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European Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by crypticmiss on ‎02-12-2014 16:18
As I travel a lot, sometimes for long periods in Europe, it is prohibitively expensive to even receive calls on Giffgaff let alone make them. Is it possible to have a goody bag for use in Europe. I currently put my Giffgaff on hold and buy a sim in the relevant country, but this means people in the UK cannot get hold of me on my different number. I think Giffgaff is great value and this would be a great help for anyone holidaying in Europe. Thanks. Please give kudos if you think this is a good idea.


Status: New Idea
by spacefrog on ‎18-05-2015 18:19
I propose the idea that Giffgaffers could donate data megabytes from their current goodybags, the total of megabytes saved could be converted into either
A: donated to charity.
B: unused data converted into a small payback award.
This would encourage Giffgaffers not to waste data, and to be careful with it,
thus making speeds faster and would be better for everybody. this data is paid for and is the users choice of whether they use it or not, the payback or charity award would be known as
I'm sure you lot in higher places who run Giffgaff could make this work....
I know there's a shortage of data to go around so it's got to be a step in the right direction. 👍 🐸

I logged into giffgaff this morning (6th May 2015) to find the house style of the website had changed almost beyond recognition. The fonts are ghastly and angular, while pictures and banners have been piled on top of each other, rendering it:

  • very difficult on the eye (too many bright colours);
  • difficult to find objects that are under other objects, especially hyperlinks in the dashboard, which appears to have been almost entirely obscured by new banners;
  • incredibly time-consuming to load each page, even on a home broadband connection (I dread to imagine how bad it must be for public wifi/mobile connections), because the pictures are so large — this got so frustrating that I used the Firefox add-on AdBlockPlus to block most .jpg and .png images from loading.


I, therefore, petition giffgaff to restore the house style that was in effect prior to 6th May, since it is much more user-friendly, easier to navigate, easier to read, and less bandwidth-guzzling.

At carphonewarehouse you can do payg upgrade
EE tmobile orange vodafone others allows their members to upgrade
So my idea is
Giffgaff should allow us to do payg upgrade with carphonewarehouse or giffgaff it's self (like 20% off on selected phones basic ones mostly)

0845,0870 numbers in goodybags

Status: Not For Us
by stuzl on ‎24-04-2014 12:17

This has been covered before but I'm making a slightly different argument.


According to wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-geographical_telephone_numbers_in_the_United_Kingdom as of 2009 no revenue sharing is allowed on 0870 numbers and 2p per minute for 0845.   I don't see why 0870 numbers at least can't come out of goodybag minutes.  As for 0845, why not use 2mins for each 1min actual time or something like that or 1minute + 2p


I find it terribly frustrating as I typically have 95% of my minutes left but still have to pay for these non-geographic numbers.

Both 0870 and 0845 are inclusive in minutes on BT landlines with BT subsidising the 2p on 0845 numbers.


Giffgaff were ahead of the game making 0800 numbers free on a mobile network (rediculous that others charge).  However Ofcom are going to make it manditory for 0800 to free across the board.  


So why not get ahead of the game again by being fair on 0870,0845?   It would be good for reputation

Status: Not For Us

19th May 2015 - Hi folks, as Ian has so brilliantly laid out, these numbers are no longer in use, and you should always be able to find an 03 number which will come out of your goodybag. It's for this reason we're setting this Idea as 'Not for Us', but for a very positive reason!


Status: New Idea
by awais_khan12 ‎06-05-2015 21:31 - edited ‎07-05-2015 18:20
Simple request - Give us an option to get the old theme please. Like in our preferences let us choose this theme or the old one!

I and several others do not like this new one very much and were not well informed of this!
And apparently we are the MOBILE NETWORK RUN BY YOU!?

Pick and Mix

Status: New Idea
by edwardlittle on ‎16-04-2015 11:41
Why not have pick and mix goodybags? At the moment you have to choose a goodybag that most closely matches your requirements but may not match them completely. So I suggest that all the various items are priced individually, allowing members to choose what they want and get charged accordingly. So, for example, you could choose 500 minutes with 2 Gb of data or 200 minutes and 2 Gb of data, with each being at a set price. No mobile phone company does this so GiffGaff could lead the way!

Remove the "I know where you live rank "

Status: Working On It
by kathleen414 ‎22-01-2015 18:06 - edited ‎23-01-2015 02:20

Hi everyone after an idea i had about changing some on the odd named ranks and after  a full discussion about this the members came up with 4/5 that would be better off changing but we agreed it would be better to do one rank at a time ,

Discussion thread link


Credit to  @mathew40 for contribution and bringing up his issue with the rank



So i have started with this rank " I know where you live "

One of our members @mathew40  experienced this

 He recieved a private message from a worried member,who wanted to know why he  posted," I know where you live " at the bottom of my post,and as this member was not aware of giffgaff's ranks he was really pretty worried

So i think this rank should be replaced with something more suitable as although the majority of members understand the ranks are a bit of fun it could be worrying to others this could be done by giffgaff pretty easily i would think


if you agree please support this idea


Status: Working On It

19th May 2015 - Hi folks, we re-reviewed this last Monday and won't be waiting for the rank review to change this, all we need now from the members is suggestions on what we should change it too Smiley Happy

Abolish the <5min/MB limit for early Goodybag purchase

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by prawlin ‎04-12-2014 08:49 - edited ‎07-12-2014 01:55
With reservations, I welcome the recently introduced early Goodybag purchase facility.

BUT! Why on earth should I be FORCED to wait until either the minutes or the data is almost totally used up. If I choose to purchase a new GB early and accept total forfeit of the existing one, then surely I should be allowed to do this at any time I choose! It's entirely my loss, if I decide to discard my existing bag in favour of an early new one surely?

For instance, supposing I'm usually a very low usage user and am just a week into a Hokey Cokey (£5) bag. Then something totally unforeseen suddenly changes in my personal circumstances. I realise I'm gonna need lots more minutes, texts and/or data. I want to now start a new £18 bag so that I can ensure I have lots more allowance available for the next month.

I'm going to be very busy and don't want the hassle of having to watch my remaining usage like a hawk until it finally lets me buy my desired bigger bag. Heck I could use up that last 5 minutes in just a single long call! I want to buy a big bag immediately so I can then relax and continue with peace of mind that a big bag gives me. I understand that all remaining service on my existing bag will be totally forfeited, as the system clearly warns me about this in no uncertain terms at the point of purchase.

My proposal here is to completely remove the remaining usage thresholds for early Goodybag re-purchase. I am intelligent enough to decide if I want to upgrade or renew my existing Goodybag at any time I so choose, with immediate effect.

If you agree please kudos this proposal in the upper left corner.

Thank you.
Status: We’re Looking Into It

[23rd Jan 2015]: This idea has been set to 'We're Looking Into It'. 


Hey everyone, thanks for supporting this idea. It's really great to see so much enthusiasm for it. Obviously this is super popular and we want to do what's best for you all, but there are a couple of other things we need to consider before we can make a final decision on this. There's a big call for early repurchase to be more flexible, the trick is to do that without making it too easy to accidentally cancel your existing one.  Big thumbs up for supporting this one.





Beg for a Sim - postcode helper for Sim emergancies

Status: New Idea
by hughnicholls ‎30-04-2015 16:56 - edited ‎30-04-2015 17:06

Hey guys,



got my idea from this: THREAD by @bluemoonbaz (thanks @kwalmsleyyy for showing me)



Beg for a Sim


I am proposing an optional section of the website where members can sign up to a database by entering their postcode. Being on the database will allow you to be contacted by other members or soon to be members that desperately need a Sim. Basically:


the givers - 


1. sign up to database


2. wait for someone nearby to PM you saying they need a Sim


3.You would then meet or deliver the Sim too them in the local area so they would have it immediately.


the sim beggars-


1. type in their postcode




2. database shows the ten nearest people that they could contact for a sim


3. PM them and arrangements can be made



@ mentions

Status: New Idea
by cps15966 on ‎18-05-2015 09:19

Morning gaffers....


I get @ mentions notified to me on email and then click the links to take me to the page relatiing to it.


Currently on the dashboard page we have the Community section for your 'profile and messages' (which takes you to latest posts made, kudoed posts etc), 'latest posts' and 'on the blog'.


I think that it would be better to have a running list of @ mentions somewhere either on the dashboard page or inside the 'profile and messages' page. It could be a running list that remains until you either click on the link to view it or tell it to be discarded in the same way as a draft message currently is.



Before anyone says anything, I did do a search for this using giffgaff's marvellous search engine, but only found one post relating to is 2 years ago here with a link to getting notifications through something called IFTTT via a third party site that you have to sign up to from what I can see, but I think it would be far better to have it as a list on giffgaff itself or by having to resort to emails from giffgaff.



Maybe it could look like this below or listing them on the proile page might be better.






Well, that's it, I eagerly await comments pulling the idea to bits.... lol Smiley Wink


Allow members to cancel queued goodybags

Status: Under Consideration
by cklang ‎01-05-2014 13:51 - edited ‎01-05-2014 13:51

Hi all,


I have a very small idea that may benefit some and free up agent time a little!


Allow members to cancel queued goodybags... This would save having to contact an agent to do this for you and shouldn't require much in the way of implementation (given that queued goodybags aren't in use).


How does this sound?



Status: Under Consideration

2nd September 2014: Afternoon folks, we've spoken about this again today and will wait to review how much of an impact the problem has after we've launched re-purchasing. We believe from information of the agent cases coming in that part of the problem is members buying the goodybag thinking it will start straight away. On top of this, the refund mechanism is cause for concern, as it could potentially add an extra risk to the process (refunds not going through), giving us another plate to spin. Alas, we'll discuss and see how repurchasing changes the situation, if it doesn't - we'll look at how we can implement this idea. 

Ability to add credit of less than £10 to top up your airtime balance.


Why?  - I have just been subject to a premium text message scam, where I got charged £5 to receive a text from some company I have never had contact with.

I am now left with £9 credit that they can continue to plunder. Since I cant withdraw the credit, there should be the ability to top up my credit to a round £10, so I can purchase a queued GBag.

Another instance where this is useful, is on my childrens account where they have a GBag, but I dont want them to have credit, in case it is accidently used roaming on holiday, or with premium services.

I once put £10 credit on, then immediately tried to convert it to a GBag, but it had dropped to £9.93 - totally useless, when I always buy a £10 GBag on the account!

National giffgaff day - 25th Nov.

Status: New Idea
by timwilliams25 ‎25-05-2015 22:26 - edited ‎25-05-2015 22:28

Launched on 25th November 2009 - I think the anniversary of giffgaff's birth should become a National giffgaff Day.


A feature of the day could be 1/2 price calls, texts or data useage... and for those with goodybags, then their useage would also be reduced by 50% on the National giffgaff Day.


National giffgaff Day could also be an advertising promotion leading up to the event.  For people activating a sim on National giffgaff Day they would get an extra £5 credit (on top of any additional credit they would normally be offered when activating a sim on days other than National giffgaff Day)


I realise this would come at a cost to giffgaff but could also have a positive financial effect on the number of people considering giffgaff in the lead up to Christmas, when many people buy phones - so phone sales could also go up..

This is a very simple idea, which I raise because I have seen it come up a few times, most recently in this post:



Where a member is trying to respond to the agent by emailing them trying to use this sign off (e.g. Agents name @ the giffgaff team) as an email address.

Ok it may not confuse many people, but for those that it does, it leads to a lot of frustration, and something as simple as them typing "at" instead of using the @ symbol would make all the difference.


They could also use "of the giffgaff team" "from the giffgaff team" etc. just not the @ symbol synonymous with an email address.


What do people think?

Status: Implemented

This panned out to be a relatively easy one to change so we've been able to update it in conjunction with First Source as of this morning.  Thanks as always for submitting an idea.  Smiley Very Happy

Recycle your mobile for cash or payback?

Status: New Idea
by simpsonnth ‎04-05-2015 09:08 - edited ‎04-05-2015 09:09

Hi there,


I've seen some mention this but not in this kind of way. 


Basically the idea is that if you have an old mobile that you could either:


1) Get Money off a new phone

2) Get Cash or Payback on recycling your old phone


I think the best way to do this is shown below in the picture:



This would be great to see the potential money you could get before even selling it.

It would also be great to have a page that shows used/refurbished phones for sale.


Let me know what you think!


Kudos this if you think its a good idea! Smiley Very Happy


Thread limit

Status: New Idea
by auntied on ‎08-02-2015 11:35

Ok....so we all know we only get 50 kudos to use in any one 24 hour period, and once they're used you have to wait for them to kick back in again!


Well my idea is along the same lines, but with thread making! We see it time and time again, someone flooding the S:GD board with up to 10 threads in the space of 10 minutes, but never returning to answer questions that members may have asked.


And lately it's gotten worse! It's prolific amongst certain members, maybe they think the more threads they make the more payback they'll receive! But as we all know, it's quality NOT quantity that counts!


So how about a thread limit? Maybe only being able to make 3 threads in any one hour period and with at least a mandatory 10 minutes between each thread made?


And i think that is still being generous!


I know there's a similar idea on here somewhere, but that one would've still been open to abuse with regards the amount of thread making!


Hope this all makes sense! Smiley Happy

Sim Activity Checker

Status: Working On It
by alibrightwell on ‎04-01-2015 10:32

After 6 months of inactivity a giffgaff sim will be deactivated. At present the only way to find out when this will happen is to check your call and text logs, work out when you last topped up (source), or wait for an email from giffgaff warning you of your sim's impending doom (source).


I would like to suggesst a Sim Activity Checker for the dashboard/My giffgaff page. This could simply be a link to a page showing 2 dates: one for when the sim was last considered active, and another for when the sim is due to expire/become deactived.


I spend quite a lot of time overseas, and I selected giffgaff because of its flexibility. I love that I can get a contract-like deal for my sim for just a month or two at a time, and avoid paying over the odds with payg or getting a contract that I simply won't use. I can only imagine that there are many other users just like me.


Being able to check sim activity for intermittent but committed users like myself would be a real help. Not only will it help us to avoid losing our numbers and credit, but it will also give us a quick and easy way to check our sim's activity and put our minds at rest, without having to scramble around for call logs or emails.


I hope you like this idea and can show your support.



Status: Working On It

Hey everyone, I've just spoken with our communication team, and I'm pleased to say that we're going to be implementing this in multiple stages.


The first one is to set up a new keyword for 43430, so that you can text in and receive an indicator of how close you are to expiry. This'll give you an indication of what stage of the process you're in and give you an idea of what to do next. This basic functionality should pop up fairly soon, so keep an eye out.


While that fills the need of being able to check manually rather than having to wait for the email, it doesn't fill every need that you folks have laid out in this Idea, so we're also looking at a more robust solution to implement on the website further down the line. We'll have more information on that at a later date.


Cheers all,


Personalised Goodbags

Status: New Idea
by elijoby12 on ‎03-01-2015 17:31

GiffaGaff For The People By The People. (I love this idea) 


So my idea goes like this- Instead of having set plans i.e £12 for so many minutes, texts, and data; you have the option to pick how many minutes, texts, and data you want. The cost is processed from the relavant ammounts you choice, and everyone is happy (hopefully).


I'm not sure if this makes much sense (the festive times have certainly catched up with my senses) so I've attached a picture I created on paint. You're welcome to even use my wonderful 'slider' idea and the catch phrase. 


Peas xGiff~Gaff Idea.png

Low cost 4G goodybag is needed.

Status: New Idea
by momist on ‎06-05-2015 15:02

Hi Everyone.  I have search the ideas posted on here about the 4G goodybags, and several are either totally out of date, or refer to unlimited data etc. etc.  This idea is slightly different, so please let me know if I've missed seeing it elsewhere.


Where I live, I have very little signal in my house at all, but if I step outside I have a usable 4G signal.  There is NO 3G anywhere near where I live, without 4G the best I can get is E (edge) or more usually just a plain phone signal with, I assume,  GPRS data.  This I understand is due to the banding arrangements, with 4G now available on 800MHz, while all the other G's are on higher frequencies with lower range, and lower building penetration.


I'm a low user.  I currently run my phone on PAYG, and only buy a goodybag when I leave the wifi behind for a few days away in the caravan.  Frequently, in the caravan, I'm in some remote field and the signal situation is just the same as being at home.  i.e. A very thin signal and lucky if I get any data, but 4G is more likely than 3G.


Since I first tried a £12 4G goodybag on my trip away in March, I've been able to get 4G both at home (at a first floor window or outside) and in some other places when I'm out and about.  In the whole of March, I used only 160MB of data, and 8 minutes calls (other than GG ones).   If I buy any 3G goodybag now, I understand that I will then lose my 4G connection, and revert the phone to a 3G crippled version.


Today, the £5 Hokey Cokey and the £7.50 goodybags have had a boost:

"In a nutshell we’ll be doubling the data on £7.50 from 250mb to 500mb and increasing the minutes from 200mins to 250mins.  Plus on the £5 Hokey Cokey we’ll be increasing the data from 20mb to 100mb and the minutes from 60mins to 100mins.

Hooray I say!  But this can't help me in the least.  I can't buy a Hokey Cokey or £7.50 goodybag, without ruining the one feature I bought a 4G phone for.


I think that forcing me to purchase another £12 goodybag, when all I want is a 100MB or so of data, is similar to blackmail.