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Balance Notice on website and App

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎02-08-2014 23:46 - edited ‎02-08-2014 23:48
Hi, I have noticed a lot of people coming to the community with a problem with their balance, and/data usage, this is normally when the website or app says they have less credit than they do, a lot of these people are not very happy as they believe there credit has disapeared.

I would like to add a note to balance amount shown, for example:

"If you believe this amount is not correct, then please dial *100# for confirmation"

I believe this would reduce the amount of customers that are confused as to why the credit has as far as they know gone.


Remove data from goodybags completely.

Status: New Idea
by martinwallis ‎10-08-2014 11:59 - edited ‎10-08-2014 12:02
Ok so with all the furore over unlimited data being taken away from the majority of giffgaff customers, I have an idea that may help both giffgaff and customers.

A complete overhaul of all goodybags, making them call and text only. Removing data from them completely.

Then create a new goodybag databag, so to speak, starting from say 50MB for a £1 up to Unlimited for £10.

Then allow a goodybag and the databag to run at the same time, allowing the user to choose a tariff that will match their needs perfectly, instead of being forced to have a prescribed set of allowances.

Thanks for reading, what do you think?

block data use on airtime credit

Status: New Idea
by janetihill on ‎05-08-2014 22:25
Many users don't want to accidently use up credit when going over gbag allowances.Settings to allow to block data use outside of goodyags should be avialable


Status: New Idea
by twat12345 on ‎13-08-2014 11:53

Well there should be an option 4 for no change, how can only 3 options all of which i do not want be democratic.

I will move to another provider if these changes go ahead. 


Order history - better description

Status: New Idea
by philbond ‎16-08-2014 10:27 - edited ‎18-08-2014 09:59

As the title says.


In your order history, if you buy a gigabag it should say gigabag and not goodybag. Surely makes sense that order history tells you exactly what you ordered? 


At the moment.  If you buy a gigabag, when you check your order history it says 1 x goodybag.


I imagine something along along these lines has been suggested before and apologise if it has but I did a quick search and found nothing :smileysad: 


EDIT: credit @figment_uk for correctly pointing out that to the right of each item in order history is a VIEW DETAILS link which leads you to an accurate description. However, if I want to visit the mens room I'd be a bit confused if I first had to go through a door marked LADIES :smileytongue: 



Implement SSL on and force SSL across the entire site

Status: New Idea
by yalam96 ‎10-08-2014 12:47 - edited ‎10-08-2014 12:50

Last thread I saw about this was in 2012. It's 2014 and we still have a site that sends session cookies in plain-text. Giffgaff needs to take user's privacy and security seriously and SSL/TLS is an easy way to do that. It will cost gg nothing and therefore there is no reason not to.


Member Profile show helper status

Status: New Idea
by 3axis on ‎20-08-2014 08:05

It would be good if the my member profile showed your helper status like it does in posts.


It would also be good to be able to easily see what quizzes you have left to complete and even a link to them.


New goodybag with allowed tethering

Status: New Idea
by roshpl on ‎02-06-2014 10:37

Maybe it is good time to introduce new goodybag with allowed tethering?

I think in 4g era it will be good to follow market and introduce more goodybags with 2gb and 3gb data and tethering.

In my opinion it supposed to be:


£12,50 500min unlimited text and 2gb data (allowed tethering)

£14 500 min unlimited text and 4gb data (allowed tethering)


What is your opinion GG and others?


Unlike the Stock Date idea here


Just an 'EMail me when back in stock' link

so when the giffgaff team change the stock levels on their systems an email can be automatically sent out to the people on the waiting/notification list.


Only because I would like to purchase the Nexus 5 which everytime I check it's out of stock..


giffgaff community email changes

Status: New Idea
by deanljbirch on ‎25-08-2014 15:17

When it comes down to helping the giffgaff community, I always subscribe to replies before posting my own.


The issue I have is when I receive an email from giffgaff mailer informing me that a reply has been made to the post. This results in me visiting the post just to find that the reply is either similar to my own, someone asking a question to the original poster or just a pointless comment. Therefore I feel that I didn't need to visit the thread.


I ask giffgaff to simply apply two minor alterations to these email as outlined below.


  • Include information stating whether or not the reply has been made by the Original Poster.
  • Include a summary (around 300 characters) detailing the contents of their reply.

Although these alterations are minor, I believe that myself and a large number of the community will find them very helpful.


If you agree with my idea, please contribute Kudos, feel free to post your comments below as your feedback will be helpful.


Thank you for taking the time to visit and view my latest giffgaff idea.


Much Love,


Twitter : deanljbirch


Time voice-mail was recorded

Status: New Idea
by tstarfall on ‎27-07-2014 07:39



My phone only tells me when a voicemail alert came into my phone - not when the message was actually recorded by the caller.  This information appears to be missing when in voicemail iteslef too.  If there s a delay in getting the alert from the network (out of network range, phone off, network down etc.), there is no way of telling what time the caller actually called me.


Can this information be implemented either in the alert message (ideally), or atleast as part of the imformation you are told when you call the voicemail number.




Firefox OS phone

Status: New Idea
by catofstripes on ‎27-08-2014 09:27

Please can we have a Firefox OS phone in the shop? There aren't many models available at all and in the UK just one via E-bay but they're cheap and look functional and I'd probably buy one. It's nice to have the option here and I'm sure GiffGaff could get a good deal for us, maybe a choice of phones.


Firefox OS device page at Mozilla


Change the wording of recruit messages

Status: New Idea
by figment_uk on ‎02-08-2014 11:38

Simple idea to avoid some of the confusion around the reward for recruiting new members.


References to "£5 Payback" should be changed to "500 payback points" or "500 Payback points (£5 value)" in all on-screen messages and emails sent out during the recruiting process.


Examples (changes highlighted in red)


Your giffgaff SIM order confirmation

"Thanks for helping spread the word about giffgaff. Just wanted to confirm an order is on its way to your friend. Once they activate their SIM, they'll receive £5 credit and you'll see £5 Payback 500 Payback points (£5 value) in your next Points Statement"


[Recruitname] has been giffgaffed

"Thanks for helping to grow giffgaff. You've earned yourself £5 Payback 500 Payback points (£5 value) for your trouble, these will appear in your Payback tally when they're updated next month on/ around the 5th.

You can select how you'd like your £5 Payback Payback points paid back at the end of ......"

I live in an area with no 3G and practically no phone signal.  This is the same for all networks, not just Giffgaff.  Some of my neighbours are using boostboxes where they log in via a wifi signal which then boosts the 3g signal, making the phone signal much better and much more usable. O2 offer this, and I have an O2 boostbox which I bought mistakenly thinking it would boost my Giffgaff signal.


Please offer this to Giffgaff customers - it would make our lives easier and is good business sense.




Top up voucher and goodybag.

Status: New Idea
by debbie_thornton_ on ‎25-08-2014 01:44
Hi my partner tops up via a top up voucher and the top up phone line, monthly.

The internet content he gets on his phone is very limited so he then has to get myself or get to a computer to access giffgaffs website to exchange the top up voucher credit for a goodybag.

This he finds a hassle and has now left giffgaff.

Why can people not buy goodybags via the top up line at the same time they add a voucher credit to thier account?

Does anybody else struggle turning credit into a goodybag and have to wait because the option is not avalible on the top up line?


Status: New Idea
by lailakelly2011 on ‎26-08-2014 09:01
Im not sure if our beloved giff gaff could do this but in the future could there possibly be a 8-10gb GIGGABAG. As in this day and age people no long need texts and mins with apps like whats app fb messenger (which allows calls over internet) face time and many others. Just an idea, thoughts people. :smileyhappy:

Replace Kudos To Support Ideas

Status: New Idea
by xollobru on ‎12-08-2014 21:46

As many members will have noticed the Ideas board is a complete and utter mess with the few original ideas drowning in the deluge of unoriginal ideas.


All existing systems to encourage searching do not work and now the merging of ideas has been stopped making it even worse.


It has become apparent that one cause of these duplicate ideas being posted by members is their addiction to kudos, possibly because they believe that they affect payback, this was illustrated by a member whinging that the kudos for their duplicate idea were transferred to the original idea when they were merged! 


In order to combat this gaming of the system I propose that a new voting system is introduced where members simply tick a box to support the idea!


Now in an ironic twist please kudos this idea to show your support!  




Giffgaff Runs on EVERY Network

Status: New Idea
by big_josh on ‎23-08-2014 19:31
Couldn't find this idea in the forum, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been suggested before...<br>Is there any possibility of giffgaff running on more than just the O2 network? I appreciate the probability of such an idea carrying cost implications, but didn't '3' operate a multi-network service? What about a special 'all network' tariff?<br>The reason I ask, is because recently I've been on holiday to two different places, and while I've had no signal, my friends (on EE) have both had a 3G or 'edge' signal. Surely multi network support would provide a very appealing coverage...?

Become a NUS extra partner

Status: New Idea
by callumh003 ‎18-08-2014 08:47 - edited ‎18-08-2014 18:06


After finding out in the marketing update that 25% of people in the UK live with their parents I thought it safe to assume that most of that is students? I myself am a student and (wait for it...) I know at least 4 or 5 (there it is! :smileyvery-happy: ) other students who are also on giffgaff. I've also got my parents on giffgaff too and thought this is incredibly useful for those 'you will ring me every week' calls since free giffgaff to giffgaff minutes etc.

Virgin Media are already partners and offering 15% student discount.


Here is the list of 'benefits' from the link above:


What do brand partners get from NUS extra?

  • Association with the National Union of Students UK
  • 652K+ active NUS extra cardholders
  • of which, 16.8K+ are active NUS Apprentice extra cardholders
  • Association with NUS extra, a not-for-profit with net promoter score of 54
  • Access to 7million students and apprentices via NUS UK touch-points
  • Exposure across 600 students' unions throughout the country
  • Opportunities to feature in e-correspondence
  • Opportunities to run flash-sales or competitions to student market
  • Data capture opportunities
  • Discounted paid-for marketing via NUS Media
  • Discounted paid-for market research via NUS Market Research
  • Access to the latest, market leading, student market research
  • Exposure across social channels reaching inexcess of 165K students
  • Exposure across with 6million+ unique visits in 2013

I know SIMs are free anyway but now that giffgaff has phones etc maybe discounts can be offered on those? Perhaps a free £10 goodybag for subscribers through the NUS?

I think there's a lot of scope for giffgaff to use this.

Thanks :smileyhappy:


Let's keep the £15 unlimited/limited goodybag for everyone

Status: New Idea
by scrappydez ‎23-08-2014 07:16 - edited ‎23-08-2014 17:40

I've just read the latest T's&C's but can't find what I'm looking for.


It's always been said in the forums that this company is a true PAYG company with no commitment what so ever.

It has always been my choice to buy a goodybag/gigabag or top up.


I've always had the option not to buy a goodybag/gigabag or top up.

And my sim will remain active as long as I meet certain criteria.


As an existing member I want to get the an unlimited data package but my understanding of the Upcoming goodybag changes thread means that my choices have been reduced and giffgaff will be requiring me to make a purchase every 30(1) days to keep the option open for a £15 unlimited goodybag.


For example, lets say my circumstances change and I go onto the £18 goodybag from the £15 unlimited goodybag for 2 months after the November deadline.

Then my circumstances change again and I want to drop down to the £15 unlimited goodybag.


As I have not bought it once within 30(1) days I would now only be able to get the limited £15 goodybag. Although I once previously qualified for the unlimited goodybag.


This really is not an acceptable scheme.


Would it not make more sense to have the £15 unlimited goodybag available for any existing member before the 21st of August 2014 running side by side with the limited £15 goodybag? A true choice.


Much the same way that the 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag was available to everyone before a certain time.


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