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Free night time data

Status: New Idea
by jonschneider on ‎23-09-2014 14:54

I've previously suggested time-of-day dependent charging as a way of reducing peak time demand and making things fairer. That didn't go down too well.


How about something simpler to understand, especially for the benefit those people without proper broadband. (I'm not one of them.). Free data or at least a few GB from say midnight to 6am ? This would be for everybody. This is somthing conventional ISPs have done before.







Goodybag Early Purchase Option Before 5mins / 5MB Left

Status: New Idea
by cim ‎24-09-2014 15:03 - edited ‎26-09-2014 15:31

The new goodybag early re-purchase is a very welcome innovation at giffgaff.


The one area which I think needs a tweak is the compulsory wait until 5 mins or 5Mb is left on a goodybag.


There are instances where this is could prove to be inconvenient e.g. where somebody realises they want to tether data so needs to switch to a limited product while they still have mins left, or conversely where someone wants to move to an unlimited data product.


This scenario has already been raised in help at least once.


As it stands, it appears that the only way to achieve this is to waste mins or waste data. Its hard to see how that helps giffgaff or the customer - providing mins and data is a cost to giffgaff, writing them off when starting a new goodybag early is a saving. Burning mins or data would be time consuming, battery intensive and also use network resources pointlessly.


So I think there should be an option to renew before reaching any 5MB / 5 mins thresholds.


It would need to be very clearly set out that the customer is renewing before a product is fully depleted but that should be simple enough to do.


What do you think?


Note - as per @gordie10's point in comments below - moving from limited to unlimited should not be necessary to do early as there is no obvious benefit in doing this- but does not mean that some customers may not try to do so anyway of course.


Note 2 - It appears that there is already a sort of undocumented way to achieve this this as described by @sloz and with useful info from @anth006 in this thread - @hazel22 has also now added comments to that thread to explain gg's position on this.


Offline SIM activation

Status: New Idea
by 1hale on ‎27-09-2014 18:07
How about activation via 43430?

Say I order a SIM or use one of my MGM SIM cards.

I buy a voucher for £10 or more.

I then dial 43430 from that inactive SIM and top up/credit it to my SIM.

Then using the details of the SIM you would send us out a text with our phone number and a link to finalize the activation.

The finalize would be to:

Provide the sim code,
Username and address.

Although the SIM would still work without that.

HOWEVER to make it advantageous for us to finalize online the £5 bonus credit would only be applied if we DO finalize online

101 number to be free

Status: New Idea
by kerri494 on ‎25-09-2014 11:31
I think 101 number should be free 999 is free so why isn't 101 well I can't ring 101 only if I've got credit #JustSaying 😜

£10 googybag

Status: New Idea
by malcolmhillier on ‎30-09-2014 11:22
Not sure if this has been mentioned. But every month i require a top up. i look for the one that suits me. I find that 500 calls is too much and i am wasting my time with the £12 top up as i don't need as much data or texts. Why not have an in between top up: So you can add on extra texts or extra minutes and or data. For example, i could add pick the £10 top-up but take off 250 minutes to 250 but add an extra 1 gb data or as much as i wanted for a set amount more. Say £1 per GB, I am not 100% sure of the prices so just an estimate really. But i would like a goodybag that will give me 250 texts a month, 2gb data, and 250 calls unlimited to giffgaff. OR Allow what is left over to be carried over to the following month. Will solve a lot of problems with tariffs.

I think that giffgaff sell a real good range of mobile phones at competitive prices, but sometimes it is useful to have a cheap (almost throwaway handset) for holidays, nights outs, festivals etc - a VERY cheap phone in the region of £10-£20.


I would like to see giffgaff trial the option of selling a very small selection of £10-£20 basic phones as often they can be bought from shops but need to add top-ups to them and if already got a giffgaff sim, then the top up is of little use.


Please give my idea some consideration and let me know your thoughts.


Missed call message

Status: New Idea
by methusan on ‎09-09-2014 23:54

If a person calls your phone while it is turned off, then you will not get a notification on your phone when you turn it on telling you that someone has called. Giffgaff should create a system where if a caller reaches your voicemail (but doesn't leave a voice message) , then Giffgaff will send a message notifying you that the person had called. Companies such as o2 have already implemented the idea and i feel as if its useful!


more than 1 sim for an account

Status: New Idea
by g1llmatthews on ‎25-09-2014 23:54

So far I have 2 devices which have SIM cards in them and looking forward it seems like I may end up with more. It is a real pain to have to have multiple usernames to have multiple sims. you end up having to try to come up with several unique user names and remember which username goes with which device, all of which is annoying


blink and miss it.

Status: New Idea
by scooplnr1990 on ‎28-09-2014 14:41
Hey not so much a great idea but more a idea.

GG already offer amazing deals, but why not every 3 months offer a surprise discounted goodbag on a unknowen day for maybe a couple of hours before it being took off again.

So maybe off the £20 goodybag for a one off £15.

GiffGaff Cloud...

Status: New Idea
by scooplnr1990 on ‎25-09-2014 09:24
Giffgaff Cloud would allow you to backup your numbers, texts and pictures, each user would get a set amount off free space and will have the option to upgrade to more space at a small price.

This would be effective and in the long run. every member will be happy because we all lose are numbers at least once.


Status: New Idea
by samuelsparrow on ‎05-09-2014 16:51
It would be great to 'Gift' a goodybag to friends and family.

We could call it a 'GIFT BAG'

What do you think?

Fairer photo submission T&Cs

Status: New Idea
by ataraxia on ‎14-09-2014 22:33

I was just about to enter the Photography Challenge until I read this in the T&Cs:


6. We own the copyright on all entries submitted, and by entering into the competition you agree that we can use, display, publish, transmit, copy and otherwise exploit your submissions for any purposes we feel appropriate.


That clause seems unfair and unnecessary. Instagram aside (don't get me started on that), social networks and photography competitions often operate on a nonexclusive rights/licensing model. That would seem to cover what giffgaff needs i.e. ability to share across message boards, newsletters, social media etc - but without taking the copyright from the person that created the artwork.

I know that goodybags have only recently changed, But I find i have a slight problem now, I am looking at the £15 a month goodybag, which currently has


  • 500 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 5 GB Internet
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

Because i need to teather with my data, this is why im choosing one with 5GB of internet, But i need more minutes so can Giffgaff consider an idea to create a goodybag similar to the one above but with more minutes, because at the moment they are all 500 minutes.


So for example it could be


  • 900 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK Texts
  • 5GB Internet
  • Free giffgaff numbers


and it could be like £16.50 a month or something? Im sure the people at giffgaff could decide on pricing.


Free Giffgaff to Giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by saarahibrahim on ‎21-09-2014 14:51

Hello guys


I don't know if this has been on Ideas before


But you know how you have to top up £10 every 3 months to keep your free giffgaff to giffgaff and that has to be from credit you just added and not airtime credit that has already been on your account. I wasnt aware of this, I only realised after someone told me after I bought a £10 goodybag from credit i already had on my account.


I think giffgaff should extend the free giffgaff to giffgaff even if its from credit thats already on your account


I hope this makes sense


At the moment, a casual browser would visit the Ideas page and potentially only see the Hot Ideas section.  That's all well and good, but these ideas are already well established ideas that have received exposure.


By changing the landing page to New Ideas, you keep the new ideas exposed for longer, to a wider range of visitors.  This list could be all ideas posted in the last 12 or 24 hours, or the most recent 25 ideas - whatever works best.


At the moment, new ideas are only really evident to users who actively seek them.


It would also increase the likelihood of ideas being seen, discussed and reviewed.  Site users could always click on the 'Hot Ideas' tab if they want to look at more established (and probably dated) ideas. 

Hello people


I was thinking that maybe giffgaff should allow its members to top up with £5 to extend their free giffgaff to giffgaff and not require you to top up £10 just to extend.


For some people, I know that £5 is sufficient for them to buy the Hokey Cokey goodybag


I hope this makes sense


queued goodybags.

Status: New Idea
by seantad1999 on ‎17-09-2014 17:58
Instead of getting an agent to cancel queued goodybags, we should have the option to cancel them ourselves. This would save us a lot of time. And a lot more easy for agents so they could work with other problems. Thanks :smileyhappy:

Mobile stock levels

Status: New Idea
by whiskymatt on ‎24-09-2014 14:58

Just a thought, would be good to be able to get an email when new stocks of phones are coming in. That way people would not have to keep checking the site every day. Any thoughts from anyone?


idea: To stop problems after activation of your giffgaff sim

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎16-09-2014 15:44 - edited ‎22-09-2014 01:07

Seems a lot of new members lose credit and then can't buy a goodybag when they first join .. When you activate the simcard with the obligatory £10 it goes on your account

Members think they have bought the goodybag and later find out when the lose service that they only had credit.

Also the so called 1p glitch that takes small amounts of credit stopping you buying a goodybag after activation because you have data turned on.

Also blackberry members who buy a goodybag and then realise they needed the blackberry plan and cannot add the bbplan to there new goody bag


My idea :

So I think the activation credit should go on your account but cannot be used

until after  you have been allocated your new number and at thst point you get a pm and on your dashboard saying .

Thank you for joining giffgaff here's your new giffgaff number  it's time choose 

Please now choose your giffgaff tariff.

Payg credit and a full explanation 

Goodybag and a full explanation


BlackBerry plan with a full explanation

This will stop any losses or confusion when joining up and no more disgruntled new members

and that means more customers stay with us and pass on how great giffgaff is to potential new members .

Good news and reviews travel fast .. but bad ones travel FASTER

idea originally posted in contribute for discussion


Notification when sim inserted about apn settings

Status: New Idea
by ben199814 ‎18-09-2014 19:42 - edited ‎19-09-2014 16:00



My idea is simple but would help a lot of new giffgaffers out. There is always a ton of questions about apn settings in the help and support forum and people don't know where to get them from.


My idea is to have a notification pop up when you first insert a giffgaff sim. (this wouldn't be needed on ios anymore as giffgaff is now a recognised carrier), it would look the same as when you check your balance using the giffgaff shortcode and would say something like:

To get your mobile internet working, you will need to input some settings. You can find them here: 


Then the user could click the link and easily set them up without the frustration of wondering why their mobile internet isn't working.



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