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Ability to cancel goodybags

Status: New Idea
by littlemisszoe on ‎19-02-2015 15:41



I've noticed a few people posting about buying the wrong goodybag/gigabag recently and giffgaff won't refund them.


I think that giffgaff should offer a refund if the goodybag/gigabag has not been used, and is less than 24 hours old.

So, if someone accidently purchased the wrong one, they can email an agent straight away and receive a refund if they haven't used the goodybag. 

make gg offer open to all members!!?

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 ‎04-03-2015 22:37 - edited ‎04-03-2015 22:40


This idea as suggested by @n4tz got me thinking that this whole offer and the way giffgaff have gone about it is all wrong! 

To anyone that doesn't know the offer is for some members that have been selected will get 1000 payback points for each activation they get in the month of March instead of the normal 500 points we get. 

Now I understand that there will be reasons why giffgaff have decided to use only certain members but I think this offer totally goes against what giffgaff stands for and is separating members as some are getting 100% more for the same thing which is unfair to any members not selected! 

So a simple one really..... Please try and work fast and make this offer open to everybody and start it again for these members. 

Surely it's a win win idea one for giffgaff as they'll get more new custom and two all members will be happy they've been given the same opportunity as the others to take advantage of this great offer! 

Right thanks for reading my idea and I welcome your feedback and comments and don't forget if you want to support this idea and see it happen then click the orange kudos! 

Thanks 😀

Thread limit

Status: New Idea
by auntied on ‎08-02-2015 11:35 we all know we only get 50 kudos to use in any one 24 hour period, and once they're used you have to wait for them to kick back in again!


Well my idea is along the same lines, but with thread making! We see it time and time again, someone flooding the S:GD board with up to 10 threads in the space of 10 minutes, but never returning to answer questions that members may have asked.


And lately it's gotten worse! It's prolific amongst certain members, maybe they think the more threads they make the more payback they'll receive! But as we all know, it's quality NOT quantity that counts!


So how about a thread limit? Maybe only being able to make 3 threads in any one hour period and with at least a mandatory 10 minutes between each thread made?


And i think that is still being generous!


I know there's a similar idea on here somewhere, but that one would've still been open to abuse with regards the amount of thread making!


Hope this all makes sense! :smileyhappy:

Introduce Trio (3 in 1) Sims

Status: Working On It
by xollobru ‎12-10-2014 00:56 - edited ‎12-10-2014 01:08

I received a replacement sim from 3 in the post today as my new phone uses a different size to my old one and the new sim is what they call a Trio Sim in that it is a standard/micro/nano all in one!


No more need to perform a sim swap if and when someone changes mobiles and they take different sizes obviously assuming that they remember to keep the spare bits but they do clip back together for safe keeping.


Just a thought in that any extra costs in sourcing and supplying these new style sims will hopefully help reduce the need for and cost of sim swaps.


Kudos this idea if you think that giffgaff should look at supplying these sims, thank you!


Edited to add: Obviously this would also help if someone doesn't know which size sim to order or makes a mistake when ordering









Status: Working On It

[10th Feb 2015]: This idea has been set to 'Working On It'. 


I'm happy to report that work on this idea is very much in the pipeline. It'll be very satisfying to be able to implement such a well supported idea when we get round to implementing it. It's worth pointing out that there are a lot of existing SIM cards out there, so we will have to use up all of these before we can move to a new version.


Cheers y'all


Status: New Idea
by traelkom on ‎28-03-2015 09:44

Hi there everyone.

After Three lunched:


Use your phone abroad at no extra costs,


I am about to suggest the same.


Please support it,

thanks for your time


Trying 4g for one day

Status: New Idea
by peter4321 on ‎20-03-2015 11:01

I've just upgraded my phone to one that supports 4G. I'm part-way through a 3G goodybag.


I'd like to try 4G - but I'm not convinced that it'll make much difference to me - so I don't know if I'll want to spend the extra.


Could giffgaff offer a one-day trial of 4G?


Maybe each member could do it once? I'm not expecting it to be free - or give unlimited data - but I'd certainly pay a small charge to switch from 3G to 4G for one day.


And if I like it, I'd start using 4G goodybags.

Remove the "I know where you live rank "

Status: Under Consideration
by kathleen414 ‎22-01-2015 18:06 - edited ‎23-01-2015 02:20

Hi everyone after an idea i had about changing some on the odd named ranks and after  a full discussion about this the members came up with 4/5 that would be better off changing but we agreed it would be better to do one rank at a time ,

Discussion thread link

Credit to  @mathew40 for contribution and bringing up his issue with the rank



So i have started with this rank " I know where you live "

One of our members @mathew40  experienced this

 He recieved a private message from a worried member,who wanted to know why he  posted," I know where you live " at the bottom of my post,and as this member was not aware of giffgaff's ranks he was really pretty worried

So i think this rank should be replaced with something more suitable as although the majority of members understand the ranks are a bit of fun it could be worrying to others this could be done by giffgaff pretty easily i would think


if you agree please support this idea


Status: Under Consideration

18/03/2015 - 11:30 We have set this idea to Under Consideration as we will be reviewing all the ranks as part of the payback review. We do like this idea but we would prefer to make one change instead of a smaller change with the ranks. Thank you all, for your support. 

Call information

Status: New Idea
by marinaallen on ‎06-02-2015 13:36

Why do you not make customer call and text history detail available on the internet?


By expecting customers to write to you (enclosing £10) is totally alien to the GiffGaff principle of internet-only.  This allows customers to verify that they've been correctly charged and is open and transparent.


Your policy really surprises me.


Less Mins More Data

Status: New Idea
by 2ndontheleft on ‎18-03-2015 02:16
im on 5gb 500 min goodybag...dont use many mins maybe 150 a month but i use data,,,thinking 250 mins 7gig or something package? Unlimited is no good as my child likes watching cartoons. any thoughts be good cheers :smileyhappy:

payback points for taking quizzes

Status: New Idea
by ali991 on ‎28-02-2015 01:44
I don't think it's a good idea that giffgaff is changing that when you complete a quiz upto the pass standard then you get 100 payback points. NO ONE WILL BE INTERESTED IN TAKING THE QUIZZES ANYMORE. What's the point of having a quiz then?
So my idea is to keep the payback points rather than 100 points GIVE LIKE 50 POINTS PER QUIZZES and as they move on increase the points so it will grab the members attention and would make them do the quiz and hopefully they will learn something which they can share with the community
So overall
Start from like 25 payback points for bronze quizzes
50/75 for silver 100/150 for gold 200/300 diamond and it goes on
I think It will benefit the members and the whole community aswell
What do you think?
I appreciate there may not be many people in Northern Ireland who use giffgaff, but for a lot who do, if you live near a border area, or even further in, you quite often can only get an Irish phone signal so are in turn being charged international rates for ringing someone ten minutes down the road from you. I had this problem in Ballykelly when I couldn't get a uk signal, so used up a lot of money making phone calls to my mum who was only a few miles away. BT already have this on their landlines where you can ring the uk and Ireland, so I think it would be a great idea for yourselves to be the leading company to offer this to mobile users.

Five year bonus

Status: New Idea
by dangaff on ‎06-02-2015 16:22

So, when you've been with giffgaff for 5 years, mark this with a bonus as a special thank you. Airtime credit or free goodybag.  Reward customer loyalty, improve customer retention and satisfaction - it's good for business.

Data shortcode

Status: New Idea
by sholi on ‎11-03-2015 22:04
It would be great if there was also a shortcode for data balance.
If you agree please kudo the idea.

P.S. i have checked the shortcode guide and i cant find one. Please correct me if i am wrong


Status: New Idea
by lambson on ‎26-02-2015 09:18

Recently my wife had her email hacked and this led to countless problems. The one I'm interested in here is how difficult it was to get into her giffgaff account after it happened. She managed to forget all her passwords as she had a system that she thought saved them for her. Anyway, the real problem came when we wanted to contact an agent as nothing in the dropdown lists applied and our efforts were met with "ERRORS ON FORM" messages. We did eventually get to an agent and everything was sorted, (Thankyou community)  MY idea is for us all to have a back up email account on the system to alleviate this problem in the future.


Status: New Idea
by sadika22 on ‎03-03-2015 21:16
Does anyone else think giffgaff need to do something about the amount of minutes available on the goodybags? What I'm trying to say is that giffgaff offer 9 goodybag in total (3G & 4G) and 5 of them 9 goodybag all have 500 minutes call allowance. What the heck giffgaff? What about people who want more minutes and no data? Surely they shouldn't have to pay £18 when they don't need the data allowance. We need some new goodybags I tuink.


Status: New Idea
by tokyobuta on ‎18-03-2015 16:52

I’m sure that this must have been suggested before, but how about an option to run two parallel “bags” on one account – a Phonebag for voice and mails and a Databag for data. Giffgaff goodybags are great, but they are always something of a compromise – data and voice are really different things and we all use our mobiles in different ways, and maybe change the way that we use them from time to time. Giffgaff has always been innovative and flexible, and this would be a real innovation in the mobile voice and data market as well as ultimately flexible.

I’m suggesting that we could buy our voice/mail packages and data packages separately, and that they could run over different thirty day periods, with the option to renew either component early, without affecting the duration of the other. This would be a total “mix and match” package, so that we could buy what we need at the time.

I find that the 4G £18 1,000 minutes of voice and unlimited mails plus 5GB of tetherable data comes nearest to what I need, but there are often times when I need much more (and occasionally less) data or voice. I’d be happy to pay perhaps two to four pounds more for an equivalent total package in which the data and voice/mail components were bought and accounted separately.

Duobag anyone?

Unlimited Goodybag, Tethering Option

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎10-01-2015 15:41 - edited ‎11-01-2015 19:00

Currently when someone trys the tether on a unlimited goodybag they are blocked for 30 minutes, this is the right thing to do as they could abuse the data, however it creates a issue, anyone who buys a unlimited goodybag thinking that they can tether is now stuck, we can only advise them to get a limited goodybag next month that alows tethering.


So anyway the member has been presented with a 30 minute block, this causes them to kick off on the help board as they have not seen that it says you can not tether.


My Idea:


Add a option to the goodybag, to go limited for the rest of the month and allow tethering.


The unlimited goodybag is going back up to its £20 price point soon so i think a fair amount of data would be 8GB, all the members usage up to this point would be deducted from that amount, so if they have used 4GB of there unlimited so far they would have 4GB left that they can then tether.


The option to go limited can be shown on there dashboard with a counter of how much data they would have left if they chose it, and can also be on the 30 minute block page, if seleted it would instanly unblock internet access.


Please vote for this idea by clicking Kudos.







Status: New Idea
by awais_khan12 ‎04-03-2015 20:29 - edited ‎20-03-2015 16:04
I think Giffgaff really gotta invest money in improving the 'data' speeds or really do something about this as they are ridiculous atm for some
Money should be invested in this area as I think this is where giffgaff currently lacks.
If this improves I believe it will stop many members leaving and may attract new members to also join along with the already awesome goodybag deals. Feel free to comment on what you think. If you agree show your support and giffgaff may implement this.

Thanks. :smileyhappy:

App for free

Status: New Idea
by j4mrk82 on ‎19-02-2015 12:47
I think giffgaff should allow its users to access the giffgaff app for free, eg if they have no data remaining they should be able to access it, as all we can do on it is top up check allowance etc

payg credit set to use 4g as standard?

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎13-02-2015 20:40

currently if you are just a payg customer you only get 3g data as standard. 

The only way of getting 4g on payg is to buy a 4g bag and then afterwards if your using credit for data you continue to get 4g unless you buy a 3g bag then it reverts back to 3g by default. 

So my idea is simply make it that if the member has a 4g device that when they activate there new GG sim using credit for data gives them 4g by default. 

After all gg's data is very expensive to use on payg so it's only fair that members get there money's worth! 

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and don't forget to kudos the idea if you want to see it happen! 

Thanks for reading  :smileyhappy:


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