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Receiving payback quicker

Status: Not For Us
by i_h8_indian_callcentres ‎21-04-2010 00:38 - edited ‎19-05-2010 00:04

Wouldn't it be better if giffgaff gave payback quicker and earlier. I was thinking something like every month because 6months is a lot of wait to be rewarded. Anyone agree?


Kudos if you like the idea

Status: Not For Us
06/05/2012 - this Idea is still unsuitable for giffgaff - The costs involved is still high, and the amount of staff effort needed to go into the payback period doesn't balance out the benefit of this idea. (144)

email and/or SMS notifications of network outages

Status: Not For Us
by giffgaff Educator ‎16-09-2013 13:03 - edited ‎16-09-2013 14:29

Hey folks, the above idea received some interest in our Revived Ideas Thread this week, but the original only has 7 Kudos, so what I'd like to do is assess current demand for us looking into this so I can take the new Kudos result into the meeting.


Simply - letting us worry about what's possible, and what might be spammy.


Would you personally like a text message to inform you when there's a servce issue that affects you?

Status: Not For Us
This idea is being set as 'Not For Us' - after speaking to our campaign manager it's clear that it would be technically impossible to implement this idea. Sending a test isn't possible when the network is down and emails to the whole base take about a day to send because of the volume - we usually have to send in small batches so that email providers don't pick us up as spammers. We did want to try this so during a service issue we sent out an email to members in Bands 1 - 4 when the community went down. However by the time most members received it, the issue was resolved and information old. However since this idea was posted, we now have the new Service Checker which can be found on the Service Updates Board -

Credit transfer between SIMs

Status: Not For Us
by ivida on ‎18-03-2010 23:29

Vincent indicated that the idea of handling multiple SIMs from a single 

master account is currently unsuitable for giffgaff unfortunately.


One aspect of the proposal was to handle credit in a flexible manner,

i.e. to have the possibility to transfer credit from one SIM to

another.  Vincent indicated that this in prinicple would be possible.


There was some discussion about  implementing some form  of credit

transfere on giffgaff before (see this tag) - so there is clearly interest in this,

not only from the side of companies and families but other users of giffgaff.


Status: Not For Us
Whilst this idea was brilliantly laid out - we feel that this idea is to open to abuse for us to implement, we've seen other companies attempt this and it not be a widely used feature in those . We are aware and acknowledge the issues that caused this to be suggested and welcome alternative ideas to resolve those but this is an idea that we feel doesn’t fully address those issues and may inadvertently create more problems in future.

There are many scenarios when one has a wifi connection but no O2 signal, for example:

  • In Tube stations
  • At home when a local mast goes down (a scenario I'm currently in)
  • In an underground bar or restaurant
  • Outside the UK (which would otherwise cost up to £1/min to receive)
  • Indoor coverage blackspots

We all miss incoming calls in these scenarios. I am therefore suggesting that giffgaff implements SIP addresses and logins whereby giffgaff members can log in to their giffgaff line for incoming calls using any SIP app via a wifi connection. This means that whenever one does not have a mobile signal, one can still receive calls via wifi using an app on one's smartphone.


Other advantages are:

  • This idea is similar to O2's TU Go, the main difference being that it avoids the need for giffgaff to build and maintain an app and all the infrastructure behind it.
  • There are plenty of free and paid SIP apps in app stores, so giffgaff users would be free to choose the app they like the most. Some SIP apps even support push notifications so the app doesn't even have to be left open.
  • The functionality to deliver a voice call from a mobile number to a SIP address would be simple and cheap for giffgaff to implement and operate. This is evident from the many telephone-number-to-SIP forwarding services that are provided free of charge by providers such as Flextel.
  • Giffgaff receives the usual call termination revenue for the incoming call but because the call is subsequently delivered via the internet, giffgaff doesn't have to use this revenue to pay O2 or anyone else for delivering the call via a mobile network. Therefore giffgaff could even reward members for receiving calls via SIP, similarly to how it already incentivises the receiving of calls on the Hokey Cokey goodybag.

I got this idea from Russia. I use local prepaid SIM cards whenever I travel and MegaFon, my Russian prepaid SIM card provider, gives me exactly this functionality, i.e. a SIP address and login for my mobile number. MegaFon customers can choose whether incoming calls are delivered via the mobile network, via SIP or via both simultaneously. MegaFon goes two steps further than what I'm advocating for giffgaff, allowing outgoing calls via SIP and also providing an optional free app, a white label of Acrobits, a leading paid SIP app. It is bizarre that when I'm on the Tube or elsewhere without a mobile signal and with wifi, I can receive calls on my Russian mobile number but not on my UK mobile number via giffgaff. The Russians can do this; why doesn't giffgaff do the same?

Status: Not For Us
Official Update: Our Head of Development doesn't believe we currently have a Media Gateway which is compatible with SIP, and it was discussed in the meeting about how we don't believe SIP is a majority product that our memberbase would use. However the Top Team really appreciated the demand for making Calls over Wifi, and want to now seriously pursue a Tu Go style app for our members. Thank you for posting such a brilliant outlined Idea, it's still one of my favourites.

Giffgaff should support the new upcoming O2 BoostBox for thoes users in a poor signal area.


If you don't already know, this little box plugs into your home fixed broadband and provides a mini mobile phone mast for your mobile (only pre-registered mobiles work on it).


I know this idea was suggested and rejected back in 2010 in this post:


But the company line back then was that it wasn't going to happen. Now that O2 are about to launch a femtocell product, it would be good if Giffgaff reconcidered it! Vodafone already have sure signal. If Giffgaff had a similar product, it would keep its competitive edge.


If you think this is a good idea, give it kudos!

Status: Not For Us
Official Update: A further update on this. There is no technical reason why we can't provide this, however o2 don't sell femtocell's to 'end customers' only business accounts, and don't have a commercial offer. So currently we can't implement this Idea. The way that Femtocell's work are they are locked down to your number and 3 others you have to whitelist. This means friends or visitors won't be able to use or get signal either. If anything changes, we'll certainly update this Idea and let you guys know through Private Message.

blackberry addon fix please support

Status: Not For Us
by bluemoonbaz ‎10-03-2012 13:52 - edited ‎10-03-2012 21:55



Well after seeing and try trying to help so many new bb users . with there purchases of the bbm addon.

I understand gg want them to buy the addon with a goody bag and not on its own ..fair point ..

but surely when people already have a live goody bag they should be able to add the addon ??

 without having to wait until its expired ???


  affecting new and existing members

those who buy goody bag and then realise they need to buy addon at the same time

and existing members  who are already into a goody bag


allowing my idea  saving a load of problems ..

that is putting members off and could easily be resolved

and more likely to keep members on giffgaff

and at lttle cost to giffgaff


Surely they must have considered this possible issue and coded this in to the bb system so there must be a way of solving it ,  Even if they have to take a hit  to solve .

For every 1 person who is thwarted in their attempt to add BB after goodybag purchase, they will be so hacked off with GiffGaff  that even if they  each only go on to  tell 10 people about their BAD GiffGaff experience, the number of potential customers lost is massive.


I think every customer counts.


if you think this is a viable idea please hit the yellows arrow on  top left support

Status: Not For Us
Hi guys, so we've really had a good look into this, but it's really no technically possible - Blackberry works like a goodybag, it's for one month - which means if you start Blackberry later than a goodybag, you're then having to top up twice in one month, and making keeping track of when they will both expire. It doesn't work like a permission that gets added to the account, it's an individual bundle on it's own, which means you can't buy Blackberry whenever you want as it would mess with your account and make things very complicated. We have however upgraded the way you top up, which makes it very clear, and you manually have to select that you do not want the Blackberry add on to continue, Kind regards, Hazel.
Hi everyone, I've tried to look at the ideas section to see if something like this has been posted but couldn't find anything, so.......

I'm on the £10 goodybag, I was thinking if giffgaff were to have another £10 goodybag which came with 1000 mins, about 500MB data and some texts it would be great and be competitive with other providers too. The current £10 goodybag is far from as valuable as what other networks are providing (£10 Tesco sim only 1000 mins). I love giffgaff but don't really wana top up £20 a month to get more than 500 mins. Even 750 mins would be great. I'm sure a lot of giffgaffers would agree.
Status: Not For Us

We've just concluded a large consultation with our community about our goodybags for the near future, which you can find over here. We've made tweaks to our goodybags to make sure there's something to suit members' needs while staying competitive. While this specific change isn't included in the new range, make sure you have a look through to see if one of the new goodybags suits you.


For those members whose minutes don't quite seem to last, you'll also be able to use a feature that we'll be launching soon, allowing you to end a goodybag early to buy a new one once your minutes get low enough. That way, you won't ever be stuck without minutes in your goodybag if you need more.

Supporting the police

Status: Not For Us
by lsimpson77 on ‎10-09-2013 09:21



My partner works for the police. He told me that phone companies charge for them to ping (locate) phones at various levels. As a result often phones as located within a 5 mile radius whereas if there was no charge then they could locate someone exactly where they are and potentially save lives!


It seems a very sad state of affairs that someone may be at risk or danger and a phone company is charging the police to find them and therefore limiting how they do this best. Surely the law should override this but it doesn't. It seems that money takes precedence over the safety of the public whether they be at risk themselves or a criminal is potentially putting them at risk.


I think it would be great for Giffgaff to be a forerunner in saying to the police yes we can help and we won't charge you, it would give the company even greater kudos than I think it already has.


Let me know your thoughts!





Status: Not For Us
Hey folks, it's not that we don't want to do this, it's that we have no control over it - this is something o2 do and unfortunately it can't be done, Sorry!

My Dad's in hospital at the moment so I've been leaving my phone at the side of my bed for the last few nights. I was woken at 5.38 am this morning by an incoming giffgaff txt informing me that my goodybag was going to expire the next day.



You know what? I really don't need txts from giffgaff waking me at this time of the morning with this sort of information.


My idea is for giffgaff to only send informational txts to customers during daylight working hours (when most people will be awake).



Status: Not For Us
Sorry to hear about you receiving a text at an inappropriate time. After talking to our Member Experience team, I'd like to assure you that we always schedule campaigns during day work hours, which should complete by 7pm for members. However we can't control a text once it's sent out - and an SMS will try several times to be delivered to your phone. Things that might affect a text not being received when intended is your phone being off or out of service.

Got the email tonight about goodybag changes.. thought great, better deals for us all.. until i read the email.

This had been asked many times, the currently consulation regarding changes will only affect the "£12+ bags.


GiffGaff seriously now need to review their £5 and £7.50 bags as the competion are offering better deals.

Like ASDA (now EE): £5 for 100 mins, 2000text and 100MB data and then standard PAYG rates 8p/min, 4p/text and 5p/mb data, compare this to giffgaff: £5 for 60+ mins, 300 text and 20mb data then at 10p/min, 6p/text and 2p/mb until bag ends, then data is 20p for first 20mb per day and then 20p per 1MB... it doesn't compare.

ASDA also do a £5 top up, giffgaff don't.

3 (three) are offering 3,2,1 on PAYG (3p/min, 2p/text and 1p/MB data)

I saw another provider offer a 30 day 100mins, 150 text and 500MB for £5 via their monthly bag style option (no contract).


The forum is a great place, people are being rewarded by GiffGaff to answer the same old question which has been asked thousands of times before and most answers are available in the Help section of the site.

Then there are agents to answer their questions as well.

Won't be popular, How about eliminating a lot of the forums payment costs to members and use the money to offer better all round bags from the entry level up by being more competive. 


Also, how about adding a £5 topup option and reduce the free calls to 30 or 45 days, thus reducing the PAYG standard rates to be more competive with three and ASDA and Sainsbury's.


The way things are looking, the cheaper goodybags are no longer competive and even the PAYG rates are looking a tad more expensive that others.


Time for a total review?




Status: Not For Us

22nd September 2014: This idea has been set to 'Not for Us'. Due to our Ideas Process, lower goodybags and PAYG have been reviewed recently through our Bi-Monthly Product Meeting. Currently changing these packages are financially unsustainable for us at the current time, but we'll always keep an eye out for what's possible and the market trends. Thank you for submitting this idea.

So after reading and also commenting on Community Consultation I have now decided on posting my little own option and idea.


Option 4 My idea for massive improvemtns on GoddyBags


To have a new goody bag called mix it match it goodybag. Giving the cusotmer the freedome of choice. Want minuits? Ok move the slider option to selected amount of mins wanted starting from 50 min to 100 to 300 to 500 to 750 to 1000 to 4000 to unlimited ok, happy? Bagged it.


Next now move slider up to select amount of text you want. Use same sort of methords above.


And then repeate for data being say no data at all being 0 being dissabled and only wifi access only.

then a range from 100mb to 300 to 500 to 1 gb to 5 gb to 10 gb to unlimited.


This way the customer can get exctly what they want via a much wider range giving the customer the fredom of choise on all areas.


The prices would varie depending on what a user has decided to put together based on calls, text and internet.



Having such a goodybag like the idea above would see a lot more customers sticking around and also more customers moving over to GiffGaff giving customers more choice and ways to use their phone and to keep things to what a customer likes. Having many goodybags are indeed good or packages with other networks but when you start changing things around people also start moving to other networks.


Using my idea and option I believe most people on here would actualy like somthing like this depending on prices however given the fact of current packages you have with the goodybags you can actually work around prices currently take some of it away and split it up into segments and actualy come up with many more options for customers.


Just my 2 cents and feedback and idea for improvements.

Status: Not For Us

16th Oct 2014 - 11:45am


This idea has been set to 'Not for Us', as there are a large number of technical barriers preventing us from being able to provide this idea.


Status: Not For Us
by oslingsby virtuoso ‎15-02-2012 07:06 - edited ‎15-02-2012 07:08


Hi everyone, if your a regular poster here you will know about one our of every 15 questions (rough guess) is "setup Tethering" or "I'v been banned" or some other question relating to tethering using goodybags.


While we all know this isnt allowed unless your on a gigabag giffgaff is already starting to get some bad press about being banned with unlimited isnt unlimited simply because they haven't read the terms and conditions or the goodybag information etc.


So my solution.


Internet via giffgaff goes through a APN (Access Point Name) =


So if we can get giffgaff to create a second APN maybe something like = tethering


We can charge access via this new APN at standard rates regardless if the user has a goodybag or not,

allowing for tethering use while having a active goodybag hence not limiting the customer to one service at a time or forcing them to use another device.


I think this should definately be technically possible and should solve the 'Not allowed" constantly being conveyed to goodybag customers.


Kudos the Idea if you like it and giffgaff may look at it :smileytongue:

Status: Not For Us
Hey folks, after being requested to review this Idea, I had a chat with our Business Intelligence team who agree we can't offer this Idea exactly how it's described, here's the skinny, "This would require changes to both our billing platforms and our tethering platform. As these two are separate it would be a very complex task to set this up. This the same reason why we can't currently offer 1 GB tetherable on unlimited or similar. This might also cause a lot of confusion when for instance unlimited goodybag members start burning through their credit because they've forgotten to switch APNs." Kind regards, Hazel.

Simple proposition. People have asked if it is possible but I have not found anyone submit it as an idea.


If I go on holiday abroad I can't use my goodybag.


When I return I want to use my phone straight away, to call a firend or a taxi from the airport. I don't want to fiddle with topping up.


I propose a delay start option, so that you can go on holiday knowing that on the date you come back a goodybag will be ready to go.


Is this of interest to anyone :smileytongue:


Status: Not For Us
After a long discussion we decided to set this idea as 'Not for Us'. Whilst we understand that it could be beneficial to some members, we believe it would make the buying process complicated for more members. Members can buy a goodybag, queue a goodybag, recur, and buy credit - if we add a moving start date to this, this will make the process more complicated. At this time we don't want to pursue implementing this, but thank you for posting an original idea and getting fantastic support for it.

Make giffgaff community zero rated for all members

Status: Not For Us
by alicepowell ‎12-08-2014 16:53 - edited ‎12-08-2014 17:07

Its just come to my attention that is only zero rated for some members, but not all.


As you can imagine, I wasnt to impressed to find this out!


If you DO NOT have credit on your account, your browsing on is FREE


If you DO have credit (or an active goodybag), you are charged to access either in credit or from your data allowance.


Why are some members given this charge when others are not?




So my idea is simple ... make zero rated for everyone, not just a select few.


Thanks for reading, and as ever please show support with a "kudo"

Status: Not For Us

Hey all,


This idea has been set to 'Not for Us'. As per Alex's post on this thread ( the Community is currently free rated but as external elements work their way into the forums, this may interrupt member experience with no data or credit.


Thanks for submitting an Idea. 



Stop sending "Cheeky SIMs"

Status: Not For Us
by oldyorkie ‎01-12-2013 15:08 - edited ‎01-12-2013 15:13

We've been notified by gg in this thread by @jenniferho that, in an effort to save cost due to SIM wastage (SIMs ordered but not activated), that members will suffer reductions in the limits that they can order from their Spread giffgaff page.


I believe that a huge amount of cost could also be saved if gg stopped sending out the "Cheeky SIMs" too. 

These, afterall, are nothing more than speculative as there is no guarantee of that being activated either?

As well as causing confusion to some new members who post on the forums wondering why they received it and what it was...


There are previous ideas of similar suggestion that were sent to the Idea Vault here and here due to lack of support and being against what the gg roadmap and ethos were trying to do, but, in light of the change of heart and direction by giffgaff, I feel this suggestion deserves its place on the boards again.


Thankyou for reading :smileyhappy:


Status: Not For Us

The Cheeky SIM/Welcome Pack is a really valuable tool for us. We receive plenty of MGM activity through the SIM that gets sent out (in addition for it allowing for faster SIM swap etc.). It also works really well to introduce members to the idea of recruiting others.


The reason for reducing member 'Spread giffgaff orders' was more to do with some members ordering 100 SIMs and only getting 1 or 2 activations from them. Sending 100 Welcome Packs, aside from giving valuable information to the members, provides a better return in recruits. The cost of sending out these packs are off-set by the benefits in terms of recruitment, information and marketing.


The SIMs also have a surprisingly long life in them - we've had cases where people 'rediscover' the SIM months later after putting it in a cupboard somewhere and use it to get others onto giffgaff. In addition, the information included is valuable for the majority of people who receive the pack.


If there is more we can do to improve the text and information included, please do let us know but we do not intend to stop sending these packs out due to the benefits highlighted above.

Payback Band Alterations

Status: Not For Us
by littlechris1989 on ‎04-10-2013 14:44

Current Payback Bands:


Band 1 - £30.00
Band 2 - £20.00
Band 3 - £10.00
Band 4 - £1.00
Band 5 - £0.10 


I don't see the point of band 5, it is too little and doesn't encourage more people to help out in the community.


I suggest the folowing changes:


Band 1 - £30.00
Band 2 - £20.00
Band 3 - £10.00
Band 4 - £5.00
Band 5 - £1.00


This would entice people to give a little extra of their time to the community knowing they could make a few more pounds towards their phone.


Especially with the problems in the last week, more people helping would have kept more people happy and updated with the ongoing issues.

Status: Not For Us
Community Payback has a fixed budget, which means by increasing Band 4 to £5 from £1 - we risk pushing 70,000 members out of being able to get payback. However we agree that the payback formula and bands need to be reviewed - this is something Christian had started reviewing, and now we'll be picking up as part of the Help Review. I'll update here when more information about that is available. Thanks for the great Idea.
Many new members are desperate to active and use the new sim they have. However in their haste they don't check the full details about activation and how long it takes. Saying that its not immediately obvious that it can take upto 24 hours.
So after waiting 30 minutes and 1 second they are off to the forum, fb page, twitter and asking an agent as to why the sim isn't activated, quoting it says "30 minutes on the page "
At this point if I see them I try to link them to this kb article
Which makes it clear that 30 minutes isn't an absolute time. Having this link would be sensible I feel.
Further to having that link available I would like to see a visible activation bar / widget ( suggested from the members in the listening thread) so that they can see where they are in relation to full activation. With at the end it bursting into a beautiful pink message saying
0798547363 is your number welcome to giffgaff ( well you know what I mean maybe not quite so exuberant )
This should reduce the burden on the agents and the complaints I see on the fb page on twitter and on forum.
Possibly also allow a link to a direct agent question ( no messing with subsections ) once 24 is up to have a activation checked.
As usual I have no idea how technically feasible the idea is but hopefully its not impossible and wouldn't be costly to instigate.
Status: Not For Us
Hey folks, since this idea was posted, our activation process has improved a great deal. 94% of activations complete within 2 minutes - most within 30 minutes. So we couldn't justify the amount of resources and development time at the moment that this would cost. Hope you can appreciate this, and hopefully improving the activation times is more satisfactory to developing a tool to see how long it takes? Kind regards, Hazel.

Text alerts for missed calls.

Status: Not For Us
by tam_g93 on ‎09-07-2014 19:14

We all have them times when our phone isnt in signal or is off. The thing with Giffgaff is that you arent notified unless you use a different app etc. I think introducing the text alerts would be a good thing, its alreaady offered by others so why not Giffgaff? Also its easier than using another app which needs connecting to the internet. 



Status: Not For Us

6th August 2014 - Morning folks, please Kudos the following Idea with over 500 Kudos on updates for Text Alerts for Missed Calls.

Create your own Goodybag

Status: Not For Us
by jevison on ‎16-04-2010 06:01

For some time now I've been thinking that networks should be able to give you the option to pick how many minutes, texts and how much Internet usage you want and then they give you the price.


If giffgaff were to put this idea into motion, I think it would really take off. Giving the customers what they really want is always a plus. Although I'm not saying the Goodybags they're offering now aren't great enough already, but I think it's something that should be looked into. :smileywink:


Who's with me?



Status: Not For Us
Hi all, there are 3 reasons why we don't want to implement this. 1) This is extremely expensive to implement. 2) As we are a low cost operation a feature such as this is simply not the right thing to do. 3) On top of this, it is also diffecult to understand from a member experience standpoint as well as that O2 have previously tried this and no one used it.

minimum top up should be £5

Status: Not For Us
by mizanmiah89 on ‎01-07-2014 23:19
I agree this part to activate the sim you should top up £10
But then after we should be able to purchase £5 airtime rather than £10 minimum
So I think giffgaff should offer £5 minimum top up.
Might not be the great idea but I think this is important to people
Status: Not For Us

6th August 2014 - please Kudos this Idea asking for £5 top ups for updates on the Ideas progress - it's easier if we keep all updates in one place but thank you for bringing this up again, it's great to relook at it 4 years on. 


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