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Accessing Text Messages Online

Status: New Idea
by nigesmiff on ‎14-04-2014 21:30

I am engaged in a long-distance relationship with a lovely lady - she is terrific. I am also a complete numpty. This Sunday evening I left my mobile phone on-charge at my girlfriend's house and then drove all the way home. Now I don't have access to my SMS messages - they'll have to wait until I retrieve the phone next weekend. How frustrating !!!! If only there was a web portal that would allow me to see my messages in unfortunate scenarios such as this one.


Small Change to Top-Up Page

Status: New Idea
by pcantellow on ‎11-04-2014 09:54

This is a very small change and shouldn't be difficult to do. 


At the moment on the Top-Up Page  it has this: 



Firstly, as you can see it says "10 OS users don't need this". This frankly dosen't make sense and it's meant to be "OS 10 users don't need this". 


But also, we know that there are lots of people joining giffgaff who don't know that there phone has OS 10. I think to stop confusion it should list BlackBerrys OS 10 phones. (Z30, Z10, Q10, Q5)


Or if that would clunk up the page it could say something like "phone models beggning with "Z" or "Q""


If this has be posted before I am very sorry but search never works for me :smileyhappy:


Thank you for your support.


Free internet allowance with every topup

Status: New Idea
by gbn on ‎17-04-2014 20:49

It would be really good if GG gave us from 50MB to 100 MB of free data after each topup that would last for 30 days. i am sure that not everybody eagers to buy goodybags and this will help pay as you go customers. 50 to 100 MB is not a big deal. What do you think?

The 4G goody bags need to be made available to queue before 4G starts so that they will be ready to go from the day you switch on 4G.


My current goody bag expires on 25th March and at the moment I can only queue another 3G goody bag. This means if you switch on 4G  from 1st April (example) I will have to wait another 3 1/2 weeks to be able to get my 1st 4G goody bag.


Seeing as you are promoting people being ready for day 1 of 4G then you need to have them available before hand. It doesn't matter if it will only work on 3G until the switch on day, that is what you say will happen anyway on 4G,  if you move out of a 4G area, it goes back to 3G.


Most people would not lose out from this as they will still be getting 3G like they are now until you switch 4G on.




My current bag is £10 for 1GB internet, 500 mins and unlt texts.


The new 4G price plan as per below link is £10 for 1GB of 4G internet, 500 mins and ultd texts.


At least if I had a 4G goody bag from now on then I would continue to get what I'm paying for now on 3G with the added bonus of whatever day they decide to turn 4G on, I would have it from day 1. 


Does anyone else see this as a good thing??




Giffgaff members freebies section

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎11-03-2014 10:42 - edited ‎12-03-2014 17:02


Hi everyone.
Was thinking maybe we should or could have Giffgaff freebies section
Plenty of us get or have unwanted items
Of all descriptions
Or at times we need something.
As we're a awesome community maybe we could help each other out  ?
Maybe even a little donation to our gg charities once you receive your freebie (optional)
Could be a great asset to the community
Anything could be included subject to giffgaffs approval

An old phone or a spare part .
how many times when we upgrade to new phones or tech /games system and all the kits either binned or stuck in the cupboards.
Pass it on and make someone else happy
What do you think ?
We could have local pick ups or posted to be arranged with recipient of the freebie

posted in of topic discussion originally




For clarity added information. 


I understand there are other sites to recycle your unwanted item. But my idea is not to show people were to give the items away but to offer them within our community . Example. I may not be bothered to search out my stuff and use  sites as you mention.. But if see a giffgaff community member who needs an item I may be more inclined to donate it too them.


Pay via Direct Debit Payments

Status: New Idea
by prawlin ‎20-02-2014 13:45 - edited ‎23-03-2014 13:11
There was a recent issue with Maestro card suddenly being disabled from GG. This has apparently been quickly resolved now. However, to help avoid anything similar, the more alternative payment methods there are, the better, from everyone's point of view.

Adding Paypal could certainly be useful, though popular as it is, not everyone has a PayPal account.
One of the best payment systems would surely be the option to set up direct debit payments wouldn't it??


*Works with all banks, always.

*No need to possess any kind of cards, Debit or Credit.

*No hassles due to cards being routinely updated with new numbers etc, this then commonly causing failed top up payments. Followed by the hassle of having to change registered card data online etc.

*Totally safe. Many folks are still wary about giving their card details out to anywhere on line.

Seems like a no brainer to me.



So I only recently became a Giffgaff user and I noted that the short codes/USSD codes are quite extensive and massively useful but if you can't remember the code you want or need and haven't input all of them into your phone then they are quite fiddly to find when you are on the move. So possibly having a directory of these codes on the Giffgaff app would not only mean you have constant access to them at all times but they are right there where you need them.


Avoiding number port confusion

Status: New Idea
by foodie_boy on ‎25-03-2014 09:05

When members request a number port, they receive a message to say "Once we receive your request, we will reply back to arrange your mobile number transfer and confirm your transfer date".


This confirmation never seems to arrive, and members are left wondering whether their port will go ahead or not. It would save a lot of confusion if the giffgaff message didn't promise to send confirmation. Why not just say "Thanks for your request. Your number transfer will go ahead on the day you chose. During the process your phone service will be erratic and your balance and/or goodybag may disappear for a while but your account should be back to normal by the end of the day."


This should prevent many questions on the forum about whether their number port will happen or not. Some examples:


birthday/loyalty gift!

Status: New Idea
by chef_ronin on ‎05-04-2014 20:51



Just thought that it may be a great ideea in order to retain as many users as possible to offer some sort of incentive ( And I am not talking crazy amounts of minutes, data etc)..they can be done either way directly or something like a scratch card and be rewarded with something...


or maybe instituting some sort of reward for receiving a certain mumber of mnutes from other networks ( GG is getting his share from them ) so let's just say that every 100 minutes of received calls for other networks will be worth 1 pound in air time or something like this!


just my two pence !

As a user who almost exclusively users the mobile site I don't often get to see the community hub. I can see its a really useful way of highlighting current issues, news, tips and a gateway to further exploration of the forum.

For some time I had been using the "Listening thread" as my landing page - often picking up on highlighted topics and going off into the forums to follow up. Now its gone (RIP) I listlessly wander the contribute forum and often logout without ever opening a thread.

There is a desperate need for a mobile version of the Community hub to act as a landing page and to (partially) fill the void left by the Listening thread. Otherwise the forums just don't seem to hang together like they should. The gaff thread does a fine job, but it's not realtime.


Phil :smileyhappy:

I'm currently on the £12pm goodybag - unlimited texts & data and 250 UK mins. When I look at my monthly usage on the app or website, it tells me how many minutes I have used/have remaining, but doesn't show me how many texts I've sent or data I've used. It just says 'unlimited data' and 'unlimited texts'. I like to know how many texts I've sent and data I've used for many reasons, one of the main one being I'm looking to get 4G when giffgaff launch it, and all the goodybags have capped data - I want to know how much I use each day, for example, so I can see what goodybag is best for me. At the end of the month gg email to tell me how many texts I've sent and how much data I've used, so they can clearly access this information. This is useful, but I'd like to be able to see how much I've used whenever I want during the month on the app rather than just at the end of each month.

My giffgaff app blog

Status: New Idea
by homenetwork on ‎16-04-2014 01:58

Hey guys


A very small tweak and some of you may think its just not a big enough deal but:


the My giffgaff app is great for the 'my giffgaff ' stuff but what about making it easier to surf through the community?


When you click community in the side bar, instead of the 'more' drop down menu how about having:




kudos if you think this tiny change would be beneficial for us!


Price-match competitors' prepaid tariffs

Status: New Idea
by nfh on ‎05-04-2014 18:00

A few years ago, Orange used to offer a deal called "Orange Value Promise", whereby Orange would price-match the main postpaid tariffs of any other UK network. This was in the days when there were hardly any MVNOs and each network offered only a small number of tariffs. Orange later stopped offering this scheme to anyone who was not already on it.


I am suggesting that giffgaff revive this idea and do the same, price-matching the most popular prepaid tariffs of other networks and MVNOs. I'm thinking of Three's 3-2-1 offer in particular which is probably giffgaff's closest competitor but which giffgaff misleadingly omits from its "Compare the Pay As You Go market" page.


I suggest that where giffgaff price-matches another network:

  • Goodybags cannot be bought; a customer either chooses giffgaff's prices or another network's prices, not both.
  • Free giffgaff-to-giffgaff calls are not provided.
  • Giffgaff's own roaming charges apply; Orange followed this approach with OVP given that it is difficult to replicate another UK network's commercial agreements with foreign networks.
  • Payback operates as normal, given that even someone who doesn't use their giffgaff SIM card can earn payback.

The advantages to customers are obvious, but the advantages to giffgaff are:

  • Other networks can no longer compete with giffgaff on price.
  • Giffgaff can market itself on the superior O2 network, particularly compared to Three, but also compared to EE which has decommissioned thousands of transmitters.
  • It attracts new customers to giffgaff who might have gone to another network.
  • It retains existing customers with giffgaff who are tempted by another network's prices.

Goodybags are all well and good for many customers but they have drawbacks which put off some customers:

  • Customers have to predict exactly how much they will consume in a month.
  • Some customers need to consume for a period that does not equate to an exact number of months, for example 1 week or 6 weeks.
  • If customers consume less than the goodybag's allowance, some of the goodybag is wasted.
  • If customers consume more than the goodybag's allowance, then they pay a price that is disproportionately more than the pro-rata price within the goodybag.

Price-matching other networks would alleviate these issues and avoid losing customers to competitors.

Hi, I see lots of ideas here for changing the balance of data and minutes in various goodybags.  However reducing minutes/increasing data in a £10 bag, for example will please some and irk others (personally, it was the current £10 goodybag that attracted me to gg). 


As an alternative, what about a range of 3 £10 goodybags with low/med/high minutes and corresponding high/med/low data.  Could please all of the people all of the time and should be cost-neutral to gg.  Please give this lots of kudos if you think it's a good idea!



Status: New Idea
by sxhussain78690 on ‎14-04-2014 14:32
Why does Giffgaff not allow conference calls?! Please add this feature into Giffgaff as conference calls for me are a major must have!!!!!! 😔😫😩😭😁

Give the goodybags with 4G internet a different name

Status: New Idea
by bethanaaay ‎06-03-2014 12:17 - edited ‎07-03-2014 09:39

Hi everyone :smileyhappy:


Today, the 4G goodybags were announced in this blog post:


This idea is not about changes to the goodybags, but actually how they'll be marketed.


Giffgaff have created 4 goodybags that include 4G internet. These are priced at £10, £10, £12 and £15. These fall in line with the current 3G goodybags also priced at £10, £12 and £15.

However, they have different contents. For example, the 3G £10 goodybag curretly has 500 mins, unlimited texts and 1GB data. But the 4G £10 goodybag for non-existing members will have 250 mins, unlimited texts and 500MB data.

My thought was that this could soon become very confusing. As pointed out by @essie112mm the BB Add-On/Blackberry Plan situation has all become a bit complex recently, and it would be ideal to avoid the same problem again.


Idea: To market the 4G goodybags with a different name. We would have goodybags, gigabags and '4Gbags' (or something similar).


Cost: Not a lot, just a bit of thinking about it really :smileyhappy:


How it would help: It would mean that giffgaff newbies who don't regularly use the website don't get confused. Threads on Help & Support will be clearer making it easier to help those who need it without having to ask more questions.


Thanks :smileyhappy:



Name suggestions:

'Goodyb4gs' or 'Chattyb4gs' by @stevepritchard 

'Superbag' by @mattsmith100 

'Smartbag' by @essie112mm 

'4Gigabag' or '4Goodybag' by @bonzo123 

'Speedybags' by @root2 


Provide actual voice mail help.

Status: New Idea
by diwatty on ‎20-03-2014 15:27

So i have been going through the voicemail menu (443) and on the main menu's final option it says "if you need help with voicemail press 1" I pressed one and it ended the call with the saying "Thanks for calling ta ra".


I was expecting help or a direction to the giffgaff commuinty, i take it is not a joke but an error. 


Could we have this fixed or have it direct you to the commuinty if help is required?




Progress Ladder

Status: New Idea
by saarahibrahim on ‎04-04-2014 23:25

Hey guys


I always wonder how I'm doing to get to the next rank or what I need to do.


I believe your rank gets higher the more you help out in the community.


I think there should be like a ladder or something on our profile page, and as you help out in the community it fills up like a potion.


This would tell people how they're doing in order to reach the next rank.


Once the ladder's filled up, it starts again, but with the next rank at the top.


This would be good in order to tell people how they're progressing etc.


I hope you see what I mean.


Thank you


Auto-message for deaf/blind users

Status: New Idea
by bill graduate on ‎04-04-2014 18:35

Following on from the idea of a text-only goodybag for deaf users, why not have an option in "My Account" that can be switched on to auto-reply to methods of contact that can't be answered by a certain user.


Blind users could have an auto-reply to texts saying "The person you have texted is blind and cannot read your message, please call instead", and deaf users could have an auto-voice message saying "The person you have called is deaf, and cannot answer your call, please text instead".


I'm sure it would help a lot of people, and also gain support from organisations like RNID and RNIB.

If a user on a goodybag uses up all of their allowance the additional usage is charged at 2p per MB.  This means that while a non-goodybag user can pay 20p for 20MB in a single day, a user who uses all data allowance would need to pay 40p for first 20MB.


I appreciate anything above that is only 2p but users not requiring unlimited are more likely to go for a limited data bundle to keep costs down.


By reducing additional MB to 1p, it is still beneficial for low data users to choose the approriate data pack but knowing that if they chose the one below and had a bit of additional usage they are not penalised compared with non goodybag users.


As example at 1p per MB over allowance, a user who uses around 200MB per month could buy a Hokey Cokey and pay somewhere between £5 and £6.80 per month (as long as they stayed within minutes and texts).

If they went over that then they would be looking at a £7.50 or above goodybag anyway.


I do think the goodybag range is pretty good but competition is getting better and giffgaff needs a new edge.  Short of revising goodybags and making them more flexible or have a wider range with different balances between calls, texts and data, having a 1p per MB for data with goodybag purchases makes it worthwhile having even a £5 Goodybag and not worry to much about data useage if you are a lowish data user but actual amounts varies.



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