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Improve handling of official complaints

Status: Not For Us
by marvel andy0 marvel ‎13-03-2012 12:30 - edited ‎13-03-2012 12:32

giffgaff has a defined complaints procedure. 


Either contact an agent or contact the email address given, and there will be a response within five days. 


That sounds simple enough, but let's consider what is not also said.


I would venture to suggest that people using this will tend to assume or at least hope that if they receive a message and reply to it, then even if it has taken 5 days for the first response, subsequent responses should be faster. 


Also, if the complaint says please review an agent case and gives a reference, the person making the complaint is entitled to hope that the handler will do so.


Thus, a handler response saying please give a phone number and a convenient time to call might be a bit insensitive when part of the problem is the SIM is not working.


If each subsequent complaint handler response is to take a week or more, then if 3 exchanges of messages are needed, that would come to almost a month. If the handler wants to start an argument based on the person not giving a phone number, is that reasonable? How many people whose mobile service is not working would be willing to sit by a landline for a week on the off chance of receiving a call from someone who seems to take typically a week to respond? Alternatively, would the complainant give a number where if they happened not to be in then a message could be left, and if so what would the message from giffgaff be, we called but you weren't there, so these delays are your fault?


I suggest that isn't good enough, and giffgaff needs to review and improve the way it deals with things like this. 

Status: Not For Us
Due to the complexity of the complaints procedure, we do not feel we should implement this in this form. Although we are of course always looking to improve our processes.

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