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Giffgaff dongle/mifi

Status: New Idea
by lupilu on ‎29-09-2014 00:28

I would like to be able to purchase a giffgaff dongle or mifi and data sim, similar to other networks.


To unlock dongles is a pain in the *ahem* and so if bought direct from giffgaff it would avoid having to mess around with unlocking.


Any thoughts?




Family Goodbag

Status: New Idea
by scooplnr1990 on ‎25-09-2014 12:46
Family goodbag is for the whole family, would mean one person can buy the goodybag for everone. And you could get free calls and texts to each other.

This would be handy if you have kids and heyy even you ad your friends could yous it.

What ya think?

Low Minute, Low Text & High Data

Status: New Idea
by russq on ‎12-09-2014 10:54

I and many others use low minutes, low text but high(ish) data.


From £7.50 goodbag that I currently buy, I use less that 50 minutes and less than 100 text but always use my allowance of 250mb and could use well over 500mb.


Therefore my solution would be alternative low mins & text but data heavy googybags -

- £5.00 goodybag with - 30 mins, 75 text & 500MB

- £7.50 goodybag with - 100 mins, 200 text & 750 MB 


or any economically viable number of mins & text but with the higher data.






Hi after the free for all this morning with the iPhone 6 launch and members pre-registering but still not being able to secure the phone .

In future could we have a deposit scheme for orders that will secure the phones for members and give giffgaff some security when ordering the stock


Giffgaff would tell these deposit holders before the general release day so the members would know in advance and if they wasn't successful they could still try and find the phone via other means instead of the the hit and miss way it was handled with yesterdays release or wait and see if more stock became available


These units would allocated to the members who put a deposit down on a first come first served basis any other stock is allocated to any other members who put a deposit down on the same basis and if their was absolutely no chance of anymore stock the deposit is simply refunded to the members account

This way we have happy members all round and stress free community


 Deposits woulds be held in a ring fenced account  so they are scure


if you like this idea please support by kudos



Kudo counter idea

Status: New Idea
by silvercentral ‎07-09-2014 22:51 - edited ‎08-09-2014 16:31

Hi all, I've been advised in the Contribute forum to repost this in Ideas.
We are only allowed to give so many kudos per hour or per 24hr period. Could we have a kudo counter (or a warning of some sort) so we know when we're about to exceed the limit? I do like to be able to thank all those who kindly take their time to answer my posts.
Thank you


Edited to include @navvy suggestion:

"....Does anyone else have any thoughts on ways to display remaining kudos, or whether there should be an advance warning, like "You have just one more kudos available to give in this hour - use it wisely..."


International roaming bundles

Status: New Idea
by peteconstantinides on ‎18-09-2014 11:27
EE and many other mobile networks offer roaming bundles when abroad, with a set price charged per day which includes texts calls and data. Giffgaff don't offer this meaning when I'm abroad I spend a significantly higher price than my friends,colleagues,family etc who are on rival networks. As a frequent traveller,this is a big problem for me,and it would be great if Giffgaff could offer something similar or I may have to change networks. Do you guys agree?

queued goodybags to start at midnight

Status: New Idea
by simonefaye78 on ‎26-08-2014 23:46
I don't know about you but if I pay for a full months usage, I expect to get a full months usage. However, when you queue a goodybag this doesn't happen.

Goodybags are supposed to last from the day of purchase to midnight on the day of expiry. However, if you queue a goodybag, the queued bag can start any time between 10pm and midnight on the day of expiry, meaning you can lose up to 2hours of goodybag allowance, from both the expiring bag and the queued bag.

For example, if I have 30 minutes left in my current bag and make a call at 21.45 that lasts for 25 minutes, I would expect to have all 25 minutes to come from my current bag. Unfortunately, if my queued bag starts at 22.00 I will use 10 minutes from the new bag. This means I'm now effectively 10minutes down on my new bag.

My idea is simply to have queued goodybags start at midnight so you don't accidentally eat into next months allowances

There already exists a method to top up someone else's account here:


But you need their phone number to do so.


There's a chap in hospital at the moment having trouble topping up so I was thinking of starting up a 'whip round' thread and bunging £5 credit on his account but I'm pretty sure he won't want to publish his mobile phone number on the forums.


A nice button 'Top up another giffgaffer' would be cool.


I'm pretty sure that if he logged in and saw a nice lump of credit on his account it would cheer him up.




Backorders For Phones

Status: New Idea
by agardiner on ‎24-09-2014 00:06
I'm not sure if this would be possible due to Giffgaff's operation being so small but I'm posting this anyway to see what comes of it. The idea is simple, have a backorder system in place for handsets. If a phone is out of stock, still allow it to be ordered by a customer and place one on reserve for when new stock becomes available. I know some shops do it although I'm not sure how much of a logistical nightmare it' is.

Unlimited : Time to go capped ??

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎24-08-2014 01:44 - edited ‎27-08-2014 08:54

Idea.. to remove the unlimited goodybags and replace with capped allowances.
If you agree please support the idea


Original idea posted here for discussion and after great support

After reading many posts on the subject of the unlimited goodybags do you think it may be time to just call it a day ?

Giffgaff seems to be fighting  a losing battle with data chompers and have had to manage the data we have available for the members .

This has had the effect of slowing the available data to the members and after reading many many members complaints about very slow Internet speeds ( assuming it's giffgaffs traffic management) maybe we should just bite the bullet and have realistic capped allowance goodybags.

Yes I understand it's a thorny issue but surely it's better to have say the £10 1g / £12 3g bag and £15 5 gig bag etc with usable data as the new deal well it's just a patch up that won't fix the underlying issues and will come to a head again..
I think let's just remove the unlimited now and we can get on with a realistic capped data allowance that all users can use and not abuse


giffgaff is making an offer of 5GB for £15 which is £3 per GB.


This does not sit well where people are using unlimited at £15 and  then consuming 15 GB  for which they  are only paying £1 per GB.


That makes giffgaff a two teir service as all the low users pay the price of £3 or £4 per GB and so subsidise the heavy users who are only paying £1 per GB.


This is a good reason to get rid of "unlimited" and redistribute the data previously used by the heavy downloaders  to increase the capacity of the lower priced limited goodybags.


Pay for what you use is the only fair way to treat all giffgaf customers.


My worry is that we could lose giffgaff unless we have a realistic profit to product and losing the unlimited seems the best option to me






giffgaff data sence

Status: New Idea
by chrisyd508 on ‎25-09-2014 09:25
It would be good if giffgaff could make data sence on there dashboard that would let them be able to set it at a limited that they would be okay with so that they don't lave on there internet data and waste all there internet or be able to set it at how much data you want to use each day

As we can all see, a lot of people are unhappy about the current situation with data on goodybags being reduced, in particular the £12 goodybag losing unlimited data, and in all liklihood, feel that 3GB is not good enough.


I'm sure that the most unhappy people are similar to myself, people who prioritise data over minutes and texts.

For this reason, I suggest an alternative £12 goodybag, with reduced minutes from "Option 1" (which increased minutes to 500)


I propose a £12 goodybag option where:

Data: Unlimited Data remains (At the very least gives a 5GB allowance)

Texts: Unlimited

Minutes: 200/300


giffgaff needs to realise that not all customers require excessive minutes and as this referendum is showing, prefer data instead.


Please Kudos this idea if you prioritise data over minutes :smileyhappy:


Create your own goody bag proposal !

Status: New Idea
by fabmartel on ‎05-09-2014 17:35

First of all, my apologies, if this has been proposed already.


I suggested on another thread to create a slider system where giffgaffers can select their ideal goodybag but I appreciate it could be a logistic/coding nightmare.


It just occurred to me that in ADDITION the current system, there could be a 'create your own' goody bag with set mini bags at some intervals:


Calls Minibags: 60mins, 200mins, 500mins, 2000mins


Texts Minibags: 300txts, 500txts, 1000txts, Unlimited


Data Minibags: 100mb, 500mb, 1GB, 3GB, 5GB, 10GB


A giffgaffer just has to select any three to create their ideal goodybag once they've made the selection a price will appear so that one can gauge if the minbags selected and the cost suits him/her.


And yes someone could even select three minibags of 10GB and see if they're happy with the price proposed or 1 10GB and 1 5GB plus say 200 mins.


It would give people total control of what we need. Because the minibags are fixed in quantity then a set price is liked to them so that a discount can be had when combining them.


Again if someone has already proposed this please accept my apologies and I'll delete my idea or just link to the earlier one.


Community managers interactions Idea

Status: New Idea
by mobilemax on ‎10-09-2014 11:55

Further to my post 


I have noticed a number of threads that certain members are asking for replies to and it just looks a little bit embarrassing that certain topics are taking weeks to get answers too.

I just thought it would be a good idea to have the community managers online at least once a week at a selected time to address or see any issues that need attention from the rest of the community and update regularly. Maybe for example every Monday morning at least one manager online to see and discuss any long term issues that need addressing.

That way it will look like gg is dealing with certain issues that the community wishes to be addressed and positive interaction between the owners and its customers. Also it may help reducing threads asking for responses to them.

What do you all think about this? A weekly Q & A session.



new sims have some internet data

Status: New Idea
by chrisyd508 on ‎21-09-2014 21:22
Why cant new Sims already have a we bit of internet on it to register your phone and buy a goody bag not every body has a computer handy or another phone to get on the internet to do this stuff i think its a good idea and will make it a bit easier for new people joining giffgaff

Giffgaff Competitions

Status: New Idea
by darhys94 ‎21-09-2014 00:59 - edited ‎21-09-2014 01:19

This may have already commenced, but if not, I may have a suggestion.

This could be a quarterly event or even just a mere twice a year. A special giffgaff competition in which everyone who has topped up within the time-frame, is entered into a special draw, where the winner receives a new phone of their choice and runner up wins maybe £50 worth of payback points.

The chances of winning can be increased by giffgaffers recruiting more people. For example, alongside the obvious payback rewards, this competition will give an extra entry for every person newly recruited by you. Almost like an extra incentive "I want to win the giffgaff competition"

It could be a very interest concept, and I would love to hear your opinions on this :smileyhappy:


Helping people to help themselves

Status: New Idea
by cps15966 ‎24-09-2014 09:31 - edited ‎24-09-2014 10:40

Good morning gaff-fans


Crazy idea time again...

Over time, I have put ideas across and contributed in discussions about how to improve the way people get help and the quality of that help. To me, there are a couple of main categories as to why people would ask for help, yet ultimately they will require that help still.


1. They have looked on the knowledge base and cannot see the answer that fully resolves their query.

2. They just want someone to tell them the possible answer


The good thing about the forums is that people are there ready and willing to offer that help, and it is incredibly immediate too, and it is something we are proud of as a community forum.


There is however for me, that little bit of the 'annoying factor' when it becomes repetitive requests for help that are clearly on the help section and could have easily been found without clogging up the forum with yet another post of the same old thing.


So, the idea came to me today when I was looking at another website, and low and behold, there was that little box floating around the screen when i tried scrolling it, that just followed me everywhere asking whether i accepted their cookies policy.


The Idea

For new members only, we could have a 'little box' that floats on the dashboard page until you have ranked up a level or two. It could be something that can be closed by clicking the corner X but perhaps would encourage newer members to search the help sections first rather than just posting. Once members have been here and used the site, they are probably more likely to use the help section then in the right way. Idea screenshot below.....




ditch the extra minutes on hokey cokey in favour of more data

Status: New Idea
by alicepowell ‎06-09-2014 16:11 - edited ‎06-09-2014 16:12

As the title says. Ditch the extra minutes on the hokey cokey goodybag and allow 100 mbs of data rather than the current 20mbs.

I'd rather have the fixed 60 mins and have more data than 60+ minutes and 20mb of data.

Do you agree?


Please kudos if you support this idea

How about a completely new and different pricing strategy? Here's my proposal - it's a very rough idea, so bear with me: 


Pick 'n' Mix: 


Choose the amount of minutes you want. eg.: 

250 minutes 

500 minutes 

750 minutes 

1000 minutes 


 - or whatever might be appropriate amounts 


Then choose the amount of texts you want, eg.: 

200 texts 

400 texts 

600 texts 

800 texts 

1000 texts 


- or whatever might me appropriate 


Then finally choose how much data you need, eg.: 







- or what ever. 


Each "portion" is priced individually. If you choose to have two "portions" (minutes+texts, minutes+data, texts+data) you get a small discount; if you choose to have all three (minutes+texts+data), you get a slightly bigger discount. 


Just a thought. 




customise ur dashboard

Status: New Idea
by chrisyd508 on ‎24-09-2014 17:43
It would be a good idea if you could customise ur dashboard for example like be able to change it to different colours and that there or add a back ground photo

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