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I'm a fairly savvy tech user, but it took me a while to figure I needed to go to the "payments" page to change my recurring goodybag.  I'm sure there used to be a "change" link next to the recurring goodybag on the "My account" page.


Please bring it back/implement.  I can't be the only one with this problem (although I don't have the problem anymore :-)  ) !!




Hybrid SIMs

Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney ‎29-11-2014 08:49 - edited ‎29-11-2014 09:24

Why donsent giffgaff start using hybrid simcards that have standard mico and nano simcards all in one like these. it may save time in the odering process and also when people are upgarding. Three is already doing them.

Here is a quick draw of what it could look like. Here is my previous idea posted on 04-03-2014.

 111 giff.jpg


Giff Gaff Abroad

Status: New Idea
by bigfriendlydog on ‎15-11-2014 12:28
I travel abroad quite a bit but I am amazed at how much it costs to use my phone. Could Giff Gaff not come up with a reasonable package to use abroad that includes data download, phone and texting. Sometimes it is not safe to use cafe's Wi Fi if as an example I have to contact my bank or pay a bill. I intend in the future to travel abroad for a few months and a good overseas package would be great


Raise the Payback Money/ Reverse Strategy

Status: New Idea
by swindlerz ‎30-11-2014 00:01 - edited ‎30-11-2014 23:19

So there's a rise in inflation, a rise in the cost of goodybags as we've noticed (i.e to get unlimited data) and the price of 4g is going up too in january the 12th.


so to reflect to the living standards surely we should raise the amount of points the bands earn to reflect this


I propose the increase should be 20%






    • Band 1 - 3000 points - £30.00
    • Band 2 - 2000 points - £20.00
    • Band 3 - 1000 points - £10.00
    • Band 4 - 100 points - £1.00
    • Band 5 - 10 points - £0.10




    • Band 1 - 3600 points - £36.00
    • Band 2 - 2400 points - £24.00
    • Band 3 - 1200 points - £12.00
    • Band 4 - 120 points - £1.20
    • Band 5 - 12 points - £0.12

This in effect does not change the rule of 1 point representing 1p

as well maintaining the welfare of the community.


I wish this takes in effect before the New Year or at least before the rise of the price of the goodybags.(13th of Jan)


The outcome should stop people leaving so there would be more money into the pot... However, it seems theres a proportionate amount of members here really dislike this idea as its not making giffgaff profitable !?

(more people on giffgaff should imply more money being able in the pot, simple economics model supply and demand curve)

So anyway the REVERSE STRATEGY! (Cut Cut Cut)


Stricter payback points - Only way to earn points is either Submit Giffgaff Ideas, Help and Support and Tips and Guides.

You're either the person to respond that gained the Best Answer or on the Top 5 replies (on good constructive responses, not repeated responses)

Anyone that posts negative responses or otherwise known to un-helpful to the community should earn minimal points to zero points (i.e hence they can go at max band 3 for the month)


Only way to be profitable is: if there are more giffgaffers in the pool so people will actually top up otherwise we just go through the normal route and keep cutting. xd


I obviously prefer the first strategy i rather make a small lost and earn big in the long run than doing the reverse stratgey for the short run.


Can I emphasis that this is not about Greed and Moaning, it is an idea that could potentially grow the community.








PayBack rollover no expiry

Status: New Idea
by bluemoonbaz ‎30-10-2014 19:38 - edited ‎30-10-2014 19:49

Good evening 

I think payback should be able to rollover more than once and I fact you should be able to choose to rollover at every payback  windows 

This could be for many reasons ..


You may only have a small amount or you may wish to wait until you have enough to purchase something 

But for whatever reason it should be a giffgaff members choice to either take payback or rollover to a payback windows of their choice after #werealltheboss


June 2015

Dec  2015


If you agree please support this idea by kudos 



Here's what happens now 


7.4. If you do not notify us how you want to use your Payback Points within the Selection Period, any Payback Points you have accumulated during the last Payback Period shall roll-over into the following Payback Period. Such roll-over only applies once and any Payback Points which have previously rolled over shall be removed from your Account.



Oh dear. A few months ago I posted that I found it very difficult to find the "ask an agent" tab. I now see that is a lot easier - as soon as you click on HELP it is there and it seems it is much easier to navigate - so thank you GG for that at least. However I also suggested - as did many others - that there must be an option to click on when none of the existing categories apply. That bit has not been implemented. Can anyone enlighten me if it is in the pipeline? I still found myself clicking on the category about calls just because the other categories seemed even less appropriate! How frustrating to have to fill in all these boxes about exactly what time the call was made, and the computer constantly coming back because I had not filled in all the boxes correctly - what time and how many seconds was the call - The darned call never existed! I tried to get flippant and put the date as 1847 - well the computer realy didn't like that! All because GG had not got a "Any other query that does not fit into any of the  other categories" box.



Status: New Idea
by ezekush on ‎04-12-2014 13:46

I am very angry with giffgaff for not wanting to deliver phones ordered to work address, what happens when you can't stay at home to collect it and have no one who can do this? You are forced to take a whole day off or go somewhere else to purchase. This is poor customer services. Many companies will deliver to your work address if you ask them so why not this company? Time to switch?

How about Giffgaff introduces goodybags that match Vectone offers:-


  • UK Pocket Saver only £1 a month - 50 minutes/SMS (mix & match) 50 MB data Unlimited calls & texts Giffgaff to Giffgaff 
  • UK Pocket Saver only £3.50 a month - 100 minutes 100 SMS 50 MB data Unlimited calls & texts Giffgaff to Giffgaff  
  • UK Pocket Saver only £5 a month - 150 minutes 150 SMS 500 MB data Unlimited calls & texts Giffgaff to Giffgaff 

So been advised by an educator that this is worth posting here so here goes. When the charity nominations come about it seems that smaller charities get ignored so since payback happens twice a year what I was thinking is have one of those only open to big national charities and have the other one for members to suggest only small local charities that way they won't be overlooked by everyone automatically voting for the big charities they are already familiar with. As if one period was only open to members nominating local charities from their area then most members won't be familiar with most of them and will have to research them to decide who to vote for. This will give small charities a bigger chance of winning as they are only competing with each other and not the big ones and on the flip side bigger ones are only competing with each other and not pretty much ruling out local charities by automatically being already in the public conciseness.




Make it easy to report Typographic errors

Status: New Idea
by _mozzy on ‎18-11-2014 00:45

There used to be a thread to report 'Gaffs' which seemed to have a lot of support but then it petered out. There was a link then to another thread of typos which were being corrected, which seemed to get fewer and fewer posts and seemed to be ceased by common agreement.


I have actually read both of these threads all the way through. Tonight I read through the complete thread concerning the Development Hub. It occurred to me that there ought to be a team of proofreaders like the development teams for the apps who could go through ideas correcting english before they went live.


I had a new PM today:

We see you have been busy again, helping our Community members get the best out of giffgaff :smileyhappy:.

To show our thanks and appreciation we have moved you up a rung on our ranking ladder - your new rank is now dabbler. To share your acheievement and see what other members have been doing why not post in the Share Your Achievements thread. For more information on the rank system be sure to check out this helpful thread.


When I first spotted the typographic error in achievement a few ranks ago, I hadn't grasped that it was an 'automatic' PM triggered by some random activity I had provoked, giving me a new rank.


But today I tried to report it and could find nowhere to do it.


We need somewhere to trigger corrections.


I am willing to proofread and make corrections if given the wherewithal.





minutes,texts and data rollover

Status: New Idea
by aaz33 on ‎07-12-2014 10:36

say you purchase a £10 goodybag which includes 500 uk minutes, unlimited texts and 1gb of data and you dont use up all your data allowance it should roll over to your next months allowance; so if you had 10 uk minutes left you should get that much extra in your next goodybag the following month and the same with data allowance aswell


Clarify premium rate text pricing

Status: New Idea
by ian011 on ‎28-11-2014 10:50

At present the UK call price list contains the following entry for premium text prices.


Premium texts10p to £1.50 per text



However, the Special Charges Code of Practice page is a lot more helpful.


It clarifies the pricing by stating the network setup fee as well as mentioning shortcodes.


Premium text messages and shortcodes10p network setup fee plus
up to £1.50 per text received



Please update the price list page with the details from the latter entry.


Premium text messages and shortcodes10p network setup fee
plus up to £1.50 per text



Idea Issue Tracker




Help and Support Labels

Status: New Idea
by wolfieboy on ‎08-12-2014 04:39
My suggestion is that we have help and support labels. Like we do in the help section.
Then in the search function we add the option to filter by label.
I think this will make hunting through threads.
Not only will it help filter irrelevant threads but it will help keep the help section a little bit more organized.

Kudos if you support my idea

giffgaff Community Trust

Status: New Idea
by starturn on ‎20-11-2014 12:19

Hi all.


Just voted in the charity payback selection, and brought me around to thinking perhaps this could be further developed.


Being involved in a small local charity myself, we often find it difficult to fund our activities, sums of a couple of hundred pounds often make a huge difference.


We recently recieved a grant from a well known national company, and the mileage they got through logo branding and press reports far exceeded the value of the money donated!


Perhaps a scheme could be developed to allow for grants to be made for small organisations in different sectors of the country. I think that way money could be further spread and benefit more.


I don't think voting would work for such a small localised scheme, but a properly constructed application process would mean that the money only went to 'bona fida' groups, which satisfied a strict criteria.


By spreading the payback more, local groups would benefit, alongside perhaps one major national charity.


Comments welcome!





Pay by pay pal

Status: New Idea
by mujhussain on ‎03-11-2014 20:42
I think we should pay by pal pal as it will be a lot easy and more people will use

images when contact an agent

Status: New Idea
by mike1ceman on ‎24-10-2014 12:21
So sometimes when you need to contact an agent it's difficult to explain exactly what's happening putting it into words etc. So I propose if we could attach a picture when contacting them this would make it easier for them to understand the problem a picture says a thousand words as they say

Anonymous caller reject

Status: New Idea
by ashleejstokes on ‎28-10-2014 22:38
To be able to block calls from a caller who hides there id and a recorded message telling them to redial without hiding there Id as the person don't accept anonymous calls similar to what you get on landlines. I don't think I know of any mobile operator offering this service so let's get giffgaff to be the first. You should be able to turn this feature on through one of the following; short code from mobile, giffgaff online account or contacting agent. Even though people say you can download apps I still think this should be more of an operator service.

Stop pretending to be my friend

Status: New Idea
by lemybeck on ‎27-11-2014 17:05

I can't stand these emails that are all 'nice one' and 'okay dokey', we'll 'pop' that on your account.

I pay you money, you provide a service. You are not my friend. I don't need you to pretend that you are.

How about an option for emails to be sent in formal english?


Righty oh, matey, it's just my twopence, I'll be toddling off now,

thanks for lending me your ear,

Cheerio pal,

nice one,

bye ;-)


send my love to big brother o2

toodle pip!



International Roaming Goody Bags

Status: New Idea
by 0450 on ‎08-10-2014 13:34

At last twice a year I find myself in the United States. I've experimented with buying disposable SIMs and the like but realistically, if I'm making a call I'll use an OTT service through a WiFi connection. Outgoing calls on my mobile are minimal so really the service is needed for incoming calls.


With my last provider, typically my bill increased by £60 to £80 for months containing a visit to the US. These tend to be business trips and tend to last 5 to 6 days.


As things stand at the moment and given Giffgaff's international (non-EU) roaming rates, my Giffgaff SIM will be in a drawer somewhere for the duration of the trip.


That's reasonable income that Giffgaff is leaving on the table.


Giffgaff should offer international Goody Bags. These can be country specific. Also, they can have a shorter life than traditional Goody Bags.


While cost saving would be good, one of the principle aims here would be to "cap" spending while abroad -- so it'd be really neat if roaming was automatically disabled once the international Goody Bag had been consumed.


I'd happily buy a £50 US Goody Bag for my next trip in a couple of weeks time.


Just because I want to be in control of my spending on my mobile phone doesn't mean that I wont spend.


Giffgaff, broaden your offering.


Thanks for listening.




Out of stock phones

Status: New Idea
by tomrock75 on ‎16-12-2014 17:42

Is there any way you can notify users when out of stock phones become available through our personal emails please?


There seem to be alot of phones unavailable at present


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