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goodybag activation BY CALLING

Status: New Idea
by davem247 on ‎09-04-2014 18:57

is'nt it about time you can activate your goodybag by calling up at the same time as you put your credit on ?? for example your out and about and credit run out so i buy an airtime voucher which i can then call up and activate credit but can't activate goodybag unless i go on internet if i go online on my phone it charges me and i don't have enough credit to activate my goodybag also the same if i make a call i have friends that i got onto giffgaff and some of them are completely useless when it comes to computers i find myself having to activate there goodybag for them even though i now live on the other side of the country !!! SOMETIMES I FIND THIS TO BE A REAL PAIN !!! ANYONE WHO AGREES WITH ME PLEASE COMMENT :smileyhappy: surely i'm not the only one who has this problem :smileyhappy:


A longer msg reel in 'my giffgaff'

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎13-04-2014 13:12

Just a quick and simple one! 

Currently when on your 'my giffgaff' page along with other stuff you have a message reel there telling you about activations, purchases, sim orders ect....

For some reason this only shows your last 5 messages, with no way to go back and look at older ones, so my suggestion is simply let us scroll back through any msg's we've had on there. 

This will be especially helpful due to GG no longer sending out emails notifying us of orders when we get a banner hit anymore but these msg's are displayed on the msg reel I'm talking about so feel it would be beneficial to be able to see all msg's and not just the last 5.

Well that's it short and sweet but to the point so I hope you agree? If so please show your support and as always your comments or criticism is welcome...... 

Thanks for reading :smileyhappy:


Replace "The mobile network run by you"

Status: New Idea
by xollobru on ‎13-04-2014 11:36

As recent events have proved "The mobile network run by you" is somewhat ironic, in particular I am thinking of epic events like "Off Topic", "Maestro", and the recent locking of a certain thread/s etc.


I would like to suggest that the members should come up with a new slogan to replace it and as a starter I would like to put forward:


"The mobile network for mushrooms run by ostrich's"


I think that this slogan aptly describes the way giffgaff appear to be burying their heads in the sand over 3G speed issues etc and the way we have been kept in the dark over the launch of 4G.


Free GG to GG to renew when goodybag is purchased from existing airtime credit

Status: New Idea
by prawlin ‎17-03-2014 13:57 - edited ‎20-03-2014 15:41
My proposal is to simply change things so as to allow the free to GG call period to reset for a new 3 months whenever a new goody bag is purchased from the EXISTING AIRTIME CREDIT MONEY.

I am amazed it is not like this anyway! It almost seems like a bug in the GG software systems.

Some time ago, unaware of the way this worked, I added a significant amount of airtime credit as a one off payment. My intention was to buy my monthly goodybags from the airtime credit as needed.

I fully expected the free to GG calls 3 month period to renew each month when I renewed my goodybags. It doesn't!! It only renews as and when one buys a goody bag directly with card payment OR when adding new airtime credit using either card or voucher payment, AFAIK.

This seems very wrong to me. I think most users would expect buying a new goodybag by ANY funding method would renew the free GG to GG calls period for a further 3 months.

So the way things are now is a pretty strong DISINCENTIVE to topping up with large amounts that might take several months to eat into. Surely GG should not penalise the customer in any way should he decide to maintain a nice healthy top up credit balance (which is earning interest in the GG bank presumably?). Yet that is exactly what this is doing!

So it does not benefit those who choose to pay generously well in advance. This system rewards those who only top up just enough for a month or two. Very counterintuitive in my opinion.

If you agree, please vote your support by clicking on the orange large kudos up arrow in the upper left corner of this post. This proposal will not get even considered for implementation by GG staff unless it gets plenty of kudos points. So get voting please.

Thank you.


UPDATE 19/3/2014 I just noticed that on the Goodybag page here... ALL the bags have bullet points on them stating 'free GG to GG'. This is somewhat misleading as if you buy all your bags from an existing large balance for 3 months or more consecutively (with no topping up) then you deffo don't get free to GG calls and texts. So that makes my present idea even more needed IMO. If this gets implemented, then whichever way goodybags are paid for, they would ALWAYS include free to GG services, which is what those bullet points somewhat erroneously suggest they do now!!

Another way of looking at all this.... Buy just a puny humble £5 bag using card payment and it resets a new full 3 month free to GG period, Great. Yet buy a huge prestige £20 bag from your credit balance and it doesn't reset the free to GG at all! Bonkers.

Thanks to all for the support on this this so far! Please keep the kudos coming in the upper left arrow. If it gets enough, I feel it is sure to be implemented.

My Sims - My giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney on ‎17-04-2014 10:24

The My giffgaff app could have the ablity to order sims from the spread section


tech team call or text back

Status: New Idea
by bluemoonbaz ‎31-03-2014 20:01 - edited ‎01-04-2014 10:10

Well i was thinking when you have a problem and you contact the agents they try to resolve your issue

At this point your just waiting for a soloution It can take days then if they cant resolve it gets passed to the tech team

So wouldnt it be a good idea if at that point the agents told you it was being passed to tech team and you gave them a alternative contact detail

Once the tech team looked at the problem they gave you a non returnable text or call back


Hi were looking in to your problem


and the same once fixed

Hi we've resolved you problem It was etc etc



There nothing worse than waiting in the dark its frustrating and causes members to post agents are rubbish and iam leaving etc when just a little communication could make members feel like there not forgotten


Bigger gigabag

Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney on ‎09-04-2014 07:44
Think everyone has to agree that we need a bigger gigabag

Giffgaff grandad

Status: New Idea
by andyxhill on ‎17-04-2014 08:06

The forum,the agents,the website,the choice of language, the technospeak ran by under 40's for under 40's (vut really mainly teens)


Older customers have the real money to spend but the giffgaff look and feel is daunting and hostile.




(i)   employ some older agents who avoid jargon and terminology

(ii)  A gobbledigook free part of the forum

(iii) tarfiffs just for older customers in mind eg high minutes low data


Add giffgaff's Instagram piclink to emails

Status: New Idea
by ski_31 on ‎11-04-2014 21:17

Hi all :smileyvery-happy:


Just a quickie here :smileyhappy:


giffgaff have launched an Instagram account relatively recently. So now should it be included at the bottom of its emails?


New Social Network


So now next to the YouTube logo Insta's logo can be displayed that will open giffgaff's Instagram page when clicked.


That's all! :smileyvery-happy:


If you like this idea then please support it thanks :robothappy:



Sami :smileyhappy:


Green Environmental information on Giffgaff Sold Phones

Status: New Idea
by kicker ‎31-03-2014 22:37 - edited ‎31-03-2014 23:31

How about a Green Environment ranking on phones sold by Giffgaff to cut down our carbon footprint. 

I thought we could have a 5 * rating for the most green phones. 

* very poor

** poor

*** moderate

**** Excellent

***** Brilliant. 

If you like this idea please do support it by hitting that Kudos button.   Thank you.  :smileyhappy:

Hi all,


We all love it when we see a PM from gregg_b saying we have climbed up a rung on the Rank ladder! And of course we want to share the joy and news of our achievement! 


Since the clean up of S:GD rank up threads are not allowed as they clogged up the first page of discussion however rixopod's unofficial achievement thread has been made the official stop for sharing our rank ups, kudos awards etc. 


So the idea is simple, in the PM, add a small line to encourage people to post in the now official achievements thread! This will help raise awareness of the thread and help people celebrate their rank up!


See below for an example:



Hey alicepowell,

We see you have been busy again, helping our Community members get the best out of giffgaff :smileyhappy:.

To show our thanks and appreciation we have moved you up a rung on our ranking ladder - your new rank is now kung fu master. For more information on the rank system be sure to check out this helpful thread.


How about visiting to share the news of your achievement and see what other members have done this week. 

Your contribution is valued by the whole Community and we look forward to seeing your great input continue.

Keep it up and well done! 

All the best,

The giffgaff Community Team




Or words to those effects. This will help make new members aware that rank up threads should no longer be posted and will help reduce the work of the educators, as they will not have to be moving or deleting as many rank up threads.


Thanks for reading, please Kudos to show your support and comment if you wish to add anything.


AlicePowell and rixopod


Visible S:GD guidelines

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell ‎22-03-2014 13:37 - edited ‎26-03-2014 00:45

Hi Guys and Girls, 


This past week there has been a considerable increase in the amount of abusive threads in Socail:General Discussion Forum.


Ive had insults thrown at me personally, as have many others! So to help prevent this I think the rules and guidelines for the Social Forum should be made more visible! 


There are currently 4 threads stickied/floated on the S:GD forum .... I think that a 5th should be added, a thread that shows what can and can't be posted, what happens when a member is bullied/trolled and highlighting the report feature to users etc. 


snapshot floated threads.JPG


If a guideline thread was more visible at the top of the page, people will read it and learn that you should not post rank up threads or unofficial game etc. and that bullying is not tolerated. 


This will help lower the work that the educators will need to do and also help clean up the forum from inappropriate threads/comments. The thread could be locked and simply left in the top spot of the stickied threads for everyone to see and read. 


Thanks for reading and as always all views and comments are welcome


Edit: "it wouldn't be to just highlight bullying but also to say rank up threads, games etc. shouldn't be posted. As this is not actually said anywhere. It's a rule known by the regulars and not newer members so we sound arrogant and controlling when we say those types of threads shouldn't be on S:GD."


Accessing Text Messages Online

Status: New Idea
by nigesmiff on ‎14-04-2014 21:30

I am engaged in a long-distance relationship with a lovely lady - she is terrific. I am also a complete numpty. This Sunday evening I left my mobile phone on-charge at my girlfriend's house and then drove all the way home. Now I don't have access to my SMS messages - they'll have to wait until I retrieve the phone next weekend. How frustrating !!!! If only there was a web portal that would allow me to see my messages in unfortunate scenarios such as this one.

At the moment, when I use the "Quote" button on the full site of the forum when I want to reply to something they've said, I usually replace the username in that quote with an actual @mention, so that they are notified via e-mail that I have replied to their comment. For example ...

@alicepowell wrote:
Nah I could hug Gordie and I'm sure he'd never mention my man/men screw up again :smileyvery-happy:

(Yeah - I liked that post, so I thought I'd use it for my example. :smileywink:)


Obviously it's a manual process each time, but it does the job nicely.


I think it would be really handy though, if, every time anyone pushes the "Quote" button, an @mention was automatically generated by the forum software in the appropriate place (as above), so that people would always be notified. I think it would significantly improve communication between members, particularly those requiring help.


Head of Community, gregg_b, has added it as a "suggestion" in the list of possible forum improvements that he asked members for in February, but the idea he has linked to in that post (for which credit must go to @wjack2010) has recently been put in the Idea Vault due to lack of community support. My main reason for resurrecting it now is that I've been told it IS technically possible, but of course it can only be implemented if community members support this idea in sufficient numbers (i.e. at least 20), so we just need to give it a bit of a push.


I know this kind of notification is already possible via an external site, "IFTTT", but I think it would be better if we could bring this "in-house", so to speak.


So, if you like the sound of it, please show your support by clicking on the "Kudos" button. Thank you. :smileyhappy:


Sporting Sponsorship

Status: New Idea
by matthague on ‎12-04-2014 12:17

How about sponsoring a Football Shirt/Team? You'd get seen regularly and could sell physical items (t-shirts etc) through the club...
May not be as much as you think :smileyhappy:

Mocked these up as examples



giffgaff new phone saving pot.

Status: New Idea
by marc_ccc ‎25-03-2014 06:25 - edited ‎05-04-2014 13:55

i think it would be great if you had a top up plan that included part payment into a pot, ie lets say you got a £12 goody bag, but you topped up £15,  there is £3 spare, which you could nominnate to go into a pot, and as time goes by, this pot would grow, and thus lettinng you put it towards the cost of a new phone from giffgaff. it would be an incentive to all pay as you go customers wanting a nice new shiny phone. sorry as i am new to all this, but a kind member has gave me some insite as to how it works, the more kudos i get , counts for more votes and the idea may be taken onboard, so if you like the idea, vote with a kudos,, many thanks 



Retired people like me (along with many others on a fixed budget) want good value for their money.


A lot of us also have large extended families, who we want to keep in touch with, but the younger ones all lead such busy lives that sometimes it's not easy to find time to talk everyday.


When everyone in the group has giffgaff a quickly sent text message - at any time of the day - lets the recipient know they're being thought of, or passes on an update, until we can talk again... and all for free!

You can't get any cheaper than that!


If there is to be another campaign targeted at a specific group I would suggest this one would benefit all of us. 



Link identifying cookie

Status: New Idea
by amh3 on ‎04-03-2014 23:14

Any chance giffgaff could place an identifying cookie on our SIM order pages?


For instance if someone uses my link and then browses the main site and then orders a SIM, the order is not linked to my payback, I would lose out even though it were me who invited them here.


My giffgaff app blog

Status: New Idea
by homenetwork on ‎16-04-2014 01:58

Hey guys


A very small tweak and some of you may think its just not a big enough deal but:


the My giffgaff app is great for the 'my giffgaff ' stuff but what about making it easier to surf through the community?


When you click community in the side bar, instead of the 'more' drop down menu how about having:




kudos if you think this tiny change would be beneficial for us!



Status: New Idea
by sxhussain78690 on ‎14-04-2014 14:32
Why does Giffgaff not allow conference calls?! Please add this feature into Giffgaff as conference calls for me are a major must have!!!!!! 😔😫😩😭😁

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