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I don't know if this has been already suggested - but i couldn't find any..


a lot of customers here on community forums are complaining about £10 or £15 top-ups not lasting even a day due to use of data..


Now i know; these people should know better but not everyone is up to date with tech..


How about giffgaff send text message to people who use say more than 50MB of data on credit at payg rates.. notifying them it just cost them £10 to use 50MB data however on goodybags this can be much cheaper..


of course giffgaff want to make more money off its customers..


however i think that looking after the best interests of its customers will give a good message about itself to customers.. makes giffgaff a very responsible brand.. one people want to associate themselves with and also like to spread good word around..


What do you fellow giffgaffers think??



Roll over of unused minutes and data

Status: New Idea
by maggie333 on ‎20-10-2014 16:12

I would like GiffGaff to consider any unused minutes and data to be carried onto the next month (obviously you would need to top up without a break to benefit from this). Last month I didn't use my data allowance, and this month I am almost through the 1GB.


Subscribe to a Forum

Status: New Idea
by hcovell on ‎29-10-2014 11:00

Morning Everyone,


I have an idea regarding subscriptions on the community.




I like to keep up to date with the 'News and Announcements' (and to a certain extent to the 'Contribute forum') section so I don't miss anything,  but would prefer not to have to check it each day!


Yesterday I therefore went on to the news section and under 'board options' found a 'subscribe' button. Great, I thought!!......until I woke up this morning to hundreds of emails about all the replies to the '4g for everyone' post and any other replies across the whole news section! :smileyhappy:




It'd be great if giffgaff could introduce a way to subscribe to new threads in a section e.g. news. without getting notified for replies to existing threads as well.


All the best,



Options available at the moment are:

  1. Check the section everyday to check you don't miss anything! Obviously the easist solution, but can be time consuming, or I simply forget!
  2. Subscribe, as I did, to the forum and wake up to 100s of Emails with all the replies.
  3. I've just found this option in my 'preferences' : to only get nofications for the first post in any topic.subscriptions.png

    Still doesn't quite solve the problem though, as I'd still like to receive notifications of replies on certain other threads that I've subscribed to!
  4. I think you can subscribe to an 'rss' feed but I really have no idea how that works and would prefer to keep it simple!




bigger data less minutes/texts

Status: New Idea
by sahar11 ‎19-10-2014 12:26 - edited ‎19-10-2014 12:27

since you have changed the £12.50 giagbag, slashed the 50p and even added 500 minutes unlimited texts on top of the 3GB data, now there are many people who dont have home broadband like me and rely on gigabags, personally i`d love if gg make a new gigabag or goodybag with bigger data allowance, e.g: for £10 4GB data.


What do you think my friends :smileyhappy: hope to get some support here :smileyhappy:


Opt out from giffgaff text spam

Status: New Idea
by techiebloke on ‎26-10-2014 17:41

I've opted out from marketing messages but this doesn't seem to include silly messages reminding me the clocks are going forward or back or that a suggestion has been adopted.


Can we have an option to opt out from all contact unless it relates to the operation of the account please?



I just thought that it might be good idea to offer a cashback system for when you don't use a considerable amount of your texts, minutes or data from your goodybag. It could work off percentages so that you could get a bit of money back if you used less than say 25% of your contract materials.


If this idea has already been posted, sorry I didn't find it.


If not, who's with me?






Phone points for payback this Xmas to buy phones

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎25-10-2014 21:59 - edited ‎27-10-2014 16:39

Phone points 


I think we should be able to use payback to buy phones this Xmas
It will be great for giffgaff and the members
It's a win win .


Yes you can use paypal but once people have the money in there bank it can be used up by bills and other needs 


We could possibly have an Phone exchange points against phones at a better deal for using your payback points and so not only do we as members but giffgaff get a better deal


giffgaff pay us payback points that we in turn use to buy a phone off giffgaff


So then either you add the extra with cash or buy the phone outright.


So say the phone  £200 


We could have points value price (maybe better offer as using payback)


You deduct the payback phone points


And the add the £££ to buy or take out the p2p ratesetter loan offer for the balance of the phone cost

* new payback phone points

* better price for using points

* use points to part pay or outright for phone purchase

* Ability to use points and the take a ratesetter loan for the balance



 If you consider this a good option and would like to support the idea give this idea kudos


 thank you






helping the community

Status: New Idea
by tearza on ‎29-10-2014 08:35

I dunno if this has been said but i think that only giffgaff members with active sims and phones should be allowed to help out in the community, recieve payback and be apart of the whole service and not non giffgaffers,


sorry if i sound mean i just think it is only fair, If they wants the perks they should be full members





giffgaff 4G Coverage map needs improvement

Status: New Idea
by 3axis on ‎29-10-2014 08:38

It is very difficult to see the 4G coverage unless you type a post code for each place, if you enter a post code and then zoom out, it says "Please zoom in to view this layer" and this is hardly zoomed out at all.


Please modify it to allow the choice at the top layer (and preferably all layers). Or add a view of the whole of the UK.


Also, a view of the future expansion coloured by time would be excellent.


There is hardly any point in being on a 4G plan if you can't use it.


Payback as airtime credit bonus

Status: New Idea
by janetihill on ‎25-10-2014 09:48

Surely to giifgaff giving payback as airtime rather than paypal is better for profits?

How about a 5% bonus if you elect for airtime credit?


Read it Later List

Status: New Idea
by soonoo on ‎27-10-2014 21:25

Would it be poss to add a read-it-later list in My Account, for the times when interesting/useful posts are spotted but no time to read them?


International Roaming Goody Bags

Status: New Idea
by 0450 on ‎08-10-2014 13:34

At last twice a year I find myself in the United States. I've experimented with buying disposable SIMs and the like but realistically, if I'm making a call I'll use an OTT service through a WiFi connection. Outgoing calls on my mobile are minimal so really the service is needed for incoming calls.


With my last provider, typically my bill increased by £60 to £80 for months containing a visit to the US. These tend to be business trips and tend to last 5 to 6 days.


As things stand at the moment and given Giffgaff's international (non-EU) roaming rates, my Giffgaff SIM will be in a drawer somewhere for the duration of the trip.


That's reasonable income that Giffgaff is leaving on the table.


Giffgaff should offer international Goody Bags. These can be country specific. Also, they can have a shorter life than traditional Goody Bags.


While cost saving would be good, one of the principle aims here would be to "cap" spending while abroad -- so it'd be really neat if roaming was automatically disabled once the international Goody Bag had been consumed.


I'd happily buy a £50 US Goody Bag for my next trip in a couple of weeks time.


Just because I want to be in control of my spending on my mobile phone doesn't mean that I wont spend.


Giffgaff, broaden your offering.


Thanks for listening.




£5 goodybag

Status: New Idea
by saarahibrahim on ‎06-10-2014 21:28

Hey guys


I usually buy the £5 goodybag, but been having to buy the £7.50 goodybag because I've been using my phone a lot more and it's annoying because when I have the £5 goodybag, I really have to watch my mobile data. I think that for £5 20 MB is not sufficient and it should be slightly more, because think about it you get 250 MB for £7.50 AND unlimited texts AND 200 minutes, whereas with the £5 goodybag you get 60 minutes, 200 texts and 20MB, its not really balanced well is it? I think the £5 goodybag should offer somewhat 50-100 MB of data


What do you guys think?



Status: New Idea
by rubyvixen on ‎29-10-2014 11:03

Update Security Please


People loose access to emails and sometimes without notice when changing telephone providers. Forget passwords - They have auto sign in on their P.C when thet goes they get stuck 


Giff Gaff is only company where you loose access to your email and you are nt able to easily recovery tyour ac with some simple security questions. 


I answered and verfied myself weeks ago- appreciate not giff gaffs issue that i changed provider but to not be abe to access my own account does actually contervene certain laws in this country. If a customer is able to verify identity they are supposed to gain access. 


I have been trying for months and learnt a harsh lesson thats not foing to cost me over k to change all my company (which i dont have ) infor that has the mobile numeber ona s i cannot collect voicemail or top up.


Also when you top up a phone independantly for someone it only lets you give air time credit which is very expensive to use calls wise -  add goody bags more people may top up phones for daughters etc that way 

Just a quick and simple one. 


So on the £10 goodybag you get :

500 minutes

Unlimited texts

1 gig of data


On the £12 goodybag you get :

500 minutes

Unlimited texts

3 gig of data


On the £15 goodybag you get :

500 minutes 

Unlimited texts 

5 gig of data 


My point is from the £10 to the £12 goodybag you pay an extra £2 for the extra 2 gig of data but then when you go up to the £15 goodybag your paying an extra £3 for the same extra 2 gig of data! Nothing else changes as your getting the same amount of minutes and texts so my suggestion is, to keep things fair, seen as we're paying that extra £1 for nothing then why not give us 6 gig of data instead of the 5 gig?

Either that or knock the £15 goodybag down to £14,

which doesn't sound right to me. 


Anyway I hope I've made this clear so people can see what I'm getting at?

Feel free to add your comments and suggestions and if you want to show your support then please click on the orange kudo button. 


Thanks for reading my idea  :smileyhappy:



Now GiffGaff is selling Mobile phones which with the amount of message asking 'when NEW stock will be arriving' is turning out to be an excellent addition to the GiffGaff website!  


So, If other GiffGaff users believe a range of Ipads and/or Tablets should be listed for sale that are tested to work effectively on the GG network then click  'Kudos' to showyour support to this idea?


Thanks in advance


Additional agent category

Status: New Idea
by islandstifle on ‎29-10-2014 09:39

We need an additional choice in the agent form for members who want to claim a refund under the 14-day consumer contract regulations entitlement. Currently these members are being told to fill in the SIM limit form which is a terrible kludge.


This would probably appear in the Goodybags and Payments category (perhaps only to eligible members, i.e. it would be hidden after your 15th day since joining), and suggested questions are:


  • Do you wish to cancel your giffgaff SIM and account?
  • Any purchases you have made will be refunded less a reasonable deduction for usage you have made of the service. This deduction will be calculated at our Pay as you Go rates for the calls and texts you have made and internet you have used. If this amounts to more than the amount of payments you have made, you will not receive any refund. Your SIM will not be cancelled instantly so it is in your interest to stop using it to avoid running up further charges.
    Once you have submitted this request it cannot be revoked. Do you wish to continue?

If "yes" is selected to both of these, a message would then appear with a confirm button asking the member to click to confirm they wish to leave the service. Optionally, an open text box would appear asking the member for feedback or their reason for leaving.


Incentives to have auto top-up enabled

Status: New Idea
by salfordian on ‎26-10-2014 13:12

GiffGaff keeps pushing customers to have auto top-up switched on but doesn’t offer any incentives to do it.  My current package runs out on the 28th but I won’t be buying another until weekend when I need it so I will be saving month this month…..


My idea is to offer customers who have the auto top-up enabled a 10 or 20% saving on the Goodybag they purchase……..this leave GiffGaff making more in the long run and customers saving a bit too


Ask an agent - SAVE the text/info if I type something wrong. Please.

Status: New Idea
by radable ‎21-10-2014 01:02 - edited ‎22-10-2014 14:13

The title is self-explanatory. When something goes wrong with the infamous form - please save my text. Don't waste my time. Don't make me furious.

My patience fizzed out last night when I spent time carefuly filling in all boxes (most of which were irrelevant to my query), then clicked...

...only to be presented with this useless result:


 problems creating your incident.gif


"There were problems"

What problems?

What should I do?

Should I try again?

Should I try something different?

 And all my input text erased. Why?


Mind boggles. Enough has been written here about Ask an Agent form, to the point it really seems giffgaff doesn't want us to contact agents that much. Please prove it  wrong. (Oh, maybe they are on PAYG contract, who knows. That would be an irony indeed...)


So, just make the form remember the user's input. It's not difficult*. I could probably code it in 30mins.

And if the form gives me a hint what to do next, double points!


(Yes, the form already has JavaScript checks in place, for correct dates etc.... great, but this all goes literary out "of the window" with the above message.)


* EDIT: I noticed the idea about Changing the iPhone5C colour-selection button to the correct hue of the actual handset. Idea having been accepted. it's turned out it's not an easy thing to do. Change a colour of a button. Oh dear. Is there hope?

PS: I do realize we don't want members to inundate
Agents with all sorts of requests. Common sense.
But this troublesome form of ours is a single point of contact for some major account issues. And there are better ways of making this work. I am only happy to help in fact.
We won't let you sleep on your Which laurels, giffgaff. We are the boss :smileywink:


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