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Data Ban - Warning Page

Status: Not For Us
by styly on ‎02-02-2012 09:17

giffgaff sometimes ban accounts without warning for 'excessive data usage'..

..this causes outrage as everyone expects the advertised 'unlimited data', quite right too..


but someone could be in the middle of multiple huge downloads, and the chance of them picking up a 'warning' email or text sent from giffgaff is quite slim, so i understand when instead giffgaff just cut it off, BEFORE it 'affects other users'..




my idea is..


just like the Adult Content Lock page that pops up if you try to access over 18's sites, i think giffgaff should implement a 24HR or 12HR pop up page to the person who would normally get their internet cut off..


it could read something like:


we have noticed very high volumes of data being used with this account, as a result, we have suspended / slowed down your data use for 24 HOURS / 12 HOURS (whatever), during which we would appreciate if you could read through our Terms & Conditions regarding data use (insert link)


theat way giffgaff can be reasonably sure the user has received the 'warning'.

..and hopefully avoid having to put in place a Fair Use Policy for those of us that know how to use any amount of data in a way that doesnt affect other users


if after that time, the user continues..

..ban their arse!!



anyway, what dya think??

Status: Not For Us
This is not technically possible. However we are looking at our data policy and have invited you to discuss this in the welcome thread, and will be improving communication.
by supermuslim on ‎04-05-2012 04:05
Have GG made a decision on this yet?
by victor1990 on ‎18-09-2012 15:59

Shame this isn't techinically possible as I think it would make a big difference. Giffgaff should keep this on review for the future rather than binning it completely.

by styly on ‎04-07-2013 13:21

haha this was deemed Not For Us..

and now should be changed to Implemented?


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