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Auto goodybag,s For people without debit/credit cards

Status: Under Consideration
by sloz ace of spades ‎28-02-2012 17:58 - edited ‎04-03-2012 13:00
There's been a discussion about auto renew goodybags (or re occurring goodybags) here

What is suggested is the that queuing goodybags will end ( I think this was prompted by the recent updating goodybags problems
I'm guessing that giffgaff have realising this isn't sustainable) and re occurring goodybags will be intriduced but only by debit/credit card

This would be enormously inconvenient for people topping up by vouchers. Under proposed plans queuing goodybags or re occurring goodybags wouldn't be available

What I plan is to have a secondary balance within your account that you feed with airtime credit. ( perhaps an option to transfer airtime credit to your secondary re occuring goodybag bank ballance)
Once you add funds to this secondary balance ve this would feed the auto renew or re occuring goodybags,
I don't think re occuring goodybags from airtime credit would work so I've suggested having a secondary balance that you fund with airtime credit
Added suggestion. perhaps once you've set up the re occuring goodybag, you can add to your "goody bank" by an option on the top up line 43430. So you needn't,t go online at all
Status: Under Consideration
Hi guys, we'll review this once we bring queued goodybags back in October, thanks for the great idea, it's had an amazing reaction within the community!

Change the format of the Unreported Service Issue thread

Status: Under Consideration
by essie112mm ‎21-04-2014 21:15 - edited ‎22-04-2014 08:12

Replacement of the Unreported Service Issue Thread

Problem : the Unreported Service thread is intended to be used only when a member notices a recurring possible service issue on the Help and Support forum. The requirement is that five links with the issue should be posted for an Educator to investigate and then, if necessary, act upon. Educators are subscribed to the thread so help should always be at hand. However, this thread is now used as a general dumping ground for isolated issues, complaints and general questions. To all intents and purposes it doesn’t work.

Idea : my idea is simply to change the thread so that if someone feels they have reason to alert an Educator to a potential service issue they would have to complete a form not dissimilar to an agent form. As illustrated below, the member would be required to select a category and then supply the links to threads reporting a problem. This would prevent the thread from being cluttered in the way it is now and make it easier for members to check to see if there are any reports of potential problems.


 Below is a suggestion of how I envisage the form might look in the thread.

As always, feedback and support is welcome


*Edited to address the points @gordie10 has raised.  Yes, I would envisage that after the form has been sent a

post would appear as normal to show that a potential problem has been flagged up and any reply from an Educator would appear for members to read. Without that there would be no point as no one would know if anyone had spotted or raised an issue, or the outcome of reporting it. The form would be the only way to post in the thread.

Overall, I think the thread should end up looking similar to the current version ; the main difference being there would no longer be individual service issue reports and  complaints burying everything, thus making it easier to read. 

Report a service issue.JPG

Status: Under Consideration
Hey everyone, this is a good idea, we also think that we need to do something about the thread, but we haven't found time to prioritise it yet. There are various ways that we could make changes to the thread and there are pros and cons to each, so it's not 100% clear cut.

Following on from a forum thread on buying a giffgaff phone without a goodybag, t_will suggested I should propose something along these lines as an idea to gauge support, so here goes:


New users are currently guided to purchase a goodybag when buying a phone from giffgaff and opening an account. If they want to use their new phone without a goodybag and just want to use normal airtime balance on a PAYG basis from the outset, the way to do this is not indicated clearly during the purchase process, more than likely making them think that a goodybag purchase is compulsory when buying a phone from giffgaff.


It seems that it is already possible to circumvent this by opening a giffgaff account and activating a SIM with airtime balance first, and then purchasing the phone from giffgaff as an existing customer. However, as you can see, this would be a well hidden and more complicated option.


The proposal is therefore to offer buying a phone from giffgaff without a goodybag but with the usual activation topup requirement of airtime balance as an option during the phone purchasing process by default. Maybe there could be a "I would prefer to purchase my phone without a goodybag for PAYG use only" or similar wording tickbox a purchaser could use to switch out of the goodybag purchase option and towards activating with normal airtime balance instead.


This could be in smaller print, as the more popular option will probably be to buy a phone with a goodybag, but at least purchasers would benefit from being given a clear choice right from the start instead of perhaps later feeling they were tricked into buying a goodybag they did not want with their phone. Basically this would be more up front with the choices available from the outset.


If you agree, please vote for this idea.

Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, we implemented it this way on purpose. It's a simpler way of buying a phone, which was important to us to provide as a member experience. Our main reason for providing handsets was to give members who were leaving for other networks because we don't do handsets an opportunity to stay. Now over 70% of our memberbase uses goodybags/gigabags, so that's the member experience we went with for ease of experience. Another reason for discouraging airtime credit with phones is due to the risk of money laundering. You can call a premium number you've set up yourself and get the money back. Something you can't do when you've got a goodybag. The team didn't want to set this as 'Not For Us' and We'll look at the number of members who activate and buy credit after buying a phone. If there is a huge demand from this ongoing, we will be taking this back into the meeting. I hope this explains that we did consider it and our reasons behind not going for it in the first place.

I have seen a few a few people asking in the forums recently about when a particular handset will become available in stock.


Currently, the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are out of stock. I think giffgaff should have an option for interested buyers to setup an email or text alert for the phones that go out of stock so members who decide to set the alerts are texted or emailed when the phone is back in stock if they are not in a hurry to look elsewhere.


It can only be good for business especially as more handsets are envisaged to be introduced. Currently we just tell members to keep checking the page but those impatient wont hang around really or maybe they will but it would just be simple and reassuring.

Status: Under Consideration
Under Consideration - Great idea, we'll certainly be looking into this.

Back to the shopfloor

Status: Under Consideration
by andreww on ‎27-05-2012 20:23 - last edited on ‎03-10-2012 09:21 by giffgaff Educator



For anyone that hasnt noticed yet, the Community isn't operating at full strength.


If you haven't already visited "Are you listening?" yet, you need to go there straight away and have your say :smileyhappy:


As a former customer service boss myself, all managers need an "outside-in" perspective on their business.  What is the day-to-day community experience like? How does it feel to be a member right now? What's going well? Not so well?


As giffgaff has got bigger, some giffgaff staff have got too big for the Community.  They hardly ever post now :smileysad:


From what I can ascertain some staff have never posted - they don't even have a Community account from what I can see :smileysad:


That has to stop, right now!  When I was a customer service director I "walked the floor" for 30 minutes every day.


I'd talk to the cashiers. I'd open the door for customers. I'd pick litter up. I'd make sure the leaflet racks were stacked. I'd chat to customers queuing at the tills.  30 minutes, every day no matter how busy I was. 


I knew the business inside out. And my group of branches were regularly the top performing group in the country!


So, what's my idea?  I think it would be reasonable for EVERY giffgaff manager to spend 10-15 minutes on the community each day they're working. Just to say "Hi" and chat in off topic if they can't answer any questions! :smileywink: And to read 5-10 posts of what customers are saying.  Don't say you do - I've been keeping an eye on the time period between certain people logging in :smileywink:


I can assure you bit of visibility. A few nice words. A bit of interaction will go a long, long way.


I'm prepared to go the extra mile for giffgaff. Is giffgaff's management team prepared to do the same? Come on we can rebuild this Community. Together :smileyhappy:


Status: Under Consideration
[INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL] Hi Andreww, thanks for the amazing idea (as always ) - We are certainly working on improving wider staff participation, from making sure all new staff members introduce themselves to increasing community reports from the team to the wider team so everyone knows what's going on - this will be one of the ideas we look at whilst doing this, and Gregg and Alex will be getting in touch to discuss this idea some more. Thanks!

I am happy and amazed to see so many ideas posted in which it is suggested that for one reason or another giffgaff/giffgaff community should be planting trees.


My suggestion is a simple one: why not offer a new Payback option that is towards a giffgaff fund specifically for tree planting?


As @helen_leigh suggested: a giffgaff wood to visit! Anyone?

Status: Under Consideration
This is a lovely idea that really stays true to our values, and has been flagged up to the Member Experience team as part of the review they are doing on our current Payback system - we'll keep you updated with information as soon as we get it :smileyhappy:

Bar my phone option

Status: Under Consideration
by solid247 on ‎19-08-2013 13:59 - last edited on ‎02-09-2013 12:30 by handy giff-staffer zobia22



A simple addition to the lost/stolen pages Members may not wish there sim to be barred and this would allow a member continued use of there sim if


1) The sim is still in the members ownership


2) The member has a spare sim and wishes to perform a simswap and therefore does away with the need for a replacement sim.


I would also suggest that the above or similar wording is added to the bar my phone image above along with a direct link to the simswap

Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, in principle the team really loved this idea. However at the moment it's not technically possible to implement and would take investigating at o2 and alot of work. We want to look at whether this is a 'contact driver' - this means whether it drives members to our agents or forum for help. We of course want to improve the member experience as much as possible, but due to the amount of work this would need, it might get prioritised low if it's a low amount of members hitting this issue. It's not off the cards though - and thanks for bringing this to our attention. It raised a sink hole in part of the lost/stolen process that we do want to investigate.

There are currently Hot Ideas, Top Ideas, and New Ideas on the ideas board, but most of the Top Ideas have been implemented! That's all well and good, and shows how much GaffGaff listens... but wouldn't it be good for the Top Ideas to show top unimplemented ideas? Perhaps split off another tab for Realised Ideas?

Status: Under Consideration
We like this Idea but unfortunately the current Ideas platform doesn't allow for this exact behaviour: we cannot edit the top three tabs to exclude/include specific Idea Statuses. We will be looking at other ways to better filter and highlight active Ideas, so please continue to support this Idea with your kudos and comments.

As someone who spends a lot of time on here reading posts on various boards, I have become more than a bit frustrated by certain changes to the full site. From what I've read on the various threads on the forum it seems I'm not alone :smileysad:


The Problem


In the top right hand corner of each page (on the black background) used to reside two options. One to jump between any page I am on straight back to the "about me" page, and another that notifies me when I have recieved a PM.


On the new site these have been removed and have to be accessed by clicking on the community tab and scrolling down the right hand side to find them.


This extra faffing about makes the site less user friendly. Many members like to monitor the threads the post in and this website change makes doing that unnecessarily long winded


The removal of the "Inbox" option means that you don't see you have a private message unless you keep going back to your community page, where before the notifications appeared on whatever page you were on, again unnecessarily long winded.


The Solution


Put these options back on the website where they were



Yes, I know there are threads about the new website design and issues, and I know that oldyorkie has come up with a workaround (good work Neil), but for me and maybe others, key functionality has been removed from the website.



Can we have it back please?


Status: Under Consideration
Hey guys, so this isn't off the scope, and we've been talking about replacing, changing or adding an inbox in different places - I'll keep you updated, but just wanted to let you know it is something we're looking into, as people finding their PMs is certainly better for us and you. Kind regards, Hazel.

giffgaff podcast

Status: Under Consideration
by stephenmiller ‎25-08-2013 21:45 - edited ‎25-08-2013 21:52

Here's a suggestion for a weekly giffgaff podcast. I prefer audio podcasts but video could work too.


Every day Hazel has been posting industry updates from the giffgaff insights manager. They range from new devices, network shenaigans and whatever's happening in the mobile industry. Giffgaff has a lot of people that work in the mobile industry that can have a pretty good jabber about stuff like that.


Weekly topic. There's always something to talk about in mobile. One week a segment about mobile gaming, the next about 4g,the week after. Network backhaul, mobile security, community projects, Google IO or the new iPhone, developing mobile apps. There's really an abundance of topics.


One of the biggest reasons for giffgaff not to do a podcast in the past is the singular topic; giffgaff. Thre's only so much you can talk about and a single topic each week doesn't allow for much scope. The industry update and the giffgaff staff in the industry is an excellent opportunity for a broad, expert podcast that can focus on all things mobile as well as all things giffgaff.



The benefits are that it'd be good. Real insights from people in the industry about things going on in the industry as well as things going on at giffgaff. Also has the opportunity to get into podcast apps or iTunes and extend beyong the community as a reliable mobile news source.


The cost: Three or four Rode podcasters will cost you about £150 each, they're pretty much industry standard but the Blue snowball or the Blu Yeti are excellent microphones too. The best of budget microphones.


Probably a CDN to distribute the podcast. For only an audio podcast you're looking at a very low cost. Libsyn is a decent choice.





Status: Under Consideration
The community team love this idea, it's something we've tried in the past and a few of us are quite fond of starting. Last year we did some research and found that the benefits didn't outweigh the cost and time it would take to produce. What I'm going to do is find out if we have a following for a podcast, and we'll relook at the logistics now we're in a new shiny office that should make recording easier.

Ideas that interest you

Status: Under Consideration
by datamuncher ‎30-11-2013 11:05 - edited ‎30-11-2013 11:08

Hello all :smileyhappy:


After getting involved in the "Guiding principles for Ideas in 2014" thread it occured to me.


Why not have giffgaff deliver a personalised package to each member stating ideas they might be interested in?


This way members get to know and support ideas they'd like which leads to a better experience with giffgaff for them. This could be sent out monthly by email (Like your monthly usage statement) depending on the areas of giffgaff you frequent most often. So if there was a way giffgaff could identify the areas you had been really involved in, such as the 4G consultations, they could possibly send you a link to the idea "4G at no extra cost" which is actually under consideration at the moment. A mock up message could go:


Hello *insert username* at giffgaff we encourage our members to get involved and help giffgaff get better by suggesting ideas. Since you've been involved in *insert activity* we think you might like to support these ideas *insert links to ideas*


Members could opt in by accepting "You're happy to get info and offers from giffgaff" in your contact permissions. Maybe this personalised package could be sent with your monthly usage statement. If giffgaff offered this package to each member the ideas board would really light up and get going. It's possible that ideas that loads of giffgaffers would love are being ignored because they simply don't know about them! So in conclusion:


Every month giffgaff should send out a personalised package to each member with links to ideas they might like to support depending on their recent activity. This message could be included with the monthly usage statement and they could even complement each other if there was a proposal to increase minutes on a certain goodybag or what not.


Thank you for taking your time to read this; I'd really love to hear any awesome ideas or suggestions you guys have about this :smileyhappy: Thank you to @hazel22 for encouraging me to propose this idea :smileyvery-happy: 


Edit: Spelling & Grammar


Status: Under Consideration
1st August: This is something we've started work on creating, and has unfortunately had to take a backseat for the moment, but we're still really interested in getting this off the ground. Thanks for the great idea.

Would it be possible to run a crowdsourced map showing areas with outages.


Possibly twitter based?


I'm thinking something similar to the Uk snow map system, which uses feedback from users of twitter to report when snow is seen in the area. This to me seems a very quick way for Giff Gaff to establish problems, check the locality of the issue and resolve the issues. I have included a link below to the UK snow map for an idea of exactly what i'm trying to describe.

I'm not sure what this would involve, but seemed to me a quick and easy way to see any issues.

Status: Under Consideration
7th May 2014: Hey folks, an update on this Idea, we're still interested in making it happen, but want to move away from any kind of automated system. We'll schedule it for review and get back to you when how we'd like to do this becomes clearer.

Improving Help - Guided Posting

Status: Under Consideration
by geekcubed ‎09-01-2013 13:43 - edited ‎09-01-2013 16:26

This idea is the culimation of a lot of discussion of late on the Suggestions board (see here and here). Following a lot of support in those thread, this proposal is now being submitted to the Idea board.


Please note that this idea builds on one already submitted by Styly in 2011 (see it here).  His original idea was partially implemented before being vaulted.  This new Idea expands on the original proposal, which, given it's age, should be open for reviewing anyway.



The general concenus of late is that the Help section of the forums is suffering badly at the moment: which makes for a poor user experience, especially for new comers to GiffGaff.  The are a lot of duplicate threads, making finding existing help difficult. Beyond that, questions are being quite poorly asked, which in turn is attracing a lot of poor answers (short, often copy & pasted).


The Idea

The idea is for GiffGaff to modify the process when you want to post a new topic in the Help forum. There are three distinct changes to the current process (which is currently "Go to Help" -> "New Message")


  • New Button

The "New Message" button at the top of the Help forum should be replaced with one saying "Need Help?"


  • Knowledge Base Search

Instead of going straight to posting a new message, people would be forced to search the Knowledge Base first.  Once a user has tried this (whether they get results or not), they are then shown the option to make a new post


  • Posting Tips

The New Message form for the Help section should be changed to include some helpful hints about how to ask a 'good' question.



The first change, whilst small, is a sutle one to get people into the mindset of there being more help options that just posting a message.  It also helps to stop confusion of people clicking a New Message button and being sent to search the Knowledge Base


The second change would remove a large amount of the new help requests that are made every day. There are countless requests for help with settings, sim sizes, tethering and coverage. All these things are covered, in depth, in really well written articles. It's just that people are inherently lazy, and need to be made to look for them first.


The final change would hopefully result in a better standard of question. This would not only allow the Asker to get the answer they want quicker, it may also result in a generally better standard of answer being supplied.



I've thrown together a little demo of the process.  It's a little slow, and probably doesn't work too well (or at all) in some mobile browsers, but hopefully it serves to illustrate the process.  If nothing else, it highlights actually how good the knowledge base content is, and why it needs to feature more prominently as part of the entire help system offered by GiffGaff.


The demo can be found here -


Technical notes below (mainly for GiffGaff staffer's)

As I don't have access to any of the underlying code or database for the forums, the demo scrapes the results of the existing forum search.  Whilst this is proprietary code that I have written, I don't want this to hinder or prevent this Idea moving forward. As such I will supply all source code for the demo if the idea moves forward.


Status: Under Consideration
I still love the idea, but it's not currently in the scope of something that we can develop right now. We'll do it when we can, but no promises for the near future I'm afraid.

£12 goodybag

Status: Under Consideration
by giffgaff; ergo sum bonusball on ‎24-09-2012 15:07

How about a £12 voucher for the increaseed price.


Status: Under Consideration
Hi guys, thanks for the idea :smileyhappy: We're going to review the need for this when the new goodybags come into effect and then come back to this idea, Kind regards and thanks! Hazel.

Order a GoodyBag and apply credit via text

Status: Under Consideration
by aks782 ‎16-04-2010 20:35 - edited ‎21-04-2010 18:45

I think it would be nice if we could order a GoodyBag or apply credit via text


I'll explain scenario, today i wanted the £5/month GoodyBag but really did not want to log on to my laptop [cos its sooo slow], so could have just texted "£5 Goodybag" to a GG phone number, [if your credit card details are saved online] they then in a text back ask me to confirm what i am buying and then apply the respective goodybag/credit to my account. Then if i wanted credit i could have texted "£5 credit".


Just an idea, leave your comments or if you like it Kudos the idea



please note: i added the "apply credit" idea  from the response from 'geekonthepc'. So many thanks to him/her

Status: Under Consideration
This, as well as a few other interactions via text are on the radar of Member Experience for 2014. There needs to be a few more discussions and prioritisation sessions to figure out which projects make the top of the pile, but this Idea is a contender. We'll let you know if it makes the cut in its current form.

This may sound crazy but my friend is partialy blind and has a blind handset he asked me the other day how do you check my balance and be able to hear it instead of reading it and i told him to ring 4444 but i dont think it works this is no major problem as i do understand there will be very little amounts of people with this problem but i was wondering if this will be created as it whould help alot and would be handy to all of us thanks people.


Kudos me if you agree.

Status: Under Consideration
Update 11/12/2012: We are investigating our options for a complete overhaul of the automated topup system at some point in 2013 and this idea will be re-assessed at that time.

Hi all, there's a few ideas about community badges for completing tasks and doing things in the community (for example Marys here) but this is a little different. Various sites like Dropbox have a tutorial based achievement feature where you're rewarded for completing tasks associated with the core functionality of the service. 


Would it be feasible for giffgaff to have something similar? In Dropbox it's in a section labelled getting started and works on the idea of issuing challenges to the user, for giffgaff it could be:


  • set up a reccuring goodybag,
  • queue a goodybag,
  • post in the community,
  • give a kudos or accept a solution
  • Access on a mobile
  • Follow us on Twitter/Facebook or share your refferal link.

Or things to that effect, challenges or achievements designed to introduce new users to the features and functionality of the mobile side as well as the community side. Below is the Dropbog getting started section using a challenge/ reward system as a tutorial.


2012-12-28 16_10_57-Get Started - Dropbox - Comodo Dragon.png


And another similar example on the Steam platform




I couldn't speculate on the cost or effort involved in this but it would ideally be a part of the member dashboard (so not reliant on Lithium).


The benefits are that you could immediately make new members aware of and using features such as reccuring goodybags, immediately get them posting and accepting solutions/kudosing on the community and sharing giffgaff on Twitter. Anything you'd want to encourage and think new members ought to know upon joining.


The reward could if you wanted follow Dropbox and offer traditional rewards (possibly payback points?) but could just as easily be a badge based rewards system. Leave a half finished challenge on someones dahboard with empty badge spaces and 90% of people will want to fill it and find their way around the site and features nicely.

Status: Under Consideration
Hey guys, this is something we want to do as part of Stage 2 of the set up wizard, but it's not a priority for 2013 however during the mean time the Community team do regularly give out extra rewards, gifts and payback for great contributions as an intermediary. Thanks for the idea, and I'm looking forward to seeing this one implemented :smileyhappy: Kind regards, Hazel.

Is there any chance that giffgaff are able to implement the pop up 'info panel' option when you hover over a members name.

I have seen this used on another mobile network's Lithium based community site beginning with V




This would offer an 'at a glance' way of seeing members community details when browsing threads without the need to click away from the thread being read, and could actually be used as an alternative to the profile badges that did end up spliting community opinion down the middle.


This could tie in quite nicely with the planned refresh of the community page 'look and feel' that is aiming for a cleaner and more streamlined view of the community.

There are a handful of useful forum searches that I use on regular basis and it would be nice to have these easier to access and use. :smileyhappy:


For instances all your own accepted solution can be found using this method as posted by darrenpainter which requires changing the user id to your own to get a personalised list of accepted solutions.


There are also other useful searches to find threads and posts authored as posted by sloz here.


All these links are simple searches but currently require that you manually change the user id to your own.


So my idea is to included a link on the My settings which then links to a simple widget with a clickable list of the various searches (inserting your own id into the relevant place).


My settings searches.png



Personalised Search Widget

Simply click the following links to get your own personalised searches.


  • Accepted Solutions
  • Topics posted in Help Forum
  • Posts in Help Forum
  • Ideas posted
  • Idea comments posted
  • Topics posted in Contribute Forum

etc, etc.


I think this should be easily possible with the help of the Dev Hub team and I've been encouraged to post this as an idea by (so giffgaff seem interested). :smileyhappy:


So comments and support gratefully welcomed :smileyhappy:



Calls to 101 on giffgaff

Status: Under Consideration
by soruk on ‎19-04-2013 14:39

In response to the thread Should/Could calls to 101 be free on giffgaff, I'd like to propose this idea:


If the phone has credit, irrespective of any goodybag, the 15p charge is applied as normal.


If there is no credit, but a goodybag is in place with minutes, a charge of 2 minutes is applied to the goodybag, irrespective of call duration. (Why 2 minutes? Voicemail is 8p or 1 minute.)  That would allow callers who only use goodybags and no credit to be able to call 101 if they need to.

Status: Under Consideration
Hey guys, this is technically possible to implement though difficult, however we're worried that if we implement this for 101, then it would open us up to having a whole range of '2 minute numbers' and things would start to get complicated and unmanageable. For genuine emergencies 999/112 will always be free.

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