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Status: New Idea
by awais_khan12 ‎06-05-2015 21:31 - edited ‎07-05-2015 18:20
Simple request - Give us an option to get the old theme please. Like in our preferences let us choose this theme or the old one!

I and several others do not like this new one very much and were not well informed of this!
And apparently we are the MOBILE NETWORK RUN BY YOU!?

Pick and Mix

Status: New Idea
by edwardlittle on ‎16-04-2015 11:41
Why not have pick and mix goodybags? At the moment you have to choose a goodybag that most closely matches your requirements but may not match them completely. So I suggest that all the various items are priced individually, allowing members to choose what they want and get charged accordingly. So, for example, you could choose 500 minutes with 2 Gb of data or 200 minutes and 2 Gb of data, with each being at a set price. No mobile phone company does this so GiffGaff could lead the way!

Beg for a Sim - postcode helper for Sim emergancies

Status: New Idea
by hughnicholls ‎30-04-2015 16:56 - edited ‎30-04-2015 17:06

Hey guys,



got my idea from this: THREAD by @bluemoonbaz (thanks @kwalmsleyyy for showing me)



Beg for a Sim


I am proposing an optional section of the website where members can sign up to a database by entering their postcode. Being on the database will allow you to be contacted by other members or soon to be members that desperately need a Sim. Basically:


the givers - 


1. sign up to database


2. wait for someone nearby to PM you saying they need a Sim


3.You would then meet or deliver the Sim too them in the local area so they would have it immediately.


the sim beggars-


1. type in their postcode




2. database shows the ten nearest people that they could contact for a sim


3. PM them and arrangements can be made



National giffgaff day - 25th Nov.

Status: New Idea
by timwilliams25 ‎25-05-2015 22:26 - edited ‎25-05-2015 22:28

Launched on 25th November 2009 - I think the anniversary of giffgaff's birth should become a National giffgaff Day.


A feature of the day could be 1/2 price calls, texts or data useage... and for those with goodybags, then their useage would also be reduced by 50% on the National giffgaff Day.


National giffgaff Day could also be an advertising promotion leading up to the event.  For people activating a sim on National giffgaff Day they would get an extra £5 credit (on top of any additional credit they would normally be offered when activating a sim on days other than National giffgaff Day)


I realise this would come at a cost to giffgaff but could also have a positive financial effect on the number of people considering giffgaff in the lead up to Christmas, when many people buy phones - so phone sales could also go up..

@ mentions

Status: New Idea
by cps15966 on ‎18-05-2015 09:19

Morning gaffers....


I get @ mentions notified to me on email and then click the links to take me to the page relatiing to it.


Currently on the dashboard page we have the Community section for your 'profile and messages' (which takes you to latest posts made, kudoed posts etc), 'latest posts' and 'on the blog'.


I think that it would be better to have a running list of @ mentions somewhere either on the dashboard page or inside the 'profile and messages' page. It could be a running list that remains until you either click on the link to view it or tell it to be discarded in the same way as a draft message currently is.



Before anyone says anything, I did do a search for this using giffgaff's marvellous search engine, but only found one post relating to is 2 years ago here with a link to getting notifications through something called IFTTT via a third party site that you have to sign up to from what I can see, but I think it would be far better to have it as a list on giffgaff itself or by having to resort to emails from giffgaff.



Maybe it could look like this below or listing them on the proile page might be better.






Well, that's it, I eagerly await comments pulling the idea to bits.... lol Smiley Wink


Ability to add credit of less than £10 to top up your airtime balance.


Why?  - I have just been subject to a premium text message scam, where I got charged £5 to receive a text from some company I have never had contact with.

I am now left with £9 credit that they can continue to plunder. Since I cant withdraw the credit, there should be the ability to top up my credit to a round £10, so I can purchase a queued GBag.

Another instance where this is useful, is on my childrens account where they have a GBag, but I dont want them to have credit, in case it is accidently used roaming on holiday, or with premium services.

I once put £10 credit on, then immediately tried to convert it to a GBag, but it had dropped to £9.93 - totally useless, when I always buy a £10 GBag on the account!

Recycle your mobile for cash or payback?

Status: New Idea
by simpsonnth ‎04-05-2015 09:08 - edited ‎04-05-2015 09:09

Hi there,


I've seen some mention this but not in this kind of way. 


Basically the idea is that if you have an old mobile that you could either:


1) Get Money off a new phone

2) Get Cash or Payback on recycling your old phone


I think the best way to do this is shown below in the picture:



This would be great to see the potential money you could get before even selling it.

It would also be great to have a page that shows used/refurbished phones for sale.


Let me know what you think!


Kudos this if you think its a good idea! Smiley Very Happy


Thread limit

Status: New Idea
by auntied on ‎08-02-2015 11:35

Ok....so we all know we only get 50 kudos to use in any one 24 hour period, and once they're used you have to wait for them to kick back in again!


Well my idea is along the same lines, but with thread making! We see it time and time again, someone flooding the S:GD board with up to 10 threads in the space of 10 minutes, but never returning to answer questions that members may have asked.


And lately it's gotten worse! It's prolific amongst certain members, maybe they think the more threads they make the more payback they'll receive! But as we all know, it's quality NOT quantity that counts!


So how about a thread limit? Maybe only being able to make 3 threads in any one hour period and with at least a mandatory 10 minutes between each thread made?


And i think that is still being generous!


I know there's a similar idea on here somewhere, but that one would've still been open to abuse with regards the amount of thread making!


Hope this all makes sense! Smiley Happy

Personalised Goodbags

Status: New Idea
by elijoby12 on ‎03-01-2015 17:31

GiffaGaff For The People By The People. (I love this idea) 


So my idea goes like this- Instead of having set plans i.e £12 for so many minutes, texts, and data; you have the option to pick how many minutes, texts, and data you want. The cost is processed from the relavant ammounts you choice, and everyone is happy (hopefully).


I'm not sure if this makes much sense (the festive times have certainly catched up with my senses) so I've attached a picture I created on paint. You're welcome to even use my wonderful 'slider' idea and the catch phrase. 


Peas xGiff~Gaff Idea.png

Low cost 4G goodybag is needed.

Status: New Idea
by momist on ‎06-05-2015 15:02

Hi Everyone.  I have search the ideas posted on here about the 4G goodybags, and several are either totally out of date, or refer to unlimited data etc. etc.  This idea is slightly different, so please let me know if I've missed seeing it elsewhere.


Where I live, I have very little signal in my house at all, but if I step outside I have a usable 4G signal.  There is NO 3G anywhere near where I live, without 4G the best I can get is E (edge) or more usually just a plain phone signal with, I assume,  GPRS data.  This I understand is due to the banding arrangements, with 4G now available on 800MHz, while all the other G's are on higher frequencies with lower range, and lower building penetration.


I'm a low user.  I currently run my phone on PAYG, and only buy a goodybag when I leave the wifi behind for a few days away in the caravan.  Frequently, in the caravan, I'm in some remote field and the signal situation is just the same as being at home.  i.e. A very thin signal and lucky if I get any data, but 4G is more likely than 3G.


Since I first tried a £12 4G goodybag on my trip away in March, I've been able to get 4G both at home (at a first floor window or outside) and in some other places when I'm out and about.  In the whole of March, I used only 160MB of data, and 8 minutes calls (other than GG ones).   If I buy any 3G goodybag now, I understand that I will then lose my 4G connection, and revert the phone to a 3G crippled version.


Today, the £5 Hokey Cokey and the £7.50 goodybags have had a boost:

"In a nutshell we’ll be doubling the data on £7.50 from 250mb to 500mb and increasing the minutes from 200mins to 250mins.  Plus on the £5 Hokey Cokey we’ll be increasing the data from 20mb to 100mb and the minutes from 60mins to 100mins.

Hooray I say!  But this can't help me in the least.  I can't buy a Hokey Cokey or £7.50 goodybag, without ruining the one feature I bought a 4G phone for.


I think that forcing me to purchase another £12 goodybag, when all I want is a 100MB or so of data, is similar to blackmail.



Like many others I enjoy sharing pics with the community and understand why there is a 333k limit for the pic size, trouble is that even on the lowest settings my phones camera comes up at around 500k so of no use until i convert them using a seperate program. A pain when I am out and about.

Have a word with Lithium to see if you can incorporate software like Facebook do that reduces file sizes automatically, saves us having to waste time doing it Smiley Happy

Unlimited Goodybag, Tethering Option

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎10-01-2015 15:41 - edited ‎11-01-2015 19:00

Currently when someone trys the tether on a unlimited goodybag they are blocked for 30 minutes, this is the right thing to do as they could abuse the data, however it creates a issue, anyone who buys a unlimited goodybag thinking that they can tether is now stuck, we can only advise them to get a limited goodybag next month that alows tethering.


So anyway the member has been presented with a 30 minute block, this causes them to kick off on the help board as they have not seen that it says you can not tether.


My Idea:


Add a option to the goodybag, to go limited for the rest of the month and allow tethering.


The unlimited goodybag is going back up to its £20 price point soon so i think a fair amount of data would be 8GB, all the members usage up to this point would be deducted from that amount, so if they have used 4GB of there unlimited so far they would have 4GB left that they can then tether.


The option to go limited can be shown on there dashboard with a counter of how much data they would have left if they chose it, and can also be on the 30 minute block page, if seleted it would instanly unblock internet access.


Please vote for this idea by clicking Kudos.






4G 500MB and Hokey Cokey at no extra cost

Status: New Idea
by cim ‎28-04-2015 15:40 - edited ‎28-04-2015 15:44

I don't use much data but I like it fast when I do use it.


So I propose that the very welcome data boost to 500MB £7.50 goodybag and 100MB £5 Hokey Cokey are made available on 4G as well as 3G.


I know this is a very similar idea so kudos to that and any similars also but to be clear I am proposing that low volume 4G should be made available at no price increase whatsoever - 4G data isn't all that fast on gg and low volume users are not the main contributors to loading up the network Smiley Wink


As we all know, there is an existing goodybag for £15 for those members, who joined before 21st August 2014, which includes unlimited texts, 500 min call, free from Giffgaff to Giffgaff & unlimited internet. How about giving the same option for members, who joined us after? Like after 6 months or a year of being loyal, topping up, and showing that they actually are active with top-ups, having the same right to get unlimited internet (because let's be honest, that's what it's all about Smiley Very Happy) for a cheaper price. Please at least take it into consideration, and Kudos if you like the idea.


Ps: I joined before as well, but let's think about newcomers. Smiley Wink

As the heading suggests.


It would be good if giffgaff members profiles could include a section which gave the IMEI number of the phone being used on giffgaff, along with the SIM number of the sim inserted in the phone and a PUK for that sim/phone combination.


This is something that O2 have on their systems and would make life much easier for people if they lose their phones - rather than jumping through all the hoops they currently need to do at present in order to report a lost phone to the police/insurance.


Hopefully, many of use would never need this service (as would not like to lose phone) - but would be useful to have just in case.

be more clear!

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 on ‎24-03-2015 16:44

Just a quick one Smiley Happy

So when you click onto a banner to order a sim card it says a few things about giffgaff but I've just noticed that it says this :

''Free calls & texts to giffgaff numbers

Keep in touch with your friends for free with unlimited calls & texts to giffgaff numbers.''

But no where on this page does it explain that you have to top up or buy a goodybag every 3 months to get these free allowances which could be very misleading to people that don't already know this!

So I propose that giffgaff include this information on this page even if they just add an asterisk (*) with small print at the bottom of the page explaining about the 3 month top up rule.

This should be there in the interest of fairness and it's very easy and free to implement! 

So if you agree that giffgaff should point this out then click the kudos button to show your support. 

Thanks Smiley Happy


EU Roaming Goodybag

Status: New Idea
by franbollo on ‎06-11-2014 11:24
It would be good to have a goodybad with mb and minutes to spend abroad

Allow potential new members to order more than one sim

Status: New Idea
by kathleen414 ‎28-04-2015 20:17 - edited ‎28-04-2015 21:03

A friend tried to order a sim today but wanted more than one


And then found they could only order one at a time and then would have had to order another separate one


This seems silly to me and will incur more costs for giffgaff to send separate letters with separate sims


Surely the potential new member should have the opportunity to select say 1/3 sims instead of just one at a time


This would be simple to do just change it

  To the format existing members have when ordering of their sim link


Ie  ×1×2×3

If you agree please support with a kudos


2015-04-28 20.19.24.png






giffgaff mentor programme

Status: New Idea
by mighty_cast on ‎03-05-2015 12:50
now I know this idea will be shot down by the usual suspects.... But please hear me out.

There are people who perhaps have some, I don't like to use the term but special needs.

For example I'm deaf, and I've been deaf since I was 6. So let's say I need to call someone up for something, shall we say Vodafone for a PAC code, I asked 3 different people who got told I would have the code soon... Still waiting...

I think it would be an awesome idea!

giffgaff the network that cares...

Wouldn't it be easier for giffgaff and better for the users if giffgaff automatically generated a PDF and emailed it to you when you report your phone and your sim as lost and stolen. Would presumably save the agents time. Should be simple for them to set up. The person would then just need to forward it to their insurer. As long as it has a clear line at the start "we noticed you reported your phone/sim as lost/stolen so thought we would forward you this letter just in case you need it to forward to your insurer" then it would be clear to anyone who didn't want it or didn't know about it.