date when the person actually awarded the Kudos to the post. 

So not a massive change but one I think is needed cuz imho the daily digest tells me nothing my profile doesn't already tell me so it just gets deleted. 

Anyway what do you think guys?

Edited-to include the suggestion made by @endorphin about maybe the message could be spaced out better as in its present form it looks quite jumbled up!


giffgaff Coverage map

Status: Implemented
by bethanaaay ‎11-01-2014 17:15 - edited ‎13-01-2014 17:40

Evening everyone :smileyhappy:


On the giffgaff website, we currently use this link: 

This is where you can enter your postcode, and see live updates for the mast near you. It has been adapted from this link: which takes you to the O2 site.

The Educators have said that they would rather we use the link so that we don't redirect members to the O2 website (to avoid confusion, especially with people who don't use the forums often).


However, there isn't a link for the Coverage Checker. This is where you can enter your postcode and see the service you should be receiving for 2G, 3G or 4G, i.e. the service you can expect when joining giffgaff.

On the forums, we currently use this: but this one still takes members to the O2 website.


My idea is pretty simple: Make a coverage checker for the giffgaff website


I know they both show the same thing, but:

  • It stops people from going to O2 website, and keeps them on giffgaff
  • It's less confusing for people using the forums
  • It looks more professional
  • It would be a great tool for people considering joining giffgaff

I think this tool would be most effective in the form of a map, similar to the one on O2's website anyway, but just based on the giffgaff website :smileyhappy:


I'm not sure how the time, technical, cost implications affect this (hopefully not much)... but I think it would be useful?

Then we could have a link such as: (which isn't being used right now, I checked :smileywink: )


Anyway, let me know what you think :smileyhappy:



EDIT: @community_helper suggested the possibility of using the OpenSignal map (which uses customers' feedback) to determine coverage. OpenSignal allows the use on their website for an unknown fee, which could possibly be something giffgaff could look into if they did not want to make their own coverage map :smileyhappy:

Their map can be seen here:


Thank you everyone for your kudos, support and feedback

Status: Implemented
Official Update: A coverage checker can be found on the 4G page here: under point 1 you can also direct members to this, - both which keep members on giffgaff instead of sending them off to o2. Thanks folks.

Have SIMcard activation code printed in braille

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by oldyorkie ‎19-10-2013 15:44 - edited ‎19-10-2013 17:23

In light of the discussion opened up by stevie_sg in relation to disabilities, I propose that the Simcard activation code be imprinted in braille to assist those visually impaired.

Braille is not only used by the totally blind, but also those who suffer from partial blindness or other sight issues.


It seems common sense to me to have the number printed as it is now (though darker font would be better :smileytongue:) and in braille.


A similar point was raised by mwhapples way back in March 2012 that is up for "Future Review", but that concerns sending the activation code via email so that it can be read by screenreaders.


This is suggesting having the ability to "see" it direct from the card or a section of the packaging having the activation code embossed in braille on a tear off section (this bit added thanks to brulaw - as it would seem an easier solution to print on paper / card rather than plastic :smileyhappy: ) - Thankyou Bruce!!!


Second (and last) edit - there will be no more :smileyhappy:

As a result of cim's input and thoughts, the additional text is now added: Thankyou cim :smileyhappy:
Not sure the logistics or costs of this but perhaps a braille printed label or insert could be added on request when a SIM is sent out - and maybe printed in larger characters at the same time for both OCR and increased legibility for those with vision impairment


Thanks for reading, and hopefully any support offered for this will go a long way to improving Member Experience, which is the aim of Stevie's thread :smileyhappy:

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Hey folks, just to update you on this Idea - the current status is that we are waiting on a consultation with a member from the RNIB, which couldn't unfortunately happen before Christmas. But please be assured we're still passionate about getting this Idea implemented.


A little known fact is that if you don't access your giffgaff voicemail for 60 days any customisation is lost (no pin, no personalised greeting etc) and you're not informed it has happened :smileysad:


If having gone to the trouble of setting these, to find if you did need to urgently check voicemail from another phone if would be very annoying to find you can't!


This is idea is very simple - once a PIN and/or a personalised greeting has been set - just leave it there without any time limits for it to be removed :smileywink: 



Status: We’re Looking Into It
27th June 2013 - Hey guys, after this went back into the meeting this week, the guys think we might be able to implement, "A reminder text 7 days before voicemail goes inactive, to give us the chance to dial 443 if we want to keep the customisation intact?" as a stop gap for any future implementations, and I'll keep you updated with how that goes :smileyhappy:

Online indicator

Status: New Idea
by nigelbrooks on ‎23-12-2013 16:12

When responding to help requests it would be good to have an indication to show if the member who posted the message was online.


Perhaps a simple red or green 'dot' by the posters name.


Priority could then be given to members who are 'waiting online' for an answer rather than those who post a question and come back some time later to check for responses.


If the forum app supports this it would 'help the helpers'.


Thanks for considering this and, if you think its worthy of consideration, please give it kudos.


Merry christmas one and all,



Status: New Idea

after 1 hour of GG-GG calling, automatically cut off

Status: Not For Us
by foxonthefox ‎03-12-2013 16:33 - edited ‎05-12-2013 17:20

I don't know about you, but I have a partner who is also on GG. Great! we have practically unlimited calls and texts to each other. well it is until you realise that its 3 hours into a call and you have no minutes/credit left.


I petition GG to add an auto cut off to each call GG-GG of one hour as I have now wasted almost £100 on this.



giffgaff already have this implemented when one has no credit, so being cut off is something that happens as it is if you have no minutes/credit.

I also have decided to ask for it to be an opt in service due to the comments below :smileyhappy: thanks!


remember to get ideas noticed they need Kudos, to get them noticed give them kudos.



Thanks to the following so far for their support!







Status: Not For Us

Though we like the idea in principle, this would be extremely complex to implement and would require changes in the back-end systems to create new profiles for all members currently using giffgaff to giffgaff calls. It is additionally complex as free giffgaff to giffgaff is not calculated on a credit/balance system but rather on a time-frame. An 'opt-in' program would require even further work and add a layer of complexity to the system.


As this was quite a popular idea, we did some research and the average call-lengths is about 2 minutes and less than 0.2% of all calls last over an hour. On top of that, 0.36% of all calls are giffgaff to giffgaff. So, though this would be nice to have, the amount of work it would take to implement vs. the amount of people who would benefit is just not viable. If we do end up changing the backend systems in such a way that we can implement something like this, we will consider it but until that happens, unfortunately this idea is Not for Us.


(Note, there are a few alternate suggestions in the comments for external apps that simulate this functionality and can automatically drop calls after 60 minutes.)


Payback Pot to power Ideas in idea board

Status: New Idea
by as7861 on ‎16-11-2013 14:21


I was thinking about a idea that may change what 'run by us' means. 

Looking at the member experiance outage compensation had played a vital role in getting projects a head start. So i thought maybe every payback period, their can be a pot set up from us (the community) to contribute some payback towards the pot and the most popular ideas that are in the idea board, get. a second vote of prority (like that was done recently) and those people that contribute get exclusives on whats happening. 

I know your thinking giffgaff should do this anyway. But think maybe if we can get this pot to be successful how much difference would it make on pricings of various. 

Even a pound or 1p can go along way. to helping ideas come out of the shell. 

Its a far fetched idea but i might as put it out their. (i know their might be similar ideas out their)

All feedback is welcomed :smileyhappy: 

Status: New Idea

Thread/topic preview to be implemented

Status: New Idea
by bertiebat on ‎24-10-2013 15:32

As I previously posted on this contribute thread the preview facility is now available on Lithium and I'd like it to be available on giffgaff ASAP please. :smileyhappy:


The basic idea is that you can preview a thread by hovering on the thread title which instantly gives you a preview pop up containing the contents of the topic.  Very useful and much quicker than opening the thread especially if you are searching on a particular subject.


gg preview.png



So though I didn't post the original idea (which wasn't possible at the time), a couple of educators have said they would like it posted as an idea to gauge it's popularity I presume.


So I for one would love to get this impemented ASAP, so you know what you need to do if you do too! :smileyhappy:

Status: New Idea

Allow SIM swap after SIM reported lost/stolen

Status: Under Consideration
by mainframe R us endorphin ‎16-08-2013 11:32 - edited ‎24-08-2013 10:09

This idea is to enable member's who have reported their SIM as lost/stolen to do a SIM swap.


Currently if a member reports their SIM as lost/stolen they must wait for the replacement SIM and they cannot do a SIM swap.


In some cases the replacement SIMs are very late to arrive and some are even lost in the post.  It would be very convenient and more helpful if instead of having to wait for the official replacement SIM they could do a SIM swap with an unactivated SIM (either one they have lying around or one freshly ordered).


 This idea goes hand in hand with

Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, in principle the team really loved this idea. However at the moment it's not technically possible to implement and would take investigating at o2 and alot of work. We want to look at whether this is a 'contact driver' - this means whether it drives members to our agents or forum for help. We of course want to improve the member experience as much as possible, but due to the amount of work this would need, it might get prioritised low if it's a low amount of members hitting this issue. It's not off the cards though - and thanks for bringing this to our attention. It raised a sink hole in part of the lost/stolen process that we do want to investigate.

Update the 4g page with timeframes

Status: Idea Vault
by andyhubbert on ‎24-02-2014 22:46

Just thought it would be useful for Giffgaff to update the 4g page and give a realistic estimated timeframe for the different stages of the 4g roll out. Just to give us users a better idea of when we can expect gg to give us 4g

Milestones such as the new iPhone settings could also be added as Giffgaff gets ready, so we know there is actual progress going on
Status: Idea Vault
Status: Idea Vault: This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.

Giffgaff has just implemented the exhaust SMS systems which sends you a text when you have used up the whole of your goody bag. See here. This seems a really good idea however the system doesn't tell you when you have run out of free giffgaff to giffgaff texts and calls. This can easy catch people out that use the free calls alot. They can suddenly find that they have been charged alot for a call they expected to be free.


Therefore I am suggesting that the exhaust SMS system is updated so it sends a sms to you when your giffgaff to giffgaff calls run out. Something like this I think would be fine "A quick heads up: Just so you know, your free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts have ended. To extend your free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts just top up. Your balance is 10.00. Cheers, giffgaff"

Status: Implemented
Done and done. Members will now receive an SMS reminder 33 days before their free giffgaff to giffgaff is about to run out. There will also be a second reminder 7 days before expiry. Due to the way the system works, we can't send an 'exhaust' message per se as it is not calculated as an allowance, but rather a time frame. Thanks for the great Idea and thanks to everyone who commented and voted on it.

Alternative voicemail access method

Status: New Idea
by alexcalls on ‎04-12-2013 17:14

I was in Colombia for 10 days recently and couldn't access my voicemail:

- 443 simply didn't work;

- I hadn't set up PIN access to my voicemail and would be a bit reluctant to incur the charges that would involve.


That got me thinking: why not make voicemails available as sound files online? You go online (usually free in your hotel using wifi), log into your account, click on the voicemail message link and listen to it through your speakers or headphone. That way, it's free and you still have voicemail access in far-flung places where 443 doesn't work.

Status: New Idea

Payment system issues bad enough. However they seem to get exacerbated by people not realising the payment system is on a go slow - who then go on to try again multiple times. This further clogs up the already ailing payment system, and then goes on to further strain the agent system once they realise there are multiple charges on their bank account. 

If someone tries to post the same thing on the forum within a certain time period then they get a "flooding" message that stops the duplicate. Not certain of the technical feasibility, but a similar thing on topup would at least reduce the frequency of multiple payments going through if there is a system issue and the first attempt seems to fail. 

Something along the lines of :

"You are trying to topup within X minutes of previously topping up. It may be that your previous topup is slow in showing, please check with your bank before trying again to help prevent unwanted multiple payments "


Status: New Idea

Looking at the Help section today, there are lots of posts from members on the subject of removing the adult restrictions from their account, some of whom have clearly got the hump with the whole process.


The problem:


The current system, as detailed here in this excellent guide by bertiebat relies on the member having a UK passport or driving licence. That's OK if you do, but if you happen to be from Northern Ireland, your driving licence won't do it, and if you're from anywhere else in the world, you've pretty much had it. 


The solution:


As mentioned in bertiebat's guide, O2 use credit card verification to remove the adult restriction for their customers. Other companies also use credit card verification to establish a persons age. Usually a credit card is debited to the tune of £1 to establish the identity of the person, and once that is processed, it is credited back to the credit card so wouldn't actually cost anything (I know O2 credit the £1 to the customers account, not back to the credit card, car hire firms credit straight back to the credit card so it's technically possible)


The benefit:


This would mean that non UK document holders could remove their adult restriction. UK document holders wouldn't need to use sensitive personal information to get the restriction lifted, so everyone is a winner.


I know that not every 18+ year old has a credit card, but the vast majority do. I see this as an addition to the current system to cover those that currently have no option to remove the restriction.


Status: Working On It
Official Idea Update: We're still working on this at the moment, we're looking at including it into the activation flow so you can get rid of your adult content bar during your first steps for a great member experience. As always we'll update you when we have new information.

Recurring goodybags on new accounts - Let the members decide!!!

Status: Implemented
by andreww ‎27-06-2013 16:31 - edited ‎28-06-2013 10:25

Hello giffgaffers


It's been suggested that this is raised as a formal idea to get a sense of the strength of feeling around this possible solution to an issue created following the latest site upgrade: 


"Recurring Goodybags

  • Members who activate a SIM with a Goodybag purchase (via credit/debit card) will now have auto-recurring switched on by default."


A number of members feel this isn't the giffgaff way of doing business.  We prefer to set a higher benchmark and let members make an informed choice, rather than accidentally buy something they didn't actually want.


So, my idea is that new members get to make a proactive choice and have to tick one of two boxes, (rather than giffgaff assuming they want the same bundled product every month).




- Tick this box to choose this goodybag/gigabag for one month only




- Tick this box to recur this goodybag/gigabag every month until further notice



That way members can get the best customer experience and convenience, without feeling conned into something they didn't want to do.


What do you think, should we:







Based on feedback from @nate37 - it's also important to support the tick box choices with some wording to make it clear that whatever option is chosen is not permanent and can be easily changed at a later date :smileyhappy:


And that if possible a link to the Knowledge Base article on recurring goodybags would also be useful too :smileyhappy:

Status: Implemented
This has now been implemented in that the automatic opt in option has been taken away on registering :smileyhappy: Thanks for the great idea, and the fantastic support.

4G LTE notifications etc

Status: Idea Vault
by stephenmiller on ‎17-02-2014 18:35

I actually have two ideas. One is a bit on the weak side, the other a bit more practical. I'll start of with the kinda radical one.


For 4G LTE to be a blazing success you need to get people onto it and fast. Unfortunately ther's only so fast you can buil;d infrastructure; but if Mohammed won't go to the mountain you have to bring te mountain to Mohammed! Partner with Rightmove and encourage people to move into an area that has or will be getting 4G LTE very soon. Kind of an unorthadox approach I grant you.


The second is a little on the sensible side but bear with me. Sign up to be notified when 4G LTE is coming to you. Pretty simple, you put in your postcode and when O2 announce masts going up you send people emails or put it on their dashboard or something. Essentially turning the coverage map into personalised notifications.


Will this be a succesful idea? YOU DECIDE!



Image 'Rocky' Courtsey of United Artists Pictures.


Status: Idea Vault
Status: Idea Vault: This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.

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