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Mobile Model Mandatory Requirement upon Signup

Status: Not For Us
by jamesd2010 ‎26-06-2011 16:07 - edited ‎26-06-2011 16:25

It seems the more and more posts I see daily, we always have this daily dilemma of providing settings to a user, but not knowing what device they have, resulting in several hours or days lost where the user hasn't replied, and therefore hasn't got the answer she/he needs, affecting the giffgaff reputation of speedy quality replies.


The option to allow users input their device model and brand is currently optional, however this idea is to make this a requirement upon sign up. This allows us to know what device the user has, and provide better quality answers to all instead of directing them to the standard Giffgaff APN.


This would solve time, and make the experience of giffgaff far better. Giffgaff is mobile network provider, that's the purpose of giffgaff, and so it would be much more efficient to ask for the phone the user has upon sign up.


Implementing this would be easy, simply add another field to the sign up process asking the phone they have, and make it validated to ensure some text has been entered.


Who agrees? Kudo if you do!

Status: Not For Us

Hey folks,


After re-discussing this Idea with our Management Team we decided not to implement it. Reason being is that members should have a choice of whether they want to show their phone or not - the phone they have when they start up might not necessarily be the phone they have a year later when they post asking for help and as a final reason, having a phone isn't a mandatory requirement to sign up or post on the giffgaff forums. So we couldn't possibly force this on members,


Kind regards,


by ed33 on ‎26-06-2011 16:58

Definately. Will take somebody 2 seconds to enter it but could save masses of time.

by cinami on ‎26-06-2011 17:13
I almost agree in principle but I can see flaws. What if the person changes their phone but doesn't update it. What if some people don't want to share their make and model of phone. If it's a requirement it might put some people off signing up. I know this would be silly but people are funny. Perhaps an advice page on how to get the best from the gg forums and one tip to state make and model of phone in settings. Like some of us already do. It would definitely have helped in some my responses to have known what phone is being used.
by yaakov1 on ‎26-06-2011 17:17


whilst your sayin g that, what if someone says ipad2 or something like that:smileyvery-happy:
will it get refused? 

by jamesd2010 on ‎26-06-2011 17:21



Firstly, thanks for the feedback. If someone changes their phone and wants updated settings then the likely chances of them asking on the forum for settings without saying this, or updating the phone from community settings is low. I often see people mention the fact they have a new phone. So if they haven't updated this we can take information from this, and then give guidance on how to update the phone, I will certainly follow this up if it was implemented.


In today's society, it's getting a bit lop sided to be fair, I understand what you're saying, but at the end of the day it's a mobile network providing help, if customers didn't provide this information, it's refusing to give essential information out, and therefore we couldn't help them. It's a bit like ringing o2, them asking what phone you have, and then refusing to give such information, O2 wouldn't serve them, and so at giffgaff morally it's the same principal.


Advice pages, they already exist, do you see them put to use? No, they stare people in the face at times, but people don't read this, they want service quick and simple and not a guide on how to get the service they need, this idea is much more simplistic, instead simply input your phone, and then we can ensure faster quality replies to users.


The technology is already their, it exists and so it's a bit silly not to put it to its full potential.


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