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Lower PAYG data pricing

Status: Implemented
by kaz dabbler on ‎15-04-2010 18:39

I propose that giffgaff look again at the PAYG data pricing - I just can't believe they cannot do better than £2/MB capped to 50p.   Do they really not want PAYG customers?    For starters, I suggest flat fee of 1p/MB.


Hopefully it was all an oversight and Vincent will soon be along to mark this implemented.

Status: Implemented
We will charge 20p per MB up to a maximum of 50p (which works out at 2.5MB) after which you get up to 30MB for free. Should you go over 30MB, we will then start charging at a rate of 20p per MB. Which means you now get your slow incline of 20p per MB initially, up to a cap of 50p, which gives you up to 30MB, after which the rate returns to 20p per MB.
by pencil on ‎28-12-2010 01:54

Adsa - 20p per MB

Virgin - 30p for the first 25MB (per day), then £2 for each additional MB

Orange - £2 per day, then what appears to be unlimited Internet

T-Mobile - £1 per day, then 40MB (subject to fair use)

o2 - £1 per day, then 100MB (subject to harsh fair use policy) 

Three - 10p per MB



I think giffgaff should charge 10p per MB, up to 50p a day, then offer unlimited Internet for the rest of the day. That would work out at £15 a month just for Internet, if the user decided not to take out a goodbag. That in my opinion is a well-rounded price for a non-Internet user. 

by adaley on ‎30-10-2011 02:00

Compared to other networks, paticularly Three, giffgaffs PAYG data pricing isn't actually that cheap. Three offer internet per day for 50p (upto 130Mb). If Three can offer that pricing then I don't see why giffgaff can't as they should have less operating costs due to the community provided support, etc.



by ouaisne on ‎30-10-2011 20:09

All the info in this thread is way out of date - It should be marked as such and people should not pic it up an post 10 months on either.

by adaley on ‎30-10-2011 21:15

@ouaisne If another idea like this had been posted it would have been marked a duplicate, if I'm not mistaken it's best to update and kudo an existing idea.



by ouaisne on ‎30-10-2011 21:50

Yes I agree but not here. This is so old the pricing quoted under 'Implemented' are completely wrong and this will mislead many people. There are enough confused people about without highlighting pricing that is a year out of date.


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