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Annual members honours award re run

Status: Under Consideration
by bluemoonbaz ‎15-04-2014 19:35 - edited ‎06-05-2014 20:45



The giffgaff new years  honours thread should be an annual event 


but should be expanded into catogories

 so all the fabulous work can be recognised 


these can be chosen by the community for the community


ie  contributor  or members  technical improvement

facebook  twitter off topic

there is many options

but it would be a nice way for giffgaff to say thank you


original idea



this was implemented and ran once but this year we only had the gaffta awards

i think we should have it again what do you think ?

its a member run event so if you want it again speak out 


Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, this looks really interesting and would be nice to do again - we'll have to back seat it and look at it again when we get closer to the end of the year :smileyhappy:

60 day voicemail frustration

Status: Under Consideration
by andreww on ‎14-05-2013 17:26


A little known fact is that if you don't access your giffgaff voicemail for 60 days any customisation is lost (no pin, no personalised greeting etc) and you're not informed it has happened :smileysad:


If having gone to the trouble of setting these, to find if you did need to urgently check voicemail from another phone if would be very annoying to find you can't!


This is idea is very simple - once a PIN and/or a personalised greeting has been set - just leave it there without any time limits for it to be removed :smileywink: 



Status: Under Consideration
29th July 2014 - Initially this Idea was hard to implement. Custom content costs space and money to maintain, hence the purge, which is dictated by o2. Today we've raised this again to discover if the situation has changed and if it's possible to implement now.

Provide actual voice mail help.

Status: Under Consideration
by diwatty on ‎20-03-2014 15:27

So i have been going through the voicemail menu (443) and on the main menu's final option it says "if you need help with voicemail press 1" I pressed one and it ended the call with the saying "Thanks for calling ta ra".


I was expecting help or a direction to the giffgaff commuinty, i take it is not a joke but an error. 


Could we have this fixed or have it direct you to the commuinty if help is required?



Status: Under Consideration
This Idea is now under consideration, it's due to be prioritised in the next session, and we'll update this Idea to 'Working on It' when it's in the routemaster. Thanks for keeping us 'Run by You'.

Hi all. I was just over in the middle tab up there checking out the blog, the new one from  handy giffgaff staffer valerie_86 but I don't really know who Valerie is. I pressume that she's part of the business / finance team because she's posted a few times on things of that nature.


I propose that the generic rank 'handy giffgaff staffer' be a little less used and something more appropriate to the role of the staffer be used to give a better idea of who's posting and what they do at giffgaff. I think that this would make it a little clearer especially in blogs. With staff numbers increasing there's less need for a generic rank these days.


How hard is it to do?

Not very hard I'd have thought



Status: Under Consideration
10th May 2014: Whilst we can see the benefits to this Idea, we want to investigate whether the benefit is worth the amount of work to set up a lot of individual staffer ranks and whether there would be a loss of instant recognition of staffer rank for members, especially newcomers. Perhaps there's another way we can do this through badges or signatures.

None of the above.

Status: Under Consideration
by asmos ‎31-10-2013 15:18 - edited ‎31-10-2013 17:42

(Ok here goes I'm pretty sure this wont go anywhere like my other ideas but...)


I have a very simple idea about Ask an agent options which is encompassed in the title of this new idea^^.


Currently we have these options under Category on the first page:


- Mobile Services

- Goodybags and Payments

- Points and Payback

- Transfer you number

- Blackberry


The line above the options says this:


"Please give us as much information as possible. This will enable us to process your query quicker."


I've recently had two issues come up that aren't anything to do with those categories. For one i was forced to use one of the catergories and in the information field had to say to ignore the data I had put into the questions because it wasn't anything to do with my issue.


My solution is this:


- Mobile Services

- Goodybags and Payments

- Points and Payback

- Transfer you number

- Blackberry

- None of the above


The next page of the "None of the above" option could be a question box, an information box and 2 warnings. The first warning that this option is only for questions unrelated to the other categories. The second warning that choosing this option could mean the answer/solution takes longer as it would take longer to categorise the problem .


The question box is where you obviously put your question. This box could be linked to a search of the forums in much the same way as the search box on the ideas page has suggestions as you type.


If those suggestions don't answer your question then the information box below is for you to provide as much information as possible.


Thats it, what do you think?


EDITED due to suggestion.

Status: Under Consideration

Hi everyone, lots of great feedback and kudos here. This one is a tricky one, so we're going to put it as "Under Consideration". We can absolutely see why members would want this features, sometimes the contents of the form just doesn't allow for the flexibility that members want in order to convey their problem.


There are two problems from the agents end though, and they both lead to longer wait times for the vast majority of cases. Firstly having a free text section of the form encourages members to use that over the correct form because it is easier. Some people realise that the more info that you give the agents the better, but believe me, if you have a free text form the agents do receive plenty of cases where the only information that they are given is "HELLPPP!!!". This means that the member has to wait upto 24 hours for the agent to get back to them and ask them what their problem is which is a waste of both the agent's and the member's time, so not only does this member get delayed, but other members do too since the agents have less time to deal with other cases. This is quite an extreme case, but it's much more common for a member to leave off a vital bit of information that they didn't realise they needed to supply that they would have included if they had filled in the correct form. We have plenty of empirical data on this from the Ask an Agent form when it was just a single free text form. We changed it a while back to great effect.


Secondly it leads to members ask questions that really should be asked to the community. The vast majority of problems can be solved by the community much more quickly than by the agents, but by allowing members to ask any question to the agents those members who don't necessarily realise this are given the wrong incentive. By encouraging members to ask the community first the majority of these other questions are solved much more quickly than they would have been. This also frees up agent time, since they don't have to deal with these other cases any more, so they can solve the cases that do need to come to them much more quickly.


That said, I did say that this was under consideration, this is because we realise that there is a need to make it easier for members who have legitimate agent problems that aren't addressed by the form to do so. Before we make a decision on this we are going to be looking at the existing form and seeing what we can do to improve it. There is scope for improvement, so we're going to do that first. Once we've done that we can take a good hard look at the results and see how much of a need there is for it. Taking that we can then weight up the pros and cons and hopefully come up with a solution that works for everyone.


Sorry, this turned out to be quite a long one. All the best,



I am happy and amazed to see so many ideas posted in which it is suggested that for one reason or another giffgaff/giffgaff community should be planting trees.


My suggestion is a simple one: why not offer a new Payback option that is towards a giffgaff fund specifically for tree planting?


As @helen_leigh suggested: a giffgaff wood to visit! Anyone?

Status: Under Consideration
This is a lovely idea that really stays true to our values, and has been flagged up to the Member Experience team as part of the review they are doing on our current Payback system - we'll keep you updated with information as soon as we get it :smileyhappy:

Sell Dual Sim Phones

Status: Under Consideration
by root2 on ‎07-11-2013 05:40 - last edited on ‎07-11-2013 10:29 by giffgaff Educator

The UK has a locked phone culture.


The giffgaff model features how to unlock phones on their site, so why not take it a stage further and offer dual sim phones for those wanting to keep a work sim in their phone, or use a local sim while out the country?


There are no shortage of dual sim versions of mobiles, its just you rarely see them in the UK due to network dominance in the supply of mobiles.


[Edit: Title Clearer]

Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, We're setting this to Future Review, at the moment there isn't a huge demand for this (0.1% of members in our survey when looking at handsets asked for one) but we do want to look at the current size of the market, and see if there's an upwards trend. However members will get the chance to chose want handsets we chose next and we'll continue to do surveys as our products increase.

EU Id to lift age restrictions

Status: Under Consideration
by bloszek on ‎29-12-2013 12:14
Hi All
I think EU ID should be accepted as proof of your age to lift age restrictions.
If you can enter the country, open a UK bank account, vote in local UK and European elections. You can even open your own business but it is not accepted to proof your age. This can be for some Giff Gaff customers frustrating and they can't fully use service they are paying for. I hope you support this idea folks and Giff Gaff will consider EU Id's as a solution. Thanks
Status: Under Consideration
Official Update: This is something we'd be happy to implement and it will go into our prioritisation meetings. We'll let you know any information about when we're able to start working on it. Thank you for keeping us 'run by you'.

Make Profile Badge settings easier to change

Status: Under Consideration
by alicepowell ‎13-02-2014 14:14 - edited ‎13-02-2014 19:42

This is a problem I faced last month and thought may need addressing. 


Basically when you change your profile badge theme, it is impossible to go back to the original theme! Also if you change the theme when you have approved helpers badges, you cant go back to showing your Helpers Badge ... The only way to do this is to earn the next badge and if you have hit a point where you have done all of them or all those you can do, you are a bit stuck!


I changed mine a while ago and was unhappy with it but could not find a way to go back to the normal one, so I simply had to untick the 'display your profile badge on your posts' box. But by doing this I could not display my kudos number, best answers or my helpers badge. 


badge settings.JPG



So my idea is simple. Is it possible to have few more theme options added so you can set it back to the orginal theme or to your helpers badge more easily. 


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I understand this probably is not an issue that most people encounter but I do believe it is a flaw in the website and needs to be addressed at some point


Thank you from 'kung fu master' AlicePowell 


If ive missed a trick and there is actually a way to do this please tell me, otherwise I just look a bit silly :smileyvery-happy:

Status: Under Consideration
8th May 2014: After talking to our in-house developer about this Idea, we believe it's something we'd have to go to Lithium about and might not be an easy (or cheap) change. We'll keep you updated on any progress.

Allow SIM swap after SIM reported lost/stolen

Status: Under Consideration
by giffgaff pensioner endorphin ‎16-08-2013 11:32 - edited ‎24-08-2013 10:09

This idea is to enable member's who have reported their SIM as lost/stolen to do a SIM swap.


Currently if a member reports their SIM as lost/stolen they must wait for the replacement SIM and they cannot do a SIM swap.


In some cases the replacement SIMs are very late to arrive and some are even lost in the post.  It would be very convenient and more helpful if instead of having to wait for the official replacement SIM they could do a SIM swap with an unactivated SIM (either one they have lying around or one freshly ordered).


 This idea goes hand in hand with

Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, in principle the team really loved this idea. However at the moment it's not technically possible to implement and would take investigating at o2 and alot of work. We want to look at whether this is a 'contact driver' - this means whether it drives members to our agents or forum for help. We of course want to improve the member experience as much as possible, but due to the amount of work this would need, it might get prioritised low if it's a low amount of members hitting this issue. It's not off the cards though - and thanks for bringing this to our attention. It raised a sink hole in part of the lost/stolen process that we do want to investigate.

Subscribe to replies from the OP

Status: Under Consideration
by bethanaaay ‎16-01-2014 12:49 - edited ‎16-01-2014 13:56

Hi :smileyhappy:


*I originally posted in Contribute here:

I've had a hard time describing what I'm talking about, so please bare with me :smileyvery-happy: *



At the moment, you can either subscribe to indiviual threads, or in your settings you can tick an option to 'Subscribe to all threads you post in'.

This can be really useful, as you receive an email to notify you that someone has posted on that thread.



However, when you help out a lot on the Help forum, and you subscribe to several threads, your email inbox is soon full of emails - and the majority of these are about posts similar to your own, when people are trying to help the OP. 

For example, if I have suggested that the OP should enter some settings, I don't then need 12 emails to alert me other members are also suggesting that the OP should enter settings.


My ideaAn option to subscribe only to replies from the OP on a thread

The only responses I really need to see are from the OP, whether they are answering a question by us, updating the situation, or letting us know that their problem is resolved.


This way, you would only receive an email when the OP posts on the thread, and not everyone else.

Instead of receiving 12 emails about entering settings, you might receive 1 email an hour later saying that the OP has replied to tell you that it has or hasn't worked.

Then you can go back to the thread and reply to them. I think this would be more efficient as there is less chance of the OP's reply being lost amongst everyone else's - and the OP's is probably the most important.



I'm not sure of the technical or cost implications of this idea, or even if it is physically possible, but I thought it would make using the community a lot easier :smileyhappy:



Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully it was vaguely understandable :smileyvery-happy:



EDIT: Will23 commented on my post in Contribute here:

His suggestion was that there could be a workaround if we could find a member who could/is prepared to work it out. It's all explained in his post. Unfortunately, I'm not capable :smileyvery-happy: Take a look at his post for more info by clicking on that link.

Status: Under Consideration
Hey everyone, This is now "under consideration". We'd like to do it, but we have a lot of other things on to deal with first, so we can't quite yet. Keep giving it support, and if we get a lot more kudos we might be able to step it up a little. All the best, Will

HD Voice gives a much higher quality voice connection when making calls. Although some in the community doubt if this is desirable or necessary (see other posts on HD voice), I would urge you to listen to what it's like yourself. Indeed, when I spoke with people at Tandberg (a company that specialises in telepresence / videoconference services) they said that improvements in voice quality far outweighed improvements in video quality when participants evaluated the overall quality of a call.


This has been implemented on Three, Orange, EE, and T-Mobile.


For more info, try Wikipedia, Wired, and Gizmodo.


I understand this can't be implemented until O2 implements it, but can we at least make the request? I'd certainly like to know how many other GiffGaffers would be intersted in having this capability on GiffGaff.

Status: Under Consideration

Status change to 'Under Consideration'


Nigel raised this as a question and as suspected, we are tied to the O2/Telefonica strategy and roll-out around this: "it's something we have on our horizon, but it needs external work and is something that we will revisit later in the year as we have a number of improvements to architect the network to provide greater resilience and growth which are a higher priority than HD and would make it more expensive if we started this now."


I was thinking about a idea that may change what 'run by us' means. 

Looking at the member experiance outage compensation had played a vital role in getting projects a head start. So i thought maybe every payback period, their can be a pot set up from us (the community) to contribute some payback towards the pot and the most popular ideas that are in the idea board, get. a second vote of prority (like that was done recently) and those people that contribute get exclusives on whats happening. 

I know your thinking giffgaff should do this anyway. But think maybe if we can get this pot to be successful how much difference would it make on pricings of various. 

Even a pound or 1p can go along way. to helping ideas come out of the shell. 

Its a far fetched idea but i might as put it out their. (i know their might be similar ideas out their)

All feedback is welcomed :smileyhappy: 

Status: Under Consideration

7th May 2014: Hey folks, so we really like this Idea in principle and it's absolutely lovely to see members offering their own payback to improve the network - however we can't in all good conscience do this. Getting members to pay for their own Ideas doesn't sit right with us. We've had many conversations about this Idea and how members can prioritise Ideas to get projects a head start as the OP points out. We've discussed creating a 'top ten' wish list from members so if anything drops out of the Route Master we know what members want us to push in. We've talked about a secondary survey on Ideas like we did with the previous outage. But at the end of the day, all these things seem to make the Ideas Process more convoluted and less simple. Ultimately the dream is to make a section of our Route Master member led. At the moment that's too difficult as we can't promise to be able to stick too it. However this Idea will be regularly reviewed because this is where we want Ideas to go. The Routemaster run by you.


Sell Mi-Fis

Status: Under Consideration
by fs118 on ‎06-11-2013 16:16 - last edited on ‎07-11-2013 10:21 by giffgaff Educator

So, as you probably know, giffgaff is going to be seeling phones. However, I thought it would be a good idea to sell MiFis (or tethering devices) as well.
I think that if giffgaff sold MiFis to promote their gigabags, they would see a lot more customers join for giffgaff's potential 'mobile broadband' market.

Just a simple idea, but I think it could really hit off.


[Edit: Title Clearer]

Status: Under Consideration
Hey Folks, the top team want to wait and see what 2014 holds for us, and watch the trend on Mi-Fis. Mobile Broadband isn't a direction we're currently interested in going, those members would be the most likely to hammer the network, but never say never and maybe we can sign the Sunday League. Thanks for the OP and everyone who supported this Idea, we really appreciate the constant effort to make us 'run by you'.

Following on from a forum thread on buying a giffgaff phone without a goodybag, t_will suggested I should propose something along these lines as an idea to gauge support, so here goes:


New users are currently guided to purchase a goodybag when buying a phone from giffgaff and opening an account. If they want to use their new phone without a goodybag and just want to use normal airtime balance on a PAYG basis from the outset, the way to do this is not indicated clearly during the purchase process, more than likely making them think that a goodybag purchase is compulsory when buying a phone from giffgaff.


It seems that it is already possible to circumvent this by opening a giffgaff account and activating a SIM with airtime balance first, and then purchasing the phone from giffgaff as an existing customer. However, as you can see, this would be a well hidden and more complicated option.


The proposal is therefore to offer buying a phone from giffgaff without a goodybag but with the usual activation topup requirement of airtime balance as an option during the phone purchasing process by default. Maybe there could be a "I would prefer to purchase my phone without a goodybag for PAYG use only" or similar wording tickbox a purchaser could use to switch out of the goodybag purchase option and towards activating with normal airtime balance instead.


This could be in smaller print, as the more popular option will probably be to buy a phone with a goodybag, but at least purchasers would benefit from being given a clear choice right from the start instead of perhaps later feeling they were tricked into buying a goodybag they did not want with their phone. Basically this would be more up front with the choices available from the outset.


If you agree, please vote for this idea.

Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, we implemented it this way on purpose. It's a simpler way of buying a phone, which was important to us to provide as a member experience. Our main reason for providing handsets was to give members who were leaving for other networks because we don't do handsets an opportunity to stay. Now over 70% of our memberbase uses goodybags/gigabags, so that's the member experience we went with for ease of experience. Another reason for discouraging airtime credit with phones is due to the risk of money laundering. You can call a premium number you've set up yourself and get the money back. Something you can't do when you've got a goodybag. The team didn't want to set this as 'Not For Us' and We'll look at the number of members who activate and buy credit after buying a phone. If there is a huge demand from this ongoing, we will be taking this back into the meeting. I hope this explains that we did consider it and our reasons behind not going for it in the first place.

There are currently Hot Ideas, Top Ideas, and New Ideas on the ideas board, but most of the Top Ideas have been implemented! That's all well and good, and shows how much GaffGaff listens... but wouldn't it be good for the Top Ideas to show top unimplemented ideas? Perhaps split off another tab for Realised Ideas?

Status: Under Consideration
We like this Idea but unfortunately the current Ideas platform doesn't allow for this exact behaviour: we cannot edit the top three tabs to exclude/include specific Idea Statuses. We will be looking at other ways to better filter and highlight active Ideas, so please continue to support this Idea with your kudos and comments.

On the about us page or somewhere it'd be cool to see an embedded Google Streetview map of the giffgaff offices.




The Business photos page has a section on getting started and even has a list of verified photographers that can be employed to complete the task. Who wouldn't want to go for a wander around the cafeteria?







It's cool and not very common.



It doesn't really serve much purpose beyond the cool/novelty/interest factor.



Yes it probably costs money.

Status: Under Consideration
Hey guys, the 360 feature of this was really liked - the team decided that they would rather do a picture of the people that make giffgaff rather than an empty office - so we're going to think of ways we can do this with the staff involved in the office. You'll still get a sneak peek but you'll see us all too!

I have seen a few a few people asking in the forums recently about when a particular handset will become available in stock.


Currently, the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are out of stock. I think giffgaff should have an option for interested buyers to setup an email or text alert for the phones that go out of stock so members who decide to set the alerts are texted or emailed when the phone is back in stock if they are not in a hurry to look elsewhere.


It can only be good for business especially as more handsets are envisaged to be introduced. Currently we just tell members to keep checking the page but those impatient wont hang around really or maybe they will but it would just be simple and reassuring.

Status: Under Consideration
Under Consideration - Great idea, we'll certainly be looking into this.

Lost SIM should inform of SIM Swap alternative

Status: Under Consideration
by cim ‎20-12-2012 10:30 - edited ‎24-12-2012 18:02

At the moment the existing lost SIM mechanism is advised in various pages such as help: and of course the main lost SIM page


- these pages do not inform those who are about to disable their SIM for several days of downtime that there is an alternative available i.e. SIM swap - which will disable the old SIM and enable a replacement in minutes. 


I can't see any reason not to do a SIM swap when a SIM is lost, other than not having a spare GG SIM available of course, and many Giffgaffers do have spares...


So the idea is:


Propose the SIM Swap as an alternative to the lost SIM approach wherever the lost SIM procedure is described in the Giffgaff web site


The benefits for those with a spare SIM handy are getting back up and running immediately instead of maybe a week without service - and the benefit to GG should be some saved money and effort in not having to process and post out a new SIM.


Good idea? Any reason I may have missed not to recommend this approach?


Edit - nate37 has pointed out that there may be some situations where a phone is stolen and needs to be blocked - so either the Lost SIM page could have a "block phone without blocking SIM" option added and/or perhaps Giffgaff could create an option in the SIM Swap page to "block a phone and perform a SIM swap".


p.s. for anyone who has not yet caught up with SIM swap - more info here

Status: Under Consideration
Along with the other two ideas that highlighted to us the current gap in the lost/stolen process, we'll be reviewing this idea along with them - thanks for submitting, we agree that we should be doing more to promote sim swap as an alternative which should improve the member experience of this situation. Thanks again.

Would it be possible to run a crowdsourced map showing areas with outages.


Possibly twitter based?


I'm thinking something similar to the Uk snow map system, which uses feedback from users of twitter to report when snow is seen in the area. This to me seems a very quick way for Giff Gaff to establish problems, check the locality of the issue and resolve the issues. I have included a link below to the UK snow map for an idea of exactly what i'm trying to describe.

I'm not sure what this would involve, but seemed to me a quick and easy way to see any issues.

Status: Under Consideration
7th May 2014: Hey folks, an update on this Idea, we're still interested in making it happen, but want to move away from any kind of automated system. We'll schedule it for review and get back to you when how we'd like to do this becomes clearer.