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Help & Support Breakout / 1-1 Chat Room

Status: New Idea
by talisker35 ‎24-03-2015 01:50 - edited ‎24-03-2015 09:45

Previous dicussion of this idea took place here:


What section would this idea affect?


  • Only the Help & Support Forum


What is the idea?


  • To implement a 1-1 “breakout chat room” on the help & support forum, where a member can select an approved 1-1 member (that is online & has replied to the thread) that they feel comfortable with to talk them through their issue.


Who would this benefit?


  • This will benefit any member that hasn’t used a forum before or any member that prefers a 1-1 rather than feeling overwhelmed by 10-20 messages all posting different suggestions or ideas (I understand how the forum works etc. and realise that sometimes members can forget something that another member will remember that’s why if you look at the diagram below I’ve allowed for this)


How would it work?


  • I’ve made a basic diagram of how this might work shown below:

 Option 1.jpg



What would we achieve?


  • Increased Member Satisfaction
  • Clear, quality and accurate responses from experienced members (all whom have their own expertise)
  • Resolution of older posts – Reducing educator time.
  • The feeling of an escalation process for members for no account issues
  • An additional service tailored to members who don’t like a fast flowing thread / forum, who require additional support or talked through an issue without distractions.


Proposed Criteria for 1-1 Helpers


  • Minimum of 1 year answering posts within the forums.
  • Minimum of 3% (average of post to BA is approx. 5-6% so 3% is a good starting point) of help & support forum posts as best answers. (Sometimes members maybe post 10-20 posts to walk a member through an issue so post count could be high whilst still not receiving a best answer).
  • At least have achieved and passed silver level AH / KB editor.
  • Have a friendly, clear & quality approach to answering posts (assessed by the giffgaff team- similar to the old gold mystery shopping stage)

This will exclude a lot of members initially however it would be achievable for all whilst still keeping within the giffgaff ethos ( )The criteria is only a ball park (suggestion) and is flexible.


Please visit the posting here: for the full background of this idea.


****Please also consider the similar idea that was discussed in the contribute thread above****


If you like the idea please show your support by Kudoing this idea.


Sell 4G Mobile WiFi Hotspots & USB Dongles

Status: New Idea
by ewendcameron ‎27-03-2015 13:08 - edited ‎28-03-2015 17:17

Now that giffgaff sell both phones and gigabags, surly its natural to start selling  WiFi Hotspots and USB Dongles for use with gigabags compatable with the giffgaff 4G network.


I am thinking allong the lines of the o2 offering of 

Huawei 4G Dongle with Mobile wifi

as well as the

Huawei E5377s-32 



Then perhaps allow a gigabag number to run allong side a normal goodybag number on one account-

Idea Already being considered and implemented I think.


I know most phones now have wifi hotspot capabilitys, but in most respects this is inpractical to share your phones data allowance for extended periods of time. Not even going to mention the rediclious battery drain using it causes.


Like many others I enjoy sharing pics with the community and understand why there is a 333k limit for the pic size, trouble is that even on the lowest settings my phones camera comes up at around 500k so of no use until i convert them using a seperate program. A pain when I am out and about.

Have a word with Lithium to see if you can incorporate software like Facebook do that reduces file sizes automatically, saves us having to waste time doing it :smileyhappy:

VOIP connection using wifi overseas

Status: New Idea
by tokyobuta on ‎22-03-2015 03:24

Giffgaff is great in the UK, and not too bad for roaming in Europe, but travel further afield and it becomes ridiculous at a pound a minute.

Nowadays there's free or very cheap wifi in all sorts of places all over the world, and in some countries it's possible to get mobile wifi at a fairly reasonable cost.   I'm thinking that giffgaff could provide a VOIP connection interface so that we could connect using our normal giffgaff number whenever we found a wifi connection.  Likewise, we could be called on our number whenever connected to the internet.

The technology exisits: I spend a lot of time in the far east, and I use Skype In and Skype Out at minimal cost.  Calls to my UK Skype In number ring out on my phone wherever I may be in the world, so long as I have an internet connection.  Likewise, I can call phones anywhere at very low cost.  

The basic technology is available and cheap - giffgaff could do it either by themselves or in partnership with a VOIP provider.  The network costs are very low, so one way it could be marketed as a daily, weekly or monthly extra small extra charge which would allow voice minutes to be used for VOIP access when overseas.  

A Travelbag?

Massively More data in Goodybags

Status: New Idea
by jardinebc on ‎27-03-2015 11:14

How about a goodybag with unlimited phone and txt and 30GB data for £30

GiffGaff Credit Widget

Status: New Idea
by djschoie on ‎27-03-2015 09:29
My suggestion would to be to have the option of a widget in the today section of the pull down screen on an iPhone (and similar for other devices). Then users who check this screen in the morning to check their day will see all their daily activities and info including GiffGaff Goodybag info and Credit etc

£20 goodybag should stay at £18

Status: New Idea
by weemonkey125 on ‎29-03-2015 11:08
The £20 goodybag should be kept at £18. Although this is not big difference, every £2 is needed in my eyes

Warning beep when your outgoing call reaches 59 minutes

Status: New Idea
by c55amg2005 ‎20-03-2015 13:26 - edited ‎20-03-2015 14:20

As you all know we all get free giffgaff to giffgaff calls, but the maximum call duration is 60 minutes.


I thought it would be a great idea if giffgaff could warn us with a beep after 59 minutes so that we can hang up and call again without being charged.


Would anyone else like this to happen?




101 non emergency number

Status: New Idea
by burto1968 on ‎21-03-2015 16:53

allow us to ring the non emergency phone number 101 when you need to ring the police but not on the 999 number.

Clarify the cost of calling mobile shortcodes

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎12-03-2015 16:00 - edited ‎12-03-2015 18:01

At present the UK call price list makes no mention of how much calls to mobile shortcodes cost.


The cost is set by the service provider and they must declare it wherever their number is advertised.


Perhaps this entry could be added?


Calling mobile shortcodes

From free to £5 per call or per minute,
as advised by the service provider




Idea Issue Tracker



Use up to 25% goodybag calls allowance for calls to the EU

Status: New Idea
by essie112mm ‎15-03-2015 18:27 - edited ‎16-03-2015 08:15


The following table shows landline and mobile charges respectively for EU countries. 


Austria 5p / 4p

Estonia 3p / 14p

Italy 3p / 7p

Portugal 2p / 3p

Belgium 5p / 4p

Finland 5p / 7p

Latvia 3p / 5p

Romania 2p / 4p

Bulgaria 2p / 5p

France 2p / 5p

Lithuania 2p / 2p

Slovakia 2p / 9p

Croatia 2p / 20p

Germany 4p / 4p

Luxembourg 4p / 10p

Slovenia 3p / 32p

Rep of Cyprus 3p / 9p

Greece 2p / 3p

Malta 3p / 10p

Spain 2p / 9p

Czech Rep 5p / 5p

Hungary 1p / 4p

Netherlands 3p / 5p

Sweden 5p / 5p

Denmark 3p / 5p

Ireland 2p / 8p

Poland 2p / 5p

UK 10p / 10p


With the exception of Croatia, Estonia, and Slovenia no country incurs a mobile call charge more than 10p/min. The average charge is 7.51p / min. Landline charges are considerably cheaper. UK PAYG charges are of course 10p/min whether to a landline or mobile number. 


As giffgaff currently offers no international package of any kind members have no option to top up with a minimum of £10 airtime credit. In many cases members only want to make the occasional international call, perhaps to book a holiday or phone a friend or relative who is abroad for only a short time. They are then left with the rest of the credit which if goodybag users they may have no use for. (And yes, I am aware that credit can be used to buy goodybags, but this might not be always be possible or acceptable.)


In my opinion where international pricing is concerned giffgaff is losing out to other providers ( seeThree) and I believe it is time the network abandoned its resistance to including international calls in goodybag allowances. My proposal is that 25% of goodybag minutes ( so, for example, that would be 15mins in a Hokey Cokey bag, 50 mins in a £10 goodybag etc ) should be available to use for international calls. When the 25% is used airtime credit would have to be bought to pay for extra calls. This arrangement would benefit both the light user and the frequent caller without crippling the network's finances. 


If implemented and successful, the scheme could be extended on a case-by-case basis to other non-EU countries which fall within acceptable price bands. 


Obviously for those who don't make international calls the usual percentage of calls would be available. If, say, only 12% of minutes were used the remaining 88% minutes would still be available for UK calls. 


There are in existence plenty of suggestions for international goodybags but my search didn't turn up any like this idea. Apologies if I'm wrong. Doubtless xollobru and  blackfive460 are searching as I write :smileylol:

Ideas Board Tutorial

Status: New Idea
by ski_31 on ‎27-03-2015 22:37

Hi all :smileyvery-happy:


So I have done some searching and I have found some ideas to do with giffgaff tutorials for newcomers but I didn't seem to find anything specifically related to the ideas board and the importance of this. If such an idea exists please link me to it in the comments section:


giffgaff strive to make the ideas section as clean as possible with numerous guides and suggested similar posts as one types up an idea that have a purpose of educating newcomers on how to use the ideas section and to e.g. search before posting ideas to avoid duplicates. However it is evident that duplicates are posted all the time and although people try to educate these people in the comments section some of them do not learn and although some do, the giffgaff community is growing rapidly with newcomers popping in to submit an idea that quickly comes to their head such as a £5 top-up or transferral of airtime balance between different giffgaff accounts. These ideas are not developed in any way either.


The idea


giffgaff could create some sort of interactive tutorial that a newcomer first visiting the ideas board needs to complete to be able to post an idea.


This tutorial could have:


  • A brief description of the ideas board
  • Teaching the user how to search for similar ideas before posting and the importance of it (allowing the user to do so to learn e.g. searching for £5 top-up)
  • How to develop a post so it may stand a greater chance of being implemented by giffgaff and that the idea is expressed clearly
  • Links to guides for further reading



An interactive guide is certainly something that can be achieved and shouldn't take too much time to create.




  • The user would have actually performed the tasks that should be done before clicking that Post button so knows what they need to do if they have an idea.
  • Many new users will  dive straight into the ideas board, impressed at the idea of strong community involvement in the way the mobile network is run and eager to share their ideas. Many more will be educated by being made to complete a tutorial beforehand than just having a banner on the side.
  • The number of duplicates in the ideas board should be significantly reduced, making life easier for staff and saves many of the community from having to repeatedly post links to ideas in the comment section with an explanation of the importance of giving kudos to an original idea rather than reposting.

I hope you like this idea. Please kudos and comment to support and of course please go ahead and give feedback on this idea. I do think that it would probably be worth giffgaff investing some time on this prospect.



Sami :smileyhappy:

Data free goodybag

Status: New Idea
by claw on ‎07-03-2015 00:10

Right this isnt to ruffle anyones feathers. However it's fair to say that people are having a less than great experience when it comes to their data experience.


Currently we're paying for allowances that include data. And sure, many of us (including myself) pay for this accepting that its how it works, packages. Its an industry standard.


I propose the offer of data free goodybags. An example would be as follows:


£10 Goodybag


500 mins, Unltd texts, 1GB Data




750/1000 mins, Unltd texts and NO DATA.


What would this achieve?


1. Non data users would finally have the option to avoid the data charge. Many are heavier minutes users so they'd benefit from this change (and it would probably be cheaper to provide.)


2. Data users currently affected by poor service could opt for this as they are not getting a service they want anyway, or even a usable service in many cases.


3. giffgaffs data service would get some relief, less data use means less congestion. Better service for data users.


This could certainly be a temporary solution to the current problem while long term solutions are found.


Please don't simply say "it's been suggested before" theres never been a better reason to do this, it has the potential to benefit most if not all members, and giffgaff itself.

I would like to be able to buy a chunk of data (say 5GB) but have the flexibility to use it over a longer period say 1 year.


I use Giffgaff for my mobile but I now also have a laptop with a built in 3G slot so I could put in a giff gaff sim in for the odd times when I need 3G data. This is rare, but when I need it, I use it a lot. Imagine usage of say 500MB in a couple of days, but this only happens every 8 weeks say. 


I can't justify paying £5/month (£60 a year) for a card that will sit in my laptop dormant for most of the time. I also can't be bothered with the faff of trying to active a godybag on the occasion I need it (this isn't often predictable). So as it is I will just continue to WIFI tether to my mobile contract.  I don't mind paying a bit for the convenience of having a separate card, but it would need to work out cheaper on average than £5/month over a year that getting the 500MB plan currently costs. 


This could work with quarterly billing, say £10 every 3 months which gives you 1GB to use over those 3 months, or just an upfront £40/year to get 5GB of data to use over the year. Lots of variations, but it just needs to be value for money for users that would otherwise just tether. 

Giffgaff simcard size options....

Status: New Idea
by 147brian21573 on ‎22-03-2015 08:54
I don't know if this has been brought up before or whether it's been done but just incase it hasn't.....

For people ordering new simcards to join Giffgaff, instead of being unsure whether your phone takes a standard, micro or nano sim, why not have a drop down menu where the person ordering their sim can select their phones model number and giffgaff automatically detects what simcard is required and sends that out to them so it saves possibly delays for the person joining - they might accidentally choose the wrong size sim thinking that they thought their phone accepted a particular size sim and saves waiting a few more extra days for the right one...

Extra March payback should be available to all members

Status: New Idea
by bluemoonbaz ‎02-03-2015 13:55 - edited ‎17-03-2015 10:11

Giffgaff have come with another great promotional idea to get more members and I commend giffgaff for this as we all want a bigger better giffgaff.


But I don't agree with only a selected group of members getting the chance to earn this bonus.


I have always been against schemes that only offer partial community inclusion including the sims exclusion club and I just think we should be including everyone 


 a time when giffgaff have removed the excellent unlimited data offers and the continued problems with data speeeds and traffic management I would be giving this offer to all the members to generate as many members as possible .




Saying it's not affordable is a poor excuse when the members who received this offer can bring as members as they like so it's not limited to save £££.and the Sr deal So no reason not to offer it to all the members



We are a community and as such should not be giving some members this opportunity and not others




If you agree please indicate by kudos of this idea 









Here the promotion


March Double Payback offer - connect your friends




handy giff-staffer


Feb 27


Exclusive offer: Earn double payback for connecting your friends during March



If you’ve been included in this offer – you’ll get £10 Payback for every friend you bring on board to giffgaff during the month of March 2015.


 We'll be contacting members Sunday/Monday - you'll be included in this offer if you have recevied an email/ text or message in yourMessages in My giffgaff (emails sending Sunday/Monday - newsfeed/message in My giffgaff on Monday).


giffgaff rewards members for helping grow giffgaff, by connecting their friends and family. In return for connecting a friend - giffgaff gives members £5 Payback and the friend gets £5 credit when they join.



During the month of March, as a special treat - you'll get the regular £5 Payback plus a bonus £5 Payback = £10 Payback for every friend you bring on in March.

expand gigabag

Status: New Idea
by 1997m on ‎16-03-2015 20:31
I've noticed there's only 2 gigabags available ( £5-500mb and £7.50-1gb)
If you look at the goodybags there's 6 (3G) goodybags and 3 (4G) goodybags
So my idea is
There should be more gigabags avaliable. And change the price for gigabags and make it little bit cheaper so it fits in with the goodybags.

£5 - 1GB
£7.50 - 2GB
£10- 3/5GB
£15 - 6/10GB
My main point is that there's only 2 gigabags and 9 goodybags
So there should be more gigabags avaliable at a low price
Atleast add another 1/2

when i first went with giffgaff they had unlimited internet in the £12 goodybag then they put it to £15 and now its £18 and going up to £20 it was good at £12 when all you top up for is the internet if you just make a couple of phone calls or texts, i use the internet more often than the calls or texts but i have wifi at home but my brother uses a lot of internet on his phone because he doesnt have a computer or wifi at home because he doesnt have much money but with the way prices are riseing with the goody bags its going to be cheaper for him to get internet at home instead of buying a goody bag atall, you can still contact people with the whatsapp and viber apps so you wouldnt realy need much texts or calls if you have internet,

I haven't been on giffgaff too long but one thing that constantly crops up is problems surrounding unlimited data goodybags. People getting banned even though they arent tethering, slow connections etc. If giffgaff changed from unlimited data to say 30gb, which to 99.99% of members would be as good as unlimited, then Im sure we would all benefit from this. The huge downloaders might think twice before watching a few HD movies 'because they can'. It would also allow you to tether without confusion, yet you could still have the freedom to watch the odd film, but not for 8 hours per day. 


Hi there
As we all know there is only 3 options to redeem your payback points . Transfer to your bank accounts, exchange airtime credit, or donate it to your favourite charity

How about if you can exchange them in to voucher🎁
✔️ voucher /gift certificate
✔️if you exchange them in to argos gift card?
✔️if you can exchange them in some high street retailers or superstore vouchers?
Get back guys if you think there should be more options to exchange your credit in to..
What it should be ? What do you think? Please drop your opinion.

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