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top up another number

Status: New Idea
by defraybo2 on ‎07-04-2015 19:01
Hi gang.
I must say that the giffgaff service gets better all the time, there is one thing l think can make it even better,
I use the top another number facility on a regular basis for friends and family, some even when they are abroad, and they pay me back on their return, brilliant.
The one thing l would like to be able to do is not only top up their credit, but be able to buy them a goodybag or gigabag using the same facility.
Hope this can be done.

New activation video

Status: New Idea
by traelkom on ‎28-03-2015 09:57

When the very first time you activate a giffgaff sim you do not really know how this is going to work.

I suggest to create a video conteining informations about activation, how to get help forums and top up.


This can be very helpful, as last time that a friend of mine activated a sim that I gave to him , he really did not understand how to do it (even though he is up to date with the tecnology), so I helped him via phone call.



Plese support this


I propose a much cheaper gigabag with substantially less data than the current ones or potentialy similarly priced gigabags that last for much longer. Possibly 3 or 6 months. The idea is for them to be a solution for independent machine to machine devices.


Some background...

There is this thing being talked about called the 'internet of things', it's proper name is machine to machine, or M2M for short and it's an IP based system for connecting things to the internet or networks. Currently and over the next year there'll be a lot of these things being made, soime by large companies and some by people in garages. This is a video from a current Kickstarter campaign from, some other companies such as GPS chipset manufacturer ublox have products out now too



Things like the Raspberry Pi and Arduino have really taken off in a big way and enabled many people to engage in home made electronics, both hardware and software. M2M is the next logical progression of that and is guaranteed to be a big deal but currently mobile data plan wise there's nothing for customers that don't have a dedicated financial team to organise enterprise contracts. The big three networks already have wholesale enterprise M2M solutions for large scale companies (and lots of info on M2M)


That is the background in a nutshell.


The proposal?

To be the first UK no contract MVNO to offer something for independent and small scale M2M makers and users. There is literally nothing like this currently on the UK market.


Why so little data?

Internet connected M2M devices don't use much data and nor do they necesarrily need a constant connection. They send bytes of data (tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny amounts), it'll just be something like a line of code or a geolocation, quite literally just a few bytes of data. There's no need for a gigabag with 500mb because approximately 499.9999.........mb would be left unused each month. A far smaller gigabag or one that lasts a helluva lot longer would tempt a lot of people...I say a lot but that's relative.


Is it right for giffgaff and why not use PAYG

PAYG is good but has odd pricing and isn't really for that. A product line that is geared specifically towards M"M and the internet of things is both enabling, simple to understand and sends a great brand message that giffgaff are a forward thinking company concerned with morte than mere mobile phones. It says 'this is the future and we want to get in on the ground floor'. (apologies if that sounds hyperbolic, I feel dirty having just written that).


I am by no means an expert in M2M, what the data needs are or what specifically would make an enticing plan but flexible data costs starting RIDICULOUSLY LOW and with as little maintenance as possible sounds good to me.



Honestly? Not gonna be a big seller or make a whole lot of money but it won't lose money. The amount of people doing this on a scale that would need an cheap MVNO are are going to be extremely low buit are only going to grow.



Getting in super early and offering something before there is even a demand for it. Brand wise it's a huge differentiator and opens up giffgaff to hardcore technical enthusiasts. And you can have a page on the website about the internet of things and how giffgaff are an MVNO with ambitions to facilitate that.

Transferring credit

Status: New Idea
by k_london on ‎16-04-2015 23:03

It would be great if you could transfer credit between accounts like Vectone ( a competitor ) allows.

Multiple accounts on the same credit card

Status: New Idea
by sshaw on ‎26-03-2015 07:48

I have all four family members on the same credit card with a recurring goody bag.  My credit card number expiry date has changed.  There is no facility to just update this part and the security number so you have to delete the card number and start again.  However, giffgaff only allows you to put the same credit card into 2 accounts per 24 hours.  Can you please update this to allow it to 4 accounts and also add a facility to just update the expiry date?

Just a suggestion, I think that you should be able to customise goodybags or alter the current ones to suit your needs... For example, I make the most of my unlimited texts so therefore I would keep them... But minutes, I use about 20 if not less, minutes out of a whopping 500 minutes, so I think I should be able to reduce the amount of minutes I get & increase the amount of data I get...
Hope this makes sense...

Buy phones from the App

Status: New Idea
by jeffreyg on ‎12-04-2015 17:05
at giffgaff you can buy phones, but not through the app. Why not? You should be able to do everything that you can do on desktop on the app.

Bring back old £12 GG bag

Status: New Idea
by anzy_1991_8 on ‎03-04-2015 21:48

I miss old GG bag with unlimited data. 

Like many others I enjoy sharing pics with the community and understand why there is a 333k limit for the pic size, trouble is that even on the lowest settings my phones camera comes up at around 500k so of no use until i convert them using a seperate program. A pain when I am out and about.

Have a word with Lithium to see if you can incorporate software like Facebook do that reduces file sizes automatically, saves us having to waste time doing it :smileyhappy:

Automated Message (email) - Dormant Account

Status: New Idea
by mikehenry44 ‎25-03-2015 16:55 - edited ‎26-03-2015 21:10

Received an email today inviting me to complete a survey because I have not used my mobi for 25+ days - no issue with the email (I think it is a good idea, and I like the pro-active approach) but should 'we' (yes, I think of myself as one of the GiffGaff Community) ASSUME my reason for not making calls or texting HAS TO BE ..... 'I have / am leaving GiffGaff and you are sending me a goodbye message ??? or my GiffGaff sim is just a second rate alternative to my primary source of mobile comms ?????


Perhaps the options available could be expanded to include .....


I'm a Light User - That happens sometimes (no calls or texts in the last 25 days)


Absolutely delighted with GiffGaff as my chosen provider, I'm staying put and will keep recommending GiffGaff


Trust somebody can take these suggestions forward for a positive outcome.




Status: New Idea
by michae_j_blackburn on ‎22-03-2015 13:56

Hi, it would be a really good idea if your mobile number was included on the VAT invoice as well as the invoice nº, date and order number. :smileyhappy:

Create your own Goodybag?!

Status: New Idea
by lukeluke2012 on ‎03-04-2015 21:26

Wouldn't it be a cool idea to create your own goodybag?


At the moment we only have the option to select a specific goodybag giving us a mixture of different minutes, texts and data each month at different prices.


The goodybags that are offered are great value for money, but to actually create your own by selecting how many minutes, texts and data we would like then getting a "quote" or calculated total based on what we selected whether it be more minutes over texts and the amount of Internet for example.


It would be great for those people who prefer one over the other, like for myself I would prefer unlimited Internet, but less minutes and texts than the current £20 goodybag of 2,000 minutes, unlimited texts...


Would be great if you could look into this giffgaff?

Payment option

Status: New Idea
by ruthgirl on ‎03-04-2015 19:24

GIFFGAFF should include 'Paypal' as one of the payment options?

Introduce Trio (3 in 1) Sims

Status: Working On It
by xollobru ‎12-10-2014 00:56 - edited ‎12-10-2014 01:08

I received a replacement sim from 3 in the post today as my new phone uses a different size to my old one and the new sim is what they call a Trio Sim in that it is a standard/micro/nano all in one!


No more need to perform a sim swap if and when someone changes mobiles and they take different sizes obviously assuming that they remember to keep the spare bits but they do clip back together for safe keeping.


Just a thought in that any extra costs in sourcing and supplying these new style sims will hopefully help reduce the need for and cost of sim swaps.


Kudos this idea if you think that giffgaff should look at supplying these sims, thank you!


Edited to add: Obviously this would also help if someone doesn't know which size sim to order or makes a mistake when ordering









Status: Working On It

[10th Feb 2015]: This idea has been set to 'Working On It'. 


I'm happy to report that work on this idea is very much in the pipeline. It'll be very satisfying to be able to implement such a well supported idea when we get round to implementing it. It's worth pointing out that there are a lot of existing SIM cards out there, so we will have to use up all of these before we can move to a new version.


Cheers y'all

top up

Status: New Idea
by marjoriehowe on ‎03-04-2015 20:57

they should have some phone number you can phone to top up with your bank card the way you can with o2 for people that dont have access to a computer at night time when they need to top up when all the shops are closed

buying goodybags

Status: New Idea
by kermit222 ‎12-04-2015 16:54 - edited ‎12-04-2015 16:55

this was nearly a year ago so im unsure if its changed, but my niece was staying at my brothers 1 night and he has no internet so she asked me to log in and buy her next goodybag for her and she'd give me the money the next day this was at 10.30pm her goodybag was exiring that night but i was unable to buy it at that time i had to wait till after midnight when it expired so i had to wait up to do it,

there should be away to buy a goodybag at that time for it to start as soon as the one you have expires without having to recur it, or have they changed it now i usualy wait till next morning to buy mine because of that so ive not been on the night before to see if its changed

Clarify the cost of calling mobile shortcodes

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎12-03-2015 16:00 - edited ‎12-03-2015 18:01

At present the UK call price list makes no mention of how much calls to mobile shortcodes cost.


The cost is set by the service provider and they must declare it wherever their number is advertised.


Perhaps this entry could be added?


Calling mobile shortcodes

From free to £5 per call or per minute,
as advised by the service provider




Idea Issue Tracker



Data free goodybag

Status: New Idea
by claw on ‎07-03-2015 00:10

Right this isnt to ruffle anyones feathers. However it's fair to say that people are having a less than great experience when it comes to their data experience.


Currently we're paying for allowances that include data. And sure, many of us (including myself) pay for this accepting that its how it works, packages. Its an industry standard.


I propose the offer of data free goodybags. An example would be as follows:


£10 Goodybag


500 mins, Unltd texts, 1GB Data




750/1000 mins, Unltd texts and NO DATA.


What would this achieve?


1. Non data users would finally have the option to avoid the data charge. Many are heavier minutes users so they'd benefit from this change (and it would probably be cheaper to provide.)


2. Data users currently affected by poor service could opt for this as they are not getting a service they want anyway, or even a usable service in many cases.


3. giffgaffs data service would get some relief, less data use means less congestion. Better service for data users.


This could certainly be a temporary solution to the current problem while long term solutions are found.


Please don't simply say "it's been suggested before" theres never been a better reason to do this, it has the potential to benefit most if not all members, and giffgaff itself.

Giff gaff app call history

Status: New Idea
by j4mrk82 on ‎23-03-2015 12:10
I think a new option should be added 2 giffgaff app so you can access your usage and call history for each month. I know we get some kind of update every few months but it would be nice to check it whenever u want 2 through the my O2 app, like a bar chart of ur usage, numbers dialled, comparison 2 prev 3 months etc. that way it gives them a better idea of choice between goody bags.

Extra March payback should be available to all members

Status: New Idea
by bluemoonbaz ‎02-03-2015 13:55 - edited ‎17-03-2015 10:11

Giffgaff have come with another great promotional idea to get more members and I commend giffgaff for this as we all want a bigger better giffgaff.


But I don't agree with only a selected group of members getting the chance to earn this bonus.


I have always been against schemes that only offer partial community inclusion including the sims exclusion club and I just think we should be including everyone 


 a time when giffgaff have removed the excellent unlimited data offers and the continued problems with data speeeds and traffic management I would be giving this offer to all the members to generate as many members as possible .




Saying it's not affordable is a poor excuse when the members who received this offer can bring as members as they like so it's not limited to save £££.and the Sr deal So no reason not to offer it to all the members



We are a community and as such should not be giving some members this opportunity and not others




If you agree please indicate by kudos of this idea 









Here the promotion


March Double Payback offer - connect your friends




handy giff-staffer


Feb 27


Exclusive offer: Earn double payback for connecting your friends during March



If you’ve been included in this offer – you’ll get £10 Payback for every friend you bring on board to giffgaff during the month of March 2015.


 We'll be contacting members Sunday/Monday - you'll be included in this offer if you have recevied an email/ text or message in yourMessages in My giffgaff (emails sending Sunday/Monday - newsfeed/message in My giffgaff on Monday).


giffgaff rewards members for helping grow giffgaff, by connecting their friends and family. In return for connecting a friend - giffgaff gives members £5 Payback and the friend gets £5 credit when they join.



During the month of March, as a special treat - you'll get the regular £5 Payback plus a bonus £5 Payback = £10 Payback for every friend you bring on in March.


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