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Fix Default Goodybag On 3G Phones

Status: New Idea
by dylanhere ‎20-05-2015 21:33 - edited ‎20-05-2015 21:34

If you're looking at buying a phone from giffgaff, and you're not already a giffgaff customer, you have to take a goodybag to purchase a phone. However, on 3G phones, the default goodybag is 4G. While this is not completely useless, as it will be restricted to 3G only, paying the extra price for the same amount of data at the same speed is pointless. Of course you can change the goodybag yourself; not everyone will think to do this though. I think that giffgaff should make it so that the default goodybag is 3G, when trying to buy a 3G phone. Thanks.


I've created a short clip to show the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X31a4qtUKfs

Update the top 10 'ignored by gg' ideas

Status: New Idea
by cim on ‎09-04-2015 17:19

A simple idea:


gg should attend to "The top 10 ideas most supported but ignored by giffgaff " ie those which have yet to receive any status update whatsoever from gg.


Asking for ideas and then ignoring them completely often for many months is not showing sufficient respect to the community's efforts in my 'umble opinion.


With an average of around 200 kudos per ignored idea they all deserve to be acknowledged and have status updated with a well-considered comment.


I believe this is the current top 10 top ideas at time of writing which gg have never seen fit to comment on :


  1. Unlimited-Time-to-go-capped
  2. Regular-Network-Performance-Reports-from-giffgaff
  3. European-Goodybag
  4. EU-Roaming-Goodybag
  5. Phone-Number-Pricing-Tool
  6. No-expiry-date-on-gigabags
  7. A-new-and-different-pricing-strategy-to-consider
  8. Personalised-Goodbags
  9. New-user-registration-page-username-ambiguity
  10. Unlimited-Goodybag-Tethering-Option

While commenting on another idea about reverting the new design back to the old one due to poor performance, I had a look some the source code and data for the website. I noticed they are some simple ways that the performance could be improved quite simpally.


I ran the page through Page Speed Insights tool from Google which gave a dismal score of 38/100

(Link to results), higher being better. They are two simple modifications that would dramtically improve the performance of the page which I spotted just by looking at the page for a couple of minutes, these shouldn't be there on a website of a modern technology brand.

They both are relating to the full width picture at the top of the page. This causes a major delay when loading the page due to its large size (2.1MB), the next largest object for comparison around ~250KB. According to Page Speed tool from Google for website developers this image could be resized and compressed without lossing signicant visual quality by 78%, saving 1.4MB.

Secondly this image is set only to be cached for one and a half hours. Caching means it is stored on your computer so you don't have to load it from the web again. This means after one and a half hours you have to download the image again. I can't see why the image cannot be set to be cached for 1 month at least. This means every time you went to the giffgaff page in a month you wouldn't have to spend data and time downloading the the image.


giffgaff should spend some time working through the simple fixes to make the website faster for all of us. This would improve the brand as well as slow pages just put people off companies, espically technology companies.

voicemail costs

Status: New Idea
by kerensac on ‎12-05-2015 00:05

i think when you get the 3 months free giffgaff mins you should also get 3 months free voicemail, it is still giffgaff your phoning so it should be covered by the giffgaff free calls i had to go 2 weeks without money in my phone and had voicemail but couldnt listen to them till i topped up 1 was from my land lord as i finaly found out after 2 weeks when i topped up to listen to it but people that leave messages think you will get the message which is why they leave a message, they pay to leave a message then we pay to hear it, something should change with that but even if its free voicemail for the 3 months with our giffgaff mins would be so much better

My idea is to allow free giffgaff to giffgaff calls regardless of if you have topped up your phone with a credit card or if you have topped it up with pre existing credit or previous payback.


I currently purchase my goodybags from my existing credit which is from my payback. However i recently noticed that my free giffgaff to giffgaff has expired presumably because i havent topped up using my own money, even though i purchase a new goodybag with my credit every month . I beleive that this shouldnt happen and free giffgaff to giffgaff should be allowed regardless of what you top up your phone with..


This has put me off using the community and helpng others because my payback is almost irrelivant because the majority of my friends are on giffgaff and instead of receiving this potential unlimited contact with them in having to use up my goodybag allowences.

Change the sign up details in regard to member name when joining giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎29-03-2015 18:57 - edited ‎29-03-2015 19:22

Good afternoon.


When signing up to giffgaff you are faced with choosing a member name 

and as members first signing up we just put a name and many put there actual name ie Joe bloggs and although it says it can't be changed it doesn't tell you that this choice will be visible to all the community.


2015-03-29 17.21.26.jpg


Solution :


Although many have asked for a way to change the member name chosen giffgaff say this is not possible

So my idea is .


Instead of Member name :


It's replaced with Community Username 

And it has a warning saying 

This username will be visible to all the community and cannot be edited or changed after you choose and sign up

Please give thought to you choice before you complete sign up.


This should be an easy way to solve any future problems.


If you agree please support by kudos of the idea 




1 June 2015 sees the launch of a radically revised Payback system which it is hoped will vastly improve the quality and caliber of the answers on the, 'Help & Support' platform.

It is sincerely felt that by rewarding knowledgeable members with the new enhanced graduated payback scheme which will see payments of up to £85 (+£15 regular) a month given to high quality answers posted by boni-fidi members.

One of the main criteria for achieving enhanced payback under the new system is getting the OP to set a Best Answer (BA) for the question they posted. The more BA's the more payback earnt.

The puzzle that exists is that for some reason a lot of OP 's fail on a number of occasions to set BA despite reminders. Educators do their best to rectify this by reviewing answers on threads and in default setting BA's which in their opinion reach the required standard of quality. This is all time and energy intensive and not ideal.

How do we encourage say newcomers, for example, to routinely set a BA, so it is second nature to them?

My solution is this, once the the OP sets a BA to their question the OP will automatically receive a higher ranking along side their giffgaff username. There would be a cap on how many improved ranks in a month, any OP would
be allowed to gain, perhaps five ranks at most. This idea would not cost giffgaff a penny it would merely be a fast-track to improving your rank, at the same time rewarding the BA who would benefit by potentially receiving extra payback and freeing up Educator's time,, for their
other roles including their encouragement of newcomers to join in and contribute to the community.

Data rollover

Status: New Idea
by tomhaigh93 on ‎10-05-2015 11:49
If you have unused data from one month, it rolls
Over to the next month and adds to your new data for that month. After that month it expires and the excess data from that month rolls over.


Status: New Idea
by dannykhann13 on ‎14-05-2015 20:33
Give us like 1500 points on our birthday Smiley Happy

Reserve goodybags and airtime credit

Status: New Idea
by essie112mm on ‎24-05-2015 21:13

About a week ago I posted this idea on Contribute . With the website going down today and members unable to top up and feeling angry, frustrated and let down, now seems an opportune moment to post it here for your consideration.


Problem :

For various reasons, it can sometimes be impossible to top up. For example, a website issue might be responsible and like today affect many members. Or it might be an isolated problem which affects only one member, such as inability to redeem a voucher or top up using a card. Whatever the cause, this is a problem which crops up daily on the Help forum and causes delay, leading to frustration and loss of service while the problem is resolved, not to mention loss of confidence in giffgaff as a network. It can also result in loss of one’s credit  balance .  Members don’t always know this has happened until suddenly their device stops working and they discover that their recurring goodybag failed and credit has disappeared because they’ve unknowingly bought services at PAYG rates. If a failed card transaction is the issue an agent will usually have to be contacted, which might result in a delay lasting up to 24 hours before the problem is solved. Meanwhile, the member is left without service or has to top up with a voucher to buy a goodybag. This could mean topping up with more than a cost of their goodybag. For example, a £7.50 goodybag means buying a £10 voucher, which isn’t always a satisfactory outcome.


Regarding vouchers, they are notoriously troublesome and if there is no apparent reason why one can’t be redeemed it means contacting an agent. This is no help whatsoever if it’s late in the evening, agents have stopped working and someone tells you the response time is up to 24 hours.  It isn’t always possible or convenient for a member to go out and buy a second voucher. 

Another example of how this idea would solve a problem is when a member has travelled abroad thinking they can use a goodybag. With no auto top-up enabled, and in a country where a card is refused by the website, a person would also find it difficult to top up unless there is a friend or family in the UK willing or able to top up their number altruistically or text a voucher code. Someone in hospital for a long time might also find the idea useful, as might anyone living in a remote area, or a parent wanting to ensure that their child is always able to make a call.


Idea :

As a solution to the problem outlined above I am proposing that giffgaff offer reserve goodybags and reserve credit My idea is that members should be able to purchase a reserve goodybag to keep dormant on their account which has no start or expiry date. This would be in addition to any live, queued or recurring goodybags. In effect, it would be a goodybag for emergencies. 


For credit, members would be able to top up and buy reserve airtime credit. To illustrate : if someone were to top up with a £10 voucher this could be added to their account as usual or banked as reserve credit. Or if a £15 voucher were bought £10 could be added to an account and £5 banked to reserve credit.


How might the idea work in practice ?


Reserve goodybags : these could be bought at any time and started at any point using existing rules for starting a goodybag early. So if a member couldn’t top up for any reason to buy a goodybag or their recurring goodybag failed they could simply text the word RESERVE to 43430 and activate the goodybag. This might be preferable to logging in to activate the bag as it could result in confusion about the difference between starting a new goodybag early and activating a reserve goodybag. It would also bypass problems such as the one today when the website is inaccessible.


Reserve credit :


Credit would still be added to an account in the usual way by dialling 43430 to redeem a voucher or online as now. To allocate an amount to be set aside as reserve credit a method similar to the existing one for buying a goodybag from airtime credit might be employed. To redeem the credit the word CREDIT would be texted to 43430. 



Reserve credit and goodybags would not extend free giffgaff calls and texts.


 As ever, all feedback is welcome. If you think my idea has any merit please support it. 


giffgaff should offer a mobile phone insurance policy

Status: New Idea
by lpwilliams ‎14-05-2015 19:19 - edited ‎14-05-2015 19:20

giffgaff have been selling phones for some time now.

Success?  Yes.


giffgaff have joined forces with ratesetter to offer mobile phone loans.

Success?  I think it is, for those who want it


giffgaff have continued the link with ratesetter to offer loans for things other than mobile phones.

Success?  I think it could be, for those who want/need it


I propose giffgaff now consider offering mobile phone insurance policies for members to insure their phones - acting as a broker, as they are with ratesetter for loans.


This way, giffgaff generates more profit, which can be re-invested into the network, to enhance everybody's experience.  Members can take out insurance on their phones if they so wish.


Success?  What do you think?  Comments please?


I've seen a lot of errors on the giffgaff community where members try to add a gigabag onto their account when theyve run out of data in their current goodybag but they end up doing an early repurchase so their goodybag allowance is removed (they aren't so chuffed about that either).


My idea is to make gigabags supplementary to goodybags so that both bundles can be active at the same time. This will also enable high data users or those who want to tether to use this option as they find that they get blocked for tethering on unlimited data goodybags. Sounds like it needs quite a bit of work to put into action but considering the benefits it may have for members I think it's definitely one worth considering. 


All the best guys Smiley Happy


Don't forget to Kudos this if you think it's a good idea

Change Your Username!

Status: New Idea
by dannykhann13 ‎04-05-2015 13:44 - edited ‎08-05-2015 21:05
Giffgaff should offer members that have been active participants of the giffgaff community for 6-12+ months the option to request a username change.

This is because some members may not be happy with their current ones so it would be nice if you could offer the option for people to request a one off username change if they are not happy as when they join it may be random and they may later not like it. Smiley Happy


pause on goodybags

Status: New Idea
by kerensac on ‎03-04-2015 21:54

would it be possible to pause a goodybag if you go abroad on holiday for 2 weeks you cant use any of your goodybag while your away so would it be possible to pause the goodybag for a time limit of 2 weeks or whatever you pick till you come back even if you only have so many times your able to use it, seems a waste if you pay for a months goodybag and only get to use it for half the time

European Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by crypticmiss on ‎02-12-2014 16:18
As I travel a lot, sometimes for long periods in Europe, it is prohibitively expensive to even receive calls on Giffgaff let alone make them. Is it possible to have a goody bag for use in Europe. I currently put my Giffgaff on hold and buy a sim in the relevant country, but this means people in the UK cannot get hold of me on my different number. I think Giffgaff is great value and this would be a great help for anyone holidaying in Europe. Thanks. Please give kudos if you think this is a good idea.

I've just joined Giffgaff.

I have absolutely no signal when at home. We live in a fairly narrow valley and so expected this - none of the networks have a signal here. If we go up either side of the valley by a few hundred metres we get a signal.


On our EE account we have a "signal box" which provides us with a local 3G signal via our broadband.


Has giffgaff negotiated anything similar yet? I know O2 have a similar device - their "boost box".

Giffgaff seen to be lagging behind with this now as this technology (femtocell) is now widely used by EE, O2 and Vodafone for their domestic (not just business) customers.


I'm sure many giffgaff customers would benefit and would be prepared to purchase such a device if it were available.


Thanks for reading!



I logged into giffgaff this morning (6th May 2015) to find the house style of the website had changed almost beyond recognition. The fonts are ghastly and angular, while pictures and banners have been piled on top of each other, rendering it:

  • very difficult on the eye (too many bright colours);
  • difficult to find objects that are under other objects, especially hyperlinks in the dashboard, which appears to have been almost entirely obscured by new banners;
  • incredibly time-consuming to load each page, even on a home broadband connection (I dread to imagine how bad it must be for public wifi/mobile connections), because the pictures are so large — this got so frustrating that I used the Firefox add-on AdBlockPlus to block most .jpg and .png images from loading.


I, therefore, petition giffgaff to restore the house style that was in effect prior to 6th May, since it is much more user-friendly, easier to navigate, easier to read, and less bandwidth-guzzling.

At carphonewarehouse you can do payg upgrade
EE tmobile orange vodafone others allows their members to upgrade
So my idea is
Giffgaff should allow us to do payg upgrade with carphonewarehouse or giffgaff it's self (like 20% off on selected phones basic ones mostly)


Status: New Idea
by spacefrog on ‎18-05-2015 18:19
I propose the idea that Giffgaffers could donate data megabytes from their current goodybags, the total of megabytes saved could be converted into either
A: donated to charity.
B: unused data converted into a small payback award.
This would encourage Giffgaffers not to waste data, and to be careful with it,
thus making speeds faster and would be better for everybody. this data is paid for and is the users choice of whether they use it or not, the payback or charity award would be known as
I'm sure you lot in higher places who run Giffgaff could make this work....
I know there's a shortage of data to go around so it's got to be a step in the right direction. 👍 🐸

Pick and Mix

Status: New Idea
by edwardlittle on ‎16-04-2015 11:41
Why not have pick and mix goodybags? At the moment you have to choose a goodybag that most closely matches your requirements but may not match them completely. So I suggest that all the various items are priced individually, allowing members to choose what they want and get charged accordingly. So, for example, you could choose 500 minutes with 2 Gb of data or 200 minutes and 2 Gb of data, with each being at a set price. No mobile phone company does this so GiffGaff could lead the way!