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A penny of airtime credit per 10 unused minutes

Status: New Idea
by mdanyal ‎22-11-2014 15:38 - edited ‎22-11-2014 15:55

Right so i was looking at giffgaff's uk rates and found that:


Calls to other UK mobiles, landlines (starting 01, 02, 03): 10p per minute


Many of us purchase goodybags and sometimes end up not even using half of our minutes which just end up going to waste. I was thinking why not give customers a penny back as airtime credit for every 10 minutes that they didn't use in that month? It would obviously not apply to the unlimted minute goodybags but it would make giffgaff a much more intresting and unique network. Whos with me? Anyone else like this idea?


Introduce Trio (3 in 1) Sims

Status: New Idea
by xollobru ‎12-10-2014 00:56 - edited ‎12-10-2014 01:08

I received a replacement sim from 3 in the post today as my new phone uses a different size to my old one and the new sim is what they call a Trio Sim in that it is a standard/micro/nano all in one!


No more need to perform a sim swap if and when someone changes mobiles and they take different sizes obviously assuming that they remember to keep the spare bits but they do clip back together for safe keeping.


Just a thought in that any extra costs in sourcing and supplying these new style sims will hopefully help reduce the need for and cost of sim swaps.


Kudos this idea if you think that giffgaff should look at supplying these sims, thank you!


Edited to add: Obviously this would also help if someone doesn't know which size sim to order or makes a mistake when ordering










EU Roaming Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by franbollo on ‎06-11-2014 11:24
It would be good to have a goodybad with mb and minutes to spend abroad

Competitions - Forums Section

Status: New Idea
by cps15966 ‎02-12-2014 11:50 - edited ‎02-12-2014 11:56

Hi all, hope your day is progressing as you hoped.


A lot of people enter competitions on gg, the thing is that any I have entered, I have always just happened across them. What would be good is a new section on the forum purely for competitions so that they are all in one place.


I sometimes look in the blog section now as a lot (if not most) show there but you have to then sift through to see what is finished and which are still open sometimes.


Anyhow, that's the suggestion flirty-wink-smiley-emoticon.gif


P.S. gg - missing the caption competition, it was a good laugh!

From previous post, I noticed the first issue on conference calling was raised in 2010 and since then till now, there has not been any breakthrough on adding conference calling to the Network.


Please has anyone any update on Conference Calls addition to the Giffgaff Network? Other Networks have even the smaller networks like Lyca and Lebera. 


I believe many others would agree with me that conference calls be added to the Networks at least. A modification/condition could be attached like conference calls only to ones "National Region Numbers"


 If you agree show support below with the word "AGREE" :smileyvery-happy:


If you agree show support below with the word 'AGREE" :smileyvery-happy:

Create a list of "non-landline" prefixes

Status: New Idea
by ian011 ‎12-12-2014 11:30 - edited ‎19-12-2014 10:30

The current version of the "non-mobile numbers" list (dated 26 November 2013) can be found here. It lists various 07 prefixes which are used by a variety of dial-through and automated services and which do not count towards goodybag allowances. These calls are charged at 20p per minute.


There are many forum posts mentioning the fact that there are a number of similar services using 01 and 02 landline numbers. These are supposedly charged at 8p per minute and, likewise, do not count towards goodybag allowances. There is no mention of these in giffgaff price lists or elsewhere.


Please create a list of these "non-landline" prefixes.


For clarity, please also arrange the list of prefixes into a three column layout like that used in the premium rate numbers price list.



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Call Log on account

Status: New Idea
by bex85 on ‎26-11-2014 21:58
I have seen a few posts where people are requesting call logs, rather than it costing anybody any money to get a copy of it, giffgaff should set up a page on our account so we can view it, just like you can if you were on a contract.

No 'expiry date' on gigabags

Status: New Idea
by theoriginalgiff on ‎06-11-2014 16:25

I'm new to both giffgaff and the whole message board/forum thing, so forgive me if this has been covered already, but I'd like to suggest that - as with airtime credit for calls and texts - why not scrap the expiry time on the gigabags? Why not work it so that the gigabag lasts until the user has used up all of their data allowance, rather than simply expiring after a month?
This would be helpful to lighter data users, who might take 2/3 months to use-up their allowance.

If you like the sound of this, why not get on-board!

Thanks :smileyhappy:

text people who buy a 4g goodybag to let them know what to do

Status: New Idea
by revjonty ‎28-11-2014 04:52 - edited ‎28-11-2014 05:16

OK this idea is very simple.

Having just helped someone on the help forum who didn't know that to get there 4g data working they had to turn there data of and back on again. I propose that everyone who buys a 4G goodybag for the first time, gets sent a text message saying something along the lines of:


Wahoo! you've just bought a 4G goodybag!

Just so you know, it can take up to 24 hours for the data to come live.

You will also need to turn your data off and back on again before it kicks in.

Then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of 4G


Obviously the text of this message needs finessing, but the basic idea would save a lot of frustration for those who haven't read all the information before they purchase the 4G goodybag (I'm sure many don't).


Please support (kudo) this idea if you think its worthwhile.


Abolishing Roaming charges

Status: New Idea
by hayworth1 on ‎17-11-2014 11:49

How about getting rid of Roaming Charges all together? One competitor has already done this for their customers.

That way we don't have to buy a foreign sim for our phones in order to avoid paying more for our calls.

I believe that would be extremely popular, who knows, it may gain even more customers?


Unlimited Data

Status: New Idea
by elifrankel on ‎04-12-2014 19:22
I was quite upset to see the change of unlimited data. The cheapest now is £15! So i wondered why gg couldn't do 2 £12 goodybags - one with more minutes and 1gb data, and the other one with less minutes and unlimited data?

Apply Categories for New Ideas

Status: New Idea
by rwrolls on ‎23-11-2014 16:44

Before posting my new idea I thought I'd do the right thing and see if anyone had already posted it.


I found it had been suggested, but not until I'd spent 25 minutes trawling through the ideas already on here.  If only the New Ideas were categorised, wouldn't life be simpler...


With in excess of 640 pages of New Ideas on GiffGaff, and each page contains around twenty+ ideas, it means there are roughly 12,980 ideas so far... and counting!


These ideas are only divided into "New Ideas", "Top Ideas" and "Hot Ideas", which doesn't help if all you want to do it to see if your radical new idea has already been suggested.


So, tp make it a lot easier to browse through what's already been suggested, how about making life easier by creating some catagories for New Ideas?


Here's a few to start us off: Phones, Goodybags, Support, Payback, Roaming Charges, Apps.  I'll pass it over to the community to think of some more, and if you like the idea, your Kudos is greatly accepted.


Change details about premium texts on pricing page

Status: New Idea
by sloz ‎30-11-2014 19:10 - edited ‎06-12-2014 07:11
I submitted this as an idea 2 years ago, but received very little support
I feely strongly that the details on the pricing page , are vague , misleading and incorrect
So I've resubmitted it here...

Currently it says premium texts will cost 10 p to 1.50
It's misleading, as its lumping ordinary none premium shortcode texts in with a premium charge

The cost of sending a text to a shortcode number could be 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 or 20p
;And the premium charge could be any ammount that's agreed for the service

The reverse (premium) charges could be 25, 50p 1 pound 1.50, 2 pounds, 3 pounds , 5 pounds ect ec

It would be better if it said..

;sending texts to shortcodes without a premium charge attached will cost 6 to 20p

Premium shortcode charges will cost 6 to 20 p PLUS the agreed premium charge for the service

£5 airtime

Status: New Idea
by m2savvidou on ‎20-11-2014 03:16

I think that it would be useful if we have the option to top up airtime the amount of £5.  :smileyhappy:

As mark of respect for all the people who gave there lives from countries all over the world be different race colour or creed or what everside they fought on  The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the forum should fall silent as when we have lithium mantainence page we should have message saying giffgaff are marking this moment for people to remember and reflect on the futility of wars






Click here to go to the British legion website





The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month

marks the signing of the Armistice, on 11th November 1918, to signal the end of World War One. At 11 am on 11 November 1918 the guns of the Western Front fell silent after more than four years continuous warfare.



What is Remembrance Day? Remembrance Day is on 11 November. It is a special day set aside to remember all those men and women who were killed during the two World Wars and other conflicts. At one time the day was known as Armistice Day and was renamed Remembrance Day after the Second World War.

I'm a fairly savvy tech user, but it took me a while to figure I needed to go to the "payments" page to change my recurring goodybag.  I'm sure there used to be a "change" link next to the recurring goodybag on the "My account" page.


Please bring it back/implement.  I can't be the only one with this problem (although I don't have the problem anymore :-)  ) !!




Hybrid SIMs

Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney ‎29-11-2014 08:49 - edited ‎29-11-2014 09:24

Why donsent giffgaff start using hybrid simcards that have standard mico and nano simcards all in one like these. it may save time in the odering process and also when people are upgarding. Three is already doing them.

Here is a quick draw of what it could look like. Here is my previous idea posted on 04-03-2014.

 111 giff.jpg


Giff Gaff Abroad

Status: New Idea
by bigfriendlydog on ‎15-11-2014 12:28
I travel abroad quite a bit but I am amazed at how much it costs to use my phone. Could Giff Gaff not come up with a reasonable package to use abroad that includes data download, phone and texting. Sometimes it is not safe to use cafe's Wi Fi if as an example I have to contact my bank or pay a bill. I intend in the future to travel abroad for a few months and a good overseas package would be great


Out of stock phones

Status: New Idea
by tomrock75 on ‎16-12-2014 17:42

Is there any way you can notify users when out of stock phones become available through our personal emails please?


There seem to be alot of phones unavailable at present



Status: New Idea
by ezekush on ‎04-12-2014 13:46

I am very angry with giffgaff for not wanting to deliver phones ordered to work address, what happens when you can't stay at home to collect it and have no one who can do this? You are forced to take a whole day off or go somewhere else to purchase. This is poor customer services. Many companies will deliver to your work address if you ask them so why not this company? Time to switch?


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