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"other" option when asking an agent

Status: New Idea
by mike1ceman on ‎14-10-2014 22:17
So I just had to ask an agent for the first time and when I was filling in the form and it asked me what my query was regarding I noticed there was no option for "other" so my proposal and sorry if it's already been suggested is that we have an option for other or anything else. Something like that, it would mean that if your question isn't covered by one of the topics you don't have to select the wrong category which makes it less confusing for members trying to find the nearest category especially if none are really close and also easier for agents who may receive a message with one category only to find something totally different talked about in the main message

4g to be same tariffs we have now.

Status: New Idea
by rooster250 on ‎06-10-2014 00:12
Looking at tariffs on giffgaff at the moment well they suck. Please keep them the same for your existing customers.
3 who I'd rather not join are doing 4g unlimited text n data plus 200 minutes for £15 monthly contract.
A service has recently been launched to allow deaf and hard of hearing to make phone calls from a smartphone. However the prefixes needed: 18000, 18001 and 18002 are not supported by GiffGaff. why not support them? Would be great to finally be able to do something as simple as call a taxi while out or even contact emergency services if need be. Further information on this service can be found at:
Other networks support it so why not GiffGaff?
Status: Working On It

Hey guys, I'm just updating this idea to "working on it", because as Geoff (aka aende) has said, it's currently in testing. Good work all.


Sim cards with more memory capacity

Status: New Idea
by phildo79 on ‎08-10-2014 13:12

100 contacts is not always enough. Think I have nearly 50 on my phones memory so if my phones breaks, I've lost 50 contacts. I've had other sim cards, in the past, that had a capacity for 200 contacts so why so fw with giffgaff?

Just wondered I have noticed the ONLY way to find out whether the GIffGaff team are developing new ideas is actually on individual 'Great Ideas' posts?  Is it possible for a quick link to be created whereby users can check on ALL current ideas that are being discussed, working on and a approximate month/year when it will be each one will be made available (last one could only be shown if the idea is possible?)


If you agree with this please provide 'Kudos' to show your support


Thanks in advance

It would be easier to buy a goodybag when you top up your phone, when using a top up voucher, through the top up phone option. instead it has to be done online.


Rewards for rank

Status: New Idea
by mobilemonkey on ‎24-10-2014 21:44
Giffgaff members gain increasing rank for contributing more to the community. I think this should be more directly linked to the tariffs available to them - i.e. more contribution, better tariff. This could be in the form of extra minutes or data or even special tariffs available to those of a certain rank or above. It might encourage more to get involved. I know that payback does this to some degree but it would be good to have reserved tariffs for those that help Giffgaff develop, anyone agree? PS - still no Motorola phones available from Giffgaff - amazing given that they are consistently voted the best value on the market. Come one Giffgaff this is a no brainer surely - Mote e / Moto g for sale soon please!

Actively offer replacement product for withdrawn £12.50 gigabag

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎24-09-2014 14:19 - edited ‎25-09-2014 22:30

giffgaff recently amended the various goodybag, goodybag with BIS and gigabag product offerings.


The £12.50 (3GB) gigabag has been withdrawn.


Upon arriving at the gigabags page with the intention of buying the old £12.50 gigabag again and seeing only the £7.50 (500MB) and £10.00 (1GB) options listed, my first thought would be to leave giffgaff and swap to another network.


In order to retain customers, this page should have a short piece of text explaining the £12.50 (3GB) gigabag has been withdrawn and direct members to look at the £12 goodybag product. This has the same amount of data for 50p per month less cost.


This is basic marketing practice. It's easier to retain existing customers than to find new ones.



Edit: As suggested below, it could also mention the 5GB for £15 goodybag there as well.



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Change couurier from UKMail

Status: New Idea
by 4ndygr4yuk on ‎03-10-2014 10:22

I believe that giffgaff should put its contract for courier services (currently being poorly delivered by UKMail) out to pitch.


my research it would appear that a significant proportion of our community have experienced considerable inconvenience resulting from giffgaff's use of UKMail as a courier - myself included. Their service is very poor. My own experience of having a driver not attempt delivery, a parcel 'going missing', spending hours on the phone on hold to the UKMail office who promise to call you back but never do... sadly does not seem uncommon.


Quite simply, there are a wealth of other couriers in a very competitive market for delivery services. Giffgaff should take advantage of this and invite pitches from other suppliers.


Enough is enough



Status: New Idea
by saarahibrahim on ‎11-10-2014 19:56

hello guys


I don't know if this has been posted before, but I was just wondering whether its possible if giffgaff can give the option to pay for top up using paypal. they give payback via paypal, but it would be good if paypal was an option for payment for top up


What do you guys think?




Goodybag without data?

Status: New Idea
by anonymice on ‎19-10-2014 14:18

It seems that there are many people clamouring for more data, and insofar as this is economically viable, this would be good -- the better giffgaff is able to compete with other networks, the more we shall all benefit.


I should like to suggest an extra product aimed at a minority market -- those of us who do not, for whatever reason, need a data allowance. This may, for instance, be because we only own "feature phones", or because we are housebound and therefore use our own wi-fi for Internet access.


Each month my data allowance is unused. I use my phone mainly for texts and occassional calls, both incoming and outgoing. On the £5 hokey- incoming calls boost my

OK, using giffgaff is actually a bit of a pain if you are travelling abroad for any length of time (particularly outside of Europe).


The issue is that, even if you have a current goody bag, the call costs come from the top up 'fund' on your account. Overseas charges are high (especially outside of Europe) so if you use your phone even moderately you may need to make multiple top ups.


This is where the problem kicks in.


1. The first few top ups seem to work


2. After that, giffgaff apply a restriction to your account as a 'fraud prevention' measure


3. Further top ups are unsuccesful with a "bank declined" message being shown


4. The message also suggests you try alternative cards to pay for the top up but, because it is a giffgaff block on your account, all alternative cards are rejected with the same "bank declined" message.


5. This is very unhelpful as it may cause you to contact your bank (as I did) and ask them why they are declining the transactions only to find that no transactions are being passed on to the bank!


6. The restiriction seems impossible to lift; if you contact the agents (as I did) you are told to "get a friend to buy a voucher and send you the code", which is a laughably inadequate response.


7. The restiriction may continue after you return to the UK, which means that you cannot text back to people overseas for several days until giffgaff get around to resetting your account.



All in all, this is pretty unsatisfactory.


A simple solution would be to copy the sort of approach taken by many companies when in similar positions; merely ping an email to the email address linked to the account asking the user to log in and confirm the tranactions are legit. Or even modify the message to tell the user to contact giffgaff and confirm the top up attempts are bona fide transactions.


That way the restriction could be lifted and the user could happily make calls / send texts while abroad.


Addressing this will greatly improve the experience of giffgaff users when abroad as it will let them do things such as check calls / messages on their usual number and avoid them having to purchase a local PAYG SIM in the country they are visiting.


Mobile Data Text Alerts

Status: New Idea
by russchallis1 on ‎05-10-2014 20:38

I'm always going over the 20mb data limit by mistake. Would it be an idea if giffgaff could send a text message when we get to something like 18mb just so that we know how much data we are using?


Minimum £5 top up

Status: New Idea
by commotion on ‎21-09-2014 11:04
I think a £5 minimum top up would be perfect for those who need a small airtime credit top up.<br><br>Those on recurring goodybags don't usually need large airtime credits sitting on their account balance.<br><br>Also members only need a small top up to purchase a new goodybag, I think a ten pounds minimum top up is too high.<br><br>I don't think it would be expensive to implement or administer.<br><br>It would also encourage more small top ups. It would also appeal to many users.

Voice Mail

Status: New Idea
by darrenb44 on ‎18-10-2014 18:38
Voice Mail should be free as caller already paided for call
Its a pet hate for everybody and annoying we have to pay for this service, years back this was free on all networks ...mind you dont know how many years i going back
Its just unfair at if "giff gaff" made it free to listen to voicemail it would be a big thumbs up and better value & respect from everyone
So sort it out "giff gaff" please :smileyhappy:

top up

Status: New Idea
by aronrose on ‎29-09-2014 20:33

I think giffgaff should make it that you  can buy a goodybag with your airtime credit

on the same number that you top up with a voucher.   ( like other networks do )


The reasons are: 1. its easier than logging on

                            2. some people dont have internet phones so its a massive pain to log on

                                 especially when you are on the go.


  It should be something like:    press 1 for £5 goody bag  press 2 for £10 goodybag e.t.c.



       so if you want giffgaff to do this please KUDOS this post




GiffGaff vs Lyca

Status: New Idea
by samuelsparrow on ‎20-10-2014 12:45
GiffGaff, can you consider reinstating the £15 ‘unlimited internet’ goodybag for NEW customers.

Lyca are currently offering:

Unlimited 4g internet
Unlimited Texts
500 Mins

All for £15

I know they’ll be people who say Lyca have terrible customer service, reception, it’s not unlimited, they don’t offer payback etc. etc.

However, I just don’t believe GiffGaff represents the best deal for new customers anymore.

Yes, we get payback – however, to new customers or people not willing to use the forums it’s not a real incentive – they’ll go with price first and foremost.

On top of this is the fact that Lyca offer ‘unlimited’ 4g...GiffGaffs 4g planned usage limits are pitiful in comparison.

I remember when GiffGaff offered unlimited internet on a £10 goodybag! When all this was fields...

Come on’s hard for us to sell you to friends and family when they can see better deals elsewhere...


Status: New Idea
by jaives on ‎07-10-2014 08:58
Love the giffgaff community but find it really hard to search for knowledge. Pretty new on here and know how we try not to duplicate things on the site but it seems to happen a lot. Wouldn't it be a idea to update or revamp the search engine to be faster and more accurate instead of quessing what you are trying to search for. I have just realised it is easier for google to point me in the direction of my giffgaff search. I know its probably down to tech n expense but the search engine is really a big part of the community Thanks for reading :-)

How about matching 3 mobile PAGY prices 3p calls, 2p SMS, 1p MB on Hokey Cokey goodybag after allowance has been used. Great way for Giffgaff to get back into the competitive price market :smileyhappy:

It would be great if the unlimited data goodybags could have a limited tethering allowance so that we can have some tethering ability.  This should be set at a usable amount like the 4gb offered by Three for their unlimited data tarrifs or higher.  That way if you need to dial in using the laptop or tablet for work or watching a film with friends a few times a month, it's still possible without opening up tethering to the abuse that unlimited tethering invites.




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