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Am sorry if this has already been suggested before but i have used the search bar and not found anything.


I have just recently started giving out giffgaff sims using the official giffgaff leaflets which can accompany a sim and noticed they dont have some important information for example:


O2 phones work with giffgaff sims this information is not on the leaflet i tried to edit this on myself but i could not figure out how to edit the text.


You can earn payback which you can turn into cash for helping promote giffgaff and helping other giffgaffers.


I dont know who made the leaflets but maybe they could do some editing? just a suggestion anyway as i think it will help get more people on giffgaff as a lot of people have O2 mobile phones and who does not want to earn extra money.



Status: Under Consideration
Thanks Stacy and those who supported this, we love it and will be talking to Naiha (Queen on leaflets etc) about getting it implemented - yay!

£5 goodybags

Status: Under Consideration
by dfh1 on ‎13-11-2012 16:55
The £5 goodybags should be a completely different colour than each other to stop poor sighted people making mistakes and buying the wrong £5 goodybags
Status: Under Consideration
We’ll make some copy changes to help out with the confusion - we will revisit this idea when we next review the goodybag lines. Making one change like this requires a lot of work so we would prefer to roll it into a larger update.

This may sound crazy but my friend is partialy blind and has a blind handset he asked me the other day how do you check my balance and be able to hear it instead of reading it and i told him to ring 4444 but i dont think it works this is no major problem as i do understand there will be very little amounts of people with this problem but i was wondering if this will be created as it whould help alot and would be handy to all of us thanks people.


Kudos me if you agree.

Status: Under Consideration
Update 11/12/2012: We are investigating our options for a complete overhaul of the automated topup system at some point in 2013 and this idea will be re-assessed at that time.

New Profile Widget - My Rated Posts

Status: Under Consideration
by oldyorkie ‎08-12-2012 13:09 - edited ‎08-12-2012 13:20

As the new look and forum widgets are being introduced and tweaked on the odd occasion, I wondered if another widget could be introduced?...... similar to that used in connection with a member's profile and recent kudos given/received?
I'm talking about a "My Rated Posts" widget.
If we're trying to smarten up the "Help" forum by highlighting the "best answers" with the use of this stars system, then in addition to gg hierarchy collecting the info, we could also assist by being able to refer back to those posts we rated and providing links to those posts that hold valuable information --- much the same as many of us do now within the kudos system?
Or looking at it from another perspective, it would give that member whose post has been rated favourably a real buzz, and encourage them to produce even more great contributions.
Of course there is always the downside of this where a member receives a low rating and thus battle commences :smileysad:
Despite it possibly being hard to implement due to space within a user's profile window, I think it is definately something worth addressing..
Or have I just had one of those "silly o'clock non-brainwaves" again ? :smileyvery-happy:

Idea 'in a nutshell'

Issue: It's a big, confusing world out there when you're new! Often you don't know anything or anyone when you start somewhere new.

Solution: Every new GiffGaff member should be able to choose to have a 'buddy'.


Main benefit to:

…the new GiffGaffer

The new GiffGaffer has a single point of contact for their first few days. Help might include how to set up their account, to joining in with the community to getting help on what to do about issues.

…Agents and Educators

Time will be freed up to concentrate on the stuff that helps everyone or to deal with the newcomers with problems.

…volunteer ‘buddies’

Kudos and/or payback points could reward those who do a good job.

community pages

the community pages will become more powerful by containing common problems, questions, updates and areas of interest to all GiffGaffers. There will be less ‘noise’ caused by new people just trying to find answers. 


A free way to maximise help for new customers by empowering community members (unlimited resource) and reducing the amount of ways Agents and Technical teams (finite resource) need to simultaneously divide themselves. It promotes the fact that GiffGaff is people powered, builds a better experience for new customers and in general provides an all-round positive feeling!


Reason for suggestion

I'm a new GiffGaffer who hit a major issue on the day I joined (7-Feb 2012).  I’d had no time to learn how to navigate the community pages and use Agents, and had no idea about the Educators.  I needed someone to help me figure out what was normal, what I needed to get fixed and how to go about doing it.  Luckily, I got chatting to another GiffGaff member, who helped me to cut through the confusion.  He didn’t have all the answers, but just having someone who has been around for longer than you is a good start!



That's the idea! (I've added more detail below...)



Idea in a bit more detail

There’s a lot to take in when you join a new service (and it’s not always easy to find out what you need to know), whether things go smoothly or whether things go wrong!

The ‘buddy’ will be a volunteer from the GiffGaff community.

The ‘buddy’ will be the one person a new GiffGaffer can ask any question to.

The ‘buddy’ will probably know the regular stuff; not everything, but they may well know someone who does, or at least the best way to get to an answer.

The ‘buddy’ might expect to be called upon to help out the newcomer for their first 18 days to a month – basically until they’re settled.

There could be a community page for ‘buddies’ to discuss common issues or share experiences.


Differentiators (from current offering and previous suggestions)

The interactivity of this idea is the crucial part.  Other ideas suggested (introductory emails, texts...) are either passive and/or depend on finite GiffGaff resources.  It will improve new customers' experiences of joining GiffGaff who aren't used to dealing with a system where you don't just pick up a phone and speak to someone. It helps to promote mutual giving and support the infrastructure and values upon which (I think) GiffGaff operates.

Status: Under Consideration
Hi! We're still excited to do this idea, but it's not quite in the routemaster at the moment - when it is, we'll update this idea to 'Coming Soon', have a nice day and thank you for contributing to the Ideas Board!

Look After the Pennies: The Pounds Do the Rest

Status: Under Consideration
by ryaneberry ‎28-12-2012 17:45 - edited ‎28-12-2012 17:47

Firstly sorry for another idea so soon.


I was looking at buying my next goodybag for the next month coming and realised that there was no way of directly using a voucher to buy a goodybag. Of course there is a fairly simple way - redeem the credit from the voucher then buy a goodybag with that credit. However there then becomes a couple of problems. For the first timers, they may not know how to convert credit to a goodybag, what do they do... asks in Help section.


The main problem though is the odd few pence that is lost (perhaps through background data) the member again goes to the Help section. They then have to talk to an agent - we all know how long that can take - all this happens and the member wonders whether he/she should have joined/ are giffgaff a scam etc. etc. 


When buying a goodybag, for the first or umteenth time, if there was an option to buy a goodybag directly from a voucher, this would reduce the work load of the agents and redcuse the costs to giffgaff as they no longer have to pay out odd penies all the time. Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves - as the saying goes :smileywink:


Other ideas that I would like to see which are relevant(ish) to this: 1, 2

Status: Under Consideration

Hey folks,


Thanks for the feedback - as this isn't 'coming soon' - I'll set it back to future review to see if we are still interested in implementing it. It seems like a 'Nice to Have' which after 33 Kudos in a year, I'm unsure of 1. How much community demand there is for it and 2. It would be interesting to see how many members it would effect. It's not off the books, but will need to some research before it becomes a priority, Kind regards, Hazel.


Giffgaff 'Recruit Manager'

Status: Under Consideration
by tjommo ‎11-06-2012 22:01 - edited ‎13-06-2012 16:32

Giffgaff Recruit Manager


The Idea


I have thought for a while now that someone should have come up with this idea, but they haven't - so I'm going to share it with you. The graphics aren't great but hopefully you'll get the idea! [Click on images to see them fullscreen]



My idea is to have a Giffgaff 'Recruit Manager' under 'Spread Giffgaff'. The Recruit Manager is a place where you can simply manage your recruits and visually track your progress.


It sets your orders into different categories and sub categories within them to refine results. There are small icons on the right hand side, as you will notice, that are the steps that you are going through to reach your goal - an activation! Icons change from a dull, grey to a happy vibrant white or yellow when the task has completed.


From an URL order there are 3 steps:


- Sim dispatched

- Sim received

- Sim Activated


From a HOME order (Sim order to your home to then give out) there are 4 steps:


- Sim dispatched

- Sim received (at your home)

- Sim given

- Sim activated


When hovering over an icon a box appears to tell you what the icon means - much like My eBay.





When the Sim Given icon is clicked upon, a box appears to change the status of this. You can only change the status of the second last icon (home order) - Sim Given and you can insert the name of the person you have given it too (if known). The rest change automatically when giffgaff mark them as so The Sim Arrived is an estimate. (Second icon)


There is also a Conversion Rate section (top image) that calculates the percentage of Sims that you have actually given and URL orders that have been activated.


Edit: There could also be a sort button, to order by date (Thanks to billythekid)


I believe this 'Recruit Manager' would not be awfully difficult to implement and would be a valuable tool for the eager recruiter!


Please leave kudos if you support the idea :smileyhappy:

Feedback is always welcome!




Status: Under Consideration
Brilliant idea! This has been accepted, but I've placed it in Future Review as we can't fit it into the our roadmap at this moment in time. The team loved the gamified features, and the re-introduction of a bit of a challenge! Thanks so much for this - I will schedule an update for this in a few months so we can review our roadmap, Kind regards, Hazel.

Community Badges

Status: Under Consideration
by mary_r_t on ‎05-11-2012 05:07



Firstly I should point out that this is a proposal based on an old project from over 2 years ago:

although it was proposed as an idea here by the OP:

although it is marked 'Idea Vault', it did actually become developed into a super secret project at the time – developed from the Contribute thread which seemed to surpass anything on the Idea thread.


The idea of badges has come up on the 'listening' thread a couple of times now and there seems to be a feeling that it could be used to compliment the current ranking system. There is discussion around these posts:

and this has brought the subject to the fore again in a Community with a much wider base and different dynamic to the Community of 2 years ago.


I am aware of ideas like these:

but this would be a separately managed system and cover a broader and more inclusive spectrum.




A dynamic series of fun badges to promote and highlight individual knowledge but also encourage wider participation in the Community. Unlike the ranking system everyone could work towards the badges that they wanted and badges would be earned outside the current ranking system. Some would have to have criteria similar to the elements that make up the ranking system – however, I should stress I don't know what elements make up the ranking system :-). Everyone would have their own set of badges and would be able to earn badges irrespective of rank. (Durning the discussion on listening I made an analogy to the badges gained as a Scout or Guide).


For example – off the top of my head (including trying to remember what went before):


Knowledge based badges (based on criteria – and similar to the ones in the Contribute thread linked above). For example

 Wider Community Badges

  • Doing something for the Community

    • Idea badge (submitting an idea that gets the 20 kudos needed)
    • Guide (making a popular top tips post or a contribution to the KB)
    • Blog for giffgaff
    • Project manager (inc Off Topic community projects)
    • Social butterfly (helping out regularly on Social networks e.g. Facebook, twitter and google+)
  • Fun Off Topic Badges (taken from past and present Off Topic areas)

    • Movie night
    • Game night
    • Cooking thread
    • Photography thread
    • Fantasy football
    • Competition participant (for Community competitions in Off Topic)
  • Random fun badges
    • Giffgaff morning lark
    • Giffgaff vampire
    • Giffgaff geek
    • Custom avatar
    • Signature

Special badges

  • Creating an app for giffgaff

  • Artist (creating custom banners or leaflets for the Community)

  • Gardener

  • VIG

  • Founder

  • Veteran (being active on the community for a year or more and with a certain amount of posts).


  • recruiter (getting a certain number of people to join giffgaff e.g. 100 – although could be bronze, silver and gold levels)

  • exceptional newbie (to encourage newbies to participate. Closed to anyone who has been registered for more than 2 months but highlights exceptional contributions of new giffgaffers in the first month or so on giffgaff)

These proposals are just ideas and are by no means set in stone :-)




Within the original proposal Vincent highlighted several obstacles e.g. not being able to display them beside current user names and taking a lot of development:

Gaming was also another consideration.


Some of the badges would require management by the Educators who already have a heavy Community work load.


There were concerns expressed that any further award would create divisions in the Community.


I expect that it would largely need to be developed as part of the 'apps platform' and be a seperate page.




  • Highlighting knowledge of individuals in the Community setting

    • everyone is different and has their expertise in a different area

    • Helping new members identify who is providing good information based on their skills set but irrespective of rank

  • Encouraging people to participate in all areas of the Community

  • Tailored to the individual – after all a Community is made up of individuals :-)



  • we already have a ranking system

  • exceptional members have gained the VIG badges and early adopters have a founder badge. Other badges e.g. the Very Important Thread badge have been proposed

  • exceptional giffgaffers can gain a special rank

This would reward achievement on a wider scale while incorporating the elements that already exist for highlighting participation. It would be open to all to do as little or as much as they want.

Status: Under Consideration
This is something that was on our routemaster after the first time we looked at this idea, but due to nanosims and handsets dropped off the map. I will certainly be chasing it up, and hopefully we can see a consultation soon where we'll map out what badges there can be :smileyhappy:

Order a GoodyBag and apply credit via text

Status: Under Consideration
by aks782 ‎16-04-2010 20:35 - edited ‎21-04-2010 18:45

I think it would be nice if we could order a GoodyBag or apply credit via text


I'll explain scenario, today i wanted the £5/month GoodyBag but really did not want to log on to my laptop [cos its sooo slow], so could have just texted "£5 Goodybag" to a GG phone number, [if your credit card details are saved online] they then in a text back ask me to confirm what i am buying and then apply the respective goodybag/credit to my account. Then if i wanted credit i could have texted "£5 credit".


Just an idea, leave your comments or if you like it Kudos the idea



please note: i added the "apply credit" idea  from the response from 'geekonthepc'. So many thanks to him/her

Status: Under Consideration
This, as well as a few other interactions via text are on the radar of Member Experience for 2014. There needs to be a few more discussions and prioritisation sessions to figure out which projects make the top of the pile, but this Idea is a contender. We'll let you know if it makes the cut in its current form.

Hi all,


When you’ve ordered SIM cards from giffgaff to share with friends, you may have received the new flyers that you can share with your friends. They’re great – But there’s one issue that could be affecting the business model: Presentation.


The issue:

When you receive the SIM pack, you’re asked to cut the flyer in half with scissors to share with your friends. And there’s your problem – Cutting. Unless you have a guillotine in the house hold, you’ll never be dead straight. As a result of this, it makes sharing the flyers with friends look a bit poor. Nothing says join giffgaff like a messy first impression, right? How would you feel if you wanted to join giffgaff and got this through the post?





The proposal:

The solution is actually very simple – Cut out the middle man, i.e. cutting the flyer yourself. This is where I propose giffgaff use a ‘tear and share’ system. For those of you that know about perforated cutting – It’s where a machine comes along and punches lines in the paper to make it tear-able. Like your notepad that allows you to pull pages out easily? I feel by using this same technique – It will give giffgaff the look and first impression they deserve.


Show me more:

Graze – (a business dedicated to delivering healthy snacks) use this method for grabbing new recruits and it works very well, see below:




As you can see they use small tear and share methods so I can share this with friends. This could easily be implemented with giffgaff’s flyers by adding a perforated line here:





The main advantages of this idea are the following:


  • Much more professional first impression
  • More efficient for members to spread the flyers
  • Flyers can still be produced in bulk –  Only one more stage is added to the printing process
  • More customers – Due to the ‘tacky’ first impression being eliminated.

Thank you for reading this idea, your support and comments are greatly appreciated.



Status: Under Consideration
Hi! We're still excited to do this idea, but it's not quite in the routemaster at the moment - when it is, we'll update this idea to 'Coming Soon', have a nice day and thank you for contributing to the Ideas Board!

This idea is similar to: 



Except I'd like the option of being able to control which texts we receive from giffgaff not just emails.


After asking for help from the community on how to disable SMS's which I do not deem important SMS-from-43431-and-quot-Do-you-want-to-hear-about-us it seems it's not possible.


I've already disabled Contact permissions on My Details and Balance Notifications under Phone Settings


OK, I accept they are not that often, on average once every week or two, compared to every day when I first joined and hadn't disable marketing preferences. But the ones that still come through from 43431 I still don't find useful nor important. 


Examples of the ones that still come through are:

"Hi your goodybag is about to expire on xxx. If you haven't already, go to to set your goodybag to recur."

- I already know this and my goodybag is already recurring...


"Thanks for helping giffgaff in xxx, so far you've earned £x.xx. Check out your latest recommended plan at My giffgaff. Cheers".

- I already received an email summarising this.


So I'd like the option of what type of SMS's (and emails) I can receive:

- marketing

- goodybag expiry

- balance alerts

- low balance

- important announcements


In this case, I'd only like to receive very important annoucements by text. By this I mean, where giffgaff really need me (not want) to take action concerning the topic of the SMS. Random example of what an important message might be: "your account will be terminated unless you topup in the next 10 days". 


Receiving an SMS or phone call, to me, is more direct and normally means I need to take action. I prefer to receive general information by email which I can check at my own leisure. I also travel a lot and have my phone switched on for emergencies. So I hate when I'm in a different time zone and get a text (or worse a phone call) from the UK which wakes me up in the middle of the night, for a bit of sales and marketing.


Contact preferences, should be enhanced to include email/SMS preference and giffgaff should properly categorise what is considered as important announcements. 



Status: Under Consideration
Hi guys, thanks for the great idea and feedback - this is something we would really love to implement eventually - though at the moment it isn't in our routemaster, with other important fixes and development in place, so we'll have to review the demand for this in the future - thanks again!

Time to say goodbye to Lithium?

Status: Under Consideration
by tjommo ‎23-06-2012 11:07 - edited ‎23-06-2012 11:32

Brilliant idea! - Lithium can't implement it, sorry!

That would be brill! - Shame Lithium can't do it.


Time and time again this is the response to so many ideas. Brilliant ideas.


I think it is time to wave goodbye to Lithium and get some staff to create an independent website. If giffgaff wants to move forward, it should have forward thinking technology implemented on its site. Giffgaff could keep the exact same setup, with more powerful stuff running in the background. It would enable custom icons to be placed next to threads. It would also allow GIF images to be posted - that are larger than a miniscule 333k! 


Please leave kudos if you support the idea :smileyhappy:

Its run by us, it can be changed by us.




Status: Under Consideration
Hi guys, thanks for posting this and the interesting discussion below, we're going to set this as Future Review because it is a possibility and we'll be researching into what would be the best option, Kind regards, Hazel.

This is an idea which I hope will make the displaying of ideas clearer thus benefiting the promotion of genuinely FRESH ideas. :smileyhappy:



The majority of ideas posted on the board now are redirects and these are sometimes kudos'd before there is a chance to change the status of the idea.  This action promotes the idea onto the default ideas tab of 'Hot Ideas'.


The view on the 'Hot Idea' gets clogged up with redirected or even 'not for us' ideas which can still be kudos'd (to no effect as giffgaff only take account of kudos and comments on the original idea).  As a result genuinely new and fresh ideas are pushed down and off the front view on that tab.   :smileysad:



Quite simply exclude the redirected and 'not for us' status ideas on the 'Hot Ideas' tab view.  The different idea tabs simply work by using a filter/sort and it should be a relatively simple change to exclude redirected and 'not for us' (or push them to the back) on this one view.  



More valid ideas can be displayed on this view (which is the default) and less confusion on what ideas are genuinely new 'Hot Ideas' that can be supported.  Apparently the status is not obvious on the mobile view of ideas and can be missed (this should also help with that problem). :smileyhappy:


So comments etc welcomed as always  :smileyhappy:


PS. To those thinking this is deja vue please read the spoiler. :smileywink:


This idea was previously submitted by myself but narrowly missed being reviewed as at time the ideas board went through some changes to increase the number of kudos needed (10 to 20) and this idea was therefore vaulted. :smileysad:   It is however now eligible to be reposted (and if I don't, someone else will :smileywink:)

I also feel that it's worth giving this another shot as some ideas that were trying make similar (but more complicated) changes have since been marked as unsuitable/not for us and therefore some people might have preferred to see the outcome of those ideas before committing to this one.

The original idea is here and for those that supported it I thank you and suggest it is only fair to simply removed your kudos from that idea if you intend to support this one. :smileyhappy:

Ta Bertie :smileyhappy:

Money Saved So Far!/Last Month - A "My Giffgaff" update

Status: Under Consideration
by megadieftw ‎02-11-2011 22:41 - edited ‎03-11-2011 19:27

How's this for a feel good? So basically in my giffgaff, just under your profile name and number, just above payback, there would be a box, quite a simple small one, but one that will leave you in awe of the giffgaffing-gafftastical savings that you have earned so far.


And it'd look a little something like this:



UPDATE: For those who wouldn't want this....



But it's basic point is to show each user how much money they've saved using goodybags and using the giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts.


This would help loyalty and also would be a very useful tool for promoting giffgaff if users showed it to their friends and family who were thinking of joining but unsure.


The information used to fill the box would be the same information used to fill in our monthly savings emails, but would just be cumulative. However as it may be difficult to work out how much the older members have saved over time or to do this for everyone overall, I would propose instead that it at least shows how much you saved last month, but slap bang on your profile right in your face :smileytongue: so you're always reminded of how great it is here.



- If it could be real time that would be amazing (i.e. after every call you use on a goodybag or text you send the number changes) but I'm not sure how doable that is

- If it could be overall since you joined that would create the biggest impact, but I'm not sure hwo doable that is, so what you saved last month would be cool too if the main one isn't possible. Just have to see guys.


I also propose that the user who saves the most each month wins a prize (but that's much more of a flexible point, I doubt that would happen :smileytongue: )


But anyway, what do you guys think? I reckon it'd be a powerful propaganda and loyalty tool. Plus just a useful feel good stat to see every time you log in :smileyhappy:


Bear in mind this is just an idea, I have no idea how easy to implement it would be, but I reckon it would be a very powerful tool. Giffgaff, I leave it to you :smileyhappy:


But anyway, what do you guys think? :smileyhappy:

Status: Under Consideration
Love this idea - smart and makes sense! We have lots of ideas for the dashboard in the pipeline and when we do those we'll see if we can work this in too. Thanks for the great idea and keep them coming.

Sort Forum Threads By Date Range

Status: Under Consideration
by oldyorkie ‎13-08-2012 22:47 - edited ‎14-08-2012 03:47

Subject supporting info


We all know how fast the number of threads within the Help : Ask the community forum increase on a daily basis and there are various ways of changing the way it works for each member within the "Board Options" function such as


  • mark all as new
  • mark all as read
  • list by topics
  • sort by topic start date

Occasionally there may be a time when a member (or an Educator even hint hint :smileytongue:) would have the need to search for a thread(s) / post(s) / topic within a certain date range.

A prime example being the recent request from will23 in his search for improvements to the help section.

This is currently not possible and is a constant pain in the butt having to either search by page number, be it at the bottom of the page or by typing a different page number in the URL - an endless and laborious task.


Proposed solution


In order to make things easier for all concerned could we not have a further option on the "Board Options" tab on all of the forums that would provide the ability to search for threads by date range? This could then reveal a further two boxes which would show

  • Date From
  • Date To

 I've enclosed a rather crude jpg showing how it could look on the tab itself, but not the secondary box as that's more or less self explanatory.


date filter.JPG

If you feel this would benefit you and you like the proposal, please add your support in the normal way. :smileyhappy:

And as always, all comments are more than welcome.


Thankyou for reading :smileyhappy:


Personal message (spam prevention)

Status: Under Consideration
by as7861 ‎17-08-2012 00:59 - edited ‎17-08-2012 01:15

After alot of thinking. I came up with another way to prevent/make it harder for the abuser/spammer. 


So what is the idea about ? 


If you post duplicate messages on the thread. A warning message comes up to tell you have done so. 




The image above shows post flooding. Which can be changed to PM flooding and increasing the time to make it more annoying to the abusers/scammers.


It would be tweaked so that only people with persmission can send multiple PMs with same body to people (mainly people with projects). Other than that they will see this error. 




  1. People will no longer get the same message from a person. (in a set amount of time)
  2. More of a spam control & scammer control.
  3. Educators will obviously be excluded from this control measure as they have to send alot of PMs with same body text.

In response to -




Research ? 




Development of this idea ?


  • Can this flooding prevention be for new comers only ? (can be overided by educators ?)
  • or would it be better for the system to be used according to activation of sim ? (as stated in below idea in similar idea)
  • Can a button be added to corner of the PM to report a post for spam, makes it easier for educator to get a copy of the pm and ban more quickly ?


Similar ideas ?


Over to you for the feedback ( :smileywink:


Topup via PayPal

Status: Under Consideration
by peter chaperon on ‎19-04-2010 23:55


There was the problem with the topups and it has made me think, why not introduce Topups by PayPal?

What do you think?

Kudos if you like.


Status: Under Consideration
Hey guys, thanks to the revived ideas thread - this idea has been up for re-consideration last Tuesday - Short answer: Paypal has come a long way in the past few years and if we can find a way to integrate it nicely into our existing billing system, we will be looking to do so. Slightly longer answer: we're going to explore the actual practical process of integrating this into our current billing systems and how much work, time and money it will take to do so. Depending on scope and scale, we will have to consider all the benefits and costs before we make a final decision and committing to doing it. Because of our current plans that are locked into place, this is something that is unlikely to happen until next year. Kind regards, Hazel.

Report function on blog post and ideas comments on mobile site

Status: Under Consideration
by soothsayer pinkcalculator ‎10-08-2012 10:14 - edited ‎10-08-2012 10:31
The recent blog post regarding the ASA ruling has been heavily commented on, that's brilliant. However I felt there was an innaoropriate commet and I went to report it, well where is the report button I so much love. It's not there in the mobile site. There is one for the originonal post ( thanks to the others who found and confirmed this ) but not for the comments. I do think this needs to be added. As mentioned by oldyorkie the same also applies for the ideas section comments.
Status: Under Consideration
Hey folks, I'm going to create a document of all Ideas for the Mobile Community Site as our Head of Community is helping to give feedback to Lithium on the Mobile Site. We can keep you updated on any decisions they chose to make, Kind regards, Hazel.

Remove A Rating of a Post

Status: Under Consideration
by ryaneberry on ‎19-12-2012 18:11

I was in the process of replying to someone in Help, and, being foolish as I am, didn't look properly nd clicked to fast... In the wrong place. The result was a charming one-star rating on a post that was more than fine! I of course, as I felt bad changed this to a 5. I then looked into a way of removing this rating, there wasn't one


So my proposal is that you have the ability to remove a rating just incase you make the rating by accident

My idea is Giffgaff runs a check periodically for payment card details due to expire soon or already expired - and email or text users to remind them to update details. This should help auto top-up-ers to avoid getting caught out with a failed auto top-up.


I got caught at weekend with a payment declined for this reason. Absolutely my bad for not updating details as I had forgotten - but would be a really nice assist from giffgaff if they could implement a system to remind auto top-up users to update payment card details in good time.


Status: Under Consideration
Hi! We're still excited to do this idea, but it's not quite in the routemaster at the moment - when it is, we'll update this idea to 'Coming Soon', have a nice day and thank you for contributing to the Ideas Board!

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