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2017 Annual Report and Accounts

Started by: sarah_ha
On: 01/10/2018 | 08:43
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by: ryanchen6
on: 07/10/2018 | 23:18
Well done giffgaff. Let’s make the community stronger !

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by: endorphin
on: 08/10/2018 | 10:45 edited: 08/10/2018 | 10:48

@wagstaffej wrote:

Good news, but, it should be noted that not all members have benefited from pricing and goodybag changes.
Those members who use basic PAYG are still paying far too much at 15p per minute.
The mobile termination rate is only half a pence so that's quite some profit margin.
Feels a bit inequitable to me, particularly if those using basic PAYG are elderly or on a low income.
Time for a reduction please giffgaff.

I'm in full agreement with this @sarah_ha!


I originally joined giffgaff because of it's low and very competitive PAYG tariffs. If I were looking around now then the PAYG tariffs would not be a compelling reason to join. Smiley Sad


@sarah_ha wrote:

 It’s all part of our commitment to focus on what our members really want.

I'm sure that the PAYG members would want to share in the giffgaff's good fortunes with a reduction in the PAYG tariffs. This probably would also help with reducing churn. Smiley Wink

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by: blackfive460
on: 08/10/2018 | 11:22 edited: 08/10/2018 | 18:57

@various_mm wrote:


so looks like for every 100 people joining the network, 5 are leaving

Not quite. @various_mm.


Annual churn is still a little over 50%. To put it another way, slightly over half the entire customer base leave the network each year.


There's little information from other similar, non-contract MVNOs concerning churn but, from what I've seen giffgaff have a somewhat above average churn rate and are markedly above the rates reported by networks offering long term contracts.


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by: discoandrew
on: 08/10/2018 | 11:30

It's awesome to hear about giffgaff's healthy profit margin @sarah_ha.  Let's hope this continues for many years to come.


I totally agree @endorphin with regards to giffgaff's PAYG rates.  I have a dual SIM phone with 1 X giffgaff SIM and 1 X O2 SIM inserted.  I mostly use my giffgaff SIM for free to giffgaff calls (buy a £ 5 goodybag once every 3 months) and use my O2 SIM as my main SIM.  O2 PAYG rates of 3p min, 2p text and 1p MB data. As I don't use my phone much, this setups is ideal for me.  Giffgaff's 15p min, 5p text and 5p MB data is less competitive in comparison.  Just saying...


However, overall, giffgaff still offers good value in my opinion (for me the free to giffgaff calls and texts are awesome).  Well done giffgaff.

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by: bacc
on: 08/10/2018 | 16:25
@pinkcalculator it's the same here. Wish o2 would improve signal and speed
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by: mangowalk
on: 08/10/2018 | 16:40
thanks for the update its nice to be kept informed, increases the concept of 'run by you'!!
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by: leshin
on: 08/10/2018 | 18:45
Wicked news
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by: techiebloke
on: 08/10/2018 | 22:09

Good results, looks like Giffgaff is in the market for a new CEO according to the link.



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by: kirst72043
on: 09/10/2018 | 08:34

Thank you @sarah_ha for this update.


Really great to see the growth in business for Giffgaff

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by: chand311
on: 09/10/2018 | 10:32

Good growth in giffgaff business. Thanks @sarah_ha for sharing these figures. 

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