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Minimum £5 top up

Status: New Idea
by commotion on ‎21-09-2014 11:04
I think a £5 minimum top up would be perfect for those who need a small airtime credit top up.<br><br>Those on recurring goodybags don't usually need large airtime credits sitting on their account balance.<br><br>Also members only need a small top up to purchase a new goodybag, I think a ten pounds minimum top up is too high.<br><br>I don't think it would be expensive to implement or administer.<br><br>It would also encourage more small top ups. It would also appeal to many users.

idea: To stop problems after activation of your giffgaff sim

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎16-09-2014 15:44 - edited ‎22-09-2014 01:07

Seems a lot of new members lose credit and then can't buy a goodybag when they first join .. When you activate the simcard with the obligatory £10 it goes on your account

Members think they have bought the goodybag and later find out when the lose service that they only had credit.

Also the so called 1p glitch that takes small amounts of credit stopping you buying a goodybag after activation because you have data turned on.

Also blackberry members who buy a goodybag and then realise they needed the blackberry plan and cannot add the bbplan to there new goody bag


My idea :

So I think the activation credit should go on your account but cannot be used

until after  you have been allocated your new number and at thst point you get a pm and on your dashboard saying .

Thank you for joining giffgaff here's your new giffgaff number  it's time choose 

Please now choose your giffgaff tariff.

Payg credit and a full explanation 

Goodybag and a full explanation


BlackBerry plan with a full explanation

This will stop any losses or confusion when joining up and no more disgruntled new members

and that means more customers stay with us and pass on how great giffgaff is to potential new members .

Good news and reviews travel fast .. but bad ones travel FASTER

idea originally posted in contribute for discussion


queued goodybags to start at midnight

Status: New Idea
by simonefaye78 on ‎26-08-2014 23:46
I don't know about you but if I pay for a full months usage, I expect to get a full months usage. However, when you queue a goodybag this doesn't happen.

Goodybags are supposed to last from the day of purchase to midnight on the day of expiry. However, if you queue a goodybag, the queued bag can start any time between 10pm and midnight on the day of expiry, meaning you can lose up to 2hours of goodybag allowance, from both the expiring bag and the queued bag.

For example, if I have 30 minutes left in my current bag and make a call at 21.45 that lasts for 25 minutes, I would expect to have all 25 minutes to come from my current bag. Unfortunately, if my queued bag starts at 22.00 I will use 10 minutes from the new bag. This means I'm now effectively 10minutes down on my new bag.

My idea is simply to have queued goodybags start at midnight so you don't accidentally eat into next months allowances

Bank transaction details to include username

Status: New Idea
by navvy on ‎10-09-2014 00:35
Having just seen someone complaining that giffgaff has taken several payments from their bank account, but an agent finding no record of those transactions on that user's giffgaff account, it would help if the transaction on the bank statement contained the giffgaff username. Much easier if you have several SIMs, or are managing accounts for several family members.

"You cannot have two active SIMs"

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by figment_uk ‎04-07-2014 13:37 - edited ‎05-07-2014 20:40

Considering that many people now have multiple devices and therefore need multiple SIM cards, I feel that the SIM activation pages are very unhelpful and need to be more user friendly and intuitive, thereby improving the member experience.


As it stands right now, a member with an existing SIM entering an activation code whilst logged/logging into their account is greeted by the SIM Replacement (SIM swap) page, with the very unhelpful statement:


"You cannot have two active SIMs. Activating a new SIM will deactivate your current SIM." 


The member then has the option of continuing with a SIM swap, or backing out of the process. This results in members doing SIM swaps when they really wanted to change their number or register a second SIM, or backing out and not knowing where to go from here. This does nothing for the overall member experience, and causes members to become confused or frustrated by the whole process, and possibly them spending ages searching the knowledgebase or asking in the community.


The idea

I feel that this process could be much improved with a little modification to the current process flow, so that when an existing member enters the activation code from a new SIM they are presented with a series of option buttons or links, each taking or guiding them towards the correct path


For example


 I want to: Action
Move my number to a new SIM  Starts SIM swap procedure
Activate a replacement SIM  Explanation before starting SIM activation
Activate an extra SIM for another phone/device  Instructions to activate SIM on a new account
Change my number whilst keeping the same account  Instructions to change number via agents
Have an additional SIM on the same number  Explain this is not possible and give alternatives




  • Better overall member experience
  • Reduction in erroneous SIM activations, therefore reduction in cancellation requests
  • Reduction in Help & Support and agent questions relating to SIM activations


If you would like to see this idea implemented, please support it by clicking the Untitled-1.png button at the top-left of the idea

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Simple Idea for great benefit, this is brilliantly laid out - thanks Figment and everyone who supported it. This idea has preliminary gone pass our Head of Member Experience and our Member Experience change champion. Next steps is to be scoped as a project and prioritised. Thanks again. Nice One.

Mobile Data Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by shipon786 on ‎15-09-2014 12:32
Hi, I think there should be goodybags specifically for mobile internet. For e.g £5 for 1GB or £10 for unlimited data. This is ideal as the new catered goodybags dont have much mobile data and i know alot of people use giffgaff because of the mobile data goodybags. Also, these goodybags can be used simultaneously with other goodybags.

Add report button to ideas board

Status: New Idea
by n4tz ‎06-09-2014 08:55 - edited ‎08-09-2014 19:28
Unlike the rest of the boards, there isn't a report button on the ideas boards. I know the comments will be read by educators eventually however there's no option to report inappropriate content in the interim

Edit: just to add, this is for the mobile site as it's already available on the full site - thanks @darrenpainter for pointing this out:smileyhappy: Also it's worth taking this opportunity to clarify that this is to report the replies to the OP as it's already possible to report the OPs themselves. Thanks for your support so far. Nat

Balance Notice on website and App

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎02-08-2014 23:46 - edited ‎02-08-2014 23:48
Hi, I have noticed a lot of people coming to the community with a problem with their balance, and/data usage, this is normally when the website or app says they have less credit than they do, a lot of these people are not very happy as they believe there credit has disapeared.

I would like to add a note to balance amount shown, for example:

"If you believe this amount is not correct, then please dial *100# for confirmation"

I believe this would reduce the amount of customers that are confused as to why the credit has as far as they know gone.


Currently 2 days before your goodybag expires you get the following text message:


"Hi, your goodybag is about to expire on 18/07/2014. Go to to set your goodybag to recure before 10pm on your expiry day, Cheers"


This message is quite usefull however I feel that you should recive another text once your goodybag has expired, if no new goodybag has been activated saying:


"Hi, your goodybag has just expired. Head over to now to purchase another goodybag, Cheers"


I feel this would be usefull for the giffgaff customer that doesnt have reacuring goodybags setup and is abit forgetfull!


I know I am that type of customer!


Kudos if this would be usefull for you! :smileyhappy: :smileyhappy: :smileyhappy:


Update: As suggested by @navvy giffgaff could incorportate the prices for texts, calls and data in the text much like when you are going abroad. An example text would be:

"Hi, your goodybag has just expired. Until you get a new goodybag you will be charged 10p per minute for calls, 6p per text and Mobile Internet is charged at no more than 20p a day (up to 20MB), Cheers"


Voicemail greeting upload service

Status: New Idea
by jediandi on ‎07-09-2014 13:32

I've had a good look around, and nobody seems to have thought of this before, or voiced it, so I thought I'd trow my iede in the hat and see if there was a way for it to becoe reality.

I would love to see a bit of joined up thinking that allows us,the creative community of GiffGaff, to upload our custom voicemail greeting as an mp3 or wav file via the web-based dashboard.

My reason is simple, I work in film production and have access to great audio equipment. My mobile signal, and microphone, are pretty poor so if I record my own voicemail greeting it sounds tinny, distorted, crackly, and pretty unprofessional. I want to be able to record a decent message on my own kit, compress it, and upload it to my voicemail system via the internet. 

I'm reasonably sure this is possible, unless someone can tell me otherwise, and the GiffGaff community have repeatedly demonstrated their creativity coupled with their tech-savvy. 

Who's with me?


making ideas board easier to find

Status: New Idea
by lulurules on ‎10-09-2014 18:37
I used the search but didn't come up with anything although that could do with being changed to<br><br>The ideas board needs to be easir to find after clicking more on mobile site its very easy to miss the thread as ones in bold show out more ie; help/ gd<br>Etc its easily missed<br>It should be listed with the rest of forums so can be found easily by posters and supporters<br>I have noticed lots of good ideas gone unnoticed as newbies cant find it

Improving the customer experience

Status: New Idea
by mitchellcampion on ‎10-09-2014 08:02

I purchased the Nexus 5 handset along with my GiffGaff bundle.  When the package arrived there was some really useful information in the Giffgaff welcome leaflet.  However, when I set up my phone I was unable to connect data services.  While there is some really useful information on the website that details how to set this up I had to go through the process of thinking I has a duff handset and all the angst that goes with it.  Would it be a good idea to have a device specific welcome pack for those selecting a new hand set just to improve that initial customer experience?  You may also consider extending this to sim only orders if you ask them what handset they intend to use the sim in.

Hope this helps improve your service.

While perusing giffgaff's phone purchase pages today, I noticed that there is the potential for the prices being quoted misleading some people.


On the page that lists all phones (, and on the overview page for certain brands of phone (for example, the one for Apple's various iPhones), the prices quoted are the ones for the phones with the smallest data capacity. It's not until you click through to the details about the phone itself that you see that larger-capacity phones cost more.


For example the Apple iPhone 5s is currently quoted on the overview pages (linked to above) as being "£525" (this is likely to change depending on when you read this idea), but this only applies to the 16GB version. Only this page makes it clear that the 32GB version costs £606 (subject to change) and the 64GB version costs £681 (subject to change).


So I think where phones are being sold that have different varieties within them where price is affected, the overview pages should display a price preceded by the word "from" (i.e. "from £525" in my example above), so that they cannot be seen as potentially misleading.



EDIT (05/07/2014): A possible alternative to the use of the word "from" that would be even more transparent would be to display the range of prices the phone will cost, depending on which is chosen, so to continue with the same example, this might be: "£525 to £681". (Credit to @johncashman for this suggestion.)

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Fundamentally we like this idea and think it's sensible. We're looking into this idea and enquiring with the different stakeholders about what the best way to do this is.

Website Errors and Issues contact form

Status: New Idea
by deanljbirch on ‎05-09-2014 13:07

Hello All,


Over the last few weeks I have found a few errors (some minor, some major) on certain aspects of the giffgaff website.


As a website designer little things like this can highly irritate me as it can prevent users finding the right infomation which can lead to advice not being followed.


I believe that giffgaff needs to understand that not all websites are perfect and with such a high volume of traffic, it needs to have a system in place for when these things happen.



When visiting the community, if you hover on Help and go to "Internet and Data" it will take you to what we call a "404 Page Not Found" page as the link is incorrect.

The target url shows as :

Where it should be :


This url error is in the "Help" tab there for it is ideally used by those looking for help. What use is it if it doesn't work.


A simple form would be ideal with a text area where we could tell giffgaff the solution (if we know it).


Thanks for having the time to read my idea,

Deano :smileyhappy:


PayPal Payback Payout Selection

Status: New Idea
by 1hale on ‎25-06-2014 22:29
How about giffgaff making it easier for us PayPal payback choosers by making it a one off selection.

To do this you go to the payback widget, choose the PayPal option, enter your PayPal email address, then finally click the "remember this email" option.

Then once every 6 months giffgaff email/text you saying:

Hi (giffgaff username),

You have chosen PayPal as your preferred payback method. We have the following email address on record (email address).

If this address is still valid then you can ignore this email. If not please go to (payback widget address) to update it.

Many thanks,


HOWEVER if you earn less than £10 giffgaff contact you to choose either credit or charity.

Me as the voice-over guy on Voicemail :)

Status: New Idea
by flaxvert on ‎06-08-2014 13:03

It has been suggested in this thread Click Here About getting a member to be the voice of giffgaff on the voice mail and other menus side of things on this inetwork run by us.  I did the voice over in the video as well as many other vids already. We are not too sure if this is definitely possible or not but I've been asked by a couple of peeps to drum up support :smileyhappy: Please let me know your thoughts and kudos if you think it would be a 'marvellous'  idea! Cheers,




 (From the link)



4G at no extra cost

Status: Under Consideration
by erikslom on ‎13-10-2013 13:04

Hello all,


As many of us are excited as 4G is finally rolling out in the uk. Has it not occured to you that it could cost extra, much like EE are charging loads more for the service.


Well as giffgaff is know as the 'affordable'  network I belive that it should be implemented free or at very very little extra cost.


The network 3 (THREE) are not charging user anymore so it would be just like connecting to 3g everyday. This is a massive selling point and my friend has moved to three due to this news, so to stop users from moving we shouls annoce that there would be no major price differance if any on the new 4G network.


Thanks, please support me with a kudo if you feel its a good idea (only if you want to, Im not asking you to, but feel free to do so)  

Status: Under Consideration
The consultation is currently up here with our Day 1 offer, please do give us your feedback here:

NFC Secure Payment SIM cards

Status: New Idea
by jwilsher2712 ‎08-09-2014 11:43 - edited ‎08-09-2014 11:44

Hi everyone,


I have recently spoken to an agent, asking if giffgaff offer NFC Secure Payment SIMs - turns out, they do not offer these.


So my idea is for giffgaff to begin offering Secure SIM cards, which (as I understand) contain a secure element which is used for the authorisation of NFC payments (obviously NFC enabled phones are required for this).


It would be great to see giffgaff supporting NFC payments, something that very few phone networks either support or advertise.


My apologies if this idea has already been suggested - I couldn't find much in a search.


Calls & texts from laptops & tablets: o2 Tu Go for giffgaff?

Status: Under Consideration
by jnm21 ‎10-08-2013 20:51 - edited ‎10-08-2013 21:47

Just came on here to search for & give Kudos to any suggestions for this - the only thread I found was back in March when the feature was unknown & wasn't picked up - currently only available to o2 pay monthly , but this feature would go down a storm with GG users.


I have been testing it today & have to say (in agreement with a very good Android app review) that it does seem to work better on higher end phones (could not call on my SG mini, but on the SG note it works perfectly).  This may be the thing that brought me back to GG after the data charging fiasco.


link to o2 page for those interested:



A couple of media links:



Vodafone users looking jealous!



Please can you seriously consider this one?  This plus the improved £10 GB could make me consider trying GG again.

Status: Under Consideration
29th July 2014: Quick update to let you know this is still progressing. An app like this is very much on our radar - we've been exploring options and will update with more details when we've made a decision.

Common Problems in Help Button

Status: New Idea
by cathalmc on ‎08-09-2014 16:53

A banner should be put at the top of help redirecting people to answers to common questions, e.g. where is my free £5.


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