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Promote all giffgaff phones are unlocked

Status: New Idea
by bertiebat ‎25-06-2014 17:50 - edited ‎25-06-2014 21:22

Seems so obvious but hasn't been done and needs to be made much clearer.  See for yourself here


I was prompted by a help thread asking whether giffgaff were locked or not and found that NOTHING on the phones offer page states this at all (even on the specifications of the phones).  The only 'official' confirmation is on the Knowledge based article on this which isn't even linked.


So simples :smileyhappy: add some text to the header banner that is used on buying phones to include the really important selling point that giffgaff phones aren't locked to the network.  I've kept to the rhyming theme but any other suggestions are welcome. :smileyhappy:


Buy phones SIM free upfront or pay monthly   giffgaff.png


So you know what to do (click the kudos button) if you wish to support this simple and easy to implement idea.  Comments (as always) welcomed. :smileyhappy:


PS.  As a related issue the links on the support pages also need to be changed (firstly include this KB article and secondly change the other links.  I started a contribute thread on this here


Text alerts for missed calls.

Status: New Idea
by tam_g93 on ‎09-07-2014 19:14

We all have them times when our phone isnt in signal or is off. The thing with Giffgaff is that you arent notified unless you use a different app etc. I think introducing the text alerts would be a good thing, its alreaady offered by others so why not Giffgaff? Also its easier than using another app which needs connecting to the internet. 




Network Performance Data

Status: New Idea
by andyxhill on ‎22-07-2014 16:43

Without any doubt GG will have a lot of data on dropped calls,3g download rates,service outages etc. The anecdotal view is that (in particular data) the results are poor.


Maybe it isn't by comparison to other networks? So come on GG publish the data and show us actually what a great network it is. You have nothing to hide?  


Clarify that calling a giffgaff number (that is abroad) is free

Status: New Idea
by cdcaskey95 ‎22-07-2014 22:17 - edited ‎23-07-2014 23:18



Since giffgaff are doing a pretty good deal that you can call a giffgaff number for free (even if the phone you are calling is abroad), I think that giffgaff should mention this on the international pricing.


It is common knowledge that when both phones are in the UK, giffgaff to giffgaff is free. But, people that I have asked don't know that it is still free to call a giffgaff mobile that is abroad, what I'm proposing is that giffgaff mention that this is the case by putting something onto the international pricing page to clarify this to people.


Although it does say this in the knowledge base article on using giffgaff abroad and on various other articles, these require searching for, especially since there is no link to the knowledge base article on the international pricing page.


This screenshot gives some idea as to what I mean:


Sorry if it isn't written very eloquently, but thanks for your time,





edit: Thanks to rayhoo and bertie for advice on making this idea more clear :smileyhappy:

Any type of warning whilst during a phone call your phone lets you know it's about to run out of minutes and start using credit. This could be an audible warning, a text being sent or your call could just come to an end and notify you that you are now in to using air time credit.


minimum top up should be £5

Status: New Idea
by mizanmiah89 on ‎01-07-2014 23:19
I agree this part to activate the sim you should top up £10
But then after we should be able to purchase £5 airtime rather than £10 minimum
So I think giffgaff should offer £5 minimum top up.
Might not be the great idea but I think this is important to people

Minutes only goodybag?

Status: New Idea
by jimfraegala on ‎21-07-2014 19:50

Some people, especially older ones, do not text nor use data. Would it not be possible to have a minutes only goodybag? Say £7.50 - 400 minutes.





boost bag

Status: New Idea
by saadiyahk on ‎24-07-2014 20:50
If you just need that boost of texts of minutes or data but for just a little while. Maybe a week or just a weekend.
So for example can buy a unlimited texts for a weekend or 500 maybe for a decent price. That only lasts a week or a few days.

payback = mobile phones

Status: New Idea
by lawarcbur79 on ‎06-07-2014 10:45

i think giffgaff should give a 3rd option to payback by offering a phone fund were you can save up your payback till you can afford the phone that you want, this could be good for both giffgaff and giffgaffer.



Data remaining

Status: New Idea
by adamlawson50 on ‎16-07-2014 17:14
How about extending the update message which appears when a call ends to show total MB remaining. Currently shows everything else but MB...

purchase goodybags through top-up line?

Status: New Idea
by biscotti on ‎17-07-2014 13:11

i have recently read through some threads talking of "text-in" goodybag purchasing. which i do believe to be a feasible concept, but surely adding goodybag purchase into the current top-up line would make the system much simpler as well as better for those in low to no coverage areas.

Whilst the idea of signal boosters have been brought up here before, I guess that giffgaff can't fund the hardware costs.


However, Three are trailling their new app Three In Touch which will allow users to make and receive calls over wifi connections (not just their own home wifi network). This is similar to O2's TU Go app.


Further information can be found here:


Three said that the limited audience will be able to trial the app in the next month or two as it goes through beta testing.


Now, how about an enterprising coder coming up with something like this for us giffgaffers? It seems that the hardware costs are prohibitive, but surely someone could be paid to write an app like this?


Of course a lot of people on giffgaff who are having issues with calls/texts/data at home or work would be able to use this app to great advantage - and it would also take some of the pressure of some of the more congested parts of the giffgaff/O2 network.


What do people think?

gg should provide a regular report to the community on the performance of the 3G and 4G data network

gg must know what level of data service they are providing based on the stress levels on their data servers so that data should already be available. A graph of "average network speed and latency vs time of day" would be useful for example. Data should be updated at least say once a week.


Why do we need this?

Mobile data can be really slow at times and congestion management and traffic shaping policies are being implemented but the benefits to users are not yet clear -  meanwhile members are complaining, reporting poor speedtest results, expressing discontent with a lack of information from gg, some even leaving gg.


The vacuum left by the lack of up-to-date performance status info is filled by posts of worst-case reports of slow data and even speculation that gg is willingly allowing the system to degrade.


Future Targets?

To make this idea work well, data performance should be stated against speed targets. We would all like to know where gg's data performance is heading - what speeds can we expect to get say in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months? I hope gg have a plan with some numbers, I think gg should consider sharing more of it with us, instead of letting users wonder for ourselves on a daily basis whether the network will perform adequately.


Do you think this would be a good idea? 


Branded dongle for use with gigabags

Status: New Idea
by egeek on ‎18-07-2014 18:08

Since giffgaff are now selling phones, it would be really cool to see a giffgaff branded 3G/(4G) dongle for use with gigabags being sold. This would be especially worthwhile because one doesn't have to go through the convoluted process of unlocking a dongle or going into an O2 store and buying one of theirs. I think that this could also attract many new customers too, because gigabags are a really cheap option for internet access.


Lost & Stolen - Lost phone only

Status: New Idea
by islandstifle on ‎07-07-2014 09:40

Currently the automated lost & stolen process at allows you to bar your phone & SIM or just your SIM. These each result in a special SIM being sent out in the post, and your account isn't usable until then.


Most members have a spare SIM lying around, either because they've ordered plenty to give out or the cheeky SIM that gets sent a few weeks after they activate. Some members also have a spare old phone that they might like to use in the meantime. These members might conceivably want to SIM swap onto a spare SIM and use it in the old phone for a while or even long term.


If they want to bar their old phone, though, which they probably will, they have to either bar their SIM as well and be without a phone for a few days (short of activating a new SIM with all the associated palaver) or go through the agents, and even then you have to lie and say you've already reported your SIM lost in order to activate the form.


Therefore my suggestion is simple: on the automatic lost form, there should also be an option for "bar just my phone — I haven't lost the SIM or am going to use SIM swap".




Educator inbox facility

Status: New Idea
by phil_72 on ‎02-07-2014 16:54
Hello peeps. I've been around for a while now. Some may call me a dinosaur but I don't have big teeth.

Anyway. My idea.

I've seen over the months, new and existing members wondering how to contact an educator when we either want to personally message whoever is on shift for reasons other than reporting a post, etc.

We DID have a page that showed us who was on shift and at a guess, you could be fairly sure that person was still logged in and active.

My suggestion now this facility has been removed, is to have a 'Contact Educator' button somewhere on the menu part of the website, or in your account, to take away the guesswork of who is on. Your personal message will then ping into the inbox of whoever is on shift for non urgent queries. We would still use the report facility when needed, but this is for those other occasions of which I'm sure there are plenty!

It also gives newbies a good point to ask a question when a member simply says 'contact an educator'.

Now I believe that the original page is being worked on, but this would be a one click contact button rather than looking at that page, then assuming it's up to date.

Anyone care to comment, support or throw fireballs at me?

Non Expiring Data Sim

Status: New Idea
by borg42 on ‎29-06-2014 21:48

I think this would be a fairer way of operating the gigabags. The product is sold on the basis of the amount of data. presumably GiffGaff would be happy for me to use the amount of data on my gigabag within the specified time. So if I've paid for that amount of data I should be allowed to use it all however long it takes.


I'm sure if I used all my allowance i a week GiffGaff would be more than happy to let me purchase another.


Come on GiffGaff step up and provide a product nobody else is. I'm sure you would have floods of tablet and low usage users flocking to buy your data sims.  :smileyhappy:



Over the last 2 months I have had 4 recruits join giffgaff, however when wanting to check if they have been correctly allocated to my account, I can't. This is because the recruits page no longer updates automatically and I have to wait until the payback points are tallied before I can see the new information, by which time the information is a month out of date.

Please could we have it how it used to be so we can see shortly after receiving the recruits email? This way it'll save people bothering the agents.

Thank you.

If you support the idea, please click on the kudos button. :smileyvery-happy:

I see it again and again 'I have a £15 balance to buy a £15 goodybag by the time I got to buy the bag I had £14.98'


Really this has to stop



Can we have just a few more minutes on the Hokey Cokey goodybag please?

Anywhere between 80 and 100 would be great.