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European data plans

Status: New Idea
by andrewjoh on ‎16-08-2014 13:51
Can we please have a better deal on data usage in Europe. I spend a week a month in France and mobile is just such an expensive rip off that I turn it off, catch up on wifi when I have access. However, what I would prefer is mobilr access at a reasonable price. I think the EU should make all data plans within an EU country work without any additional charge across the whole of the Union.



mms msgs & free voicemail too

Status: New Idea
by tearza on ‎17-08-2014 23:28

I would love to see mms msgs to be added into the goodbags or just take up 5 of the standard messages in the googybags..


And for our voicemails to be all free.


'Three strikes' data abuse policy

Status: New Idea
by techiebloke on ‎20-08-2014 19:05

I keep reading lots of threads about people being unhappy about data speeds, leaving because of this etc.


The fact that GiffGaff management have had to introduce traffic management also appears to be an acknolwedgement that the problem is serious but can only go so far to address the issue of people abusing network resources.


I'd like to see a 'three strikes' policy put in place whereby if people get three warnings the system then sends them their PAC and they are given 30 days' notice to quit, after which their SIM gets disconnected and any credit is forfeited, they can appeal during the 30 days and this can be reset by an agent.


Alongside this needs to be education about what any unlimited allowance can be used for, specifically getting across that you can't stream all day and all night and that it is only really designed for short bursts of data.


I know this might appear heavy handed but it is the only way for those causing issues to be dealt with IMHO.




Change the wording of recruit messages

Status: New Idea
by figment_uk on ‎02-08-2014 11:38

Simple idea to avoid some of the confusion around the reward for recruiting new members.


References to "£5 Payback" should be changed to "500 payback points" or "500 Payback points (£5 value)" in all on-screen messages and emails sent out during the recruiting process.


Examples (changes highlighted in red)


Your giffgaff SIM order confirmation

"Thanks for helping spread the word about giffgaff. Just wanted to confirm an order is on its way to your friend. Once they activate their SIM, they'll receive £5 credit and you'll see £5 Payback 500 Payback points (£5 value) in your next Points Statement"


[Recruitname] has been giffgaffed

"Thanks for helping to grow giffgaff. You've earned yourself £5 Payback 500 Payback points (£5 value) for your trouble, these will appear in your Payback tally when they're updated next month on/ around the 5th.

You can select how you'd like your £5 Payback Payback points paid back at the end of ......"

I live in an area with no 3G and practically no phone signal.  This is the same for all networks, not just Giffgaff.  Some of my neighbours are using boostboxes where they log in via a wifi signal which then boosts the 3g signal, making the phone signal much better and much more usable. O2 offer this, and I have an O2 boostbox which I bought mistakenly thinking it would boost my Giffgaff signal.


Please offer this to Giffgaff customers - it would make our lives easier and is good business sense.




Time voice-mail was recorded

Status: New Idea
by tstarfall on ‎27-07-2014 07:39



My phone only tells me when a voicemail alert came into my phone - not when the message was actually recorded by the caller.  This information appears to be missing when in voicemail iteslef too.  If there s a delay in getting the alert from the network (out of network range, phone off, network down etc.), there is no way of telling what time the caller actually called me.


Can this information be implemented either in the alert message (ideally), or atleast as part of the imformation you are told when you call the voicemail number.




Don't get rid of unlimited data

Status: New Idea
by sargantana on ‎12-08-2014 19:43


I use less than 200MB a month but buy the £12 Goody bag because I really don't want to have to worry about it. If I have to pay £20 for this (Option 1) I'll move to Three, where it's £15.


Data topup option on 4G goodybags

Status: New Idea
by naughtyindianboi ‎16-08-2014 23:48 - edited ‎17-08-2014 08:46

Hi all,


I wanted to switch back to giffgaff, but I'm struggling with the 4G offerings on giffgaff.


I know the pricing will be reviewed come the end of the trial, but I wondered if the idea of a data topup would solve the problem?


Let's say, I purchase a £15 4G goodybag which gives:


Mins: 500 (same as Lycamobile)


Texts: Unlimited (although I hardly text, so I think 200-300 is enough


Data- 5GB 


If I run out of data within the month and need a topup, maybe do this:



1GB: £2

2GB- £4


after 2GB why not increase the cost by £1 per GB?



Can this idea be explored guys?


Also, can giffgaff tell how much data a user has used on 4G if I've continually switched from 4G to 3G reception?



Inspired by the recent thread accusing many giffgaff members of being tight due to thelow take up of donating their payback to charity (and suggested that I post here by a fellow member) I have had a thought I wish to share:


How about enabling a partial donation to charity say a 10 or 20% option with the rest being paid as cash / credit?


To me, if I earn £100 cashback for example I would be more than happy to donate £10 tp charity and have £90 cash, howver as the current system is all or nothing I opt for cash. I do give to charity anyway, but maybe this idea will appeal to the community.


If you like my idea please kudos, opinions also wecome!


Thanks for reading.

My previous idea was to Zero rate and apparently it is already zero rated.


The charges and used up data we incur is from external images such as avatars, banners etc according to @alex_w 's post here in Community zero rated for select users thread.


So my next idea is simple ...


To cut the cost of credit and data used by members, we should be able to store images such as avatars and banners on so that the images do not need to be loaded from an external source, making them zero rated too.


This reduces the cost of credit to pay as you go users and limits the amount of data wasted on helping on


Making the site as Zero Rated as possible! 


As always, thanks for reading and please support with a "Kudos"


GiffGaff Goodybag Give-Back

Status: New Idea
by rwrolls on ‎07-08-2014 19:26

Apologies if this has already been suggested, but...


How about an automatic system where, should you substantially under use your Goodybag allowance of minutes and data for, say, three months in a row, you get a partial credit added to your account of something like 10% of the average price of your Goodybags over that period.


That way,GiffGaff will give a reward to frugal users of the service and an incentive to everyone else who wants to reduce their usage or wanting to save an extra few quid a year.


Check a number is on giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by mkphil on ‎20-08-2014 22:34

I'd like the ability to check a given mobile number is on giffgaff (hence, free calls) or not before I dial so I can decide how long to call or even it to use an alternative means (landline, skype, sms email or the old "half a ring" missed call trick! etc.) to contact that person.


Possible methods:

* Text the number to a shortcode (for free!) which replies with "yes giffgaff" or "no giffgaff"

* Search box on the website where you can enter the number.


Giffgaff to sell dongles

Status: New Idea
by laurence22 on ‎21-08-2014 19:11

I think that giffgaff should sel dongles, like MiFi. I know you can purchase them elsewere, but i think that it would give users peace on mind to know that it came from giffgaff. O2, 3 and many other phone companys sell dongles, so it is time that giffgaff does aswell.


Give Kudos if you feel that giffgaff should sell dongles, aswell as phones.


Print sim swap expiry date on sims

Status: New Idea
by essie112mm ‎05-08-2014 20:32 - edited ‎06-08-2014 08:15

                                    Print SIM swap expiry date on all giffgaff SIMs  




Problem :



 This thread is a typical example - a member tries to perform a SIM swap which then fails. Often the reason is simply that the SIM used for the swap is more than 6 months old. 



Solution :


My idea is to print on all SIMS sent out an expiry date for SIM swaps. This could be on the packaging in which the SIM arrives and / or on the SIM holder itself. 


For illustrative purposes, here's an idea of how it might look :


On the SIM card -




And on the SIM packaging -



The ideas vault does have ideas posted several years ago which suggest printing an expiry date on SIMs, but my proposal is completely different. I have included a SIM activation expiry date with a SIM swap expiry date simply so that members don't think that the 6 months expiry date applies to activations as well.


 Outcome :


Fewer threads on SIM swaps appearing on Help and fewer agent enquiries, not to mention less stress for members :smileyhappy:.  ( always assuming that members read what's on the packaging or the SIM card before attempting a swap :smileysurprised:.)


If you like the idea please kudo it so that perhaps it might be implemented. All feedback welcome. Thanks all .



Status: New Idea
by banana68 on ‎14-08-2014 15:01

I have got a lot of kudos for my post on the Goodybag consultation thread

This is the post:

Why this.....why cant we have a completely new goodybag!!!! Some of us never use the minutes we're paying for, so WHY WHY WHY can't we have a goodybag with just texts and data, as has been suggested before! Do you listen? NO! Giffgaff is supposed to be "the mobile network run by you" but it's NOT because we have about 5 ideas implementated a year!! Get a move on and give us some goodybags we WANT to use!

Please support this idea so that we can get a goodybag with just texts and data.

Say, unlimited texts and 1gb data for £7 so that we can compete with other networks again.  

Virgin do 500 mg, 150 mins and unlimited texts for just £7


Get your game up giffgaff or we'll have to go elsewhere :smileysad:


One Europe Tariff

Status: New Idea
by dpward trainee on ‎05-08-2014 10:36

As termination fees are dropping massively, and roaming is becoming cheaper - why not offer a tariff that works over Europe - even if not in the bundles - at the standard GiffGaff tariffs.  Going a step further - allow free termination of calls / giffgaff-giffgaff calls in Telefonicas own networks abroad.  Operators in Europe have already started this ( - in German unfortunately - but calls a flat 7p/min and data either per MB or in packages.


Going a step further - reasonable prices for data outside Europe would be a positive move.  Who actually pays 5.00GBP per MB for data in Egypt or Turkey?  The markup is crazy - and stops customers using their phones.

If prices dont change - customers find other ways of communicating - with local SIM's or OTT services providing WIFI.


Move with the times here - before somebody else does!

Three offers sim-only deals that are free to use abroad, including the USA.  I think giffgaff should offer a Roam-Free package!

With Three's "Feel At Home" package, you can use your allowance to call and text the UK and use your data without paying a penny more. There's no extra cost for calls back home, no extra cost for texts back home, no extra cost for data.  More info:


Why can't giffgaff offer a similar package?  It's a great deal!

Status: We’re Looking Into It
6th August - We currently have a thread up asking for specifics on what members want in terms of international use. If you haven't already - add your thoughts here.

tethering add on

Status: New Idea
by mizan337 on ‎03-08-2014 19:21
There should be a option where you can add a tethering add on like BB add on for extra cost with a goodybag
Example (£12Goodybag+ 500mb tethering add on= 15)


New goodybag with allowed tethering

Status: New Idea
by roshpl on ‎02-06-2014 10:37

Maybe it is good time to introduce new goodybag with allowed tethering?

I think in 4g era it will be good to follow market and introduce more goodybags with 2gb and 3gb data and tethering.

In my opinion it supposed to be:


£12,50 500min unlimited text and 2gb data (allowed tethering)

£14 500 min unlimited text and 4gb data (allowed tethering)


What is your opinion GG and others?



View and send texts via

Status: New Idea
by andyxhill on ‎29-07-2014 21:59

WOuld be raelly handy of your phone/sim goes astray.Would still be chargeable or part of goodybag usage


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