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Where a GiffGaff banner ad appears on the internet, as well as price, etc. it should include something about also running on the O2 network.


People who don't know about GiffGaff probably think they will get a poor service compared to that provided by the big mobile players (people I've spoken to confirmed this). 


To encourage them to switch, it should be made clear on the banner ads that when you sign up you actually get the O2 network for less money.  At the moment, they don't find that out until they click through from the ad...


Better communication around number porting

Status: New Idea
by islandstifle ‎13-02-2015 08:04 - edited ‎13-02-2015 08:57

The first few weeks of a giffgaff member's time using the network are critical. Negative membership experiences carry the possible consequence that the SIM goes in the bin and the member is off to some other network – as barriers to change are so low, especially when you can get your PAC automatically on giffgaff rather than having to go through 15 minutes of pain talking to a retentions team at one of the other networks' call centres.

One of the places where I think giffgaff can do better is on communication at the so-called "moments of truth". Currently someone filling in a number transfer form gets to see their confirmation page, which they don't read, and... that's it until their transfer day, which might have been pushed back a day or three because they requested it after 3pm.


Anyone submitting a number transfer request into giffgaff should receive:
1) An immediate email confirmation specifying the date of the transfer in the subject, and above the fold in the body
2) An email the evening before they transfer reminding them the transfer is taking place tomorrow, unless perhaps the transfer was set successfully for the next day
3) Texts to their old number, their giffgaff number, and their contact number if provided, on the morning of the transfer, saying that their transfer will take place that day
4) Texts to their old number, and their contact number if provided, after the port completes, saying their old number is ready for use.

Each of the above would contain a link to a relevant KB article flagging up things like the fact they will lose service for a few hours, their goodybag might disappear for a little bit, and explaining how to reset iMessages if they have an iPhone.

This would improve new member experience and divert questions away from the agents and the community.

Non expiring goodybag

Status: New Idea
by davehills on ‎04-03-2015 16:33

I'd like to see a non expiring goodybag.


What I mean by this is a goodbag that I can give the kids to use in emergencies, that has credit that doesn't expire every month, unless used.


Three do one (3-2-1) buiy their website is really annoying and frustrating to use. It's almost as if they don't want my money!


What I want to get away from is remembering to top the kiddie-winks phones up every month.  


Bigger selection of Goody Bags

Status: New Idea
by brianhumphreys on ‎22-02-2015 10:09

I think there should be a bigger selection in Goody Bags


I use a lot of minutes but dont really use my MB for internet


I currently use around 600 minutes per month, but only have the option to purchase either 500 minutes or 2,000 minutes


I am constantly renewing my googy bags every 3 weeks and as such my date for goodybag renewal keeps changing


Surely there should be some option to purchase 1,000 minutes

bigger data goodybag tht is tetherable

Status: New Idea
by ggsunset on ‎26-02-2015 21:16
So its £20 per month (18offer prctically gone) for
2000 uk min
unlimited texts
unlimited data
- but tethering is not allowed

There is £15 a month for
500 uk minutes
Unlim texts
5gb data
-and you can tether

This one not big enough, the £20 is not tetherable

Should be option available for say 10gb TETHERABLE DATA with 1500 mins and unlimited texts for the £20 per month.

Let Members Remove Queued Goodybags Themselves

Status: New Idea
by datamuncher ‎28-02-2015 20:49 - edited ‎28-02-2015 21:30

Hello :smileyhappy:


Have you ever bought a goodybag to have it queue then change your mind later on? I know I have, loads of times.


I find it really inconvenient that I have to contact an agent, wait for them to remove the goodybag and then I can queue the goodybag I really want.


My question is, why do we need the agent to do this for us?


Members should have the freedom to add and remove queued goodybags themselves and there shouldn't be a need for agent intervention just to have one cancelled. I can think of no good reason that an agent has to do this, I can't think of any way this would allow people to fiddle with their allowances. 


This would require a change in the way goodybags are processed but I believe it could be done. Remember all the times when we asked for the ability to repurchase goodybags early only to be told "It's too much of a change to the existing system" Well, well, how times have changed :smileyvery-happy:


I'd really love to hear what you guys think, yay or nay?


This idea has already been posted by another clever giffgaffer. Please support their idea here:

Top Up £5/£7.50 of credit

Status: New Idea
by cathalmc on ‎01-02-2015 15:13

Sometimes you just need a little bit of credit to get you to the end of the month.


You can buy goodybags for £5, or £7.50 so why can't these options be available for credit?

Add National Flags to Avatars

Status: New Idea
by cathalmc on ‎26-02-2015 01:13

I see going through the avatars that for some reason you can get the Canadian and American flag but no others.


Surely, the flags of the UK - Union Jack and flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Isle of Man should be added?


And perhaps a few more like the Irish flag, EU flag, India, Pakistan etc.

O2 free calls

Status: New Idea
by j4mrk82 on ‎19-02-2015 12:49
I think giffgaff should include free O2 calls as it's a virtual network that uses O2 cell site, I'm sure they can include it for free without that much charge.

My idea is straightforward : the date members activate their sim should show on their profile badge. This single piece of information is far more useful than anything else showing in our profiles eg the number of ideas. So if something had to give way to accommodate the date then that could be one candidate for the chop. 


At the moment the only date showing is when a member registered with giffgaff, which is of little use when helpers respond to a thread question on the Help and Support forum.  Just click on this thread to see but one example of how little information we have to work with sometimes . The registration date is useless  because it doesn't tell us when the member activated their sim. If the activation date were visible it might just encourage some helpers to post more relevantly ( although I live more in hope than expectation on that one ), as well as assist helpers give accurate solutions rather than having to work in the dark or coax additional information out of the OP. This in turn should reduce the number of posts in a thread and better assist both the OP and helpers.


I hope you will give your support to my idea. If you can spot any obvious flaws then please advise me. 


Roaming data goodybag

Status: New Idea
by jeehwan34 on ‎04-03-2015 14:17

Data is very expensive when roaming abroad - we know that because it is £5 per MB outside of the EU.


So I suggest the following: why don't we have a roaming data goodybag? If connectivity is more important than calls and texts when you're abroad (which seems to be so in my case), then this would be perfect if implemented.

Unlimited Goodybag, Tethering Option

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎10-01-2015 15:41 - edited ‎11-01-2015 19:00

Currently when someone trys the tether on a unlimited goodybag they are blocked for 30 minutes, this is the right thing to do as they could abuse the data, however it creates a issue, anyone who buys a unlimited goodybag thinking that they can tether is now stuck, we can only advise them to get a limited goodybag next month that alows tethering.


So anyway the member has been presented with a 30 minute block, this causes them to kick off on the help board as they have not seen that it says you can not tether.


My Idea:


Add a option to the goodybag, to go limited for the rest of the month and allow tethering.


The unlimited goodybag is going back up to its £20 price point soon so i think a fair amount of data would be 8GB, all the members usage up to this point would be deducted from that amount, so if they have used 4GB of there unlimited so far they would have 4GB left that they can then tether.


The option to go limited can be shown on there dashboard with a counter of how much data they would have left if they chose it, and can also be on the 30 minute block page, if seleted it would instanly unblock internet access.


Please vote for this idea by clicking Kudos.






unsolved button

Status: New Idea
by sophie26413 on ‎30-01-2015 02:29
Hello all. I have been on the giffgaff community for just over a week, and im loving it! I love to help other people. I think the best answer button is a great idea, it not only tells the community that a post is resolved, but it also helps others learn the answers to questions, in order for them to help others.
Ok so what's the problem? Well, in my opinion, there should be an 'unsolved' button. I think this because not all questions on here recieve a correct answer, so how can we mark a best answer if there really isn't one??? I was thinking, if there was a 'unsolved' button then people in the community who know the answers to more complex and difficult questions can see it is unsolved and try to answer it in order to recieve the best answer once it is answered correctly. We all hate them notifications on the top of our account saying 'unresolved post' and those messages reminding us to pick a best answer.

What do you all think?

500 MB goodybag

Status: New Idea
by lazybonesqueenie on ‎15-02-2015 11:04
It would be ideal to have another goodybag with 500 MB data but fewer texts and minutes e.g. 60 minutes & 100 texts for low end users. The current £7.50 goodybag only have 250 MB data ( too little) vs £10 goodybag with 1 GB data ( too much) but nothing in between?

Losing the abilty to see when we activated our accounts.

Status: New Idea
by scrappydez ‎17-02-2015 19:30 - edited ‎24-02-2015 19:42

Announced on ‎10-02-2015 @ 17:01


Below is a small section of this post and what it means and how it affects people.

@jeremyn  wrote:
We are now looking ahead and are planning to do a similar operation on the "My orders" page. The current plan is to archive the data which is older than the 01/11/2013. We are looking at doing this on the night of the 25/02 but we may adjust this date as we refine the details.
This will allow us to archive a significant amount of data, while keeping a lot of orders available to the members.
To help you measure the impact of this change, only 11% of members coming to this page are looking further than the last 5 transactions, much less to anything which is more than a few months old. Keeping more than one year of data available would cover this need.
Thank you for your help,


giffgaff are taking the ability away from us to look past the 01/11/2013 for orders.

How will we know the activation date of our SIM's or any members before this time?


Currently we have to go to the last page of history to find this information.

This is the only way to truly know when a SIM/account was first activated.


I feel it is a handy trouble shooting method and a good piece of information to know.


This may be OK for newer members but what about people who activated before the 01/11/2013?

This idea may not be implemented before the 25/02/2015 archive but at least it will be out there in Idea's.


What I propose

As it stands there is no mention of our activation date any where on our profiles.

The only date that is mentioned is the Date Registered but this is for first click within the community pages.


Can the Activation Date be added to the Public Statistics portion of our profile?

Or if this has some sort of privacy issue can it just be there for reference and for our eyes only?

If there were no privacy issues I would also like to see it added to the profile card in community messages.


Post your results

I've just had my monthly statement come through.

Under Account summary there is my Join date which is 07/06/2012

This date is my first purchase but it's also my date registered on the community.


Would it be possible for someone to check on their accounts the next time they receive a statement to see if this date is the first purchase or the date registered?

You would need to check your profile by clicking on your name and also History

Personalised Goodbags

Status: New Idea
by elijoby12 on ‎03-01-2015 17:31

GiffaGaff For The People By The People. (I love this idea) 


So my idea goes like this- Instead of having set plans i.e £12 for so many minutes, texts, and data; you have the option to pick how many minutes, texts, and data you want. The cost is processed from the relavant ammounts you choice, and everyone is happy (hopefully).


I'm not sure if this makes much sense (the festive times have certainly catched up with my senses) so I've attached a picture I created on paint. You're welcome to even use my wonderful 'slider' idea and the catch phrase. 


Peas xGiff~Gaff Idea.png

GiffGaff International Deals

Status: New Idea
by skh95 on ‎19-02-2015 13:19
I feel that GG don't accommodate the foreign market. I feel that they should offer some sort of competitive international deals.

Long serving member discount

Status: New Idea
by jdonnelly15 on ‎20-01-2015 14:34

I think that people who are with giffgaff for extended periods, (e.g, 3+years) should start to see some discounts. For example, for each year you are with gg you will recieve 1% discount. I just think because you see people leaving in forums and it seems only the people that are helping are getting payback, when in fact some people are not technically gifted therefore have not got the capaabilities to help on the community, even though they value gg as much as the VIP's?

goodybags 3G & 4G

Status: New Idea
by amylathan69 on ‎01-03-2015 10:20
I think they should get rid of the unlimited data goodybag in the 3G section.
They should use a high amount of GB in each goodybag. Like for the £20 4G goodybag they should have 8-10 GB of data.

Anybody else think this is a good idea??

Having been looking through the help section it's clear that in a lot of cases the best answer is awarded to those that post quickest (mainly the copy & pasters) in the OP's impatience, rather than the actual best reply to the OP's question/issue which may come later if they were to wait. Surely a delayed ability to accept a post as best answer would make more sense, say prompted after an hour at least after the question was posted to then be able to choose a best answer?


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