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SIM only mobile broadband

Status: Implemented
by geekonthepc ‎05-04-2010 10:09 - edited ‎25-03-2011 18:09

I happen to think this would be a great idea. You'd be the only provider to have it and it would mean that people with unlocked dongles could use your network for mobile broadband.


It could be totally pay as you go, and it would mean you would be able to make sure you were earning a profit for people using their giffgaff service primarily for mobile broadband.


EDIT 25/3/2011: Haven't heard much from giffgaff lately on this one, but I'm still very much in favour of this idea coming into play :smileyhappy:

Status: Implemented
This has now been implemented with our gigabags range. Enjoy :smileyhappy:
by daveysludge on ‎05-04-2010 10:29

Yes PAYG mobile broadband would be a good market for GG to expand into...

by alistairleckie newcomer on ‎06-04-2010 04:16

I would also love to see clear data pricing. I use giffgaff in my mifi dongle for occasional use with my iphone 2g and I would really like to stick with them after the free data runs out.

by vincent on ‎28-06-2010 11:50
Status changed to: Under Consideration
This is under consideration, and we'd have to do some research before we make any attempts to implement this. It's a very niche market at the moment and it could well be that it's only becoming smaller. Most people now use wifi as more and more hot spots are being opened. So we'll look into it, but our initial feeling is that it's too niche for us.
by boney_mc on ‎28-06-2010 19:12

defo good idea. i use dongle quite a lot and o2 are way overpriced and evn when i dont use it or dont use it much i pay for it.. rubbish! also getting an ipad so would love GG on it :smileyvery-happy:

by zanityman on ‎07-07-2010 10:31

It'd be great to have a sim only mobile broadband - or even better a goodybag that allows for use in other devices, maybe charging an extra £5 a month or something?


I for one am hoping to get an ipad and - for the small amount of tweeting / facebook etc I'll be doing, won't be using any more data than I would on my phone.

by dantup on ‎13-07-2010 22:23

I would love to see this. Even without payback (which appears to mean I'll never pay for my service!), I wouldn't expect to use more than a £10 goodybag per month.


My iPad is costing me £8.80/mo with three for 1GB data. However, I only got 3G as a backup, so in reality I only use a few megabytes per month. 


It's crazy that my iPad is costing almost as much than my phone (actually more, taking into account payback) when I use it so little.


I'd love to put a giffgaff sim in it and pay a few quid per month for < 50MB :-)

by mondeoman1970 on ‎13-07-2010 22:27

It would be great if GG do this.

by alexb38 ‎19-07-2010 21:08 - edited ‎19-07-2010 21:08

This would be a great idea if giffgaff implement an internet-only SIM, specifically for iPad and MiFi users - it must be a market giffgaff are losing a lot of money by not being a part of! :smileytongue:


by oslingsby virtuoso on ‎19-07-2010 23:36

if gg do this i would be so tempted to cancel home broadband and move it this using mifi or something hopefully truly unlimited tho.


by comstock on ‎08-08-2010 14:46

Vodafone used to do a flat rate mobile broadband @ 15 quid a gig, with no top up expiry. They've dropped it in favour of monthly expirring top ups, but that might leave a real gap in the market for you guys- a flat rate non-expiring dongle to keep in your pocket for when you are away from wifi or the home broadband goes down.


Of course, whether that would be profitable I don't know......


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