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£5 goodybag

Status: New Idea
by saarahibrahim on ‎06-10-2014 21:28

Hey guys


I usually buy the £5 goodybag, but been having to buy the £7.50 goodybag because I've been using my phone a lot more and it's annoying because when I have the £5 goodybag, I really have to watch my mobile data. I think that for £5 20 MB is not sufficient and it should be slightly more, because think about it you get 250 MB for £7.50 AND unlimited texts AND 200 minutes, whereas with the £5 goodybag you get 60 minutes, 200 texts and 20MB, its not really balanced well is it? I think the £5 goodybag should offer somewhat 50-100 MB of data


What do you guys think?


Short code

Status: New Idea
by tearza on ‎21-10-2014 17:00

It would be great if there were a short code for data usage on giga bags!


Tell me what you think


Create a Help and Support Archive for out of date information

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎17-10-2014 12:40 - edited ‎18-10-2014 22:45

Large numbers of people continue to repost out of date information in Help and Support, presumably after making a search.


Search results continue to return ever larger amounts of out of date information with no warning of its currency or usefulness.


A previous idea to set the default time limit for search results to either six months or one year was overwhelmingly rejected by the community.


Perhaps a Help and Support Archive should be created and threads with out of date information moved into it?


Candidate threads already include those which:

  • list old call prices which changed in 2011 or 2012
  • tell people to send a message to 2020 to get internet settings
  • list old APN data
  • claim that calls to CI and IoM are inclusive
  • tell members to contact an agent for a VAT receipt
  • mention that goodybags cannot be renewed early
  • mention prefixes such as 081 and 089 which no longer exist.

On 26 June 2015 the call price for all calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers will change. At a stroke, that will render obsolete many thousands of threads mentioning the old call prices.



Idea Issue Tracker



It would be easier to buy a goodybag when you top up your phone, when using a top up voucher, through the top up phone option. instead it has to be done online.



Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney ‎19-10-2014 16:42 - edited ‎19-10-2014 16:51
I think that giffgaff should start doing stickers to put in car window. That comes with your owe order url on so you can get £5 per SIM.As @bloodvile said.



Don't wake me up please.

Status: New Idea
by leodis1970 on ‎23-10-2014 10:33

Just a minor niggle, but noticed it twice this week. Much as I like to hear what's going on at Giffgaff, receive notifications etc by email (which I have agreed to), can't they be queued to be sent between say 8am and 8pm?
Was just nodding off close to midnight last night and laptop "ta-dings" announcing a new email. My phone doesn't want to miss out of the action, so chirps up a few seconds later. Earlier in week it was 5 something am.

Yes, I could put phone and laptop on silent, but don't want to miss a genuinely urgent call.

OK, rant over, just a thought.

Ok so I've had an idea for an advertising campaign that could either be used on television or the Internet. The slogan would be "it's time to be different " and the adverts would consist of someone or something doing something to break the mould. For example, I thought their could be one advert with a family on holiday somewhere abroad and the parents and eldest child all order something English like fish and chips. The youngest child maybe about 6 or 7 years old would then order the most exotic sounding thing on the menu as the rest of the family looked over mouths open in shock the "it's time to be different" slogan would appear on screen along with the GG logo and website. Another advert idea for the campaign I had would be a farmer struggling to train his sheep dog getting frustrated and annoyed calling the dog stupid as the dog just can't get its head around rounding up sheep. The farmer would then give up and walk away shaking his head at which point the dog would jump the fence into the next field and begin rounding up the cows. Then again the GG logo and website would appear on screen with the "it's time to be different " slogan. Obviously their is almost endless potential for scenarios for this campaign those were just examples of the kind of vibe I had in my head. I think this campaign could work as because it doesn't give much information about what it's actually advertising it will peak people's interest and intriguge them to have a look. It also portrays the fun atmosphere of GG. Thank you for your time let me know what you think

Service to 43430

Status: New Idea
by deanljbirch on ‎16-10-2014 20:05
Earlier today I was browsing YouTube on my mobile when it started playing up. Like a cat without a fiddle I was tune-less.

So I thought I'll pop on to giffgaff to check the service in my area and after 5 long minutes I realised that it wouldn't possibly work due to the fact of why I was actually checking the service.

So it got me thinking that giffgaff should set-up a service to check the service around you via text by texting the word SERVICE followed by the first part of your post code to 43430 (possibly an additional number to text from a non-giffgaff number).

Comments and Contributions below...

Calls log

Status: New Idea
by awais_khan12 on ‎19-10-2014 18:37
Hi there,
I think Giffgaff should keep a record of the numbers we call, how long it lasts and the price so we can check what we use our credit on. I hope this is implemented.

This idea comes in several related parts.


Firstly, I understand the call price information when roaming is being revamped because the call price information shown for some parts of Europe is incorrect. That being so, the revamp seems to present a suitable opportunity to split the "international calls" and "roaming prices" information on to two separate pages. Perhaps retain for the international prices and create a new page at for the roaming prices. This will reduce the on-page clutter. Most people are interested in one topic or the other, rarely both at the same time.


Secondly, the Goodybags, Blackberry Goodybags and Gigabags pages each have a common navigation bar along the top of the page. I am now suggesting that a similar "UK Rates", "International Rates" and "Roaming Rates" navigation bar also be added across the top of the respective pages to link them together.


Thirdly, the heading "International SIM Card" seems to suggest that in order to make international calls, a separate or specific type of SIM card is required. This is not the case, but that isn't explained anywhere.



Idea Issue Tracker



A suggestion to GiffGaff, why dont you introduce a sim for use in vehicle security trackers. It only needs a connection for txting when activated. I believe they respond to a txt with a txt back containing the GPS location.
People would pay £10 a year for this line rental. Multiply this by the amount of cars and motorcycles in use this could be a very important source of revenue.
Example device:


Family Account

Status: New Idea
by samuelsparrow on ‎04-10-2014 09:07
I'd like the ability to manage my families GiffGaff accounts from one dashboard.

"other" option when asking an agent

Status: New Idea
by mike1ceman on ‎14-10-2014 22:17
So I just had to ask an agent for the first time and when I was filling in the form and it asked me what my query was regarding I noticed there was no option for "other" so my proposal and sorry if it's already been suggested is that we have an option for other or anything else. Something like that, it would mean that if your question isn't covered by one of the topics you don't have to select the wrong category which makes it less confusing for members trying to find the nearest category especially if none are really close and also easier for agents who may receive a message with one category only to find something totally different talked about in the main message

Since the £10 Goodybag was changed the £7.50 doesn’t seem the value it was and the £5 looks even worse so I bring this suggestion.


£5.00 Goodybag

  •                                  80 UK minutes
  •                                  Unlimited UK texts
  •                                  40 MB Internet
  •                                  Free to giffgaff numbers

£7.50 Goodybag

  •                                  250 UK minutes
  •                                  Unlimited UK texts
  •                                  500 MB Internet
  •                                  Free to giffgaff numbers


Now the £10 plus tariffs offer over double the £7.50 so I think this is perfectly reasonable as most will opt for an extra £2.50 for double minutes/data.


Currenty Goodybags

It is time to update the GigaBags so they are more inline with GoodyBags.


People who own tablets do not want to pay for minutes and texts, they want a data only package that is priced accordingly, GigaBags are being somewhat neglected considering all of the recent changes to GoodyBags.


The 1GB GigaBag is an example of how data only can be priced at less.




4g to be same tariffs we have now.

Status: New Idea
by rooster250 on ‎06-10-2014 00:12
Looking at tariffs on giffgaff at the moment well they suck. Please keep them the same for your existing customers.
3 who I'd rather not join are doing 4g unlimited text n data plus 200 minutes for £15 monthly contract.

Sim cards with more memory capacity

Status: New Idea
by phildo79 on ‎08-10-2014 13:12

100 contacts is not always enough. Think I have nearly 50 on my phones memory so if my phones breaks, I've lost 50 contacts. I've had other sim cards, in the past, that had a capacity for 200 contacts so why so fw with giffgaff?


GiffGaff vs Lyca

Status: New Idea
by samuelsparrow on ‎20-10-2014 12:45
GiffGaff, can you consider reinstating the £15 ‘unlimited internet’ goodybag for NEW customers.

Lyca are currently offering:

Unlimited 4g internet
Unlimited Texts
500 Mins

All for £15

I know they’ll be people who say Lyca have terrible customer service, reception, it’s not unlimited, they don’t offer payback etc. etc.

However, I just don’t believe GiffGaff represents the best deal for new customers anymore.

Yes, we get payback – however, to new customers or people not willing to use the forums it’s not a real incentive – they’ll go with price first and foremost.

On top of this is the fact that Lyca offer ‘unlimited’ 4g...GiffGaffs 4g planned usage limits are pitiful in comparison.

I remember when GiffGaff offered unlimited internet on a £10 goodybag! When all this was fields...

Come on’s hard for us to sell you to friends and family when they can see better deals elsewhere...

I wonder if GiffGaff would consider transferring amounts that are unused from Goody Bags, to the Charity Fund? 


Voice Mail

Status: New Idea
by darrenb44 on ‎18-10-2014 18:38
Voice Mail should be free as caller already paided for call
Its a pet hate for everybody and annoying we have to pay for this service, years back this was free on all networks ...mind you dont know how many years i going back
Its just unfair at if "giff gaff" made it free to listen to voicemail it would be a big thumbs up and better value & respect from everyone
So sort it out "giff gaff" please :smileyhappy:

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