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Dear Giffgaff Community,


My idea is a customer friendly, leave it a year before shutting down a sim card, with an email and letter sent one month before this is going to take place, this is to sell the network to people who have emergency sims but also to in some cases the less tech savvy, I set both on my parents up on Asda sim cards years ago and they never really got the hang of it, i had to encourage them to keep charging the mobiles up and making a chargeable call every 3 months from one phone to the other to stop the sim cards from being shut down, i really feel with less techsavy or elderly or both, and perhaps parents of teenagers as well this would really help to make using and maintaining mobile technology easier, in the end Asda changed from using vodafone to EE, my mam was trying to get the phone to work and she had to call them to find that out!, they would have to get new sim cards get the credit transfered across from their old ones etc, its a nightmare for my mam, and an irritation for me.


This network, already showing good things freephone numbers, calls between giffgaff and updating social medial via text messaging for free this is all good, lets see something which will make others see how customer friendly things could be.



Today alot of people have been having issues activating sim cards. Giffgaff are fully aware of this issue as it has been posted in the unreported service thread many times.


My idea is to have a little box at the top of the activation page warning users that other users are currently having issues activating at the moment.


By doing this it would achive:


  1. Members not feeling anoyed by thinking they are doing something wrong
  2. Stop repeted posts rop being posted in the "Help and support catogary of the website"

My idea is for the message box to look like this:




KUDOS if you support this idea and want new members to understand it's not there fault that activation isnt working.



Kudo counter idea

Status: New Idea
by silvercentral ‎07-09-2014 22:51 - edited ‎08-09-2014 16:31

Hi all, I've been advised in the Contribute forum to repost this in Ideas.
We are only allowed to give so many kudos per hour or per 24hr period. Could we have a kudo counter (or a warning of some sort) so we know when we're about to exceed the limit? I do like to be able to thank all those who kindly take their time to answer my posts.
Thank you


Edited to include @navvy suggestion:

"....Does anyone else have any thoughts on ways to display remaining kudos, or whether there should be an advance warning, like "You have just one more kudos available to give in this hour - use it wisely..."


Community managers interactions Idea

Status: New Idea
by mobilemax on ‎10-09-2014 11:55

Further to my post 


I have noticed a number of threads that certain members are asking for replies to and it just looks a little bit embarrassing that certain topics are taking weeks to get answers too.

I just thought it would be a good idea to have the community managers online at least once a week at a selected time to address or see any issues that need attention from the rest of the community and update regularly. Maybe for example every Monday morning at least one manager online to see and discuss any long term issues that need addressing.

That way it will look like gg is dealing with certain issues that the community wishes to be addressed and positive interaction between the owners and its customers. Also it may help reducing threads asking for responses to them.

What do you all think about this? A weekly Q & A session.



Be able to top up for £5

Status: New Idea
by methusan on ‎14-09-2014 11:05

I currently have £5 as credit and i always buy the £10 goodybag. So i always have £5 remaining and am unable to use it. So having the ability to top up £5 is useful when you have credit still on your account.

Hi everyone, I propose a new easy idea that effortlessly improve the way a fellow giffgaffer moves around the site. When you subscribe to a topic you don't want to go into to your profile then click on subscriptions do you? So this will improve conveiniance for everyone.

The idea: A new Subscriptions button located under community that will instantly take you to your subscriptions page. Here is a picture to show you what I mean:


Easy subscriptions link.png

So as you can see this is a very easy fix to a very annoying problem.

Please take your time to Kudo This idea, Thanks.


Cash For Your Old Phone

Status: New Idea
by methusan on ‎13-09-2014 15:04

GIffgaff gives cash for your old phone, where you can use the cash to either trade in or just keep the cash for yourself. 


Bank transaction details to include username

Status: New Idea
by navvy on ‎10-09-2014 00:35
Having just seen someone complaining that giffgaff has taken several payments from their bank account, but an agent finding no record of those transactions on that user's giffgaff account, it would help if the transaction on the bank statement contained the giffgaff username. Much easier if you have several SIMs, or are managing accounts for several family members.

Community Resources

Status: New Idea
by deanljbirch on ‎08-09-2014 13:35

Although giffgaff provide us with a selection of banners to use within the community, however, these are really generic. There's also a seperate page to access useful documents (Spread giffgaff).


As a website and graphic designer I have to create a variety of banners for clients. Quite recenctly I've started designing some for the giffgaff community (see here) and will continue to do so to assist my fellow users.


It would be ideal if giffgaff could create a section on the community to allow users to add they're designs for others to use. It would also be ideal if giffgaff could produce/provide some resources such as logos and psd files.


Hope i can gain some backing,

Deano :smileyhappy:


Why not check out my other ideas?

Thanks for having the time to check out my idea,

Deano :smileyhappy:


Create your own goody bag proposal !

Status: New Idea
by fabmartel on ‎05-09-2014 17:35

First of all, my apologies, if this has been proposed already.


I suggested on another thread to create a slider system where giffgaffers can select their ideal goodybag but I appreciate it could be a logistic/coding nightmare.


It just occurred to me that in ADDITION the current system, there could be a 'create your own' goody bag with set mini bags at some intervals:


Calls Minibags: 60mins, 200mins, 500mins, 2000mins


Texts Minibags: 300txts, 500txts, 1000txts, Unlimited


Data Minibags: 100mb, 500mb, 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB


A giffgaffer just has to select any three to create their ideal goodybag once they've made the selection a price will appear so that one can gauge if the minbags selected and the cost suits him/her.


And yes someone could even select three minibags of 10GB and see if they're happy with the price proposed or 1 10GB and 1 5GB plus say 200 mins.


It would give people total control of what we need. Because the minibags are fixed in quantity then a set price is liked to them so that a discount can be had when combining them.


Again if someone has already proposed this please accept my apologies and I'll delete my idea or just link to the earlier one.


queued goodybags to start at midnight

Status: New Idea
by simonefaye78 on ‎26-08-2014 23:46
I don't know about you but if I pay for a full months usage, I expect to get a full months usage. However, when you queue a goodybag this doesn't happen.

Goodybags are supposed to last from the day of purchase to midnight on the day of expiry. However, if you queue a goodybag, the queued bag can start any time between 10pm and midnight on the day of expiry, meaning you can lose up to 2hours of goodybag allowance, from both the expiring bag and the queued bag.

For example, if I have 30 minutes left in my current bag and make a call at 21.45 that lasts for 25 minutes, I would expect to have all 25 minutes to come from my current bag. Unfortunately, if my queued bag starts at 22.00 I will use 10 minutes from the new bag. This means I'm now effectively 10minutes down on my new bag.

My idea is simply to have queued goodybags start at midnight so you don't accidentally eat into next months allowances

ditch the extra minutes on hokey cokey in favour of more data

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell ‎06-09-2014 16:11 - edited ‎06-09-2014 16:12

As the title says. Ditch the extra minutes on the hokey cokey goodybag and allow 100 mbs of data rather than the current 20mbs.

I'd rather have the fixed 60 mins and have more data than 60+ minutes and 20mb of data.

Do you agree?


Please kudos if you support this idea


Search tool - please stop guessing!

Status: New Idea
by blackfive460 on ‎07-09-2014 14:51

The search too provided for us has received plenty of mainly justified criticism over the years and I've spent many an unhappy hour trying (and usually failing) to find things with it but there's one feature that really does annoy and that is when it guesses, or tries to guess, what I'm looking for.

For example, if I search for SETTINGS, I also get results for SET. 

Fair enough, sometimes the guesswork is relevant but generally it isn't and just adds lots of spurious results to an already poor facility.

How about turning this 'feature' off or at least making it user selectable?


And while on the subject of the search tool; can we have the facility to just search thread titles?


Unlimited : Time to go capped ??

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎24-08-2014 01:44 - edited ‎27-08-2014 08:54

Idea.. to remove the unlimited goodybags and replace with capped allowances.
If you agree please support the idea


Original idea posted here for discussion and after great support

After reading many posts on the subject of the unlimited goodybags do you think it may be time to just call it a day ?

Giffgaff seems to be fighting  a losing battle with data chompers and have had to manage the data we have available for the members .

This has had the effect of slowing the available data to the members and after reading many many members complaints about very slow Internet speeds ( assuming it's giffgaffs traffic management) maybe we should just bite the bullet and have realistic capped allowance goodybags.

Yes I understand it's a thorny issue but surely it's better to have say the £10 1g / £12 3g bag and £15 5 gig bag etc with usable data as the new deal well it's just a patch up that won't fix the underlying issues and will come to a head again..
I think let's just remove the unlimited now and we can get on with a realistic capped data allowance that all users can use and not abuse


giffgaff is making an offer of 5GB for £15 which is £3 per GB.


This does not sit well where people are using unlimited at £15 and  then consuming 15 GB  for which they  are only paying £1 per GB.


That makes giffgaff a two teir service as all the low users pay the price of £3 or £4 per GB and so subsidise the heavy users who are only paying £1 per GB.


This is a good reason to get rid of "unlimited" and redistribute the data previously used by the heavy downloaders  to increase the capacity of the lower priced limited goodybags.


Pay for what you use is the only fair way to treat all giffgaf customers.


My worry is that we could lose giffgaff unless we have a realistic profit to product and losing the unlimited seems the best option to me






Stop Banning Unlimited?

Status: New Idea
by shanzbedlas on ‎13-09-2014 21:28

I understand the fair use policy! Please note that I understand that users that are in a way excess of data should not impact other users service! Please read the whole idea/thread?


However that being said, someone using say 20mb a month may not impact users. What I propose is that caps are introduces to mega data eaters during peak times for traffic flow ONLY now I know not everyone will like this but I think we can all agree that a bar of using your mobile data between say 6pm and 8pm is CONSIDERABLY better from a user point of view than being banned eternally. Then tell the user in a detailed email that this has occurred and how to resolve the ban (eg use less data at peak times) and then give them a month to do so, tell them that after that month they can appeal for a ban-removal and let a agent or a tribunal of members decide if the cap should be removed, I see no reason agent's should arbitrary decide if we get banned or not when they are not the ones being banned, last time I checked we are the boss.


Now I understand the picking for this will need to be under strict guidelines and that the rules would not be too easy to implement but they can do 30min temp bans, no issue, so I see no reason why this should be an issue.


Now I know a lot of people will say " I need to use my phone at 9am because or X reason" this is why there is a tribunal, this is why we are not banning data all the time. This permits people who say need to download PDF files for work or upload there youtube videos (etc) do so at say 3am when data flow will be at its lowest. There is not reason someone using more than say 30mb per month will impact other users they may well get banned for uploading and downloading files at the crack of dawn when only 10% of users (O2 users included) will be online therefore they are not bothering anyone with there massive usage! 

Banning someone like this is not fair, nor is the total perma bans!


Ban numbers are increasing every day with these few choice samples;


Not to mention the insane claims that giffgaff cannot remove these permanent bans! It is crazy, what if someones spam folder eats up the warnings! 


Giffgaff is rising its prices to match Threes all-you-can-eat package, now not to mention Three have active stores you can go see for issues and a customer service call line. Giffgaff are going to have to up there game if they want to continue having customers and arbitrarily permanently banning people for an unknown criteria is no way to gain customers.


Please let me know below and give me kudo's Im sure if you agree with my proposed solution or not you will agree permanent banning of members from there unlimited data is getting in excess now. Feel free to provide your own solutions below!


pre order iPhone 6 from giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by nicolas94 on ‎13-09-2014 00:59

all other networks give you the ability to preorder the iphone 6 or 6plus... giffgaff just let us to pre register ...


NEW FORUM - Phones for Sale

Status: New Idea
by tinawilliams425 ‎13-09-2014 21:02 - edited ‎13-09-2014 21:21

I would like to see a specific forum on the website where members can advertise phones they have for sale.  I know there is a general discussion forum but not really easy to track down if any phones for sale.


A member could advertise a used phone for sale on the forum and could include descriptions and images of item.  Interested members who would be interested in buying the phone would then Private Message the seller and the sale would be agreed between the 2 members and payment would be agreed and made using method agreed between both buyer and seller. 


Guidelines for selling a phone would include:


Must state if locked or unlocked

Must state if phone has been reported lost or stolen previously

Must state if phone was purchased new, second hand or refurb

Must state if includes a box and instructions

Must come with a working charger if phone was supplied with one when new


giffgaff forum could also provide a link to so buyer can run a check on the phone before purchase - seller would need to supply IMEI number and buyer would need to pay the fee.


It would be important to note that giffgaff would only be a means of advertising the phone and would not take any responsibility for any problems incurred as a result of any sales/purchases.





New ranks ..relisted idea

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎15-09-2014 16:28 - edited ‎15-09-2014 17:29

Hi everyone


i  had a look at our ranks list and we have quite a few members getting close to the top.

So maybe time for some new ranks to be added not to make it harder for them

but a new tier of super helper ranks


Maybe 10 more ranks chosen by you as community competition


and maybe change some of the existing ones and 

vote on the 5 ranks that you would remove ( because they're silly or odd)

And replace them with rank names selected by the members


 I know where you live  






originaly posted in contribute

This originally didn't gain enough support


This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.


But I think we're ready for this as more members are heading to the top of the ranks and have now where to aim for

Like @endorphin and @darrenpainter





Tidy up/bug fix the card expiry process to make it seem less dodgy

Status: New Idea
by mike314 ‎31-08-2014 08:40 - edited ‎31-08-2014 08:41

When your credit card is about to expire the following happens:


1)  You get sent an email "confirming" your auto-top up was turned off, at a time when you probably weren't even logged in.


2) To add your new credit card you need to delete the old one.  There is no "update card details" button.


3) When the new card is added it has to be checked, but all the screens refer to "payment being processed" which looks like you've accidentally bought something.


Put simply the whole process smacks of dodgy at the moment and really should be made less frightening.


1)  The email to the user should make it clear that GIFFGAFF have changed your account setting because your card is expiring - it currently looks like your account has been hacked.  And you have to figure out yourself that the card expiry is the reason.


2)  Have a button to "update this card" that is specifically for expiry.  This is probably safer anyway and what most businesses do


3) Make separate screens that make it clear that no money is being taken at the moment when you are going through card security

As we can all see, a lot of people are unhappy about the current situation with data on goodybags being reduced, in particular the £12 goodybag losing unlimited data, and in all liklihood, feel that 3GB is not good enough.


I'm sure that the most unhappy people are similar to myself, people who prioritise data over minutes and texts.

For this reason, I suggest an alternative £12 goodybag, with reduced minutes from "Option 1" (which increased minutes to 500)


I propose a £12 goodybag option where:

Data: Unlimited Data remains (At the very least gives a 5GB allowance)

Texts: Unlimited

Minutes: 200/300


giffgaff needs to realise that not all customers require excessive minutes and as this referendum is showing, prefer data instead.


Please Kudos this idea if you prioritise data over minutes :smileyhappy:


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