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Auto Renewing Goodybags

Status: Implemented
by fusionblue contributor on ‎25-04-2010 19:02

Would it be possible to have an option to set the goodybag to auto renew at the end of the billing month, or the system texts you to confirm if you want to renew ("reply YES to confirm") and then charges another £10/£35 etc for the next month?


At least this way it emulates pay monthly services but when you decide you don't want it you can just let it expire.

by reddwarf on ‎27-11-2010 01:12

@ vincent


What happens when your chosen auto renewing goodybag gets dropped by giffgaff? Does the customer get to keep it?

by jayjaydeepee on ‎06-02-2012 18:25

I'm just joining GiffGaff and I'm surprised to find that it lacks such an elementary facility as automatic monthly goodybag renewal.

This should be extremely simple to implement and yet the comments here indicate that it's "Coming Soon" for months and months.

How difficult can it be?

It suggests to me that GiffGaff is deliberately trying to let people slip into their automatic top-up credits - does this look like sharp practice to anyone else?

by taranejim on ‎02-03-2012 22:45
This would be a great feature and I have also suggested this. Any ideas where we are with this??
by chrissarah21 on ‎20-07-2012 13:02

why is it takeing so long for my sim card to so me what my number and how meny mins i got

by lukester on ‎31-07-2012 23:02
@chrissarah21 - is it working now?
by katiesmith19901 on ‎01-08-2012 13:37

how do u buy a goodybag evan if ur other one hasnt ran out??



by oldyorkie on ‎01-08-2012 13:41
@katiesmith19901 .. You can't I'm afraid ...time was up until recently you could queue your next one in advance. That's gone now but there is news that it's set to make a welcome return by October
by clarivette on ‎03-08-2012 19:21

i don/t want to top up my googiebag automatically on a credit/debt card but on a voucher,, is that possible,. or otherwise how can i do it., without losing bbm. facebook, and internet

by vagus on ‎29-05-2013 12:47
Hi iam new user My goody minutes finished and the bag not expired I toped up yester day 20 £ but I cant found any min can u help me to solve this problem?
by bashir13 on ‎11-12-2013 10:47
That's good

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