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by liamwli on ‎21-12-2011 23:27
I think there should be an option to 'appear' offline to people.

You can currently hide your status, but sometimes you might want to show your online status, and sometimes appear offline.

Like on some IM systems.

There could be a simple button saying appear offline.
Status: Idea Vault
by powderedtoastman on ‎26-04-2012 17:06

I was the tenth kudoer, yay :smileyvery-happy:

by stephenmiller on ‎03-08-2012 22:20
Status changed to: Idea Vault
The members have spoken and unfortunately this isn't what they're looking for right now. We love ideas so don't be disheartened, try again - we look forward to it! -
by doct0r on ‎11-01-2013 21:34

Wouldn't work if you're posting in the community. Why should you need to hide anyway?

by giffgaff Educator on ‎09-01-2014 12:12
Status changed to: Idea Vault

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