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MicroSim option on standard order page

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by styly on ‎04-03-2012 08:11
I think it seems the most logical solution..

On the standard order page, have a section that asks what kind of sim the person ordering actually wants..

Tick boxes or whatever, i dont know how to work websites but it doesn't sound like it'd be too difficult

That way, micro sims are linked to each member and they can spread as normal :smileyhappy:
Status: Idea Vault
by oracle pinkcalculator on ‎04-03-2012 08:14
But do giffgaff do thier own microsims ? Have I missed something ?
by jamesd2010 on ‎04-03-2012 08:15
No pink they do not. Styly this is the way giffgaff would do it if they had Micro SIMs.
by vorb on ‎04-03-2012 08:15
Not yet but it's only a matter of time if more manufacturers are going thus route.
by oracle pinkcalculator on ‎04-03-2012 08:17
Gosh I thought gg had done one of thier magic tricks and pulled out something totally new and started it without me seeing :smileysad: I know there's something of a surprise in the statements ..... According to post this month about them but I hadn't thought it was that .... hmmm still guessing then
by styly on ‎04-03-2012 08:19
Ok point taken but surely its affordable now for giffgaff??? They can hire me to come sit in the office cuttin sims all day :smileyhappy:
by oracle pinkcalculator on ‎04-03-2012 08:19
Lol they would have a machine I would think
by styly on ‎04-03-2012 08:22
Or i'm sure a few gaffers would be happy to help by offering their services cutting sims at home.. Giffgaff, for example, send me a box me 500 sims to cut down, with sim cutter inside, i send 500 back, all cut :smileyhappy: simple Get a few trustworthy members to do this every month.. Robert's your mother's brother :smileywink:
by oracle pinkcalculator on ‎04-03-2012 08:23
Is that not the whole point of microgaff though ?
by styly on ‎04-03-2012 08:23
Oh yeah, a machine.. Cmon man its Sunday mornin, not even half 8 yet.. Let me off :smileywink: haha
by styly on ‎04-03-2012 08:28
Yeah but we shouldn't have to do the work involved in Microgaff pinky, thats my point.. After lookin at the microgaff thread i noticed a few points, alienation by other members, cost of stamps being just 2, that could be easily solved by giffgaff actually supplying Microsims.. It just seems the right time, so many people with iPhone4, 4S's and iPad's wanting sims, as you active members of Microgaff already know :smileyhappy:

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