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O2 free calls

Status: New Idea
by j4mrk82 on ‎19-02-2015 12:49
I think giffgaff should include free O2 calls as it's a virtual network that uses O2 cell site, I'm sure they can include it for free without that much charge.

No expiring GoodyBag!

Status: New Idea
by immaginarte on ‎16-02-2015 00:48

Hello guys,


here it is my idea...


A new GoodyBag that lasts longer (between 2 to 3 months). It would be suitable for who, like me, doesnt use the phone regularly, but only sometimes when is out or about....


I say this because, the majority of my expired GoodyBags still had plenty of minutes and data...


I obviously would be happy to pay more for such a service :smileyhappy:


What do you think? Would it suit you? And would you think would it suit others?


Thanks for reading 

payg credit set to use 4g as standard?

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎13-02-2015 20:40

currently if you are just a payg customer you only get 3g data as standard. 

The only way of getting 4g on payg is to buy a 4g bag and then afterwards if your using credit for data you continue to get 4g unless you buy a 3g bag then it reverts back to 3g by default. 

So my idea is simply make it that if the member has a 4g device that when they activate there new GG sim using credit for data gives them 4g by default. 

After all gg's data is very expensive to use on payg so it's only fair that members get there money's worth! 

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and don't forget to kudos the idea if you want to see it happen! 

Thanks for reading  :smileyhappy:

Call information

Status: New Idea
by marinaallen on ‎06-02-2015 13:36

Why do you not make customer call and text history detail available on the internet?


By expecting customers to write to you (enclosing £10) is totally alien to the GiffGaff principle of internet-only.  This allows customers to verify that they've been correctly charged and is open and transparent.


Your policy really surprises me.


Better communication around number porting

Status: New Idea
by islandstifle ‎13-02-2015 08:04 - edited ‎13-02-2015 08:57

The first few weeks of a giffgaff member's time using the network are critical. Negative membership experiences carry the possible consequence that the SIM goes in the bin and the member is off to some other network – as barriers to change are so low, especially when you can get your PAC automatically on giffgaff rather than having to go through 15 minutes of pain talking to a retentions team at one of the other networks' call centres.

One of the places where I think giffgaff can do better is on communication at the so-called "moments of truth". Currently someone filling in a number transfer form gets to see their confirmation page, which they don't read, and... that's it until their transfer day, which might have been pushed back a day or three because they requested it after 3pm.


Anyone submitting a number transfer request into giffgaff should receive:
1) An immediate email confirmation specifying the date of the transfer in the subject, and above the fold in the body
2) An email the evening before they transfer reminding them the transfer is taking place tomorrow, unless perhaps the transfer was set successfully for the next day
3) Texts to their old number, their giffgaff number, and their contact number if provided, on the morning of the transfer, saying that their transfer will take place that day
4) Texts to their old number, and their contact number if provided, after the port completes, saying their old number is ready for use.

Each of the above would contain a link to a relevant KB article flagging up things like the fact they will lose service for a few hours, their goodybag might disappear for a little bit, and explaining how to reset iMessages if they have an iPhone.

This would improve new member experience and divert questions away from the agents and the community.

GiffGaff International Deals

Status: New Idea
by skh95 on ‎19-02-2015 13:19
I feel that GG don't accommodate the foreign market. I feel that they should offer some sort of competitive international deals.

Five year bonus

Status: New Idea
by dangaff on ‎06-02-2015 16:22

So, when you've been with giffgaff for 5 years, mark this with a bonus as a special thank you. Airtime credit or free goodybag.  Reward customer loyalty, improve customer retention and satisfaction - it's good for business.

Losing the abilty to see when we activated our accounts.

Status: New Idea
by scrappydez ‎17-02-2015 19:30 - edited ‎24-02-2015 19:42

Announced on ‎10-02-2015 @ 17:01


Below is a small section of this post and what it means and how it affects people.

@jeremyn  wrote:
We are now looking ahead and are planning to do a similar operation on the "My orders" page. The current plan is to archive the data which is older than the 01/11/2013. We are looking at doing this on the night of the 25/02 but we may adjust this date as we refine the details.
This will allow us to archive a significant amount of data, while keeping a lot of orders available to the members.
To help you measure the impact of this change, only 11% of members coming to this page are looking further than the last 5 transactions, much less to anything which is more than a few months old. Keeping more than one year of data available would cover this need.
Thank you for your help,


giffgaff are taking the ability away from us to look past the 01/11/2013 for orders.

How will we know the activation date of our SIM's or any members before this time?


Currently we have to go to the last page of history to find this information.

This is the only way to truly know when a SIM/account was first activated.


I feel it is a handy trouble shooting method and a good piece of information to know.


This may be OK for newer members but what about people who activated before the 01/11/2013?

This idea may not be implemented before the 25/02/2015 archive but at least it will be out there in Idea's.


What I propose

As it stands there is no mention of our activation date any where on our profiles.

The only date that is mentioned is the Date Registered but this is for first click within the community pages.


Can the Activation Date be added to the Public Statistics portion of our profile?

Or if this has some sort of privacy issue can it just be there for reference and for our eyes only?

If there were no privacy issues I would also like to see it added to the profile card in community messages.


Post your results

I've just had my monthly statement come through.

Under Account summary there is my Join date which is 07/06/2012

This date is my first purchase but it's also my date registered on the community.


Would it be possible for someone to check on their accounts the next time they receive a statement to see if this date is the first purchase or the date registered?

You would need to check your profile by clicking on your name and also History

My idea is straightforward : the date members activate their sim should show on their profile badge. This single piece of information is far more useful than anything else showing in our profiles eg the number of ideas. So if something had to give way to accommodate the date then that could be one candidate for the chop. 


At the moment the only date showing is when a member registered with giffgaff, which is of little use when helpers respond to a thread question on the Help and Support forum.  Just click on this thread to see but one example of how little information we have to work with sometimes . The registration date is useless  because it doesn't tell us when the member activated their sim. If the activation date were visible it might just encourage some helpers to post more relevantly ( although I live more in hope than expectation on that one ), as well as assist helpers give accurate solutions rather than having to work in the dark or coax additional information out of the OP. This in turn should reduce the number of posts in a thread and better assist both the OP and helpers.


I hope you will give your support to my idea. If you can spot any obvious flaws then please advise me. 


Remove the "I know where you live rank "

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎22-01-2015 18:06 - edited ‎23-01-2015 02:20

Hi everyone after an idea i had about changing some on the odd named ranks and after  a full discussion about this the members came up with 4/5 that would be better off changing but we agreed it would be better to do one rank at a time ,

Discussion thread link

Credit to  @mathew40 for contribution and bringing up his issue with the rank



So i have started with this rank " I know where you live "

One of our members @mathew40  experienced this

 He recieved a private message from a worried member,who wanted to know why he  posted," I know where you live " at the bottom of my post,and as this member was not aware of giffgaff's ranks he was really pretty worried

So i think this rank should be replaced with something more suitable as although the majority of members understand the ranks are a bit of fun it could be worrying to others this could be done by giffgaff pretty easily i would think


if you agree please support this idea


Add ons

Status: New Idea
by sholi on ‎20-02-2015 07:57

Hi there,

I posted this idea on the contribute board and i received some postive results, so now im posting it here.

Here it is:


On giffgaff, we can currently get goodybags and then when you've almost finished that goodybag, you can start another one early.

How about this case: someone seriously under estimates his needs and buys the £7.50 goodybag, he then runs out of minutes or data very quickly. Hes 2 days into his goodybag and he now has to waste the £7.50 and buy a £15 goodybag. So he has now wasted spent £22.50, (which is over enough for unlimeted data and 2000 minutes).

My idea is that giffgaff should offer an add-on service,where you can add extras onto your goodybag. We know this is not impossible as they managed to create the blackberry add-ons.

Or if giffgaff dont want that how about this: Instead of a giffgaffer wasting money on a new goodybag, they could upgrade it to a better goodybag. So in the scenario before, you would have just ended up paying £15 instead. giffgaff could then deduct the amounts the giffgaffer had already used.

If you think that this is a good idea, why not support it,




Where a GiffGaff banner ad appears on the internet, as well as price, etc. it should include something about also running on the O2 network.


People who don't know about GiffGaff probably think they will get a poor service compared to that provided by the big mobile players (people I've spoken to confirmed this). 


To encourage them to switch, it should be made clear on the banner ads that when you sign up you actually get the O2 network for less money.  At the moment, they don't find that out until they click through from the ad...


500 MB goodybag

Status: New Idea
by lazybonesqueenie on ‎15-02-2015 11:04
It would be ideal to have another goodybag with 500 MB data but fewer texts and minutes e.g. 60 minutes & 100 texts for low end users. The current £7.50 goodybag only have 250 MB data ( too little) vs £10 goodybag with 1 GB data ( too much) but nothing in between?

Wifi calling on iPhone 6

Status: New Idea
by adamodactil on ‎25-02-2015 17:50
I was wondering as on the EE network with the iPhone 6 and 6+ the call can divert over wifi for a clearer call then go back to cellular when you loose connection, giffgaff support the same

agent's call back request.

Status: New Idea
by deanwh on ‎24-02-2015 02:22
Hi everyone beeiven looking at post over the past few weeks and seen members complaining about agent responses
And its
made me think of an idea giffgaff should offer a agent ring back service.

I no giffgaff is only a small company but they could offer this service with t.c like maybe

Can only request a agent call back for set issues or when issues are not resolved online with in a set period like 14days.

Once you meet the set requirements you can then request an agent call back.

Call backs could have a time frame of around 5days.

What are your thoughts id be grateful if you could let me no.

Have a nice day the giffgaff way!

Top Up £5/£7.50 of credit

Status: New Idea
by cathalmc on ‎01-02-2015 15:13

Sometimes you just need a little bit of credit to get you to the end of the month.


You can buy goodybags for £5, or £7.50 so why can't these options be available for credit?

Ideas board template

Status: New Idea
by cps15966 ‎19-02-2015 14:22 - edited ‎19-02-2015 14:24

Hi all, hope you are all well :smileyhappy:


It's not that often I post ideas, but here is another to add to the multitude of ideas posted on here every month.

I would like to see the ideas board to have a format to it. People post everday on here, but I feel that the ideas put forward should have a standard template to use. It should be laid out in a way that is easier to understand showing the possible benefits, something like this....


  • What the idea is
  • Why it should be considered (advantages to who and why)
  • Benefits to customers/gg
  • How it would be used
  • The objectives/justifications for it
  • Ability to add in diagrams or examples in a pictoral sense as some people already do


I feel it would help gg and the community understand what people are trying to put across more clearly

This would then benefit all and enable them to decide easier whether they want to support it and comment against it etc etc

There are loads of one liner ideas on here currently that sometimes may just be from kudo hunters but if someone is serious about putting forward a suggestion, I don;t see that they would mind putting a little effort into their idea before posting.

I'm not sure whether this would be possible in lithium but I would have thought a basic design form wouldn't be outside it's capabilities.

Or maybe this idea is a little too over the top or people don't think it is required, but it would be interesting to see what you all think....

....after all, if you make an application to anything you would complete a form to make it more standardised, why should this be any different




As non internet phones do not incur data charges is it not possible to devise tariffs for their phone minutes and texts cheaper than the airtime tariffs?

unsolved button

Status: New Idea
by sophie26413 on ‎30-01-2015 02:29
Hello all. I have been on the giffgaff community for just over a week, and im loving it! I love to help other people. I think the best answer button is a great idea, it not only tells the community that a post is resolved, but it also helps others learn the answers to questions, in order for them to help others.
Ok so what's the problem? Well, in my opinion, there should be an 'unsolved' button. I think this because not all questions on here recieve a correct answer, so how can we mark a best answer if there really isn't one??? I was thinking, if there was a 'unsolved' button then people in the community who know the answers to more complex and difficult questions can see it is unsolved and try to answer it in order to recieve the best answer once it is answered correctly. We all hate them notifications on the top of our account saying 'unresolved post' and those messages reminding us to pick a best answer.

What do you all think?

Incoming unwanted caller block/barred list

Status: New Idea
by prawlin ‎21-02-2015 11:30 - edited ‎21-02-2015 15:11
Please can we have an incoming caller barred number list. It could be set up via My GiffGaff online, or via some kind of voice guided automatic keypad entry system. I don't really care how it operates, as long as it's available. I am amazed that this facility is not already in place on GG!

Ok, before anyone says it, yes I did search, and yes it has been suggested before. So why am I suggesting it again as a new idea? Simply because it is a much needed feature that I'm 100% certain would be beneficial and useful to myself and many thousands of GG users. On my TALKTALK landline system I can easily setup number barring for up to 15 incoming numbers. I use it often to stop those annoying persistent unwanted unsolicited callers. It works very well.

I found several similar ideas that were either years old and apparently abandoned due to lack of support or very badly described, or had been (quite wrongly and for no given valid reason IMO) condemned to the ideas vault never to be seen again.

So please, despite what ever has happened to these ideas before, support this one now. Maybe if we get enough rapid kudos on this now, it might finally get looked at again and be taken a bit more seriously this time!

Please add kudos on the arrow upper left if you would like this feature added by GiffGaff.

Thank you

PS Yes I have registered with the TPS service, and it helps stop a lot of my unsolicited stuff. However there are still a few that TPS doesn't stop. This is where caller number barring would be great to take care of the rest. I would certainly recommend everyone to register with TPS as it's easy and certainly helps to some degree......

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