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European Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by crypticmiss on ‎02-12-2014 16:18
As I travel a lot, sometimes for long periods in Europe, it is prohibitively expensive to even receive calls on Giffgaff let alone make them. Is it possible to have a goody bag for use in Europe. I currently put my Giffgaff on hold and buy a sim in the relevant country, but this means people in the UK cannot get hold of me on my different number. I think Giffgaff is great value and this would be a great help for anyone holidaying in Europe. Thanks. Please give kudos if you think this is a good idea.

it would be a great idea to be able to divert calls from a blocked phone if you have lost or had a phone stolen. when i lost my phone i missed some very important calls and feel it would a great service to offer as it keeps people connected when the worst happens.


Status: New Idea
by louqmanali1786 on ‎28-01-2015 10:02
I think having an option for an unlimited 4G goodybag, would be extremely helpful for people who use the Internet a lot without the use of WIFI. I would appreciate it if you guys at Giffgaff take this idea into consideration. Thankyou.

Include VAT invoice in email

Status: New Idea
by mjlab on ‎21-01-2015 20:38

When we order a goody bag we get a confirmation email. But to download the VAT invoice we have to log in and download it manually. Can we have the VAT invoice included in the confirmation? Then I can have it forwarded to my receipt processor and have no manual process.

more data on fiver

Status: New Idea
by umar3251 on ‎24-01-2015 18:58
We should get more goodybag on a fiver goodybag like 50/70mb

Keep the 4g offer bag

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎20-12-2014 21:27 - edited ‎20-12-2014 22:00

From the 13th of January 2015, it will not be possible to purchase, queue or recur a 4G offer goodybag.


If you wish to keep using a 4G goodybag with the same allowance, you'll be able to purchase it at the normal, non-discounted, price.


If you are recurring a 4G offer goodybag come the 12th of January 2015, you will keep on recurring this 4G goodybag, but it will be charged at the normal, non-discounted price for any recurrence from the 13th of January 2015 onward.


 I think it would a great idea to extend the offer bag to a permanent deal 

It's a fair price and more and more people are getting 4g phones 

It's also a way to keep people on a reasonably priced capped instead of the unlimited deals

As it's a good offer price with a good data  allowance 


If you agree please give support with a kudos





New Access charge - Include into goodybag minutes allowances

Status: New Idea
by bertiebat ‎16-01-2015 20:27 - edited ‎20-01-2015 22:13



One popular idea that has often been posted on this board for non-geographical numbers  Eg. 0845,0870, 0871 etc  to be included in the goodybags.  Because of the additional costs to giffgaff these types ideas have been turned down. 


Changes due by June 2015:


By June 2015 the way that calls these and other service charge numbers will be changing to split the costs into an access charge (what giffgaff Charge) and the service charge (what the recipient of the call charges ).  Full information on this link




Simply to include the access charge element into the inclusive minutes of the goodybags. :smileyhappy:


To illustrate the proposal I have included an image used to illustrate another idea I had on a pricing tool




  • Attractive addition to make the goodybags more popular.
  • A much fairer and transparent pricing structure.
  • Very giffgaff.

So ensure that giffgaff don't get outsmarted by other providers including their access charges into their bundles please support this idea.


Phone Number Pricing Tool

Status: New Idea
by bertiebat ‎05-12-2014 20:46 - edited ‎09-12-2014 20:48

I think it's time for giffgaff to provide a more helpful method of checking what charges will be made for ALL types of phone calls and texts by creating a number checker tool.


This could be available both on the website and the giffgaff app.




The pricing pages contain a lot of information on checking the first few characters of the number to see what type of number is being dialed and sometimes even tables of exceptions and differing rates on the prices and what pricing models will be used.  


They are not the easiest pages to navigate and I'd prefer that a standardised output giving all the current information for ALL types of numbers be developed.   

For instance most people have the idea that all numbers begining with 07 are ALL standard UK mobile numbers but in fact it depends on the next 1 or 5 chars as to whether they are special numbers charged at non inclusive higher credit only rates.   Eg. Numbers beginning with 070 are personal numbers charged at 50p and a range of other 07.... are non mobiles which are charged at 20p for calls and 8p per text.


There are even some '01' prefixed numbers which aren't part of the normal landlines number but are Channel Islands or IOM numbers which are charged at international prices.




This type of analysis is much better suited to be done by a computer rather than a human eye so I propose an automated tool to do this job instead.  :smileyhappy:


This tool could be added to the existing giffgaff app as well as available on the website.


For a full analysis please refer to my thread in contribute.




blank price tool 118118.png


blank price tool nm07.png

Once this tool has been set up for online use in including availability on the giffgaff app it might also be nice to have a non data option (for those without internet access) by providing this by text.


Simply text PRICE followed by the number to 43430 and giffgaff could use this tool to return a suitably formatted text by providing the same information as the online form.   Obviously this is for a later date once the online version has been sorted, but no harm in also mentioning it in this idea as a future expansion.


A further expansion could be to select the country calling from (by default this would be the UK).


So far I can't find a reason why this couldn't be developed (just a case of rationalising the existing numbers into their component parts and creating a table linking to using the existing expansion tables where needed).





Simple to use tool for those that need costing information without having to analyse the complicated pricing structures.


Much more professional looking than the existing pages.


Simpler to update (no website maintenance required when pricing is updated).


Helpful tool for those helping on the forum and agents to ensure that they are giving accurate help on pricing issues.


So if you would like to see this happen then please add your vote using the kudos button. :smileyhappy:


Hi, so many posts about this, not sure whether to add to one or make a new one? :smileyfrustrated: (ive now done both :smileytongue:)


I put together a quick website to show what i think could be a possibility in terms of price and flexability. 


What prices do other people think would work mutually for us and for the network.


Check it out, I personally would like to see slightly lower prices but dont want people to say. Can't be done! No potential profit. etc etc. I have aimed to get it around the price of things now with maybe a more scientific calulation worked out with a slider implemented by the giffgaff boffins :manwink:


This could maybe be tested by a group of people to see how it unfolds. To go along side other offers and goodybags and for credit to kick as usual if you happen to run out of any allowances. 

I think that being able to access the homepage when or if you run out of data and have no means of gaining Internet access would be a huge advantage to all giffgaff members.
This could be implemented after the new member has topped up and purchased a goodybag.
Most other networks allow this and it seems very logical considering the giffgaff logo.
The network can't be run by us or you if you're caught short with no way of accessing the topup page .
I've previously brought this up but was caught short once again a few days ago and tried the links that I was given and there is no way to access the online homepage to topup . So I was forced to drive to the library, which is rather a pain considering it must have only cost a few kb's to complete the transaction.
Has anyone else found this a problem?
If you think this is a good idea please support me and requote me . Thanks again

Like for like in the EU

Status: New Idea
by bradkeene on ‎16-01-2015 17:12
I am new to giffgaff and would like to suggest using your package in EU countries for calls and data. So that it forms as part of the UK package as is the Three network
Ok so this should be an easy one to implement and quite worthwhile too. Today I helped a new GG user register and activate the new SIM card. From memory, on the very first page it asks for the name, with a pretty stern warning to think carefully as this cannot be changed in the future!

Even though I'm a seasoned giffgaffer, it was not immediately obvious to either of us whether it was expecting the inputting of the users real name, or a made up username.

So as it could not be changed later, we decided to play safe and enter her real full name. Only then did it become fairly clear that it must be the latter required as it threw an error due to us entering forename and family name separated by a space. Spaces are not allowed in that entry, so it would not accept the input.

So we changed the entry to a single word username, which was accepted. As we progressed through the subsequent pages it then did ask for real name and address etc. So it all becomes clear, though somewhat after the event.

My idea is to simply add some more guidance text to that pretty bare first page of registration to take away the doubt. It should explain precisely what it is expecting ie a one piece made up user id/login name and password. It should also advise that this username will be subsequently publicly visible on any future community discussion posts etc. it could also advise that real full name etc. will be entered on subsequent pages of the process but that will not be published anywhere.

It just needs a bit more detailed help text on that early sim activation/registration page so that the GG user experience at this very early stage is improved. There should be no need to find out by trial and error just what input it requires.

Hope that's clear, it's tricky to explain here but I think anyone who has gone through that process recently will know what I'm alluding to.

Please kudos top left if you agree with this simple idea proposal.

Thank you.


Status: New Idea
by john2811 on ‎20-01-2015 08:38
How about increasing the minutes and data on the £7-50 goodybag to 250 minutes and 500mb data☺

A benificial idea to any members (like myself) who live in rural areas and have difficulty with signal. A booster box, like the vodaphone or EE boosters, which connect to your wifi box and brings signal to your house. This would massively save the hassle of going to the window every 10 minutes to check if that message you typed out an hour ago has actually sent!! 

This probably wouldn't benefit any city people, but it would certainly do us rural folks some benefits if you could give it some Kudos!


Payback points

Status: New Idea
by mehmetozcelik on ‎22-01-2015 01:15
i think that we should be able to keep our giffgaff payback points as long as we want due to members losing their paybacks after the second rollover.

And I don't know if this has been suggested. Sorry if it has.

Introduce an £8 4G goodybag

Status: New Idea
by zexpe on ‎06-01-2015 19:00

Giffgaff, I think you've got your pricing strategy all wrong. You should be encouraging me to use your service more and thus make me pay a little bit more. 99% of my bill comes from data usage on my smartphone and at present I find it much cheaper to use your 4G network on pay-as-you-go where it costs me about £6.50 a month (for about 500 MB use), but the problem with pay-as-you-go is that I become acutely aware that every time I use data I'm paying for it, so will often chose to delay accessing the internet until I'm on wifi for free data. Now this means you are encouraging me to use your network less and pay you less, when you should really be offering an advance payment deal that is just a bit more than I'm currently spending that offers a bit more than I currently get, which will encourage me to pay you more. Unfortunately, the lowest 4G price point is £12 a month which is substantially higher than what I'm currently paying and hence you're not likely to sign me up for it. Really, there needs to be something around the £8 price mark that offers a small amount of minutes, texts and at least 500 MB of data to tempt me to pay that little extra a month.

Bank of Giff Gaff

Status: New Idea
by adeymars on ‎30-12-2014 14:42

Here’s a thought.

We all know that any goody bag unused call, data and texts are lost at the month end, even I have done this on a £7.50 GG with loads of everything left over.

I'm not sad or anxious that this is lost because I have the best value Mobile service and support on planet earth. So I will gladly renew my GG when it expires.

However, I would like to see my unused allowance BANKED for any Giff Gaff user to draw into should they fall short during the month unexpectedly towards the latter period of their goody bag month. Perhaps the value of each item, data - minutes- texts could be allocated points values and be drawn as points so the requesting user could allocate only what they need. This would be on the proviso that a goody bag was purchased at the usual expiry date so as not to encourage abuse.

This would also generate more Giff Gaff activity during that month Calls, texts, data in and out thus increasing Giff Gaff profits. Nothing lost, everything to gain.

EU Roaming Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by franbollo on ‎06-11-2014 11:24
It would be good to have a goodybad with mb and minutes to spend abroad

A Kudo can't be removed on mobile version of the site!

Status: New Idea
by prawlin ‎09-01-2015 15:02 - edited ‎09-01-2015 17:57
Today I accidentally kudoed a post which I really really REALLY did not agree with at all. I was just trying to view who on earth could have possibly kudoed it, but accidentally, I hit the wrong adjacent 'add kudo' icon button. Yikes!!

I believe there should be a way of unkudoing a post that I have just kudoed in error. Presumably by just hitting the same kudo icon again to toggle its state back to being not kudoed. Or maybe add another button to cancel a given kudo?

I feel sure I'm not the first to have accidentally added a kudo completely unintentionally. It is easily done. Especially so when using a touch screen device. One has to be MEGA careful just where to touch whilst scrolling up and down!!

UPDATE: thanks for the heads up. I did search for previous ideas, but apparently missed this
So I will leave this idea here as a pointer to the other one from 2 years ago! I suggest to kudos both, if you agree. Maybe we can accelerate the 'being considered' process? Thanks to blackfive460!

Rolling Minutes/Texts

Status: New Idea
by liamrainey on ‎22-01-2015 12:09

So, we've all bought a Goodybag with some obsene amount of texts and Minutes. I for one very rarely use all my Minutes or Texts if i by a limited goodybag, so my idea is that rather than lasting 30 days a goody bag should last until your minutes/texts are finished that way your not wasting minutes. 


Or a alternative would be to roll the minutes/texts over adding them to you next goodybag thus making it more worthwhile to buy these goodybags.


It would be really easy to implement.




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