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Clarify SIM sizes on website

Status: New Idea
by drjbc on ‎17-11-2014 14:21

The webpage to order a new SIM mis-names the sizes. The standard sizes are:

   Full - Credit card size (obsolete!)

   Mini - 25 x 15mm

   Micro - 15 x 12mm

   Nano - 12.3 x .8mm

The left of the order page shows Mini+Micro but wrongly labels them as 'Standard'+Micro. New phone manuals always say how to insert the SIM, but often don't say which type is needed. If the page used the correct names and included the dimensions in millimetres it would help people order the right one.


Scrap all unlimited data plans.

Status: New Idea
by stephenjohnson on ‎09-11-2014 10:56

The data speed for me is pitiful on GIffGaff averaging around 5k/sec the majority of the time.


GiffGaff are currently introducing 4G onto a system that can not currently deliver 3G.


The excuse for these low speeds is the abuse of the system by people who download too much?


If this is they case why do we even have unlimited data plans, isn't it about time GIffGaff got rid of them?


The key to a good mobile service is speed not quantity right?


At 5k/sec I do not have a cat in hells chance of using the 1GB I currently have.


What good is gigabytes of data when you can only download at a maximum of 5k/sec? half the time it isn't even reliable enough to connect to my VPN, let alone do anything useful with it. 


Anonymous caller reject

Status: New Idea
by ashleejstokes on ‎28-10-2014 22:38
To be able to block calls from a caller who hides there id and a recorded message telling them to redial without hiding there Id as the person don't accept anonymous calls similar to what you get on landlines. I don't think I know of any mobile operator offering this service so let's get giffgaff to be the first. You should be able to turn this feature on through one of the following; short code from mobile, giffgaff online account or contacting agent. Even though people say you can download apps I still think this should be more of an operator service.

images when contact an agent

Status: New Idea
by mike1ceman on ‎24-10-2014 12:21
So sometimes when you need to contact an agent it's difficult to explain exactly what's happening putting it into words etc. So I propose if we could attach a picture when contacting them this would make it easier for them to understand the problem a picture says a thousand words as they say

Giffgaff user name advise to new members

Status: New Idea
by jaives on ‎08-11-2014 10:01
When I joined giffgaff I went for a name that's easy to remember my own name like many others now I regret this but know you cannot change it because of the lithium software. Wouldn't it be a idea to tell new people this. So they don't make the same mistake. All it would need it a prompt or a sentence when you start filling it in telling you that you cannot change your username. This name is your community name and every one in the forum will use this name. When I joined I was joining a network and knew nothing of the real giffgaff.

Control over own goodybags!

Status: New Idea
by alexsavage on ‎19-11-2014 19:27

I think that there should be the option available to edit and remove goody bags as and when necessary. If a person runs out of minutes or internet etc, they should be able to cancel an active goody bag and replace it as and when they choose, there's nothing worse than waiting for the active bag to expire so that a new one can become active. I've recently just made the error of purchasing a 4G bag that isn't compatable with my phone, I'm now stuck with it for a whole month as I can't cancel it and replace it. I'm really annoyed that there's no way to resolve this, other than waiting a month for it to expire.  Something needs to be done.


4g gigabags

Status: New Idea
by ben199814 on ‎13-11-2014 20:04

4g was officially released yesterday and this meant 4g goodybags were also released.


One question I have noticed a lot on the forums is a request for 4g gigabags. It seems wasteful to buy a goodybag and only use the data.


My idea is to add a 4g gigabag section and keep the existing gigabag section for 3g gigabags.


The prices would have to be decided by giffgaff and the community as this idea is just about having the option for a 4g gigabag.


It would look something like this:




Ask an agent - other

Status: New Idea
by mustakali on ‎23-11-2014 00:32

Hello, I don't know if this has been suggested before


I myself have faced this a number of times - sometimes the category I am looking for when contacting an agent doesn't seem to match the categories listed


I think giffgaff should have one as other because it can be quite annoying


What do you guys think?


Be able to make custon goodybags

Status: New Idea
by tjonesii on ‎26-10-2014 13:55

I think that it would be a good idea for people to be able to make their own, personalised, goodybags in order to reduce the number of left over minutes, data etc at the end of the month. This could work using a "drag and drop" method where each of the different components that you add to your goodybag, increase the price by a different amount.

To begin with you could just be able to chose between each of the sections of the current goodybags and so create a goodybag that looks like this by selecting different components from the £10 and £12:


  • 200 UK minutes
  • Unlimited UK texts
  • 3 GB Internet
  • Free to giffgaff numbers

2000 minutes without unlimited data

Status: New Idea
by navvy on ‎22-11-2014 23:18

For people who need to do a lot of talking, but have a basic phone or just don't use much data, how about a goodybag with 2000 minutes, and just 1GB data  (and unlimited texts, of course).  


This would also be useful to those who have been banned from unlimited data, or who need to tether occasionally.


Ideally this would be cheaper than the £18 goodybag, or at least remain at £18 when the unlimited data goodybag goes up to £20.  There should be some incentive for people to choose not to have unlimited data, so that they have a reason to use Wi-Fi and take the load off giffgaff's network.



User made giffgaff advert

Status: New Idea
by stephenmiller on ‎08-11-2014 21:01

There have been a couple of attempts at making giffgaf videos, all revolving around talking heads reading a script spliced together. I have a different concept.


One reccuring theme of giffgaff is that members come from all walks of life; places like the top of Scotland to the most densely populated cities. From industrial, scientific, artistic and all other sorts of backgrounds and I finally figured out a way to showcase that diversity in an appealing and interesting way, through user submitted time lapse videos.


For the uninitiated here is a time lapse.


A Love Letter to Moab - Timelapse from Ron Risman on Vimeo.


The concept goes like this. Over a period of time encourage members to shoot time lapse video of anything that they want. Could be their home life, a cityscape, scenic / sky.or crowds moving through a city centre. This will be the basis of showing the lives, locations and experiences of the diverse userbase. Each scene may be accompanied by a caption showing the user and event or location + any specific details.


Time lapse can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it and the staff should have a try beforehand and share best practices as well as make resources (like ways to get HD video to giffgaff) available as well as some tutorials and app suggestions. Mobile phone cameras make it easy to record any kind of media so that's a no-brainer.


The cost will be in time predominately as staff should ideally evaluate time lapse solutions and apps that deliver the best results. Getting video to giffgaff can be done in a number of ways, there's Dropbox and but just a postal address to send a DVD to can be a lot less hassle.


The benefit and end result will be a unique snapshot of both UK life and the diverse giffgaff userbase; utilising the crowd and the widespread availability of technology to share the workload and making an unpredictable and unexpected viewing experience. Or at least I think so :smileyhappy:


4g coverage update thread

Status: New Idea
by xavtia on ‎04-11-2014 17:19

As there is little information available from giffgaff or 02 as to when4g can be expected in  towns,  we're just expected to keep checking the coverage checker to see if it has become available.


My idea is that a thread is set up that is updated as soon a town receives 4g to allow members to just read down a list of towns where 4g is available as this would be much easier than having to keep checking locations. Ideally this thread would be a sticky thread so that it is easily accessible for people looking for information on 4g coverage in their area.


Roll over of unused minutes and data

Status: New Idea
by maggie333 on ‎20-10-2014 16:12

I would like GiffGaff to consider any unused minutes and data to be carried onto the next month (obviously you would need to top up without a break to benefit from this). Last month I didn't use my data allowance, and this month I am almost through the 1GB.



Im fed up of the price of unlimited web access increasing again. Dont get me wrong it is somewhat cheaper than the rest but now i will have to fork out more for this service.

I initially joined giff gaff due to unlimited web which was £10 a month, then it went to £12, now it is 3gig for £12 a month sweetened with 500 mins talk. I rarely used the talk time so this is pointless. i would love giff gaff to have a text and unlimited web goodybag. i may seek another provider now.



As can be seen on this analysis:


Giffgaff has security, but it is not all that it should be. It could be as simple as changing a few settings and making a new certificate with current standards. I highly recommend this be done asap, especially with all the exploits and whatnot going around.


International Roaming Goody Bags

Status: New Idea
by 0450 on ‎08-10-2014 13:34

At last twice a year I find myself in the United States. I've experimented with buying disposable SIMs and the like but realistically, if I'm making a call I'll use an OTT service through a WiFi connection. Outgoing calls on my mobile are minimal so really the service is needed for incoming calls.


With my last provider, typically my bill increased by £60 to £80 for months containing a visit to the US. These tend to be business trips and tend to last 5 to 6 days.


As things stand at the moment and given Giffgaff's international (non-EU) roaming rates, my Giffgaff SIM will be in a drawer somewhere for the duration of the trip.


That's reasonable income that Giffgaff is leaving on the table.


Giffgaff should offer international Goody Bags. These can be country specific. Also, they can have a shorter life than traditional Goody Bags.


While cost saving would be good, one of the principle aims here would be to "cap" spending while abroad -- so it'd be really neat if roaming was automatically disabled once the international Goody Bag had been consumed.


I'd happily buy a £50 US Goody Bag for my next trip in a couple of weeks time.


Just because I want to be in control of my spending on my mobile phone doesn't mean that I wont spend.


Giffgaff, broaden your offering.


Thanks for listening.




Stop data usage automatically

Status: New Idea
by methusan on ‎24-10-2014 21:01

So giffaff should implement an opt in service that automatically blocks data usage once your limit is up. This stops people receiving unexpected reductions in credit and some other providers have implemented this idea already. 


£5 goodybag

Status: New Idea
by saarahibrahim on ‎06-10-2014 21:28

Hey guys


I usually buy the £5 goodybag, but been having to buy the £7.50 goodybag because I've been using my phone a lot more and it's annoying because when I have the £5 goodybag, I really have to watch my mobile data. I think that for £5 20 MB is not sufficient and it should be slightly more, because think about it you get 250 MB for £7.50 AND unlimited texts AND 200 minutes, whereas with the £5 goodybag you get 60 minutes, 200 texts and 20MB, its not really balanced well is it? I think the £5 goodybag should offer somewhat 50-100 MB of data


What do you guys think?


Free MMS giffgaff to giffgaff

Status: New Idea
by littlemisszoe on ‎13-11-2014 10:09



I noticed the other day, while my dad( on giffgaff) is on holiday (in the UK) that I cannot send him MMS messages. I have an active goodybag but I am not prepared to top up an additional £10 airtime credit to send him 1 photo.

He does not have internet so cannot use Facebook or Whatsapp.


Therefore, I think it should be free to send MMS messages between other giffgaff members.  


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