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Order a GoodyBag and apply credit via text

Status: Under Consideration
by aks782 ‎16-04-2010 20:35 - edited ‎21-04-2010 18:45

I think it would be nice if we could order a GoodyBag or apply credit via text


I'll explain scenario, today i wanted the £5/month GoodyBag but really did not want to log on to my laptop [cos its sooo slow], so could have just texted "£5 Goodybag" to a GG phone number, [if your credit card details are saved online] they then in a text back ask me to confirm what i am buying and then apply the respective goodybag/credit to my account. Then if i wanted credit i could have texted "£5 credit".


Just an idea, leave your comments or if you like it Kudos the idea



please note: i added the "apply credit" idea  from the response from 'geekonthepc'. So many thanks to him/her

Status: Under Consideration
This, as well as a few other interactions via text are on the radar of Member Experience for 2014. There needs to be a few more discussions and prioritisation sessions to figure out which projects make the top of the pile, but this Idea is a contender. We'll let you know if it makes the cut in its current form.
by giffgaff Educator on ‎13-03-2013 09:30
Status changed to: Under Consideration
It is felt that this is a highly complex Idea to implement, from both a technology viewpoint and also getting the experience right for members. For example, would we allow management of queueing and recurring goodybags via this method, and how would it work if we did? While we're not opposed to the Idea, we're hesitant to begin work on it without first fully understanding the reasons the community wants it and the full extent of the technological implementation (including how it will mesh with existing systems). This will allow us to confirm whether the benefits of developing this Idea will outweigh the costs and time involved with getting it right. We would therefore like to start a discussion on this idea in the Contribute in the near future and get as much community feedback and discussion on the idea as we can.
by azeemkhan on ‎06-08-2013 22:32
by lovepandas on ‎22-09-2013 05:27

I think this is a good idea, being able top-up by texts or having goody bag options on the top-up line.


Simply because some people are not always online and to convert their airtime credit into a goody bag. So, having other options is a good idea. 

by deffers90 on ‎21-10-2013 09:51



I know giffgaff is an online based network which is great.  But sometimes there are issues when topping up online when you're not in the UK.  What I'd like to propose is that there is a faceility to be able to top up by text, other networks such as Virign Mobile offer this service.  It requires that you have a credit or debit card registered to your account.


At Virigin you you have to enter the amount you want to top up by, the last 4 digits of your card number and the last 3 digitis of the CVV number.


The reason I'm suggesting this as I have read that some people have been prevented from topping up online when they're abroad so I thought this would make it easier for those who like to take their phone with them when they travel.


Thank you

by jfurniss on ‎21-10-2013 10:06

I think this is a good idea, especially if you don't have access to the internet at home or your access is intermittent.

by bettylalik on ‎30-10-2013 16:12

At the moment, after topping up (which can be done using a voucher over the phone, by calling 43430) in order to covert the newly acquired credit into a goodybag, one needs to go online. Assuming that right after topping up there is no goodybag active, the cost of going online will be taken from the credit (which for some very unlucky basterds may mean that there is no enough left to activate the desired goodybag...).


It would be very convenient if the goodybag could be chosen by calling, possibly as an option during the voucher activation.

by nate37 on ‎30-10-2013 16:32

Didn't you read the post by endorphin on your thread in contribute that said this idea was a duplicate!

by mattsmith100 on ‎30-10-2013 17:45

It's free to go on, so it uses no data, so problem resolved! :smileyhappy:

by bettylalik on ‎21-11-2013 18:58

That's actually quite good to know that going online to is free 

by immyz_bargins on ‎02-12-2013 01:39
Hi guys i only just got use working giffgaff website on my ipad lol im getting to old!!<br>Right my idea was when you top up you have activate or purchase your goodyback via the websiteb only so i dont know or think there is anyway of doing this besides going on the website stop me if im wrong<br>So my idea was can we not get somthing together where we top up on our mobile phone and at the same time we can purchase/choose our goodback.????<br>The reason i ask this because some people cant use pc/ ipads/laptop or some people have not got a laptop or pc to activate goodback or some people are really old like me and cant use anything<br>Anyways giffgaff thort id put an idea up<br>Hope you guys can doing somthing<br>Cheers<br>

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