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Balance Notice on website and App

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎02-08-2014 23:46 - edited ‎02-08-2014 23:48
Hi, I have noticed a lot of people coming to the community with a problem with their balance, and/data usage, this is normally when the website or app says they have less credit than they do, a lot of these people are not very happy as they believe there credit has disapeared.

I would like to add a note to balance amount shown, for example:

"If you believe this amount is not correct, then please dial *100# for confirmation"

I believe this would reduce the amount of customers that are confused as to why the credit has as far as they know gone.


"You cannot have two active SIMs"

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by figment_uk ‎04-07-2014 13:37 - edited ‎05-07-2014 20:40

Considering that many people now have multiple devices and therefore need multiple SIM cards, I feel that the SIM activation pages are very unhelpful and need to be more user friendly and intuitive, thereby improving the member experience.


As it stands right now, a member with an existing SIM entering an activation code whilst logged/logging into their account is greeted by the SIM Replacement (SIM swap) page, with the very unhelpful statement:


"You cannot have two active SIMs. Activating a new SIM will deactivate your current SIM." 


The member then has the option of continuing with a SIM swap, or backing out of the process. This results in members doing SIM swaps when they really wanted to change their number or register a second SIM, or backing out and not knowing where to go from here. This does nothing for the overall member experience, and causes members to become confused or frustrated by the whole process, and possibly them spending ages searching the knowledgebase or asking in the community.


The idea

I feel that this process could be much improved with a little modification to the current process flow, so that when an existing member enters the activation code from a new SIM they are presented with a series of option buttons or links, each taking or guiding them towards the correct path


For example


 I want to: Action
Move my number to a new SIM  Starts SIM swap procedure
Activate a replacement SIM  Explanation before starting SIM activation
Activate an extra SIM for another phone/device  Instructions to activate SIM on a new account
Change my number whilst keeping the same account  Instructions to change number via agents
Have an additional SIM on the same number  Explain this is not possible and give alternatives




  • Better overall member experience
  • Reduction in erroneous SIM activations, therefore reduction in cancellation requests
  • Reduction in Help & Support and agent questions relating to SIM activations


If you would like to see this idea implemented, please support it by clicking the Untitled-1.png button at the top-left of the idea

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Simple Idea for great benefit, this is brilliantly laid out - thanks Figment and everyone who supported it. This idea has preliminary gone pass our Head of Member Experience and our Member Experience change champion. Next steps is to be scoped as a project and prioritised. Thanks again. Nice One.

Me as the voice-over guy on Voicemail :)

Status: New Idea
by flaxvert on ‎06-08-2014 13:03

It has been suggested in this thread Click Here About getting a member to be the voice of giffgaff on the voice mail and other menus side of things on this inetwork run by us.  I did the voice over in the video as well as many other vids already. We are not too sure if this is definitely possible or not but I've been asked by a couple of peeps to drum up support :smileyhappy: Please let me know your thoughts and kudos if you think it would be a 'marvellous'  idea! Cheers,




 (From the link)


While perusing giffgaff's phone purchase pages today, I noticed that there is the potential for the prices being quoted misleading some people.


On the page that lists all phones (, and on the overview page for certain brands of phone (for example, the one for Apple's various iPhones), the prices quoted are the ones for the phones with the smallest data capacity. It's not until you click through to the details about the phone itself that you see that larger-capacity phones cost more.


For example the Apple iPhone 5s is currently quoted on the overview pages (linked to above) as being "£525" (this is likely to change depending on when you read this idea), but this only applies to the 16GB version. Only this page makes it clear that the 32GB version costs £606 (subject to change) and the 64GB version costs £681 (subject to change).


So I think where phones are being sold that have different varieties within them where price is affected, the overview pages should display a price preceded by the word "from" (i.e. "from £525" in my example above), so that they cannot be seen as potentially misleading.



EDIT (05/07/2014): A possible alternative to the use of the word "from" that would be even more transparent would be to display the range of prices the phone will cost, depending on which is chosen, so to continue with the same example, this might be: "£525 to £681". (Credit to @johncashman for this suggestion.)

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Fundamentally we like this idea and think it's sensible. We're looking into this idea and enquiring with the different stakeholders about what the best way to do this is.

PayPal Payback Payout Selection

Status: New Idea
by 1hale on ‎25-06-2014 22:29
How about giffgaff making it easier for us PayPal payback choosers by making it a one off selection.

To do this you go to the payback widget, choose the PayPal option, enter your PayPal email address, then finally click the "remember this email" option.

Then once every 6 months giffgaff email/text you saying:

Hi (giffgaff username),

You have chosen PayPal as your preferred payback method. We have the following email address on record (email address).

If this address is still valid then you can ignore this email. If not please go to (payback widget address) to update it.

Many thanks,


HOWEVER if you earn less than £10 giffgaff contact you to choose either credit or charity.

Being able to FREEZE airtime credit

Status: New Idea
by member444 on ‎26-07-2014 14:16

Being able to FREEZE airtime credit


Really convenient because saving up airtime credit to purchase next goodybag sometimes (for me, ALL the time) proves difficult after your goodybag expires (and it is not on the recurring option through bank account) and you accidentally use it up by making calls, texting or using mobile data. Also 


  1. People who want to use £5, £7.50 or £12 goodybag need to buy £10 or £15 voucher. Usually from this you may want to save up that airtime credit in order to use it to pay for the next goodybag purchase. This is especially useful to the younger (or any!) GiffGaff members since their parents may not give them extra money for top-up if the extra money from their airtime credit is used up by accident.
  2. Stops people from using up their emergency or saved up airtime credit accidentally right after their goodybag expires (because I'm sure this happens a lot)
  3. This option would give many GiffGaff members (especially the younger ones!) more choice, flexibility and freedom so that they can get the best out of GiffGaff

Just have a 'FREEZE airtime credit' tick box option on the My GiffGaff page (which can be unticked anytime!).


THANK YOU! :smileyhappy:


4G at no extra cost

Status: Under Consideration
by erikslom on ‎13-10-2013 13:04

Hello all,


As many of us are excited as 4G is finally rolling out in the uk. Has it not occured to you that it could cost extra, much like EE are charging loads more for the service.


Well as giffgaff is know as the 'affordable'  network I belive that it should be implemented free or at very very little extra cost.


The network 3 (THREE) are not charging user anymore so it would be just like connecting to 3g everyday. This is a massive selling point and my friend has moved to three due to this news, so to stop users from moving we shouls annoce that there would be no major price differance if any on the new 4G network.


Thanks, please support me with a kudo if you feel its a good idea (only if you want to, Im not asking you to, but feel free to do so)  

Status: Under Consideration
The consultation is currently up here with our Day 1 offer, please do give us your feedback here:

Simple Innotive Free Sim Card Holder

Status: New Idea
by jaymailsays on ‎29-07-2014 22:38
Every one on GG will receive a Sim in a Sim Card Holder. Once the sim is removed we usually throw the holder away. However why did GG not provide a magnetic strip with a top up link that enables the user to swipe the former sim holder card at retailers to instantly and electronicly top up your GG Airtime. The idea is virtually free to implement. Once you have initially activated your new sim with a bank card or top up voucher. Then link your top up card with your new phone number. Thats it, from then on, you can top up at the P.O. or Sainsbury with a simple secure swipe, then store away untill the next visit. If you would like this additional payment option please support and spread the word.

Calls & texts from laptops & tablets: o2 Tu Go for giffgaff?

Status: Under Consideration
by jnm21 ‎10-08-2013 20:51 - edited ‎10-08-2013 21:47

Just came on here to search for & give Kudos to any suggestions for this - the only thread I found was back in March when the feature was unknown & wasn't picked up - currently only available to o2 pay monthly , but this feature would go down a storm with GG users.


I have been testing it today & have to say (in agreement with a very good Android app review) that it does seem to work better on higher end phones (could not call on my SG mini, but on the SG note it works perfectly).  This may be the thing that brought me back to GG after the data charging fiasco.


link to o2 page for those interested:



A couple of media links:



Vodafone users looking jealous!



Please can you seriously consider this one?  This plus the improved £10 GB could make me consider trying GG again.

Status: Under Consideration
29th July 2014: Quick update to let you know this is still progressing. An app like this is very much on our radar - we've been exploring options and will update with more details when we've made a decision.
The little black leaflet on spreading giffgaff suggests that sims be handed out at universities. Most students taking up the offer of free sims, I assume, will be international students or exchange students. Therefore I propose that giffgaff allow top-ups to be made using both UK and non-UK bank cards. If any of them are like me, I would keep my sim card after completing my studies, keeping it active for my next visit to the UK, at which time they most probably won't have access to a UK bank card anymore, nor the top-up vouchers. It could well be a very lucrative hole in the market that gg are missing here.

The other alternative is to allow top-up via PayPal, which I know has been suggested before.

If you support this idea, please do so through the usual channels (clicking the kudos button). Comments are welcome.

varify email address

Status: New Idea
by sam_312 ‎07-06-2014 16:00 - edited ‎10-06-2014 20:12



i have come accross lots of people who, for one reason or another, did not put the right email address when setting up thier account, and the only time they find this out is when they try to reset their password, the email does not arrive in thier inbox!


my idea is to enable giffgaff to put a measure in place as part of the activation process  so that an account that has been set up is varified before someone can begin to use giffgaff


this will mean that people can be sure that they have the right email address linked to their account and have not made any errors when entering the email address.



also, i think people tend to change thier email addres, so giffgaff could periodically put messages on the dashboard to remind people of the need to kee pthier email addres up to date.



there seems to be another idea, similar to mine, that was suggested by someone before myself. Please support that idea.



Email when a sims ordered of your url link

Status: Under Consideration
by bluemoonbaz ‎12-04-2014 22:57 - edited ‎12-04-2014 23:02

Good evening
Email when a sims ordered of your url link

This hasn't worked for a long time on my account

Can we please have this back as its a very useful tool to gauge where sim orders are coming from and help members target the best place give out their sim card allocation and not waste them
Facebook , twitter ,websites

It's a real shame as I said earlier it was very useful and a bit of encouragement when you saw the email in your inbox

If you agree please kudos the post to give support


Status: Under Consideration
This idea is set as Under Consideration - the reason the emails stopped were because of a bug in the system which sent the joiner both their and your email about the activation. It's logged to be fixed and needs to be prioritised now. Cheers.

Dedicated giffgaff 4G news page

Status: Implemented
by xpz393 on ‎21-08-2013 11:17

The idea:

A dedicated giffgaff 4G ‘news and updates’ page, perhaps similar to and the other networks who have had, for several months, a page dedicated to the benefits of 4G and details of a likely timeframe. A way of registering for e-mail updates would also be fantastic.



There is huge interest in 4G from quite a significant number of users, myself included, who would like reliable updates on the giffgaff 4G situation, yet there is no recent official communication regarding 4G from giffgaff. Searching the giffgaff website for this information yields a lot of member opinion/speculation. A wider Google-search just yields an article from November 2012 featuring Gregg Baker’s (of giffgaff) comments, but this is very out of date, and again contains no specifics.


This leaves those of us wanting 4G ASAP in a state of limbo. Should we continue to wait for official communication on likely timeframes, or should we defect to one of the mainstream networks? An official giffgaff 4G news/updates page would at least give some certainty to the situation.

Status: Implemented - thanks for the suggestion and congrats on being our 500th implemented idea. We will keep working on this page to add further functionality during the lead up to 4G next year.

tech team call or text back

by bluemoonbaz ‎31-03-2014 20:01 - edited ‎01-04-2014 10:10

Well i was thinking when you have a problem and you contact the agents they try to resolve your issue

At this point your just waiting for a soloution It can take days then if they cant resolve it gets passed to the tech team

So wouldnt it be a good idea if at that point the agents told you it was being passed to tech team and you gave them a alternative contact detail

Once the tech team looked at the problem they gave you a non returnable text or call back


Hi were looking in to your problem


and the same once fixed

Hi we've resolved you problem It was etc etc



There nothing worse than waiting in the dark its frustrating and causes members to post agents are rubbish and iam leaving etc when just a little communication could make members feel like there not forgotten


Two Step Logon

Status: New Idea
by agardiner ‎22-05-2014 10:24 - edited ‎23-05-2014 12:18
For those who have never heard of this, two step logon, (or two factor authentication to us techies) is an optional method of increasing the security of an account. It works by requiring two means of identifying yourself. These are something you know, (your password), and something you physically have, (in this case your phone). Putting this in place would make it much harder for someone to hack into the account as they wouldn't have the means to generate the information required for the second stage. The user logs in as usual, but instead of being taken to the my Giffgaff page they're asked for a code. This can be generated either by a text sent to their phone or by using an app such as google authenticator. Only after that code has been entered will they be allowed access to the account itself. In case their phone is lost or stolen, an emergency code could be provided during the setup process, or an alternative would be to allow backup one time codes to be generated and downloaded. This is the setup which many online services are now using, examples of which include Facebook, Twitter and google. Another option to consider is to have only the areas in which sensitive information is accessed and managed protected by this feature. Sites such as Amazon often require customers to verify their password in order to edit their details and even to complete a purchase. This would create a compromise in that the user would not need to worry about going through an extra step to access the community, thereby hopefully minimising the inconvenience.

FREE giffgaff Data Speed Tests

Status: New Idea
by lpwilliams on ‎28-07-2014 08:48

My idea is simple really but would be benefical to giffgaff to help out with network coverage issues.


At present, most people use a third party data speed checker - why don't giffgaff have a link on their app which will run a free (would not be charged data costs if not on unlimited goodybag) data speed check using mobile data useage - giffgaff would then have access to the results (whereas they would not have them at present from a thrid party app)and could monitor the network coverage far better and could also feedback to O2 on problem areas that could help them develop their network coverage in the correct places.


Data connection speeds issues are raised on a regular basis on the forum, so monitoring useage would be good and could help further develop this network (which I am very happy with)


It would be important that any data speed checks were not abused in anyway as this could in itself have a detrimental effect on the speed of the network, so I would suggest that data speed check be limited to 3 every 12 hours.


Comments please.........


500Mb then 1p per Mb tethering on unlimited internet goodybags

Status: Not For Us
by bertiebat ‎03-01-2014 16:48 - edited ‎04-01-2014 08:08

OK another tethering idea but one that should now be possible due to the new tethering detection and the existing system that already monitors/handles data allowances and charging on the existing limited internet goodybags.




  • Many members are caught in the dilemma of wanting to mix some tethering and normal mobile internet but find the limited allowance tetherable goodybags (1Gb max) too restrictive.  
  • Others are caught out by not understanding the restriction on tethering on the unlimited goodybags and simply can't use the internet in the way they expected.
  • This is losing giffgaff customers who would like to stay but need more flexibility. :smileysad:




  • Include a small amount of free tethering allowance (I suggest 500Mb) with all of the unlimited goodybags and then charge (I suggest 1p) for each tethered Mb over this allowance from airtime balance.  
  • The price of the existing unlimited internet goodybags and other allowances to remain the same so this is just an additional benefit.
  • The system would need to warn the member they were using their tethering allowance at the start of the tethering internet session so instead of the existing detection system simply cutting off the internet with a warning, change to just a warning message.  The warning message should include the remaining tethering allowance or the charge rate and remaining airtime credit if allowance has been exceeded.  
  • Subsequent tethering data used will be deducted from the allowance (or charged from credit if allowance has been exceeded).  Note: this is much the same process as for the limited internet goodybags so most of this has already been designed and implemented before. 
  • Include a further tethering allowance indicator on the My giffgaff goodybag display.


  • Include a switch to allow members to opt out of tethering charges, this to be ON by default. (prompted by lnb1996's input).




  • Provides tethering options for those wanting the benefits of both unlimited internet and tethering.  
  • Small amounts of tethering would be allowed at no extra cost (great for checking emails etc on trains with laptops).
  • No need to worry about deciding on the need for tethering up front and so true flexibility.   No add ons, no special tethering goodybags, no changing to an additional SIM, no need to regret not getting a different package.  :smileyhappy:
  • Much of the processing logic is already there so this should be the simplest flexible method of including tethering on the unlimited internet goodybags and therefore I really do think it will be looked at seriously by giffgaff.
  • Attract new members and retain existing ones.  I don't think any other providers offer anything like this  :smileyhappy:


Make sense to me and hopefully to you but please do add your comments (and support as always welcomed :smileyhappy:


Edit: apologies to those that have already voted but I have changed the OP to increase the initial allowance having done some further maths. 

Status: Not For Us
Not For Us: This idea went into the Bi-monthly goodybag review with our Product Manager and after discussion we decided our stance on including tethering in unlimited goodybags with whatever implementation is that it's something that we wouldn't want to pursue. Any idea like this would increase the average usage of our data, and for free or nearly free, which isn't sustainable for us financially. Whilst we can't implement this, one of the things we are looking into which is relevant to this is data add ons. Historically add on's aren't popular, members like the option, but then don't purchase them when they are available features - however it's something we want to do a 'register your interest' for as our own research into our own memberbase. Thanks for raising this Idea.

e-Mail Confirmations - Extra Security

Status: New Idea
by wjack2010 ‎26-05-2014 20:05 - edited ‎27-05-2014 20:35

Currently, if you're logged into an account on giffgaff you can update any of the details without actually having to confirm the details. Once a detail has been updated, such as an e-mail or password, it sends an e-mail to the current, or new, e-mail address to let you know the changes have been applied.


This isn't secure.


The first change I propose: when an e-mail is changed on an account, you have to confirm, by clicking a link in an e-mail, both the OLD address and the NEW address - to ensure it is you making the change. Or, in case you cannot access your old e-mail address, you can opt to have a verification code sent to your giffgaff mobile number, which you have to enter on the website to prove you are the owner.


The second change I propose: when changing the password, an e-mail confirmation, with a link to verify, is sent to the current e-mail address.


This will ensure higher security levels as changes have to be physically verified.

I think we should be able to see what payback we got for each month broken down, as at the moment it just shows my collective from December to May.


As sometimes i forget what my payback balance was the month before so am unaware wether i earnt anymore payback this month.


please kudos this idea its well needed.

As it stands, giffgaff gigabags are not a very good fit for primary and/or backup mobile broadband use:

  1. Transparent proxying in the network, destroying image quality and, worse, changing page markup
  2. Difficult to disable adult filter, for some users
  3. "Carrier-grade" NAT, so that customers cannot use applications or services requiring a public IP address
  4. No IPv6 support, and no good way of getting it

You might argue that none of these are essential for a mobile broadband package. You may well be right. I, personally, want my 3G/4G data to be as transparent and as useful to me as my ISP connection, so that when my primary line goes down, I can fail over to a useful (but slower) service, with no significant loss of functionality. As it stands right now, I'm as likely as not to VPN back home to my broadband line, to avoid the proxying and filtering while roaming using my giffgaff account, which clearly isn't optimal either for me or for giffgaff.

I apologise if any or all of these have made their way onto this board in other respects, but felt I should articulate the problem as a whole. My ISP is A&A, I am a technical user, and I have high demands. :smileyhappy: Sadly Three, who offer service for A&A, isn't an option (bad signal).

If there's got to be a preference, make getting rid of the adult filter and transparent proxying your priority; I can probably survive without the other two, or compensate for them.

Thanks for your consideration.


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