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Re: Carry over remaining minutes

Status: Idea Vault
by zborgy on ‎18-07-2014 15:43

Obviously been discussed elewhere! but what abt doing what "Tesco's" do where your remaining minutes get carried over to the next few months! Imagine the customers GiffGaff would get from this feature!


Just a

Status: Idea Vault

So, those members who are active in the help forum on the full site may well have seen this image on the right hand side of the page:

Death of 2020




Its not doing enough!!!


The demise of 2020 was announced in this thread on the 15/4/14 ... but still members are helping out in the forum saying text 2020, over a week after the death of 2020, helpers should not be giving out dated information.


So what can we do to help stop wrong information being given to people who come looking for help?


  • put an announcement banner on the top of the forum on the mobile site, this was done for Earth Hour and often done to promote the ideas forum ... SO utilise the methods available to promote the fact 2020 is no longer the answer!
  • send EVERYONE a PM if logistically possible, and if not PM all members who have taken the bronze quizzes. 
  • make the current Announcement banner appear more often, across the whole site!



We shouldn't be seeing members giving out wrong and out dated information to members who need help!


So please show your support and lets get "The demise of 2020" visible


As always feedback is appreciated and please Kudos if you wish to support the idea


Thanks for reading

Alice Powell

Status: Idea Vault
24th May 2014: Hey folks, again on this - we'd already implemented the Idea before it was posted so I'm moving this to our Vault.

More Minutes On £12 Goodybag

Status: Idea Vault
by lifeishard2014 on ‎02-08-2014 08:53
Just a quick idea I don't know if it's been suggested before and if it has I do apologise but I couldn't find it well here is my proposal

£12 Goodybag 350 Minutes Unlimited Texts And Unlimited Data On 3g

I've seen other deals with other networks that are similar so just thought that this would b a good idea
Quick and short :smileywink:
Status: Idea Vault



It would be good to be able to see your the usage statistics from itemised calls, texts and data for past months.

If you can display a usage graph too then seeing both the stats and graph would make it easier to decide whether to change goody bags to save money.




Status: Idea Vault

Being able to FREEZE airtime credit

Status: Idea Vault
by member444 on ‎26-07-2014 14:16

Being able to FREEZE airtime credit


Really convenient because saving up airtime credit to purchase next goodybag sometimes (for me, ALL the time) proves difficult after your goodybag expires (and it is not on the recurring option through bank account) and you accidentally use it up by making calls, texting or using mobile data. Also 


  1. People who want to use £5, £7.50 or £12 goodybag need to buy £10 or £15 voucher. Usually from this you may want to save up that airtime credit in order to use it to pay for the next goodybag purchase. This is especially useful to the younger (or any!) GiffGaff members since their parents may not give them extra money for top-up if the extra money from their airtime credit is used up by accident.
  2. Stops people from using up their emergency or saved up airtime credit accidentally right after their goodybag expires (because I'm sure this happens a lot)
  3. This option would give many GiffGaff members (especially the younger ones!) more choice, flexibility and freedom so that they can get the best out of GiffGaff

Just have a 'FREEZE airtime credit' tick box option on the My GiffGaff page (which can be unticked anytime!).


THANK YOU! :smileyhappy:

Status: Idea Vault

Simcard delivery TIME

Status: Idea Vault
by mizan337 on ‎13-07-2014 00:38
A giffgaff sim takes at least 4-7working days to come and its tooo long. How about giffgaff offers a faster delivery. At the moment the 2nd class posting takes more than 4days but if they improve that to maybe 2 days and maximum 3days then it will be really good.
Status: Idea Vault


Status: Idea Vault
by hafizahbegum on ‎30-07-2014 21:55

I think giffgaff should create goodybags just for unlimited things for example

a goodybag just for unlimited texts.. for those who text but do not do any thing else, like me (I miss the £5 goodybag as that was unlimited texts which is only what i use)

similarly a goodgy bag just for unlimited calls and unlimited data.


In addition to this they could introduce a way to combine which ever two or three goodybags so you can mix and match your self.

Status: Idea Vault

Offer the Moto G phone

Status: Idea Vault
by ighaig on ‎05-08-2014 20:30

Best value for money smartphone on the market at the moment IMHO, sold by O2 why not GiffGaff?


Ian Haig

Status: Idea Vault

own goodybag

Status: Idea Vault
by mizan337 on ‎05-07-2014 16:27
It will be great if we can chose how many mins text and internet we want and the price is fixed by giffgaff. So if someone prefers more mins and less text and internet then they chose that if someone wants less mins more internet then they can do that aswell.
Who agress with me
This will be really great if we can chose our own goodybag
Status: Idea Vault

name the goody bags

Status: Idea Vault
by lawarcbur79 on ‎30-07-2014 12:44

why not name the goodybags, heres my idea for names:


£5  hockey cockey (thats what it is called anyway)

£7.50 tango

£10 bhangra

£12 calypso

£15 disco

£20 salsa


all the above is names of dances so there is a link to why there called that, just think it could add a bit of fun and might be easier for some to have a name for there goodybag other than the price because it stands out a bit.

also to buy goodybags with your airtime credit texting the name of the goodybag you want then it's deducted from your airtime credit, this could also simplyfy things, cause it can be a bit of a hassle buying a goodybag with certain phones in certain places.


Status: Idea Vault

Proactive gg

Status: Idea Vault
by cps15966 on ‎22-07-2014 09:08

Hello there.


I don't know the internal workings of gg, but for a while now i have wondered whether gg focus on the right things internally, however in fairness, more recent months have shown that things are being done and openly advertised to it's community and customers.


Just an idea and this may be already done, but how about either monthly or quarterly, the posts are analysed and categorised to give focus on where gg should be looking to better things etc.


I looked into a recent section of posts (about 8 hours worth) and this is what i found.... Hpefully it shows something or gives someone some ideas, but to me this is the logical way forward in bettering the customer experience and resolve the more common problems, maybe in clearer guideance that would change monthly/quarterly depending on what issues there are in that period. Perhaps even when people are posting, just like they have to choose now say 'help & support' or 'tips & advice' and then a sub category?? Anyhow, this was my findings broadly......






Thepie chart shows the most common categories broken down and the idea would be that these are the ones to focus on.


Status: Idea Vault

Misleading goodybag Statement

Status: Idea Vault
by jaymailsays on ‎11-07-2014 07:20 page is potentially misleading and does not comply with the ASA or OFT guidelines. All the goodybags falsly claim that upon purchase you will receive 3 months free gg2gg calls. The truth is a bit harsher. You will only receive those free calls providing you have or are about to top up using, card/cash/voucher. If you use Existing Airtime Credit to make a goodybag purchase and have not topped up or received payback in the last 3 months then sadly your free gg calls suspended whether or not you have an activated goodybag.
Simple Remedy is to remove the last line of text which falsly claims you will receive free gg2gg calls completely. Or (not ideal) insert the advice:- T&C apply.
I really love giffgaff and I do not wish to see it fall foul of the Authorities and being sanctioned for an unintentional advertisement wording, which unfortunately does not say what says on the bag.
Status: Idea Vault

Here's my idea for those of us weith a second device which is mainly used on WiFi but gets occasional regular mobile use. How about adding a £2.50 Gigabag with 200MB data and then 2p per MB after that. At this price point I would be tempted to add sim cards to some of teh low mobile use devices in my household bring more revenue to GiffGaff that presently is being missed out on!

Status: Idea Vault

So, the title says it all really,


giffgaff already have members addresses and therefore our postcodes.


Scan for 4G availability and when a new postcode receives 4G, email members in that postcode to let them know they can now receive 4G (Phone and sim card allowing).


If scanning postcodes is too difficult to implement, then at the very least inform people when 4G arrives in their area.


Hopefully this will ensure the earliest uptake of 4G possible.


Thanks :smileyhappy: 

Status: Idea Vault

make sections on the idea board

Status: Idea Vault
by seantad1999 on ‎14-07-2014 21:13
It would be a good idea if we made sections on the idea board such as, payback idea section, goodybags etc sections. Therefore it would be a lot more easy to access whether people have wrote these ideas before. Who agrees. Thankyou for reading! :smileyhappy:
Status: Idea Vault

Change of culture re data usage.

Status: Idea Vault
by momist ‎03-08-2014 21:32 - edited ‎03-08-2014 23:08

Hi everyone.


I keep seeing posts here about people who have been penalised for too much data usage, accused (rightly, or wrongly) of tethering, or critisised in some way for being data hogs.  Also many, many posts crying out for more data in a goody bag, or how fast they burn their airtime credit once the goodybag runs out.  And complaints that the "unlimited" data allowance is NOT unlimited, because it is tied to a Fair Usage Policy (FUP), where you cannot use too much, or tether, or download a file from a P2P network even if you own the file (e.g. it's work).



My suggestion is to completely change the culture of the data allowances.  The goodybags can remain the same but all become 'unlimited', except that the 'unlimited' needs to be described more accurately as 'no size limit' but subject to constraints.  ALL data allowances should receive maximum available network speed for the first (e.g. 500MB) chunk.  Subsequently, the data speed is limited in decreasing steps, according to amount of use. 


For example:  First chunk maximum available speed.  Next chunk, 2/3 maximum speed, next chunk 1/2 max . . .

I will not specify actual data amounts and speed correlation, as I am sure the staff at GG can work out a suitable tariff which still is affordable to them, and we will have to accept whatever they come up with.  The size of the chunks should be varied by the goodybag, not consistent across the range, because if you're paying for more, you should get more.  However, unlimited could really mean unlimited, in terms of quantity.  It just gets a bit slower. 


Gigabags are different, and can have a more relaxed version, or even totally not speed limited but with hard data limit allowances, if that is more acceptable to such users.


Advantages of this system are that no-one is penalised or blocked from using data, only that they find excessive use slows down their useage.  There is no need to prohibit tethering on any goodybag, and no longer any need to try to detect tethering, with the inherent chance of false positives.  The data never gets all used up, but the rate is so much slower that they can become aware of the problem and know that next time they need a bigger goodybag, but it doesn't eat all their airtime credit.  High users will be discouraged from abusing the service, and those who choose to continually take large data requirements will drift away to other service providers, leaving the available bandwidth freer for us 'normal phone' users.


Now this may not be well thought out and I'm happy to have it shot down, but it came to me last night in the wee small hours, and I think it deserves some consideration.  It seems (to me) to give a clearer and more self-regulating system without the hassle of 'being detected cheating' or 'working the system', and if properly explained should be easily understood by all, including new users.  If you feel you can support this idea, it could prove that we are "the boss"!  :smileywink:



EDIT:  Addendum.


Modern smart phones could be defined as those which use data, some of which we have little or no control over (updates and such).  As such, the concept of having to 'buy' data is just wrong for a smart phone.  What we are being asked to pay for, should be the quality/quantity of service, not the existence of such service.  I have a 4G capable phone, but currently GG don't have a service for it to use.  3G just doesn't exist where I live.

Where I live, I am lucky to get a 2G service, and to send or receive a text or a phone call I have to hold my phone up near a window to get a suitable signal.  In these conditions, I'm unlikely to use any more data than I have to, but nevertheless I need a data connection.  Luckily, I have my own wifi available, not everyone has though.

Once I'm out and about though, I need a data connection to keep up with social media and such, and I'm not averse to looking at Youtube or iPlayer.  When I can get a better connection, I will use it.  Those are the times I need a goodybag, but I can't forecast how much data I will need ahead of time.  I tend to use PAYG for months, and then buy a goodybag when I'm going away for a week or more.  The 20MB for 20p a day is plenty for me, otherwise.


Those who live in a city with a good service cover and no other source of internet have different needs, and must pay for them, but they should be paying for the 'quality of service', not the existence of it; with a set of buffers to hit and then no option until the thirty days has expired.  If they have a regular high usage, then by all means let them pay more, but why cut them off part way through?  A mobile phone is not the easiest or even comfortable way to watch a movie, but if that's what they want to do, let them pay for it, but don't kill the phone when a limit is reached!  Once the link slows down and the film starts stopping and starting, they can still finish it and then not start another, and the phone will still keep up to date and not fail.  Email and facebook will still operate, even if slowly.


I just think that the whole approach of buying an 'amount of data' is wrong, when you are constrained not to buy any more until thirty days later.  Why not buy a 'data service' for thirty days, the quality/speed of which varies according to how much you choose to spend?  Anyone who squanders their service in the first few days should not be left floundering until the thirty days are up, just limited in what they can do.  The easiest way to do this is with the variable speed of data service, I should think.


Sorry if this is too much of a rant.




Status: Idea Vault

i have recently read through some threads talking of "text-in" goodybag purchasing. which i do believe to be a feasible concept, but surely adding goodybag purchase into the current top-up line would make the system much simpler as well as better for those in low to no coverage areas.

Status: Idea Vault

username swap

Status: Idea Vault
by kathleen414 ‎19-05-2014 22:16 - edited ‎19-05-2014 22:27

Hi everyone yes it the crazy kath with another idea

Username swap ..
I understand from what I have read its because the name is linked to our accounts and payback etc..
And yes it does say it cant be changed when setting up the account but I like others just fill it in and and then its too late.

So maybe you could have a say 15 mins or something to change your username before your accounts got running

Or we have akin to sim swap
username swap
This would be allowed once in your accounts lifetime

Its seems crazy the only way is to start another account ..unless we can start a new account with a new name and all previous account is tied to the new name like when you change your number

Please post your thoughts for or against all welcomed


posted in contribute first

Status: Idea Vault

Lost signal

Status: Idea Vault
by lesterely on ‎21-07-2014 19:40

A constant bugbear we all experience. LOST SIGNAL

I understand giffgaff piggyback on the O2 network.

Would it be possible to negotiate with other provider to use their networks when a signal is lost?

I know there would be a cost implication.

However it could be an opt in option.

How good would that be guys


Status: Idea Vault

Notification Bar

Status: Idea Vault
by hughnicholls on ‎28-05-2014 12:39

Hi there!


So basically I was on popular social networks such as facebook and twitter thinking how good their websites are and thought what about if giffgaff adopted a similar system?


What if there was something like this at the top of the page when you clicked on community?:





A system like this would save floods of emails, give instant notice when somthing happened and allow people to navigate the site with ease. Any thoughts?


Of course other things could be added such as a comments tab so you know when someone comments are this could all be merged into a tab with kudos and best solution

Status: Idea Vault

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