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Use Credit to Purchase Phones

Status: Not For Us
by wjack2010 ‎25-05-2014 12:51 - edited ‎25-05-2014 12:52

After seeing this Idea I've come up with a little solution to many peoples problems.


Buying a phone currently requires you use a credit/debit card, where the shipping and billing address are the same, and it must not be a business address (even though some businesses have flats above them too).


What would be good is if you can use credit to purchase a phone.


So you can top-up like normal, say, £100, and then buy a phone.


Or, take your Payback as Credit, then spend it on a phone.


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Status: Not For Us
6th August 2014: After looking into this Idea, we found that only a very small percentage of our members would be able to buy a phone outright with payback taken as credit, and that as our maximum top up is £30 makes buying via credit unlikely so we won't be looking to implementing this idea, however after speaking with Member Experience we are definitely looking into both making it easier to buy phones and others which this Idea touches upon.

Lost & Stolen - Lost phone only

Status: New Idea
by islandstifle on ‎07-07-2014 09:40

Currently the automated lost & stolen process at allows you to bar your phone & SIM or just your SIM. These each result in a special SIM being sent out in the post, and your account isn't usable until then.


Most members have a spare SIM lying around, either because they've ordered plenty to give out or the cheeky SIM that gets sent a few weeks after they activate. Some members also have a spare old phone that they might like to use in the meantime. These members might conceivably want to SIM swap onto a spare SIM and use it in the old phone for a while or even long term.


If they want to bar their old phone, though, which they probably will, they have to either bar their SIM as well and be without a phone for a few days (short of activating a new SIM with all the associated palaver) or go through the agents, and even then you have to lie and say you've already reported your SIM lost in order to activate the form.


Therefore my suggestion is simple: on the automatic lost form, there should also be an option for "bar just my phone — I haven't lost the SIM or am going to use SIM swap".



My previous idea was to Zero rate and apparently it is already zero rated.


The charges and used up data we incur is from external images such as avatars, banners etc according to @alex_w 's post here in Community zero rated for select users thread.


So my next idea is simple ...


To cut the cost of credit and data used by members, we should be able to store images such as avatars and banners on so that the images do not need to be loaded from an external source, making them zero rated too.


This reduces the cost of credit to pay as you go users and limits the amount of data wasted on helping on


Making the site as Zero Rated as possible! 


As always, thanks for reading and please support with a "Kudos"


giffgaff community email changes

Status: New Idea
by deanljbirch on ‎25-08-2014 15:17

When it comes down to helping the giffgaff community, I always subscribe to replies before posting my own.


The issue I have is when I receive an email from giffgaff mailer informing me that a reply has been made to the post. This results in me visiting the post just to find that the reply is either similar to my own, someone asking a question to the original poster or just a pointless comment. Therefore I feel that I didn't need to visit the thread.


I ask giffgaff to simply apply two minor alterations to these email as outlined below.


  • Include information stating whether or not the reply has been made by the Original Poster.
  • Include a summary (around 300 characters) detailing the contents of their reply.

Although these alterations are minor, I believe that myself and a large number of the community will find them very helpful.


If you agree with my idea, please contribute Kudos, feel free to post your comments below as your feedback will be helpful.


Thank you for taking the time to visit and view my latest giffgaff idea.


Much Love,


Twitter : deanljbirch


Being able to FREEZE airtime credit

Status: Idea Vault
by member444 on ‎26-07-2014 14:16

Being able to FREEZE airtime credit


Really convenient because saving up airtime credit to purchase next goodybag sometimes (for me, ALL the time) proves difficult after your goodybag expires (and it is not on the recurring option through bank account) and you accidentally use it up by making calls, texting or using mobile data. Also 


  1. People who want to use £5, £7.50 or £12 goodybag need to buy £10 or £15 voucher. Usually from this you may want to save up that airtime credit in order to use it to pay for the next goodybag purchase. This is especially useful to the younger (or any!) GiffGaff members since their parents may not give them extra money for top-up if the extra money from their airtime credit is used up by accident.
  2. Stops people from using up their emergency or saved up airtime credit accidentally right after their goodybag expires (because I'm sure this happens a lot)
  3. This option would give many GiffGaff members (especially the younger ones!) more choice, flexibility and freedom so that they can get the best out of GiffGaff

Just have a 'FREEZE airtime credit' tick box option on the My GiffGaff page (which can be unticked anytime!).


THANK YOU! :smileyhappy:

Status: Idea Vault

Real world projects with payback instead of charity donations

Status: New Idea
by stephenmiller ‎08-09-2014 23:26 - edited ‎08-09-2014 23:33

This popped into my head literally just a couple of minutes ago and I'm going to refine / brainstorm it as I write so bear with me.


This was inspired by a company (Red Hat) who do projects in their local area, volunteers donate their time and the company throws in a few bones. I thought that this 'corporate responsibiliy' or 'social good' could be applied to giffgaff, perhaps they could maybe fix up a playground in Uxbridge. Now that in itself is a neat idea but takes a very internalised view of the company supporting its local area, for giffgaff the company is expanded beyond Uxbridge in the form of a distributed online community. What about if instead of these volunteer acts carried out in Uxbridge they could be done where members think they should and need to be done?


I've come up with a few notes;


  • First people submit projects. It could be fixing up a local park, donating computers to a club or a day out for an old folks home or respite home
  • The community then votes on the project. I dislike the idea of a popularity contest though so if anyone has any better way then I'd live to hear it
  • The payback that would ordinarily go to charity would be a good way to finance it, even the possibility of split payback f you still want the legacy charity donation
  • It's not unthinkable that other members could volunteer but then you might have things like liability and insurance to worry about

Perks are:


  • A more hands on approach from giffgaff than the typically abstracted charity donation route.
  • it's a pretty strong show of giffgaff and the community supporting each other in ways that far surpass any that giffgaff has done so far.
  • Good press; Virtual operator does good in the real world. Members at the heart of giffgaff etc



  • The selection criteria I haven't nailed yet. Voting on good causes is extremely tacky, especially when there's potentially people you might have spoken to regularly involved.
  • That's all I have so far, this is still pretty fresh in the head so haven't given a huge amount of thought to the negative side.

All thoughts and contributions are welcome :smileyhappy:


subscribing to posts

Status: New Idea
by lulurules on ‎13-09-2014 12:34
Hi all
I hope you will be in agreement with me
Giffgaff needs a subscribe to post on mobile site
As I for one am always searching for threads
Its only available on full site
Support if you agree and hopefully the change will happen

remove goodybag

Status: New Idea
by khalil337 on ‎02-07-2014 20:40
Goodybag lasts for 30 days. If people runs out goodybag mins or something else then they have to use airtime to use the service. So I was wondering if giffgaff makes a option where you can remove goodybag and buy a new one anytime we want. This will makes life easier for people and save costs.

Simcard delivery TIME

Status: Idea Vault
by mizan337 on ‎13-07-2014 00:38
A giffgaff sim takes at least 4-7working days to come and its tooo long. How about giffgaff offers a faster delivery. At the moment the 2nd class posting takes more than 4days but if they improve that to maybe 2 days and maximum 3days then it will be really good.
Status: Idea Vault

Poor advice on Help Forum

Status: New Idea
by lpwilliams on ‎06-09-2014 23:08

With increasing numbers of members engaging in the forum to help other giffgaffers, there can sometimes be occasions when answers provided may not be as helpful as they could.  This can lead to a poor experience to members (often new members who are seeking advice)


Although quizes are a very good way to impart and improve knowledge they may not be the answer to the problem that persists with members providing poor advice or inaccurate and unhelpful information.


Personally, I think members who have posted the question should have the option to select a BEST ANSWER and also indicate any answers that were of very poor value (could be more than 1 post). These poor answers could then be forwarded to the Educators to judge.  If they were classed as being way below par, then it should have a negative impact on ANY payback received (whether it be from SIM activations, postings on the forum or quizes undertaken).


This is my opinion would ensure that members who post on the forum are aware that cutting and pasting out of date information etc would not be acceptable and could well have an impact on how much money they can earn - thus steering them away from responding to all queries to maximise their chances of earning payback.


I think it would be important that ONLY the person who originally posted the question would have input into the poor responses to the question and would also be VERY important that educators are involved so as to ensure fairness and eliminate the chances of some members abusing the system to the disadvantage of other members who they possibly do not like.


Thoughts please...


email and/or SMS notifications of network outages

Status: Not For Us
by giffgaff Educator ‎16-09-2013 13:03 - edited ‎16-09-2013 14:29

Hey folks, the above idea received some interest in our Revived Ideas Thread this week, but the original only has 7 Kudos, so what I'd like to do is assess current demand for us looking into this so I can take the new Kudos result into the meeting.


Simply - letting us worry about what's possible, and what might be spammy.


Would you personally like a text message to inform you when there's a servce issue that affects you?

Status: Not For Us
This idea is being set as 'Not For Us' - after speaking to our campaign manager it's clear that it would be technically impossible to implement this idea. Sending a test isn't possible when the network is down and emails to the whole base take about a day to send because of the volume - we usually have to send in small batches so that email providers don't pick us up as spammers. We did want to try this so during a service issue we sent out an email to members in Bands 1 - 4 when the community went down. However by the time most members received it, the issue was resolved and information old. However since this idea was posted, we now have the new Service Checker which can be found on the Service Updates Board -

keep 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag

Status: Implemented
by bmw4175 on ‎21-02-2014 16:07

Another simple idea I've been thinking about is keeping the 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag. 

At the moment everyone who is on giffgaff before March 31st will get 500 minutes if they ever buy this goodybag just because they joined GG before the promotion ends. 

Common perception of this offer is you need to have brought this goodybag during the promotion period to be eligible for the 500 minute offer, but this is incorrect, you only need to have an active account before the offer ends. 

So that means already over a million giffgaffers have this choice already so think what will happen when people who join after March 31st only get 250 minutes whilst others are getting double them for the same price!  

Now I know it was a special offer but I can just see trouble ahead for giffgaff and all the members that provide there time in the help forum when this offer stops and people want to know why there mate gets twice the amount of minutes for the same price. 

Also I believe the £10 goodybag is pretty much unbeatable in the current payg market so attracts a lot of new customers for giffgaff. 

If it only had 250 mins, well not so attractive!

So over to you?

Status: Implemented
Thanks everyone for this, we've been able to secure 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag permanently. You can read more about it here;
There has been a rise in parents paying for their childrens giff gaff. Or maybe in an emergency situation someone may need top up and being able to transfer airtime credit would be a great idea. It will allow users to send airtime credit at anytime to another giff gaff user. I have seen that alot if people would really appreciate this service because they control the acciubts of children or other family members. it would also allow individuals with extra airtime credit to transfer it to soneone who may need it. Recently I had a lot of airtime credit whilst a fsmily member had run out and I would've really appreciated it if I was able to transfer it to the individual.

Giffgaff members freebies section

Status: Under Consideration
by kathleen414 ‎11-03-2014 10:42 - edited ‎12-03-2014 17:02


Hi everyone.
Was thinking maybe we should or could have Giffgaff freebies section
Plenty of us get or have unwanted items
Of all descriptions
Or at times we need something.
As we're a awesome community maybe we could help each other out  ?
Maybe even a little donation to our gg charities once you receive your freebie (optional)
Could be a great asset to the community
Anything could be included subject to giffgaffs approval

An old phone or a spare part .
how many times when we upgrade to new phones or tech /games system and all the kits either binned or stuck in the cupboards.
Pass it on and make someone else happy
What do you think ?
We could have local pick ups or posted to be arranged with recipient of the freebie

posted in of topic discussion originally




For clarity added information. 


I understand there are other sites to recycle your unwanted item. But my idea is not to show people were to give the items away but to offer them within our community . Example. I may not be bothered to search out my stuff and use  sites as you mention.. But if see a giffgaff community member who needs an item I may be more inclined to donate it too them.

Status: Under Consideration
5th August - Interesting idea and definitely in our brand values of being community powered and 'mutual giving'. It's not something we can work on at the moment as there are projects in the background that need to come first, but it's certainly something we will make a business proposal for. We'll keep you updated.

60 day voicemail frustration

Status: Under Consideration
by andreww on ‎14-05-2013 17:26


A little known fact is that if you don't access your giffgaff voicemail for 60 days any customisation is lost (no pin, no personalised greeting etc) and you're not informed it has happened :smileysad:


If having gone to the trouble of setting these, to find if you did need to urgently check voicemail from another phone if would be very annoying to find you can't!


This is idea is very simple - once a PIN and/or a personalised greeting has been set - just leave it there without any time limits for it to be removed :smileywink: 



Status: Under Consideration
29th July 2014 - Initially this Idea was hard to implement. Custom content costs space and money to maintain, hence the purge, which is dictated by o2. Today we've raised this again to discover if the situation has changed and if it's possible to implement now.

Two Step Logon

Status: New Idea
by agardiner ‎22-05-2014 10:24 - edited ‎23-05-2014 12:18
For those who have never heard of this, two step logon, (or two factor authentication to us techies) is an optional method of increasing the security of an account. It works by requiring two means of identifying yourself. These are something you know, (your password), and something you physically have, (in this case your phone). Putting this in place would make it much harder for someone to hack into the account as they wouldn't have the means to generate the information required for the second stage. The user logs in as usual, but instead of being taken to the my Giffgaff page they're asked for a code. This can be generated either by a text sent to their phone or by using an app such as google authenticator. Only after that code has been entered will they be allowed access to the account itself. In case their phone is lost or stolen, an emergency code could be provided during the setup process, or an alternative would be to allow backup one time codes to be generated and downloaded. This is the setup which many online services are now using, examples of which include Facebook, Twitter and google. Another option to consider is to have only the areas in which sensitive information is accessed and managed protected by this feature. Sites such as Amazon often require customers to verify their password in order to edit their details and even to complete a purchase. This would create a compromise in that the user would not need to worry about going through an extra step to access the community, thereby hopefully minimising the inconvenience.

"Posted from..." - Bring it back

Status: Under Consideration
by oldyorkie ‎22-02-2014 03:27 - edited ‎22-02-2014 04:31

The observant among us will have noticed that the "Posted from..." that appeared at the bottom of a post made from a mobile device has now disappeared.
The not-so-observant will have missed it :smileytongue:
This is actually quite annoying - and restrictive to the helper - when people had problems before and you could see if the message was posted from an iPhone or an Android etc it was much easier to suggest the solution in some cases. Now we have no idea what device unless they mention in the OP (which they rarely do!)- a real pain :mansad:
And the dreaded multiple c&p settings for every phone under the sun have reappeared as a result :manfrustrated:

As an additional observation, I've also noticed that against my username and avatar on the full site, I had enabled my mobile phone info to be displayed on the forums by going to preferences>personal information >mobile phone and typing in LG Nexus 5 32gb -...

That's also disappeared - despite still being current in my preferences??

My suggestion is simply this :

Bring both back.... Please :smileytongue:

Status: Under Consideration
We are looking into bringing this functionality back in some form, as long as we can guarantee that it is reliable, accurate and helpful to both the member posting and the member answering the question. (See more details in comments.)

allowing members to get free gg to gg

Status: New Idea
by shabzsonia on ‎01-09-2014 22:18
Recently ive topped up £40 over 4 months and didn't use any of it until recently. I realised that I didn't getymy free gg to gg calls or text and was charged through the goody bag which I bought.

if a member decides to top up before hand to keep them going for a few months they should be allowed free gg to gg.

I have seen another idea like this and havent seen any results yet.

I was topped up ahead of time so my parents didn't have to worry about my top up when they went away on holiday and soon enough I realised that I would get my free gg to gg which was very disappointing.

I am also aware that people will say it will be missed with the pay back for bringing more members, but if I can bring giff gaff more members then why can I not get my free gg to gg when I buy a goody bag.

it shouldn't matter if it is with payback, exciting airtime credit or via credit/debit card, if we have paid for it or earned payback we should all be entitled for free gg to gg.

another point I'd like to add is that the goody bags are very misleading they all say free gg to gg, I know this is how businesses work to get customers to buy things but members do get very frustrated when they aren't giveb the right information.

A suggestion for those who do not use their mobiles to ring people- Deaf people especially or even people who use work mobiles/ home landline phones.


I think it would be a good idea to offer another goodybag that does not include minutes. I am profoundly Deaf. I have 250 UK minutes which I will never use. It seems a waste. Maybe instead of £12 for 250 UK minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data we could have say a reduced rate to exclude minutes but still keep the unlimited data and texts which is extremely neccessary for me. 


Or maybe as giffgaff is 'The mobile network run by you'- we could do a goodybag swap. Say another member runs out of minutes and I've got 250 spare but I've run out of data (just an example- not going to happen with unlimited data I know!) then we could swap. May be difficult but its an idea for the future


Looking at the Help section today, there are lots of posts from members on the subject of removing the adult restrictions from their account, some of whom have clearly got the hump with the whole process.


The problem:


The current system, as detailed here in this excellent guide by bertiebat relies on the member having a UK passport or driving licence. That's OK if you do, but if you happen to be from Northern Ireland, your driving licence won't do it, and if you're from anywhere else in the world, you've pretty much had it. 


The solution:


As mentioned in bertiebat's guide, O2 use credit card verification to remove the adult restriction for their customers. Other companies also use credit card verification to establish a persons age. Usually a credit card is debited to the tune of £1 to establish the identity of the person, and once that is processed, it is credited back to the credit card so wouldn't actually cost anything (I know O2 credit the £1 to the customers account, not back to the credit card, car hire firms credit straight back to the credit card so it's technically possible)


The benefit:


This would mean that non UK document holders could remove their adult restriction. UK document holders wouldn't need to use sensitive personal information to get the restriction lifted, so everyone is a winner.


I know that not every 18+ year old has a credit card, but the vast majority do. I see this as an addition to the current system to cover those that currently have no option to remove the restriction.


Status: Working On It
Official Idea Update: We're still working on this at the moment, we're looking at including it into the activation flow so you can get rid of your adult content bar during your first steps for a great member experience. As always we'll update you when we have new information.

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