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Strike through option on text

Status: Implemented
by bertiebat ‎19-04-2012 15:36 - edited ‎19-04-2012 15:57

Not the biggest of ideas but a needed one I feel. There used to be a strike through option on text which seems to have disappeared a while ago and subsequent lithium releases don't seem to have corrected this (so it doesn't seem to be a bug as such).



When you have made a mistake in a reply and want to correct it so as not to cause confusion, the only options now are to delete the reply or change it (which can be misinterpreted as trying to cover up a mistake).



The strike through option is a useful way to show the previous answer has been corrected and allow the correct information to be given.   It should be easy to get it back as it used to be an option.



You get 350 inclusive mins on the £10 goodybag


Edited to this:

You get 350 inclusive mins on the £10 goodybag

Correction: that's 250 inclusive mins on the £10 goodybag.


PS.  I had to use HTML to get the strike through on this (all credit to stephenmiller on showing me how :smileyhappy:)

Status: Implemented
As As7861 has said, this has now been implemented :smileyhappy:
by alyamani on ‎21-04-2012 06:14


Thanks for the post and the great idea,  I am one those who needs it a lot.


Cheers !

by philj69 on ‎21-04-2012 16:59

this sounds like a good idea, after all we all make em


by michaelwelsh on ‎21-04-2012 17:29
Get it done its a no brainer
by liamwli on ‎23-04-2012 07:29

You can do it with HTML, so if you really needed to to it just use HTML.


It might be easier to have it on the RTF box though :smileywink:

by hcovell on ‎24-04-2012 22:31

sounds like a good idea to me

by nuttymoo on ‎29-04-2012 14:25

Yeh I miss the strikethrough button!


In the meantime, maybe we could use the asterisk (*) when we go back to edit our replies.


Eg.  You get 350* minutes in the £10 goodybag



*edit: you actually get 250 minutes



by kieronoddie ‎12-05-2012 12:30 - edited ‎12-05-2012 12:31

dint know it worked on sites,

by 930913 ‎23-05-2012 04:42 - edited ‎23-05-2012 04:56

Status changed to: Implemented

It just got added on the update later earlier :smileyhappy:

by as7861 ‎23-05-2012 14:52 - edited ‎23-05-2012 14:54

i fought you marked the status as it came up with status change to - implemented.... hmmm

by giffgaff Educator on ‎23-05-2012 15:05
Status changed to: Implemented
As As7861 has said, this has now been implemented :smileyhappy:

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